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of preaching the Gospel, and carrying it all: over the World, notwithstanding the Opposition of Men and Devils, out of whose Hands they were rescued and saved, till they had finished their Course with Joy. Saint Paul faith, I was delivered: out of the Mouth of the Lion, and the Lord sball deliver ine from every evil Work, (which Men, that is, contrive agaiuft me) and will preserve me to bis beavenly Kingdom, 2 Tim. 4. 17

And this feems to be the meaning of that remarkable Place, Rev. 14. 6. where St. John faith he faw another. Angel fly in the midst of

eaver, baving the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the Earth, and to every Nation, and Kindred, and Tongue, and People, &c. He beheld, that is, the Divine Providence, taking care that every Corner of the World should be filled with the Sound of those glad Tidings which were at first published by our Saviour as the everlasting Will of God, and that by the Ministry of Angels, who were a Guard and Defence to the Apostles, (the prime Ministers of Christ here on Earth,) and suffered not their Enemies to kill them, till they had fulfilled their Ministry; but delivered them out of Prisons, cut off their Enemies, cast out the old Serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceived the Nations, making all the Church cry Lout when they saw his Downfal, and all his Angels cast out with him, Rev. 12. 10. Now is come Salvation and Strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the Power of his Chrift; for Hh 3


the accuser of our Brethren is cast down, &c. that is, the Apostles by the help of Christ and his Angels, rooted the Devil and all Idolatrous Worship; they brought the Kingdoms of the Earth in Obedience to our Lord, and confuted by their admirable Patience all the false Suggestions and Accusations of the Devil and his Agents, as if they were the troublers of the World, and the disturbers of the Peace of Kings and Princes.

For when they could do our Lord no more Service by their Lives, then they fought for him by their week and lamb-like Death, and overcame as much that way, as any other. So it follows ver. 11. And they overcame bim (i.e. the Devil) by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testimony, and they loved not their Lives into the Death ; that is, as Christ their Saviour fpoiled Principalities and Powers upon his Cross, and never broke the Strength of the Devil more than when he dyed ; even fo did his Servants afterward, who like the mighty Samfon, destroyed their Enemies by their Death, as much as they had done in the time of their Life,

And I must tell you for a Conclusion, that we Christians have the greater reason to thank God for this Ministry of holy Angels, because they are the chief and principal of those glorious Creatures, which he hath assigned to take Care of our Security. So much is here intimated in my Text, the whole Import of which I have not yet fully told you,


The Hebrews unanimously consent in this, that there are several Orders of Angels, some much Superior to the other, (as I have already intimated ;), and the Scripture very much countenances that Notion, as well as common Reafon. They are called, you know, the Host of God, and we continually praise and acknowledge him (in the Te Deum) as the most holy Lord God of Sabaoth, i. e. of Hofts : Two Sorts of which Hosts, and no more, are mentioned in the sacred Books, the Sun, Moon, and Stars; and these more bright and glorious Creatures, the Angelical Ministers. These are the Hofts of Heaven, and whereas both the Sun, and Moon, and Stars, and likewise these Celestial Spirits have been Worshipped as if they were Gods; we acknowledge that our God is the Lord of both these Sabaoth (so the Hebrew Word is which we still retain) or Hofts, to whom alone we pay divine Worship and Honour.

Now, as there are in the visible Host of Heaven, a greater Light to rule the Day, and another (brighter than the Stars, though less than the Sun) to rule the Night, whence the Moon is called the Queen of Heaven, Jer.44. 17. and the Sun is called by the Heathens Baal, the Lord or King of Heaven : So in these other invisible Hosts or Armies of God, there are some that are called Princes of the Hoft, and Captains of the Lords Hoft, as you heard before, Dan. 10. Fosb. 5. They are all his Ministers, but some of them are called the Angels of bis Presence, or as the Hebrews fpeak, of his Face. Now where the


Hh 4

Hebrews meet with that Phrase, they, not without Reason, understand it to signifie fome great Angel nearer to God, and much excelling others in Dignity, Power, and Strength; for as in the Court of a great King, there are many Officers that attend upon several Charges; but yet all are not wont to be admitted into the Presence, where the chief and principal Persons only appear, who hold the highest Dignities and Employments : So in imitation of Things here below, when the Scripture would express an Angel of high Degree, it calls him an Angel of bis Presence, Ifa. 63.9. or of his Face, which according to the Use in the Courts of Princes, cannot signifie an ordinary Minister, but one of a nobler Quality; who (as we fay) is immediately about his Perfon, and fits in Council with hiin; and therefore when God faith to Mofes in Exod. 33. 14. My Presence or Face fhall go with thee, the meaning is, that he would

not send a common Angel (as he had said before, ver. 2.) but a very powerful Angel, one of the highest Ministers to affift them, and bring them unto Rest. Conformable to which, we find the Stile of the New Teftament (which was written by the Converts of the Hebrew Nation) as you may read in Luke 1.19. where the Angel that appeared to Zacbarias in the Temple, faith, I am Gabriel, that stand in the Presence of God, i.e. one of the highest Order of Angels, and principal Minister in the heavenly Court, who am employed on this Message to thee. The faine prime Minister is sent afterward to the Mother of our


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473 Lord, (ver. 26.) to give notice of his Birth; at

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find with this Angel Cas I suppose) & multitude of an beavenly Host, 11. 13. i. c. all those under the Coinmand of this Prince of the Host, praising God, and saying, Glory be to God in the bigheft.

This therefore I conceive is intimated in the words of my Text, when it saith, the Angels of Christ's Disciples beheld Gods face, that we are under the Favour and Protection of the highest Rank of Angels, God hath assigned us the strongeft Guard, Thofe’Angels who have a multitude of the heavenly Hoft under them, take charge of the Body of Christ, even of the meanest and weakest Member of it. The chief is Michael, but there are others as you shall fee before I have done with this Argument, who attend upon the Affairs of the Church, and are ready to do us Good, that are of the highest Dignity in the heavenly Quire.

We have reafon therefore to praise him, because he hath placed the lowest of us in the fame Degree with David, who faith, my help, cometh from the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth, Pfal. 121. 2. In the Hebrew it is, my help cometh from before the Lord, i. e. from his mighty Angels which stand before him, and behold his Face, whereby he helps and delivers me. The high praises of God ought - to be in our Mouths, who are so esteemed by the King of Heaven. Instead of our Complaints and Lamentațions, this one single Meditation would administer abundant inatter of Praise and Thanksgiving, if

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