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Thus we see there are cwo things whereon the Divine right of the Lords day is founded: Upon the morality of the fourch Commandement,and upon Evangelical Institution, either by Christ himself, or his Apostles. And what the Apostles delivered by the dictate of the holy Ghost, is as firm and indefeizable (Taies Cyprian de ablat

. pedum.) as what Christ himself. Our Church redu. cech the institution of this day as a weekly day to the fourth Commandement; and as the first day of the week, she foundech ic upon Apostolical pra Etise and tradition.

I fall conclude this, with the words of the judicious Hooker in his Ecclef. Pol. Book 5. ps. 74g.17. We are bound, raies he, to account the fanEtification of one day in seven, a duty, which Gods immutable Law doth 'exact for ever; although with the day be changed, inregard of a new r volution, begun by our Saviour Chrift: yet

The same proportion of time continueth, which was before, by way of a perpetual homage never to be difpenfed withal, nor remitted.

I come now to the second particular. The wanner how we ought to observe this day.

1. We ought to prepare for the Sabbath, be. fore it comes, by a prudent care, so disposing and dispatching our worldly businesses and affairs

, chac they may be offtour hands, and out of our minds fas much as is poffible) on that day, that lo our hearts may be more free and fit for those



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spiritwal duties then required of us. The Fewes
before the Sabbath had a time of preparation,
Luke 23.54. Why should not we?

2. We ought to sanctifie the Lords day, noc
only by resting from worldly employments and re-
Creations (on other daies lawful) but confecra-
ting that rest unto God; making it our dilight co
Spend the whole time (excepring so much of it as
is to be taken up in works of necessary and mercy,

and such as are needful for the comfortable passing of the Sabbath) in the publick and private exercises of Gods Worship and Service ; Such as Prayer, Reading the Scripture, Preparing for the publick duties, Attending on the Word, Singing the praises of God, Private meditation on that which hath been preached, Repetition thereof in the Family, and religious conference, to make che publick Ordinances the more proficable.

Take heed therefore of being found a slighter of those ducies, the neglect whereof cannot confilt with any crue vigour and power of Religion, or any due care of our own or others foules, that we ought to have a care of. Consider, God hach blessed and sanctified this day, not only as a' day of service to himself, but as a time wherein he will confer blessings on the conscionable obferv. ers of it. It is his special day of proclaiming and sealing pardons to penicent finners. 'Tis a bicfled day to the careful observers of it, and fanctified 50 many gracious purposes. The Sabbath was

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made for man, said our Saviour, Mark 2.27. i. e. For mans great benefit and advantage. It would not be for the good and benefit of mankind to be dispensed with, from the religious observation of it. How much then are they to blame chat make it a day of carnal reft, a day of idlenesse and jollity, of feasting and pastimes, which more alienate the mind from God, than ordinary labours, and take away the tast of spiritual things. Some people if they have any visie co make, or any odd businesfe to do, they refer chem cochis day. Some keep the Sabbath as the Oxe; they rest from their labours, but serve not the Lord that day. They are weary of the ducies of the Sabbach, they do not cal the Sabbath a delight, as it is, isa.58.13. Delight sweetens any labour. How will people toyl'at their sports and pleasures ? Ohad we spiritual bearts, we should account the celebration of the Sabbath not only our duty, but our priviledge!

By observing the Sabbath, we continue a thankfub remembrance of the two great benefits of Creation and Redemption, which

contain a short abridgment of crue Religion. The Sabbach duly observed is a type of the everlasting reft that remaines for the people of God, Heb.4.9. Hosy then can chose ever chink co' come to Heaven, and co keep an everlasting Sabbath in praising and adoring God, to whom the celebration ofa weekly Sabbath is so tedious and irksom here?

3. Every 3. Every true Christian is to take care not on y co sanctifie che Lords day himself, but chat those under his charge do the like. Every Governoor of a Family should resolve wich pious Foshua ah, Josh 24.15. Bil as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Observe it, Tresi Religion and the power of Godlineß bath there 1f240 ally most flourished, where the Lords day hath been mot conscientiously observed. And many aireful judgments have befallen the violators and prophaners of it.

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Gen.2.2. And on the seventh day God ended his

work which he had made, and he rested on the
seventh day from all the work which he had

V.3. And God blessed the seventh day, and san-
Etified it: because that in it he had refted from

all his work which God created and made.
Lev.2 3.3. Six daies shall thy work be done, but

the seventh day is the Sabbath of rest, an holy
convocation, ye shall do no work therein: it is
the Sabbath of the Lord in all

Neheim.13.19. And it came to passe, that when

the gates of Ferufalem began to be dark before
the Sabbath, I commanded that the gates should
be shat, and charged that they should not be open-
ed till after the Sabbath, and some of my servants
fet I at the gates, that there should no burdenbe


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brought in on the Sabbath day. Ifa.58.13. If thou turn away thy feet from the Sab

bath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honourable, and fhalt honour him, not doing thine own waies, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words. Luke 23.54. And that day was the preparation,

and the Sabbath drew on, V.56. And they returned, and prepared spices, and ointments, and rested the Sabbath day,

cording to the Commandement. Exod. 23.12. Six daies shalt thon do thy work, and

on the seventh day thou shalt reft,ithat thine Oxe and thine Asse may rest, and the son of thine

hand maid and the stranger shall be refreshed. Ezek.22.26. Her Priests have violated my Law,

and have prophaned mine holy things, they have put no difference between the holy and prophane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and bave hid their cies from my Sabbaths, and I am prophaned among

them. Ezek.23.38. Morcover this they have done uno

me they have de fiied my Sanctuary in the same

day, and have prophaned my sabbaths. Amos 8.4. Saying, when will the New Moon be gone, that we may sell corn ? and the Sabbath

that we may set forth wheat, &c. Lam.17. Jerusalem rememb;ed in the daies of


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