The Progress and Prospects of Christianity in the United States of America: With Remarks on the Subject of Slavery in America; and on the Intercourse Between British and American Churches

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Partridge and Oakey, 1851 - Christianity - 72 pages

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Page 67 - Come then, and, added to thy many crowns, Receive yet one, the crown of all the earth, Thou who alone art worthy ! It was thine By ancient covenant ere Nature's birth ; And thou hast made it thine by purchase since, And overpaid its value with thy blood.
Page 67 - Dipp'd in the fountain of eternal love. Thy saints proclaim thee king ; and thy delay Gives courage to their foes, who, could they see The dawn of thy last advent, long desir'd, Would creep into the bowels of the hills, And flee for safety to the falling rocks.
Page 10 - ... per pound. 1 HU p. pound 0.556 Cal. p. Kilogram. "HEAT TRANSFORMATIONS may take place, through the action of physical and chemical forces, into any other known form of energy, and another form of energy may be transmuted into heat. Nearly all physical phenomena, in fact, involve heat-transformation in one form or another, and in a greater or less degree, under the laws of energetics. According to the first of those laws, such changes must always occur by a definite quantivalence, and when heat...
Page 21 - Gospel is occasionally preached by pastors and others, but where there is no church organized, — because not necessary, — were to be added to those in which a church or body of believers is organized, the entire number of places where the Gospel is preached would, it is believed, be found to exceed one hundred thousand ! 5.
Page 72 - I," said the Sparrow, "With my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin." Who saw him die? "I," said the Fly, "With my little eye, I saw him die.
Page 15 - Reformers," as they call themselves, a large body, embracing, in 1850, about 1,600 churches, 1,000 ministers, and 127 000 members, who have adopted the sentiments of the Rev. Dr. Alexander Campbell, which have been considered too speculative and cold, and not sufficiently operative to the renovation of the heart and life, * we shall have an aggregate of 13,455 churches, 8,018 ministers, and 948,867 members. This is an immense increase since the year 1791 — sixty years ago. In the year 1750, one...
Page 17 - And almost all this is the growth of fifty years, or the era from 1800 to 1850. During that period the Presbyterian Church may be said to have increased nearly elevenfold. V. THE METHODIST CHURCHES. The last in order of time, of the larger religious bodies mainly of Anglo-American origin, that arose in the United States, was the Methodist Episcopal Church. It was not till the year 1784 that this Church was organized — under the superintendence of the Rev.
Page 21 - There are various ways of measuring the progress of religion in a country. One of these is statistical, and this we may legitimately apply, at this point, to the country of which we are speaking. It is impossible to ascertain with entire precision the number of Evangelical ministers, churches, and communicants in the United States at the epoch of the Revolution, seventy-five years ago. * We cannot ascertain the number for the year 1800 with strict accuracy ; but we can ascer* In another work —...
Page 16 - ... 8,018 ministers, and 948,867 members. This is an immense increase since the year 1791— sixty years ago. In the year 1750, one hundred years ago, there were only 58 Baptist churches in the whole of what is now the United States; and in the year 1768, there were hut 137.
Page 16 - Assembly has 21 synods, 104 presbyteries, 1,489 ministers, 204 students (in theological schools only) and licentiates, 1,579 churches, and 140,060 communicants. Taken together, the two branches of the Presbyterian Church name 44 synods, 238 presbyteries, 3,516 ministers, 822 licentiates and students, 4,254 churches, and 350,366 communicants. From this it appears that this body increased nearly twelvefold so far as the ministry is concerned, eight and a half fold as to the churches, and nearly ninefold...

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