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Preliminary abstract

Aggregate disposals of lands during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1870.

Value of foreign emigration

The national domain-historical outline

Liberal policy of the United States in regard to foreign titles.

Indian usufructuary interests .

American land titles-allodial tenures

United States surveying system as applied to the public lands.

Boundary lines astronomically established

Survey of Indian reservations

Topographical and statistical notes of the public domain:

Atlantic slope, including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana

States in the valley of the Mississippi, east of that river, including Ohio, Indiana,

Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Political divisions in the valley of the Mississippi, west of that river, including

Minnesota, Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska....

Territories traversed by the Rocky Mountain range, including New Mexico,

Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah .

The States and Territories of the Pacific slope, including Alaska, Washington,

Oregon, California, and Nevada

Public sales during last fiscal year, and restorations.

Preemption privileges in obtaining titles to public lands

Preëmption rulings..

Endowments by acts of Congress in the cause of education

Bounties for military service...

Internal improvement land grants

Swamp and overflowed tracts.

Mineral resources of the United Sates-gold and silver, cinnabar, copper, tin,

lead, iron, and coal...

Mining law of July 26, 1866 .

Extension of canals, railways, and wagon roads...

Examination and entry on land ledgers of the monthly returns of land sold,

located, and entered as homesteads

Examination and adjustment of receivers’ quarterly accounts and the fund


California private land claims and donation claims in Oregon and Washington


Town sites.

Adaptation of the public domain to special branches of agricultural produc-


Observations on tea culture.

Outline of the progress of silk culture

Official circulars and forms.

List of district land offices in the United States

List of papers accompanying the report

Letters of F. Hawn, esq., and George B. Foote, esq., regarding minerals in Kan-

sas and Montana Territory...

General tables, reports of surveyor General, &c..




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