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Zach.7.5. He makes no account of any of our Aits of Piety, except we aim at his Glory in them.

What an excellent frame of Spirit was there in holy David, who professeth, psal 16.8. 1 have set the Lord alwaies before me. Did we bac keep this one common Principle warm upon our hearts, that God sees; how would ic keep us fixo cere and upright? How would ic decer us from beart fons, and the closest hypocrisie, and from warping into any sinful practise ? This was that which kept Foseph so uprighe, Gen.39.9. How can I do this great wickednesse, and sin ag aing God: Ask thy self cherefore often this question, Will this be pleasing to God that I am now going -bout? If credit or shame will restrain chee from sin, how much more should Gods eie? Nothing more feeds, maintains, and preserves Piery, than a constant awe of God. David gives the reason the wicked are so bad, They have not set God before them, Pl_l.86.14. Abraham was afraid of himself in Gerar Gen.20.11. And what was che reason why faies he, the fear of God is not in this place. Men durft as well run their heads into a hot flaming Oven, as fin against God, so impudently as they do, if they thoughc he saw them, and would call them to an account,

The fear of God is a Grace of continual asc; If thac be not before our eies, we are exceeding apt to grow carelese and secure. We cannot be alwaies praying unto God, 'nor praising of him,


nor worshipping of him, nor emploied in Acts of Special communion with him. Yet we ought to be alwaies in his fear, and co remember, that we are alwaies under his eie. Be thou in the fear of the Lord all the day long ; 'cis Solomons advice, Prov.2 3.17. Right thoughts of God are the fewel that maintaines the life of Religion, which otherwise would be soon extinguished. Remember therefore Gods omnipresence, and that will make chee upright, and careful to approve chy heart unco him. Sincerity, 'cis the life of all our Graces, and puts life into all our duties. Faith unfeigned, Love without diffimulation, a plain Spirit in which there is no guile, these are Gods delight.

The clearer therefore thou standeft in thy own thoughts, concerning the uprightnes of thy heart, in the tenure of thy Chriftian course, incomparably che more joy and comfort chou wilc have. Let integrity and uprightnes preserve me, was Davids praier, Pfal.25.21. Keep thy inte grity; and thy integrity will keep thee: A good man, next to his care that he give not God ang occasion against him, will take care that he give not hus Conscience any occafion against him. Be afraid therefore of giving thy Conscience any juft occasion to reproach, and rebuke thee ; Consciexce, 'cis Gods Magistrate within, that is appointed to be a terrour not to good works, but to the evil. Worldft tbox then not be afraid of this

power? pomer? do that wbich is good, and thou fbalt have praise of the same ; to allude to thac in Rom.13. O!'ic is exceeding sweet, (no man knowes how sweet but he chac has it) to have the testimony of a good Conscience, upon good grounds. Á good Conscience, 'tis the best pillow to keep upon, the best dish to feed upon ; a dish said I? nay, 'tis a feast, a continual feaft, Prov 15.15. Wouldst chou fare deliciously every day, keep a good con. frience. Heb.4.13. Neither is there any Creature that is

Hot manifest in his fight, but all things are saked, and opened unto che eies of him with whom

we have to do. Plal.119.168. I have kept thy precepts and thy

teftimonies, for all my waies are before thee. Plsl.139.3. Thou compasseft my path, and my ly

ing down, and art acquainted with all my waics. Pfal. 16.8. I have set the Lord almaies before me,

becanse he is at my right hand I shall not be mo

ved. Gen.5.24. And Enoch walked with God, and he

was not, for God took him, Heb.11.5. By Faith Enoch was translated that he

should not fee death, and was not found, because God had translated bim, for before his translati

on he had this teftimony that be pleased God. Gen.6.9. Noah was a just man, and upright in his generation, and Noah walked with God,


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- Prov.5.20. And why wilt thou my son be ravi

fhed with a strange woman, and embrace the bo

some of a stranger ? # V 21. For the waies of a man are before the cies

of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings. Gen.39.9. There is none greater in this house

than I, neither hath he kept back any thing from me but thee, because thou art his wife, how then can I do this great wickednes, and son against

God ? Gen.42 18. And Foseph said unto them the third

day, this do and live, for I fear God. Job 34.21. For his cies are upon the waies of man,

and he sees all his goings. V.22. There is no darknesse, nor shadow of death,

where the workers of iniquity may hide them

selves. Job 27.6. My righteousnesse 1 hold fast, and will

not let it go, my heart shall not reproach wie so

long as I live. · Ifa.38.3. And Hezekiah said, remember now o

Lord 1 beseech thee, how I have walked before shee in truth, and with a perfect beart, and have done that which is good in thy fight, and

Hezekiabwept fore. - 1 John 3.20. For if nur heart condemin us, God is

greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.
V.21. Beloved, if our heart condemn us not,
then have we confidence towards.God.
Cor.1.12. For ont rejoycing is this, the teftimos


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ter God.

ny of our conscience, that in fimplicity, and Godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdome, but by the Grace of God, we have had our conversation

in the world, but more abundantly to you.wards. Psal. 32.2. Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord

imputeth not iniquity, and in whose pirit there

is no guile. Psal.78.34. When he flew them, then they fought

him, and they returned, and enquired early afV.35. And they remembred that God was their

Rock, and the high God their Redeemer. V.36. Nevertheles they flattered him with their

mouth, and they lied to him with their : tongues. V.37. For their heart was not right with him,

neither were they stedfast in his Covenani, Cen. 17.1 And when Abraham was ninety yeares

old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abraham,

and said unto him, I am the Almighty God, f walk before me and be thon perfect. Eph.6.24. Grace be with all them that love ost

Lord Felow Christ in fincerity. Amen.

Fifthly, Labour daily colive by Faich.

Having given up and commicted thy penitenc Soule inco che hands of Christ, to have thy pardon and peace procur’d by his merits and interceffion; learn also daily to truft, and depend


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