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A Monthly Journal,




Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein.”—JER. vi. 16.

VOL. XIV.-Nos. I. To XII.




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21, 34

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American Slavery,

9 Correspondents, To, 25, 54, 106, 132, Meddle-not-with-Controversy Doctrine,
Anecdotes of Thomas Scattergood
192, 218, 246, 274, 301, 324 The,

and his Times, 17, 36, 112, 266 Corrupting Fashions of the World, Morals versus Missions,
Anti-Slavery Items,
91 The,

187 Mysticism, On,

. 249
Ash, Edward, Letters to, 16, 72, 101, 212 Death of Moses, The,

Dixon's Life of Penn,
124 Neath, Church Rates,

Baltimore Yearly Meeting,
316 Does it Concern Us?

227 Neglect of Criminals by the Reli-
Barlow, John, of Edinburgh, the late, 74

gious Public,

Barrett, Richard, of Croydon, Remi- Example of Good Men in Relation Newcastle - on - Tyne and Shields
niscences of the Ministry of the to War, The,

221 Friends' Tract Association, Report
19, 33, 100, 226

of the,

Baxter, Richard,

225 Field Sports Considered in Reference
Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 23, to our Rules and Advices, 129 Olive Leaf Soiree, .
53, 79, 106, 131, 166, 192, 217, 245, Friends: their Origin, &c., 6, 108,
273, 300, 323

219, 281 Paleario Aonio, and the “Benefits of
Capital Punishments,
107, 322 Friends Travelling in the Ministry, Christ's Death,"

235, 250
Christian Epistle Eighteen Hundred 14, 40, 68, 94, 123, 184, 210, 233, Paper, Pens, and Ink, 61, 169, 226
Years Ago, A,

261, 289 Peace Deputation to the Paris Con-
Christ's Spirit a Christian's Strength, Friends' First-day School, Manches-


ter, Seventh Annual Report of, 33 Peace Address from Edinburgh to
Church Rates in the Parish Vestries, 42 Friends' First-day School, Nantwich, Boston, U.S., Reply to,

Circulation of the Arabic Scriptures

Second Annual Report of,
74 Plain Dress and Language,

among Mahometans in Africa, &c., 198 Friends' School, Cape Town, South POETRY:-The Slave Mother's La-
Circumstantial Evidence, Remark- Africa,


ment; Farewell to the Year 1855;
able Case of Conviction on, 263 Friends' First-day School Association 195 New Year's Hymn, 12. The Even-
Collision on the African Coast, 318 Friends Provident Institution, 243 ing Star; Primitive Christianity;
CORRESPONDENCE:--The First Friends in Norway,

270 Naaman and the Hebrew Maid;
Query; Lord John Russell's Lec. Friends' Schools, 'Spittalfields, Se-

Hopo; The Divine Presence;
ture, 23. Principle Sacrificed to venth Annual Report of, 1856, 283

Thoughts, &c.; On Love to God,
Custom; The Tithe Question; Scot. Fox, George, Testimony respecting, 97 38, 39. The Swallow's Return;
tish Affirmation Act; Hanging by

Seed-Time; The New Exodus;
Christians; "The Gospel Plan of

Golden Ladder of Charity, The, 9
Salvation;" The Life of Dr. Young,
Great Results from Little Causes, : 10

Humanity at Home; A Familiar

Epistle to my Good Friend, G.
by the Dean of Ely; The Education Great Ganges Canal, The,


on Capital Punishments,
Question; Business Opening in Great Malvern, A Few Days at, 305

92, 93.

An Invocation to the
Dublin, 43-49. Important Sug- Grellet, Stephen, Soine Account of Spirit of Peace, 119. In Me-
gestion; The Education Question;

the Life of, .


moriam, Samuel Gurney; the An.
George Fox versus Macaulay; The

gel of Patience; The Resolution;
First Query, 77. The Society of

Indiana Yearly Meeting,

311 Self - Examination; First · Day
Friends and the Scriptures; W.
Is Christ the Prince of Peace? 10

Thoughts; Charity; A Prayer for
Magon, M.A., and Friends; Pro.

Universal Emancipation, 178, 179.
fessor Williams and Friends; Re- Jews in Jerusalem, The,


The Sunshine; The Evening Star;
velation vii., 103, 104. The An. JUVENILE DEPARTYENT:-Judicious

Mary also Sat at His Feet and
Vual Vacation at Ackworth School, Instruction; Tommy and His Flow- Heard His Word;" Angel Visits,
130. The British and Foreign ers, 10. The Eagle and the Infant; 230, 231. Hymu of Paul Ger-
School Society and the Education A Noble Boy; Girls' Naines; Of hard; The Ever-Ebbing Tide;
Question; The Yearly Meeting; The what Use are the Birds? Who Flowers,

286, 287
Vacation at Ackworth, 190, 191.
Made the Flowers? 66. Books! Pointed Reply, A,

Revelation vii.; The Society of
Books! The Infidel Reclaimed; Power, Thomas Godfrey,

Friends and the Scriptures; Try
Extraordinary Sagacity of the Et- Properties of Glass,

the Spirits; Ministers' Dues, 213- trick Shepherd's Dog, “Sirrah;"
217. Robert Barclay and Friends' Highland Shepherds; The Greek

Quakerism not Evanescent, but En-
Testimony against Tithes; Impor. Testament; A Word; Spare the

during, .

1, 27, 55, 88, 116
tance of Watching against Inno- Insect; Sun, Moon, and Stars,

Quakerism, Letter

vations, 240, 241. The Papyrus;


No. II., :

Clemency and Forbearance in á

Queen and American Slavery, The, 33
Military Officer; William Penn's Kitto, Dr. John,

254, 291, 307
Descendants; Archbishop Whately

Reminiscences of a Visit to the
on the “Eucharist;" False Liberty, Lay Appropriators and Poor Livings 42

United States, 60, 188, 223, 284
or the Yoke of Fashion, 268, 269. Letter to a Friend,

263 REVIEWS :-Autobiography of a Fu-
"Fraser" on George Fox and his Letters to Edward Ash, i6, 72, 101, 212

gitive Negro; Maxims Relating to
Contemporaries; Notes on some of

the Conduct of Human Life; The
the Queries, 295, 296. Dr. Lees' Macaulay's, T. B., Description of

Annual Monitor for 1856; The
Prize Essay; Musical Bands on George Fox, 81, 127, 167, 199, 279, 303 History of England; The Library
the First Day of the Week; The Macaulay and the Quakers,


of Biblical Literature; The Flower-
Slavery of Fashion; Religious In- Macaulay and George Fox,

. 125

ing Plants and Ferns of Great
319, 320 Marriage Question, The,

· 318! Britain; A New History of Eng.

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land; Verses to Mary Wright; Story, Thomas, Some Account of the Ministry; The Ackworth Anni-
Discussion on Capital Punishment, Life and Convincement of,30,85,247,277 versaries; The General Meeting of
49-52, Dear Bread and Wasted Stowe, Harriet Beecher,

275 Ackworth School; Friends' Provi-
Grain; Zaphnath Paaneah, or the

dent Institution; Friends' First-
History of Joseph; Brief Notice Tactics of Temperance, 55, 114, 147 day School Association; Friends'
of Richard Claridge; An Exa- Technology,

84, 234

Educational Society, 202-212. Fe.
mination of the Memoirs and Writ- Tender Counsel,

176, 229 male Preachers; Education in
ings of Joseph John Gurney,

Australia ; Free Labour Depot;
104, 105.

A Few Thoughts on REMARKS:-Friends Travelling in Friends Travelling in the Ministry,
the Present State of the Society of the Ministry; To our Subscribers 232, 233. An August Opponent;
Friends, 131. Compulsory Vac- and Agents; Peace or War, 14, 15. Friends Travelling in the Ministry;
cination; Waters of Comfort, 191, Friends Travelling in the Ministry; General Meeting of Herefordshire,
192. The Band of Hope Review, Trials of Faith; Friends' Appeal on Worcestershire, and Wales, 260,
and the British Workman; On the the War; Morals versus Missions, 261. Baptism and the Supper;
Progress of Religious Liberty, in 40, 41. Friends Travelling in the Friends Travelling in the Ministry;
connection especially with the Ministry; Growth in the Truth; America—the Presidential Elec-
History of England, The Boy's The Apprehended War with Ame- tion, 288-290. Friends Travelling
Own Magazine, The Boy's Own rica ; Letter upon Quakerism, or in the Ministry; The Boston Anti-
Journal, and the English woman's Truth and Error; The Scottish Slavery Bazaar; America: the
Domestic Magazine; Capital Pun- Affirmation Act; General Meeting New President; The Achill Her.
ishment; Who's Right? The of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, ald, concluded; Quarterly Meet-
Christian System, or the Teach- and Wales, 68-71. Friends Tra- ing of Sussex, Surrey, and Hants,
ings of the New Testament; The velling in the Ministry; The

317, 318
Diseases of the Teeth; A Treatise Friendly Addresses to America; The Clergy and the War,

on the Most Effectual Means of The Achill Herald; Episcopalians Thompson's, George, Arrival in In-
Personal and Family Provision, and Methodists, 94. "The Achill dia,
&c., 244, 245. An Argument for Herald; Lancashire and Che- True Ministry and its Effects, The, 264
the Legislative Suppression of the shire Quarterly Meeting; Mac- Varieties,

53, 106, 272
Liquor Traffic; Paper, Pens, and aulay, Fox, and Penn; Capital Vicars, Captain Hedley,

Ink, 271, 272. “Wisdom is Bet- Punishment; Meeting for Suffer Victim, The,

ter than Strength; ". William ings; Friends Travelling in the
Wordsworth; The Earnest Min- Ministry; The Monthly Meeting of Western Turkish Mission Aid Society, 63
ister, 297–300. A Collection of Lynn, Norfolk; Westmoreland Why I Left the Anvil,

Hymns and Poetry; The Library Quarterly Meeting, 122, 123. The Williams, William,

of Biblical Literature, . 321-323 Yearly Meetings; General Meeting
Reviews, Military and Educational, 222 of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, YEARLY MEETINGS, THE :-Phila-
Rio de Janeiro, A Few Days at, 202, 276 and Wales, 166. Reply to the delphia Yearly Meeting; Dublin
Roper's, John, Epistle

97 Achill Missionary Herald; Friends Yearly Meeting; Meeting of Min-

Travelling in the Ministry; Croy- isters and Elders; Ackworth
Scattergood, Thomas, Anecdotes of, don School; Wigton School; Sib- School; London Yearly Meeting;

17, 36, 112, 266 ford School; A Practical Sermon, Friends' Tract Association ; Lon-
Scottish Affirmation Act, The,

243 180-187. Inward Light, Continued don Yearly Meeting, continued;
Scriptural Divine Names or Titles, Reply to the Achill Herald; Mur- Meeting of Ministers and Elders;

and the Importance of their Right tor's Letters-Reading the Scrip- Women's Yearly Meeting; Friends'
Appropriation, On,
241 tures in Meetings; The Divisions Temperance Union,

Slave made Free in Plymouth Church, 201 in Society, and Desirableness of York Quarterly Meeting, Report of
State Aid to Religion,
263 Union; Friends Travelling in the the Committee of,



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