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us Good ; and that all Ways are alike to his Power;

and that he hath no Inclination to do us any Thing but Good, by all that befalts, us; and that he hath promised, as you will see in what follows to provide for our Welfare, both here below and in the upper eternal World. We may trust him; and we are very unwise if we do not: for nothing will more disoblige hîm than mean and unworthy Thoughts of him, and unkind Jealoufies and Suspicions of his Inclinations, which make us diffident and distruftful of his Providence, and with a pensive Sadness to groan under his Government: Which we ought by our chearful and patient Obedience to commend and praise. Amen.


O Most boly and ever blessed God, reben we

turn our Eyes from this World towards olby self, we cannot but account it our highest Happi-, ness that we know thee to be the Author of it, and that we know thou rulest and governest in Heaven and Earth, and humbleft thy self to take a speciall Notice of us, the Children of Men; whose Affairs thou adminiftrest with such great Reason, Wisdom, and justice, and bast declared thy self s abundant in Goodness and tender Mercy, that we ought not to fufpe&t thee of any Unkindness to us, or entertain any hard Thoughts


of thee, 'notwithstanding any Misery, that may befal us: But in every Estate and Condition of Life to adore thy Power and commend our felves toʻthy Wisdom, and hope in thy Goodnefs, and rest satisfyed of thy Intentions of giving us better Goods, than we are naturally apt to defire.

Accordingly, O Lord, I bere bow dowen my very Soul

before thee, and with the greatest Humility of Spirit submit my self, both to what thou wouldpt have me to do, and what thou wouldf bave me to endure. I know that I cannot but be Safe in thy Hands, and that no Harm can come unto me, while my Heart is pollessed with a due Care to please thee, rather than to ease my self: Settle in me, O blessed God, right Notions and Apprebenfions of thee. Persmade me perfe&tly, as of thy Being, fo of thy Providence, and excellent Counsel, and fatherly Care, and Almighty Love ; that can turn the greatest Evils of this World, into our greatest Good. Fill my Mind with such a strong and lively Belief of thy moft blesed and gracious Nature, that none of the Crosses of this Life may ever sbake my Hope in thee, or make me murmur and repine at any Thing, which thou thinkest fit should be my Portion Indue me likewise with a right Sense of the Nature of all those Things whether good or evil which we de fire to enjoy or to avoid; that the Want of the one, or the Suffering of the other may not seem to confiderable, as to alter my Thoughts of thee, or weaken my Belief in thee, or disturb the boly Peace and Foy ubich the Thoughts of thy good Will towards me, are


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dpt to raise up in me. Help me by wife and composed Thoughts to moderate all my Defires after those Goods that are without me; to be contented with those that are within my self, which none can take away from me ; to value all Things hy their End and Use; to enjoy what I have

, temperately; and to live in an bumble Sense that I have nothing, but what comes from thee, and is the Fruit of thy free Bounty; That so I may return it quietly, and acknowledge that in all Conditions I have more, tban I deserve.

Adorn my Soul with all the Graces of thị holy Spirit, that so I may have Peace within, in the midst of all Troubles which sura

and the Splendor of Christian Vertues may shine forth in the greatest Darkness: Enable me always to prize Innocence, more than Pleasure or Greatness

, or any other worldly Good to show forth the Power of Godliness and a divine Nature, under all the Presures and Sufferings that I may lie una der": That honouring my Religion, it may be an Ornament and a Crown of Glory to ine, both now and in the great Day of the Lord Fesus.

I commerd my self into thee, O God, who canst not misguide me ; and perfečtly knoweft what is fittest and most convenient for me in every. Part of my Life. Bear me up as gainst all Discouragement, by wife and pioids Thorights, especially by a firm and mighty Sense



jound me;

that thou art good and doft good, and baft shown thy self most excellently good to us in our Lord Christ Jesus, by whom I will give Praise and Thanks unto thee for ever and ever. Amen.

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-Be content with such Things as

ye have:

HEN our Minds are once estas

blished upon this Bottom, that W

God is, and that he guides all Things, and is excellent in Counfel, and doth not manage his

Affairs amiss, but so well, that all wise Men have ever satisfied themselves in his Government ; we shall find great Cause to welcome another Advice for our Content and Quiet in every Estate. Which is

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