The History of the Church of England, from the Death of Elizabeth to the Present Time

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Saunders, Otley, 1861 - 664 pages

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Page 463 - Whiles his young master lieth o'er his head. Second that he do on no default Ever presume to sit above the salt. Third that he never change his trencher twice. Fourth that he use all common courtesies: Sit bare at meals and one half rise and wait. Last, that he never his...
Page 153 - Bible : Tindale's, Matthew's, Coverdale's, Whitchurch's,** Geneva. " 15. Besides the said directors before mentioned, three or four of the most ancient and grave divines in either of the universities, not employed in translating, to be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor upon conference with the rest of the Heads to be overseers of the translations, as well Hebrew as Greek, for the better observation of the fourth rule above specified.
Page 642 - It is an honourable object to see the reasons of other men wear our liveries, and their borrowed understandings do homage to the bounty of ours.
Page 626 - I could never divide myself from any man upon the difference of an opinion, or be angry with his judgment for not agreeing with me in that from which perhaps within a few days I should dissent myself.
Page 258 - I have at all, by showing any interpretation of Holy Scriptures, by meddling with councils, fathers, or canons, or by what else soever occurs in it, offered any occasion of argument against any right of maintenance, jure divino, of the ministers of the gospel ; beseeching your Lordships to receive this ingenuous and humble acknowledgment, together with the unfeigned protestation of my grief, for that through it I have so incurred both his Majesty's and your Lordships' displeasure conceived against...
Page 152 - ... reasons; to which if they consent not, the difference to be compounded at the general meeting, which is to be of the chief persons of each company at the end of the work.
Page 74 - Day be not profaned, the rest upon holy-days not so strictly urged : that there may be an uniformity of doctrine prescribed : no Popish opinion to be any more taught or defended : no ministers charged to teach their people to bow at the name of Jesus : that the canonical Scriptures only be read in the church.
Page 664 - RECOLLECTIONS OF GENERAL GARIBALDI; or, TRAVELS FROM ROME TO LUCERNE, comprising a Visit to the Mediterranean Islands of La Madalena and Caprera, and the Home of General Garibaldi. 1 vol. 10s. 6d.
Page 153 - Oxford. 13. The directors in each company to be the Deans of Westminster and Chester for that place, and the king's professors in the Hebrew or Greek in either university. 14. These translations to be used when they agree better with the text than the Bishops' Bible: Tindale's, Matthew's, Coverdale's, Whitchurch's, Geneva.
Page 437 - Sabbath-day, or walk in his garden or elsewhere, except reverently to and from meeting. "No one shall travel, cook victuals, make beds, sweep house, cut hair, or shave, on the Sabbath-day. " No woman shall kiss her child on the Sabbath or fastingday. " The Sabbath shall begin at sunset on Saturday.

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