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only Opportunity that can be given them, tò clear him of all Harshness. by being quiet, con tented and patient in the inidst of troubles, they make a vile Use of it, and inpute to him the greatest Rigour or Neglect of them, by their perpetual Complaints. This he cannot but take exceeding ill at their Hands, and it will turn at Haft to an heavy Account. Which it will be fafect for us to prevent; by being faithful to -him, and giving true Evidence for him, when We are called to it, and when he expects it froin us, and when he intends it as an Honour to us, that we, rather than others, fhould be produced as the Witnesses of our God. Let us, I mean, when : any Affliction befalls us, give God the Honour due unto his Name; and declare openly by the Meekness, and Patience, and chearful. Contentednefs of our Spirits, that we think him to be Wife and Good, as well as Powerful and Juft; and that nothing shall alter this Opinion, and make us think otherwise. Let us profess that we believe God can chuse better for us, than our felves: and that as we trust other skillful Perfons, in sundry Cafes, rather than our own Judgment; so we will trust God with the Government of our whole Life, which is a Business too big for us to undertake. By which means God will ap prove us for holy and vertuous Men, that bear a great Love to him. He will pafs; not only a favourable, but, a kind and honourable Sentence upon us: and we shall certainly receive great Commendation at that Day when


every. Man's Praise shall be of God. He who is the true and faithful Witness, Christ Jefus, to whom all - Judgment is committed, will not forget our hearty Affection ; but reward us as his faithful Followers, in that Race of Patience, whichi is set before 'us. Amen.

*** A PRAY E R. I

Adore and Praise, O Lord, thy Greatness, thy

Power, Wisdom, and Goodness, which shine in all thy Works of Creation and Providence. They all show forth the Majelly of thy Glory; and are placed and move in such comely Order, that thou thy self rejoicest in all thy Works, and art perfe&tly pleased even in that which gives us Grief and Trouble. It is our Duty, © blessed God, to be pleased too, and to rejoice in this Knoweledge which thou hast given us of thee, who art from everlasting to everlasting, and changest not : But art ever the same immutable Love, exercising the most wife and tender Providence in every part of this great World, and more efpecially over Mankind, to whom thou hast shewn. the bigbes Kindness, and given unquestionable Testimonies of thy singular Care of them, and Good-will towards them.

There is nothing I'am Sensible so unfeemly as a discontented Mind, repining at the present, or distrusling thee for the future; especially in us, who have been so strangely favoured by thee, and had particular Assurance of thy molt gracious Inclinations and Purposes to make us happy for

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ever. I am abamed, O my good God and loving
Father, that sa much as one complaining Thought
should arise in my Heart; beseeching thee to par-
don me, and to represent thy self so fully and
feelingly to me, that I may with a serene and
untroubled Mind receive whatsoever shall befal
me : rea, rejoice that thy most holy Will is done,
though never to cross and contrary unto mine.
0, Sweet Jesus, who didst possess little and enjoy
much; who didst endure much, and not complain
et all; whose Charity was far larger than all
the Wants of miserable Creatures
videdft even for their Pleasure and decent Enter-
tainment, and by humbling thy self baft obtained
a most glorious Power, and promised to bless us,
and never leave us nor forsake iis ; bless me, I
most humbly befeech thee, with the same contented
Mind and Spirit. Imprint on my Heart the I-
mage of thy humble, meek, and patient Goodness,
Make me feel that thy merciful Kindness endures
for ever ; and fill my Soul with that Meat which
abideth to everlasting Life, as once thou didst
the Bodies of thy Disciples, with the Meat that
perisheth. Vhile I think of what thou was, and
what thou art, and what thou hast done, and
what thou art able, and hast promised fill to do
for us, transform me by that means into the very
Spirit which was in thee. That I may he lowly
in Heart; and satisfied with my prefent Portion;
and do Good and endure Evil; and conform to
thy Will in every Thing; in Imitation of thy most
excellent Example, and in Hope of that compleat
Bliss, which thou art able and intendest I see to


befton upon me, both in Soul and Body in an immortal Life.

O God, what Things are those which thou hast laid up for those that fear thee; for these that trust in thee, and depend intirely on thy Goodness, and submit to thy Will and Pleasure! In what a kind Relation art thou pleased to stand unto us; that we may be confident thou dearly lovest us, and wilt take care of us? All Ages have experienced this Love, that thou, Lord, bast not forsaken them that seek thee : Therefore thy Face evermore will I seek. I will never doubt of thy merciful Kindness; but alwayes believe that thou art gracious and full of Compassion : Just and True in all thy Ways, O thou King of Saints. Confirm and strengthen thefe holy Pure poses in me, by the Assistance of thy good Spirit, making these' Thoughts more strong, more lively and mightily affe&ting my Heart. So that I may be able to say, the Lord is my helper, I will not fear what man can do unto me. He bath not spared bis only Son, but delivered him up for us all : How shall be not with bim give us all Things? I will bless the Lord at all Times, bis Praise ball be continually in my Mouth, my Soul shall make her Boast in the Lord, and I will rejoyce in bis Salvation.

O blessed Day, when we fball see Jefus again, and feel him changing this vile Body, and make ing it like his glorious Body, by the Power wheres by be can subdue all Things to bimself! O bapby Day, when all. Tears shall be wiped away from our Eyes ; and there shall be no Sighing or i


Sorrow, but present Satisfa&tion and Joy for evermore! Help me always to comfort my self in every Condition with the Hopes of that joyful Time, and to prepare my self for the Blessedness of it; by doing Thee all the Honour I can in this World: especially by testifying through a meek, patient, and chearful Suffering of all the Troubles of this Life, that thou are wise and good, and bountiful to all thy faithful Servants, and that thy Service in the midst of my Sufferings is better than all the Pleasures of Sin, which endure but for a Seafon.

O God; I desire always to give thee this Glory i and to count it 'an Honour that I can bear witnefs to thee, by a contented Vertue, in every State and Condition of Life. I esteem that Apa probation and Praise which I hope for from thee, far above all the Dignities and Preferments of this World. Do thou, O Lord, but allow of me for thy good and faithful Servant; and make me but to feel the Comfort of that joyful Voice, which I hope to hear, Well done, good and faithful Servant, enter into thy Master's Joy; and di with me what thou pleaseft. I confide in Thee for that Happiness, and for all Things else. I leave my self wholly to thy Disposal. I depend absolutely on thy Wisdom, and thy good Will and Kindness, which I Intrust with All that concerns me. I resolve to be satisfied with what thou derest, and still to speak good of thee : Hoping that whilft I have this good Heart towards thee, I sball at all Times rejoyce with a chearful Countenance. Amen, Amen.


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