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coinfort us be far off, and reinoved at a distance from us, how is it possible we should find any Relief? Let us therefore bring thein near to our Souls allo, and lay them close to our Hearts; and make them one with us by continual Meditation, that we may feel their Power to revive and refresh us, as great as other Things have to discomfort and vex us. If a Man can think of nothing else, yet let him think of himself. Who iš neärer to thee, than that? What is there that thou shouldest desire to know so much as thy self? And if thou wilt not be ignorant of that, thou canst not be difcontented. There lieth in every one of us greater Matter of Ad: miration and Praife, than there doth of Vexati; 019 and Complaint, Hear only St. Bafil speak á little of this Business.

[2 Thou haft received, faith he, an understand ing Soul, by which thou, perceivest God, and discoverest with: Hom. eis TOTES thy Reason the Nature of Things;

εχε εαυτώ. and reapest the most sweet and pleasant Fruit of Wisdom. All earthly Things wild and tame, all in the Water, all in the Air, are Servants to thee, and subject to thy Command. Is it not thou, O Man, who haft found out all Arts: Doft not thou build Cities, and invent all manner of Tliings, which conduce either to the Supply of our Neceflities, or the Advanceinent of our Pleasure ? Hath not thy Reason found out a. Path in the great Seas? And taught small Vessels to cut-their way through the dreadful


Waters? Do not the heavenly Orbs show thee their Order, and their comely Motions? Doft not thou understand their Dances, and perceive the Mufick and Harmony which they make TL Ev Muzpoilezecss What's the Matter then that thou art fo faint hearted? Why doth thy Mind fail thee, and grow so little and feeble? Is it for such an one as thee to shrink up in Trouble of Spirit, because thou liaft not, suppose, a fine Horse with goodly Trappings, as another Man hath? And yet thou last thię Sun all the Day running his Courfe, and fhowing thee his illuftrious Face. Thou hast not the Splendour of Silver and of Gold; but thou hast the Moon and the Stars which surround thee with a glorious Light. And to what purpose is it to recs kon all the rest ; These are humane Things ; they that follow are Divine. Was it not for thy fake, that God vouchsafed to be conversant here on Earth? Did lie not distribute the Gifts of the Holy Ghost to Men like thy felf? Deathi is abolished; the Resurrection is preached; the divine Cominan diments, which perfect this Life, are published, there is a plain way to God, by keeping them, the Kingdom of Heaven is prepared ; Crowns of Righteousness are ready fož thofe, who will not thun the Lahours of Vertue. Attend but thy self, and finding all these, and many other Things there, the Effect of it muft needs be this: Kui StronaMatis Tây. Tra eόντων, 8 μικροψυχήσεις δε προς το ένθεον : Thor wilt both enjoy that which is present, and not


be basely dejected for that which is absent. Thou wilt never lose the Pleasure of what thou hast, nor be in Pain for that which thou hast not. The Sight of so many goodly Things will comfort thy Spirit, when it begins to faint; and raise thee up, when thou art ready to sink. They will bid thee bë of good chear, both because thou hast the Poffesfion of tliem, and because, unless thou wilt be so carelefs, thou canst never lole them

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A PRAY E R. O Moft blessed and glorious God, to be

acknowledged and praised by all underftanding Creatures, as much as they are able : For according to thy Name, so ought thy Praise to be; very great and excellent. And so likewise ought to be our Fear-of-thee, our Faith in thee; or Love to thee, our Desire after thee, and oiır Delight and Joy in thy Love. All good Men have magnified and extolled thy Power, by which the Heaven, the Earth, and the Seas, and all Things therein, were created. They have acknowledged thy Truth and Faithfulness which endureth for ever. Thy Justice and Mercy have been wonderful in their Eyes, and all Ages have celebrated thy particular Care of those that fear thee, and put

their Trust in thee. Thou bast preserved the Strangers, and relieved the Fatherless and Widows; and, blessed be thy Goodness, I know that thou reignest King for ever unto all Generations.

But above all I rejoice in this, that thou hast not disdained to appear in our Flesh : But bast loved and honoured us so far as to secure our Hope and Confidence in thee, by dignifying our Nature at thine own Right-hand, with the

gredtest Glory.


What Praise, what Lové, rebat Foy, wibat Şervice, is great enough to render to thee, O Lord, who art so high, and whose Kindness is so great, far exceeding all our Conceptions ! I make thee, O my God, ä Present of all that I Þavé, with the most ardent and hearty Affection: Defiring hiut to be so happy as to have a perpetual Sense of their possefling my Soul with delightful Thoughts of thee, and

engaging my Heart to the most passionate Love of thee, and preserving me in perfečt Quietness and Peace, by an entire Truft in tbee

I will Trust in thee, O Lord, at all Times. I will love thee with all my Heart, and with all my Soil, and with all my Strength. The Meditation of thee shall be always sweet unto me. I will rely on thy precious Promises, that thou wilt never leave me nor forsake me : And still be giving Thanks unto thee in every Thing, according to thy Will declared in Christ Jesus.

Thanks he unto thee, that thou hast made me such an excellent Creature; and endued me with à Mind So great and large, and to all the Riches of Nature, added those great Treasures of thy Grace in Christ Jesus, which are unsearchable and inestimable. I thank thee for all the blessed Fruits of his Passion, Resurrection, and Exaltation. For the Power of the Holy Ghost ; for the Service of better Creatures than these which thou hast put in Subjektion under our Feet, even the Asinistry of the Celestial Host, and all the Kindness i bave received by their means:



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