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gave kill-ed

girl floor
bird a-bout


cage run-ning moth-er See the girl with her bird and cage. One day her moth-er gave her a bird. It was run-ning a-bout the floor. A cat came and kill-ed it. The lit-tle girl felt ver-y sad. Then her moth-er gave her a new bird. Now she is hap-py a-gain.

[blocks in formation]



air fly a-way bee ant a-fraid paw from fly-ing

dish sil-ly eat-ing A pup was eat-ing from a dish. It saw a bee and an ant.

The bee was not on a bud. It was fly-ing in the air.

The ant did not fly. An ant can not fly, but it can run.

The pup put its paw on the ant. But it ran a-way from the bee.

It was a big bee, and the sil-ly pup was a-fraid of it.

[blocks in formation]

sum-mer fit-ting sister hum-mer sit-ting blis-ter drum-mer hit-ting mis-ter

sin-ner din-ner thin-ner

[merged small][graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small]

One sum-mer day, a hun-gry fox saw a fat hen, sitting on a box lid.

The sly fox said, I can get a din-ner now; but not so.

A big boy saw mis-ter Fox, as he was try-ing to get the hen.

The boy ran for his gun. The fox saw the boy go for the gun.

Ah! said mis-ter Fox, I can not get a fat hen for din-ner to-day. If I am not off, the boy may get

So, a-way ran the fox.



stay wing that clay bring then play string there


pound wound ground




fast wing more side string rise some wound ri-ses

dives ground oth-er See the boy with his new kite. Now it dives in the air.

It will come to the ground. Oh, it has but one wing.

It will not fly. Put a wing on the oth-er side.

There, that will do. Now let us see if it will rise.

Oh, yes, how fast it ri-ses. Now the string is all wound off.

You may stay and hold it. I will go and get some more string.

[blocks in formation]

song strong

horns plow

plow black


[merged small][graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small]

An ox has two horns. He has four legs, and four feet.

The ox can draw the plow. He can draw the cart.

He is quite strong, and works ver-y hard for man.

He has red, or white, or black hair.

He eats grass, and hay, and corn. He drinks wa-ter.

He lies down on his side to sleep, or to rest, aft-er his work.

sees light
glow could

flees night

feast trees bright know should beast

grow would

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