Canada and the Crimea, or Sketches of a Soldier's Life from the journals and correspondence of the late Major Ranken. Edited by ... W. B. Ranken

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Page 50 - ... that all the instructors and teachers in the college shall take pains to instil into the minds of the scholars the purest principles of morality, so that, on their entrance into active life, they may, from inclination and habit, evince benevolence towards their fellow-creatures, and a love of truth, sobriety, and industry, adopting at the same time such religious tenets as their matured reason may enable them to prefer.
Page 174 - But here, - above, around, below, On mountain or in glen, Nor tree, nor shrub, nor plant, nor flower, Nor aught of vegetative power, The weary eye may ken. For all is rocks at random thrown, Black waves, bare crags, and banks of stone...
Page 49 - I enjoin and require that no ecclesiastic, missionary, or minister of any sect whatsoever, shall ever hold or exercise any station or duty whatever in the said college ; nor shall any such person ever be admitted for any purpose, or as a visitor, within the premises appropriated to the purposes of the said college.
Page 50 - I desire to keep the tender minds of the orphans, who are to derive advantage from this bequest, free from the excitement which clashing doctrines and sectarian controversy are apt to produce...
Page 207 - The supports or reserves, ordered to follow, struggled up in inefficient disorder, but were unable to press into the work, as the men in advance, occupying the salient, refused to go on, notwithstanding the devoted efforts of the officers to induce them to do so. Whether it was that they dreaded some secret trap, or some mine which would destroy the whole of them at...
Page 208 - ... trenches, that three officers of the 41st, after vainly striving to induce the men to advance, rushed forward together, and were all three shot down like one man by the cross-fire of the Russians behind their parados. This was the turning-point, according to this account, of the men's indecision; they wavered and fled. I was near the counter-scarp when I saw the whole living mass on the salient begin reeling and swaying to and fro ; in a moment I found myself knocked down and lying on my face,...
Page 213 - October 15, 1858. I HAVE the honour to report for your information the proceedings of a detachment of the Pearl's Naval Brigade under my orders, from the 27th September to the 7th October.
Page 206 - ... there was little of that dash and enthusiasm which might have been looked for from British soldiers in an assault ; in fact it required all the efforts and example of their officers to get the men on, and these were rendered almost ineffective from the manner in which the various regiments soon got confused and jumbled together. The men, after firing from behind the traverses, near the salient, for half-an-hour at the enemy, — also firing behind his parados and traverses, — began to waver....
Page 299 - Ah, how different is God's verdict from man's. After such sins as thine, man's sentence would have been, "/-will in nowise receive." But " it is better to fall into the hands of God, than into the hands of man ; " for he says,
Page 207 - morale " — or whether it was owing to the dreadful manner in which their Division (the Light, most injudiciously selected to lead) had been cut up in previous actions — it is a melancholy truth that the majority of the assaulting column did not display the spirit and dash of thorough good soldiers, when assaulting the enemy.

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