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in the face of Nature, under the guilt of all my fins, with the wrath of God abiding on me? Iffo, is this a Condition to be rested in ?

Let me advise thee, as chou lovest thy soul, to deal faithfully, and in good sadnesse with thy self: Let me advise thee to review, and seriously to reflect upon the whole course of thy life past; And (besides thy nacural vilenesse)

Confider, how many actual sins, failings, milG carriages, and violations of Gods righteous

Law, omiffions of good, commissions of vil, thou hast been guilty of, in the feveral parts of thy life, and in the several places where thou haft lived. Believe it, few people do reckon up one fin of ten chat they are guilcy.of. Allow thy Copscience therefore, a liberty to speak freely ro thee, and to set thy sins in order before chee. And if thou findest chy self for the presenc in a bad condition, and chat the case is not with thee as it Thould be, consider whether it will not be an extream folly and madnesse, to go on in chat course, noe minding, nor regarding speedily-co curn to God, and to seccle the great affairs of thy soul, while thou hast time : O Remember, remember, thou hast a precious and immorial soul, chat must be shortly either in Heaven, or Hell; either in unconceiveable Joyes, or in endlessé, easeleffe, and remedilesse torments. Doch ic nor therefore concern thee to confider, and cast about, how to

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attain the one, and escape the other ? Doch it not behoove thee to look co the securing of the main Chance, and to deliver thy self from the wrath ro comeBelieve it, nothing undoes mankind more, than wanc of due and serious Consideracion ; than want of frequent examining the face of their Consciences, and often pondering and thinking of their everlasting Concernments.

2 Cor.13.5. Examine your felves, whether ye be : in the Faith, prove your owse selves; know ye

not your owne selves, bow that Fesus Christ is

in you, except ye be Reprobates ? Pfal.119.59. I thought on my waies;, and turned

my feet unto thy Testimonies. V.60. I made haft, and delaied not to keep tby

Commandements, 1[3.1,3. The Oxe knoweth his owner, and the

bis masters Crib, but Israel dith not know, my

people doth not consider. Deut.22.29. O tbat they were wise, that they sa

derstood this, that they would consider their lat

ter end. Hag.v.s. Now therefore, thus faith the Lord of

Hofts, Consider your wajes. Lam. 3:40. Let us search and try our waies, and

turn again to the Lord. Gal.6.4.- Let every man prove his owne work,

and then shall be have rejoycing in himlelt, and not in another.


V.5. For every man fhall bear his owne burden. Pfal. 77.6. I call to remembrance my song in the

night, I commune with mine own heart, and

my Spirit made diligent search. Rom. 14.12. Sothen every one of us shall give ac«

count of himself to God. Ezra 8.22.- The hand of our God is upon all them

for good that seek him: but his power, and his 207 ath is against all them that forsake him.


of Repentance. Aving seriously examined thy Conscience,

and impartially considered thy waies, and course of life, and the state of thy soul cowards God; The nexe ducy I would advise thee (beging the assistance of the Spirit of God) to set upon the speedy practise of; is true, and seri, 0146, and unfeigned repentance.

Í shall cherefore for thy benefic, 1. Open the nature of true repentance. 2. Give some directions about it. 3. Some motives to it.

Repentance unto life is an Evangelical Grace wrought in the soul by the Spirit of God. And che parts of ic are these fix,

1. Conviction.
2. Contrision.
3. Hating and loathing fin.


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4. Coxa

4. Confeffion of fin.
5. Forsaking fin.

6. Conversion, and turning the bent of the heart towards God. First, Conviction. The Spirit of God forft opens a finners eies, before he breaks á finner's heart. The soul of a crue penitent is convinced, and made apprehenfive of these three things,

1. The evil, odiousnesse, and filthines of for.

2. The danger, desert, and mischievous effects and consequents of it:

3. Its own deep guiltinesse, both of Original and Attual fin.

1. The evil of fin appears in these seven particulars;

1. 'l is contrary to Gods holy Nature.
2. To his righteous Lawes.

3. It robs and deprives the soul of Gods Image, confisting in knowledge, righteoufnelle, and holinelle.

4. It depraves, disorders, distempers the soul, weakens the powers of it, disables it for holy operations, and brings a corrupt disposition into it.

5. It defiles the foul, and leaves such a blot, and stain spon it, that nothing but ibe blood of Christ can wash out.

6 It enflaves the soul to the devil.

7. It makes the foul like unto the devil. Holineffe is Gods Nature: Sin and wickednefle is the devils, 'Twas sin chat at first, curn'd An.


gels of light into devils of darknesse: And if we could separate sin from them, they would cease to be devils, and clear up again into Angels of

e light.

II. The great danger of sin appears in that i brings such a guilt upon the soul, as makes i liable to Gods wrath and curse, and to punilla-,

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1. Temporal: Sickness, pais, vexation, milery, death: which to che wicked are truly punishments, and fruits of Gods vindicative justice, and have chèir sting till in them.

2. Spiritual. 1. Losle of the favour of God, and communion with him. 2. The immediate frokes of his anger on the soul, wounds of Conscience, drops of his wrath, horrour of mind, despair. 3. Hardneffe of heart, a Spirit of Number, blindmeß of mind, a reprobate sense, to be given over to vile affections, and to Sathan. These are most fearful judgements.

3. Eternal. Such as concern the foules immortal condition after this life. And they

are eithee punishments of loß or pain. 1. Of loß, in being for ever banished from the presence of the Lord, and the joyes of Heaven, 2 Thes.2.9. being punished with everlafting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and the Glory of his power, 2. of pain, come fifting in those exquisite and unconceivable forments, which shall be inflicted on the dimned; sec forch in Scriprure by everlasting fore, utter dark


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