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McGuffey's New Juvenile Speaker; just the book for the boys; designed to occupy a place filled by no other similar work.


1. The selections are new, fresh, and highly interesting. 2. They are varied-humorous, lively, grave, instructive. 3. Are short, appropriate—easily learned, quickly recited. 4. The style simple and familiar-intelligible to the young. 5. The book embraces a great variety of amusing dialogues. 6. Chaste selections of comic and humorous poetry. 7. Rare gems in prose from select sources.

8. Choruses to be spoken, read, or sung in concert--a novel and valuable feature.

McGuffey's New Eclectic Speaker; a work of high order, designed for the use of the more advanced students.

This work comprises Three Hundred classic exercises for reading or declamation.

It may be used either as a Reader or Speaker, the selections being peculiarly adapted to the double purpose of declamation and reading in High Schools and Academies.

The Eclectic Speaker should be placed in the hands of every young man who would attain the rare accomplishment of becoming an easy graceful, and correct reader and declaimer.




Ray's Arithmetic, First Book (Primary) :

embracing short and simple Mental Lessons, and Tables-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division-for little learners.

16mo., 80 pages. Ray's Arithmetic, Second

Second Book

Book (Intellectual) : by induction and analysis ; a thorough course of Mental Exercises. The best Intellectual Arithmetic extant.

16mo., 164 pages. Ray's Rudiments of Arithmetic: a simple

class-book for beginners. The elementary principles of written Arithmetic applied to easy practical examples for the slate and black-board. For the use of lower classes in written Arithmetic in graded schools: introductory to Ray's Practical.

(Preparing.) Ray's Arithmetic, Third Book (Practical):

for Common Schools and Academies. A full and complete treatise on the inductive and analytic methods of instruction.

16m0., 320 pages. Key to Ray's Practical Arithmetic: con

taining solutions of problems in Ray's Third Book ; also, a large amount and variety of examples for the slate or black-board.

16m0., 272 pages. Ray's Higher Arithmetic: in which the


principles of Arithmetic are rigidly analyzed and practically applied : for advanced classes and business

A very superior work. . . 12mo., 370 pages.




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Key to Ray's Higher Arithmetic: a small,

neat volume, containing concise but full and lucid solutions to the more difficult problems in that excellent work.

12mo., 180 pages. Ray's Test Examples: a New Book, 'em

bracing over Three Thousand carefully-prepared practical problems for the slate or black-board; for drill exercises and review. Two editions published one, without Answers, 136 pages; the other, with Answers.

16mo., 168 pages. Ray's Algebra, First Book (Elementary):

a simple, thorough, and progressive elementary treatise, for Common Schools and Academies. Designed to impart both a practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject.

12mo., 240 pages. Ray's Algebra, Second Book (Higher) : an

analytical treatise, for advanced students in High Schools and Academies, and for Colleges; a lucid and comprehensive work.

12mo., 396 pages. Key to Ray's Algebra, First and Second

Books : containing statements and solutions of questions; also, an Appendix, embracing Indeterminate

and Diophantine Analysis, etc. 12mo., 344 pages. Evans' School Geometry: the Primary Ele

ments of Plane and Solid Geometry, for Schools and Academies. A concise treatise, designed for that class of students who have not time to master the larger works. Warmly commended by all. 12mo., 108 pages.



From Hon. Anson Smyth, late State Supt. of Public Instruction,

OHIO. I know of no other Readers which I could more earnestly indorse than McGUFFEY's New ECLECTIC SERIES. Ray's AŘITHMETICS need no praise. They are their own commendation. I esteem Pinneo's GRAMMARS as among the best text-books extant for guiding the learner to a knowledge of the correct use of our language.

ANSON SMYTH. From Hon. M. J. FLETCHER, late State Supt. of Pub. Inst.,

INDIANA. The public sentiment, as expressed in Indiana by the almost universal use of the ECLECTIC EDUCATIONAL SERIES, was sufficient of itself to induce the STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION to recommend them. In addition to this, by careful examination, I am well satisfied that their true intrinsic and comparative merit entitles them to such recommendation.


From Hon. NEWTON BATEMAN, late State Supt. of Pub. Inst.,

ILLINOIS. I believe no series of books ever obtained so many voices of approval from Teachers as McGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC READERS. No other has been so popular throughout the West, we well know. RAY's ARITHMETICs have deservedly shared in the popularity of the Eclectic Series. The ALGEBRAS are clear, full, and comprehensive.

NEWTON BATEMAN. From Hon. T. H. BENTON, JR., late State Supt. of Pub. Inst.,

IOWA. I have carefully examined the New Editions of McGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC READERS, PINNEO's GRAMMARS, and Ray's SERIES OF ARITHMETICS and ALGEBRAS, and cordially approve them as textbooks for our schools. Taking the whole series together-Readers, Grammars, Arithmetics, and Algebras—I do not believe a similar collection has yet been published which is better adapted to our wants.

Thomas H. BENTON, JR.

From Hon. B. F. Crary, late State Supt. of Pub. Inst.,

MINNESOTA. I have examined the ECLECTIC EDUCATIONAL SERIES of School Books, and have no hesitation in saying they are Superior to any similar text-books that have come under my observation. I rejoice that a Western House has been able to meet the increasing wants of the West in this great field.



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