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Mofes and Aaron could not enter into the land of promise because of their anbelief, Num 20.12. And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron, because ye believe me not, to SemEtifie me in the eies of the children of Israel, therefore ye ball not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them. Zachary was struck dumb for not believing what God had revealed. Christ did. never chide his Disciples for any thing fo much as their belief. Luke 24.25. O ye fooles, and flow of heart to believe. And, why doubt ye oye of little Faith, Mar.8.26.

4. 'Tis a Pagan sh sin, as bur Saviour intimates, Mat.6. For Heathens to be full of carking and caring, is noc so much to be wondred at, but for us chac profesle co believe in God, that do acknowledge a particu. lar Providence, and believe the happineffe of another world, co be under the tyranny of distracting cares, anxiety, of mind, and thoughtfulneffe, (as if God had no carc of us) this is an exceeding unworthy carriage cowards God. Take heed cherefore of diftrs. Jing God, and overcharging thy felf wibshe cares of this life. Lec noc chy heart be 100 much fixed on any ching here below. Lay not these ourward things too muchto beari. And remember that chen cares are inordiMace, when they cause such a surmult soufnes,


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and unquietnesse in our thoughts, and affeti-
ons, chac reason is disturbed, and cannot al-
lay or compole chem: or when tbey exceed.
ingly hinder, or quite put us by the duties we
ought to perforin to God; or lastly, when
they cause a finking, or dying in the heart,
(as Nabals heart is said to die within him)
when we are disappointed in that we were
so eagerly solicitous about. And therefore
our Saviour in Mat.6, bids us take no thought,
and repears it three several times, as v.25.
Therefore i say unto you, take no thought

for your life, what ye shall eat, of what ye shall drink, nor yet for your body, what ye shall put om. V.31. Therefore take notbought, saying, What fall we cai ? or wbat hall we driuk, or wherewithall fhall we be cloatbed? V.34. Take therefore no thought for the morrow : for the morrow shall take thought for the things of it felf, fufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Direction 5. Take heed of limiting God. t. Eicher to the time of fulfilling his promises, Or á. To the Faith doch not limit the holy One of Ifrael, co any set time, or any fet means, Dothy duty therefore, and refigne chy self co God; Commie chy felf, and all concernments to his Fatherly carci and be not over-folicitous or perplexed about events. What ftrange diAtrustul language do che children of Ifrael use




in Psal.78.20. Can the Lord prepare a table in the wildernes, can be give bread also ? Canbe provide fles for his people. And therefore ac W.41. What a black character is given of chem, Theyturned back, and tempted God, and limited the holy One of Israel. We must not prescribe to God, we must not go about to subject bis he shall do our direction, and prefcribt what

. * Direction 6. Reflect upon the Lords past kindneffe, and gracious dealings with chee

. Consider how much God hath done for thee, and for others, thac have trustedin him: and tha will tend very much to encourage thee fill to trust in him. The more experience and manifestation of Gods power and presence thou haft had, the greacer reason thou hast, to tast away all exbelief from thee. It exceedingly provoked God against Israel, that nocwithstandin; so many experiences of his power, yet still they distrusted him, Num.14.1. And the Lord said, unto Moses, how long will this people provoke me? And how long will it be ere they believe me? for all the

signes I have shewed among them. By e. very experience we fhould grow up into a grea ter courage, and strength of Faich, as David drew inferences of hope against the presenc danger, from the lion and the bear, 1 Sam 17.36, Thy fervant plero both the lion and the bear, and this uncircamcised Philistine shall be as one of them,


feeing he hath defied the Armies of the living God.
Or as Paul said, 2 Cor. 1.10. He bath, and doch,
and therefore will deliver. who delivered us from
So great a death; and doth deliver, in ophom we
trust that he will yet deliver 15. Christ was an-
gry with his Disciples for not remembriog the
miracle of the loaves, when they were in a like
straic again, Mat 16.9. Doge not yet understand,
neither remember the five loaves of the five thok.
sand, and how many baskets ye took up? God is
more angry with the unbelief of his children than
of others, because they have more experience
of his love and care, and therefore that they
Thould distrusthiin chat never fail'd chem; is ye
ry ungracefull.
2 Cor. 5.7. For we walk by Faith, not by sight.
Hib.2.4. Behold his fout which is lifted up is not

upright in him, but the just shall live by bis

Gal 2.20 I'am crucified with Christ, neverthen

lelse i live, yet net 1, bue Christ liveth in ;
and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live
by the Faith of the Son of God, who loved me,
and gave himself

for me. Job.13.15. Though he say me get will I trust in

him. Pfal.55.22. Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and

be shall sustain thee, be fball never suffer the righteous moved.

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1 Cor.7.

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i Cor.7.32. But I would have you without care

fulnej,&c. Phil 4.6. Be careful for nothing, but in every

ihing by praier and supplication, with thanksgi

ving let your requests be made known unto God. 1 Pec.5.7. Casting all your care upon him, for he 1 Cor.7.35. This I speak for your own profit that

you may attend upon the Lord without distracti.

careth for you.


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Psal.1 19.49. Remember the word unto thy servant,

upon which thou hast caused me to koß Pfal.25.10. All the paths of the Lord, are percy

and truth to such as keep hip Covenant and his

Testimonies. Pfal.112.7. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings,

his heart is fixed trusting in the Lord. Pfal.89.33. Nevertheleffe my loving kindnes will

I not utterly take from him nor suffer my faithfulnes to fail. Píal.62.9. Surely men of low degree are vanity,

and men of high degree are a lie, to be laid in the ballance they are altogether lighter than va.

nity 2 Chron.54.8. And Afu had an army of men,

that bare targets, and speares, out of Fudah three hundred thousand, and out of Benjamin that bare shields, and drew bowes, two hunared and four score thorfand, all these were mighry men of valour. vi

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