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his wicked principles into them, and to blow the corruption of their nacures, and hurry them on in waies leading down to endlesse perdition. And what a fad account will chose Parents give to God, who have neglected their duty in this kinde, suffering their children to remain almost as rude and ignorant, and unacquainted with the principles of Christian Religion, and their duty to God and man, as if chey had been born among Pagans and Infidels ?

III. A Third duty of Parents is, To bleß their children, and that 1. By their prayers. They should by daily and carneft prayers commend them to Gods favour and bleßing, craving all meedfull mercies, both temporal and spiritual for them. Children of many prayers seldom miscarry

. 2. By labouring to be such persons themselves, (io truly Religious) thar a bießing may descend from them on their posterity. This is frequently promised in the Scripture to Godly men, That their seed Jhall be blessed. The beft-course any Parents can take to intaila bleßing on their children, is 10 be truly gracious themselves.

IV. They ought co set them a good example, else all cheir precepts and counsels will do no good. How many parents are chere, that by their wic ked converfations

, do 'corrupt and deprave cheir own children? This Confideration laies a most strict tie and obligation upon all Parents, co lead on holy and religious life; else chey do not only


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do whazzand their own souls, but indang'er their chil

drens also; And what an inhumane cruelty is Sthat? ?

V. They must watch over ibem, and by a prudent discipline govern them, and guard their education. 1. Encouraging then when they do well, and winning them by love, and a fait and kind carriage, thac they may deligbi to do their duries. Some Parents by too much ansterity and

har honeffe, and a rigorous use of their parentall anbority, provoke, and exasperate their children, so that they dread coming into their presences, and have no beart to Study to please them, seeing

they will afford them no countenance. This is contrary to what the Apostle prescribes,Col.3.21.

Parents provoké not your children to wrath, &c. 2If:fair means, perswafions, and encouragegents will not prevail, nor make them mind their duties, chen another course must be taken. Sober, yet sharp reproof must be used: If what

fail too, then correétion becomes necessary. For in this case, as Solomon faies, He that pareth his rudbaeth his for Prov.1 3.24. "'Tis a cruell and foolish fondnejle-ro' spare stripes, when all other ineans have been unfuccessfull. But this correction should be 1. Timedy, before children have been suffered to run on so long, that they have got a habit to evil, and have contracted a fiabe borneffe of wil. -2. Moderate, not exceeding che quality of the fault, nor the tendernesle of the

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child. 3. Not inflicted in anger, for then the Child will think he is corrected not so much for bis fault,

as because his Father is angry. He must cherefore cbe made sensible of his faalt, Thewed the evil and danger of it, and directed how to amend it, and this is the way (wich Gods blessing ) coreform him.

VI. They must maintain them, and allow them a competency (according to their eftates) for their comfortable subsistence. Some Parents are of such a covetous humour, chey cannor abide to part with any thing (almost) as long as they dive. And thereby, I. Leffen cheir Childrens Affe&tion towards them, fochat some have proceeded fo får, as to wish their parents death; Wsich, though' it be such a hórrible fin, as no provocation from a Parene can excuse in a child, yec'cis alio a fault in a Parent co give facha temptation. 2. Ic puts them upon shifts, and

Shurking tricks, to maintain themselves, and 36quaints them with bad company, and makes them surfeit the fooner, when they come to their estates. 3. The Parents hereby Voofe tentment which they might have, in seeing cheir Children live prosperously and comfortably, which is such a joy and contentment, chat none but Mifer, or Earth.worm would: exchange for that poor pleasure of having Money, in the Cheft.

VII. They must provide some good and bene profession, or some fic way of employment for chem,


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tbac so they may be serviceable in their generation to God and the World, and


avoid Idlenes that great share of the Devil.

VIII. They must lay ap for them, and provide for them as God shall give means, as 'cis, 2.Cor.12.14.

The children ought not to lay up for the Parents, but the Parents for the children. But let the Parent be careful to get that wealth honestly, which he makes his childes portion, left a cur le go along with it. Let him satisfie himself to make such provisions for his children, as God shall enable him honefly to make. A little honestly got being better than great riches gotten unjustly and unrighteoufly, Prov.16.8. Better is a little with righteousneller than great revenues without righi.

IX. And lastly, they must command them only lawful and reasonable things; using their power and authority over them with equity and moderation, and with a gentle hand. In all things of moment they require of them, let them confider the real good and benefit of their children, (and guide themselves by that) and not meerly their own advantage or pleasure, or the exercise of their own authority. This is a Rule (as one faies well ) whereof Parents may often have use ; but espe. cially in the businesse of marrying their children wherein many Parents out of a covetous humour co bestow them wealthily, have forc'd them to marry against their inclinations, and wbere they could

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C 436 of the Duties of parents. Close not love ( which is a horrible Tyranay

) and toby have betrayed them to infiaite mi chief, as all the wealthio che world cannot repar.Te are two things therefore (faies the same down I chat Parents ought especially co campade in matching of their children, f. That they live Christianly, and to that purpose to shaft ous and vertnous person to link them with a may noç be like to hinder bat to further they p in the way 19 Heaven: This ought prin ( and above all ocher things) co be a Pr 2. That they may live comfortably and der in this world. And io thai eod, ehonghuar tency of eftete may be necessary to begin Pi yet surely abundarice is not requifite ; albant fore that should not be too vehementioned ter. That which much more cends rochele P meß of that State is the mutual kindnele 101 of the parties; withouc nöbich, marriage all other) the most uncomfortable therefore no Parent ought to force a chance it.

D Eph.6 4. And, ye fathers, provoke set post lure and admonition of the Lord

. Ccl.3.21. Fathers provoke nof your

anger, lest they be discouraged.



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-For the children cerksam sup for the Parents, but the parents for it!


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