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[PUBLIC—No. 48.]

AV ACT Making appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending

June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, and for other purposes.

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Title of master changed to

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the naval service of the government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, and for other purposes: For the pay of the Navy, for the active-list, namely: Pas of the

Navy, For one Admiral, one Vice-Admiral, ten rear-admirals, list. eight chiefs of bureaus, twenty-four commodores, fortyeight captains, ninety commanders, eighty lieutenantcommanders, two hundred and eighty lieutenants, one hundred masters, the title of which grade is hereby changed to that of lieutenants, and the masters now on lieutenant, the list shall constitute a junior grade of and be commissioned as lieutenants, having the same rank and pay as now provided by law for masters, but promotion to and from said grade shall be by examination as provided by law for promotion to and from the grade of master, and nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to increase the pay now allowed by law to any officer in the line or staff; one hundred ensigns, ninety-one midshipmen, the title of which grade is hereby changed to that of Title ensign, and the midshipmen now on the list shall consti- changed to entute a junior grade of, and be commissioned as, ensigns, sign. having the same rank and pay as now provided by law for midshipmen, but promotions to and from said grade shall be under the same regulations and requirements as now provided by law for promotion to and from the grade of midshipmen, and nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to increase the pay now allowed by law to any officer of said grade or of any officer of relative rank; fourteen medical directors, fifteen medical inspectors, fifty surgeons, eighty passed assistant surgeons, twelve assistant surgeons, two assistant surgeons not in the line of promotion who shall hereafter, after fifteen years' service, be entitled to receive, as annual pay, when at sea, two thousand one hundred dollars, when on shore duty, one thousand eight hundred dollars, and when on leave or waiting orders one thousand six hundred dollars, thirteen pay directors, twelve pay inspectors, fifty paymasters, thirty past assistant paymasters, twenty assistant paymasters, sixty-nine chief engineers, ninety

of retired officers.

nine past assistant engineers, sixty-two assistant engineers, sixty-two cadet engineers, twenty-three chaplains, eleven professors of mathematics, ten naval constructors, six assistant naval constructors, ten civil engineers, one hundred and ninety-five warrant officers, forty mates, three hundred and thirty-five naval cadets; in all, three million nine hundred and forty thousand eight hundred dollars: Hereafter only one-half of the vacancies in the various grades in the staff corps of the navy shall be filled by promotion until such grades shall be reduced to the numbers fixed for the several grades of the staff corps of the navy by the act of August fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, making appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen

hundred and eighty three, and for other purposes. Pay of For pay of the retired list, namely: For forty-six rear

admirals, twenty-one commodores, eleven captains, ten commanders, sixteen lieutenant-commanders, nine lieutenants, eleven masters, six ensigns, one midshipman, twenty-two medical directors, two medical inspectors, two surgeons, four passed assistant surgeons, seven assistant surgeons, seven pay-directors, two pay-inspectors, four paymasters, two passed assistant paymasters, one assistant paymaster, ten chief engineers, twenty-one passed · assistant engineers, twenty-five assistant engineers, eight chaplains, six professors of mathematics, one chief constructor, three civil engineers, eleven boatswains, nine gunners, eleven carpenters, and nine sailmakers; in all, seven hundred and three thousand one hundred and

eighty dollars: Pay of petty For pay to petty officers, seamen, ordinary seamen,

landsmen, and boys, including men in the engineers' force, and for the Coast Survey Service, not exceeding eight thousand two hundred and fifty in all, two million four hundred and ninety thousand dollars.

*For two secretaries, one to the Admiral and one to the Vice-Admiral, clerks to paymasters, clerks at inspections, navy-yards, and stations, and extra pay to men enlisted under honorable discharge; commission and interest, transportation of funds, exchange, mileage to officers while traveling under orders in the United States, and for

actual personal expenses of officers while traveling abroad Pay, miscel- under orders; and for actual and necessary traveling ex

penses of naval cadets while proceeding from their homes to the Naval Academy for examination and appointment as cadets and for the payment of any such officers as may be in service, either upon the active or retired list, during the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, in excess of the numbers of each class provided for in this act, and for any increase of pay arising from different duty, as the needs of the service may require, three hundred thousand dollars. And all officers of the Navy shall be credited with the actual time they

officers and enlisted force,


Contingent expenses.

may have served as officers or enlisted men in the regular or volunteer Army or Navy, or both, and shall receive all the benefits of such actual service in all respects in the same manner as if all said service had been continuous and in the regular Navy in the lowest grade having graduated pay held

by such officer since last entering the service: Provided, That nothing in this clause shall be so construed as to authorize any change in the dates of commission or in the relative rank of such officers: Provided further, That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to give any additional pay to any such officer during the time of his service in the volunteer army or navy.

For contingent expenses of the Navy, namely: For rent and furniture of buildings and offices not in navy-yards; expenses of courts-martial and courts of inquiry, boards of investigation, examining boards, with clerks' and witnesses' fees, and traveling expenses and costs; stationery and recording; expenses of purchasing-paymasters' offices at the various cities, including clerks, furniture, fuel, stationery, and incidental expenses; newspapers and advertising; foreign postage; telegraphing, foreign and domestic; telephones; copying; care of library; mail and express wagons, and livery and express fees; costs of suits; commissions, warrants, diplomas, and discharges; relief of vessels in distress, and pilotage; recovery of valuables from shipwrecks; quarantine expenses; care and transportation of the dead; for putting in order and preserving the grave of Paul Hamilton, a former Secretary of the Navy, the expenditure therefor not to exceed one hundred dollars; reports, professional investigation, cost of special instruction, and information abroad, and the collection and classification thereof; and all other emergencies and extraordinary expenses, arising at home or abroad, but impossible to be anticipated or classified, exclusive of personal services in the Navy Department or any of its subordinate bureaus or offices at Washington, District of Columbia, one hundred thousand dollars.



For foreign and local pilotage and towage of ships of Navigation war; services and materials in correcting compasses on board ship, and for adjusting and testing compasses on shore; nautical and astronomical instruments, nautical books, maps, charts, and sailing directions, and repairs of nautical instruments for ships of war; books for libraries for ships of war; naval signals and apparatus, namely, signal-lights, lanterns, rockets, running-lights, drawings, and engravings for signal-books; compass-fittings, including binnacles, tripods, and other appendages of ships' compasses; logs and other appliances for measuring the ship's ways, and leads and other appliances for

sounding; lanterns and lamps, and their appendages, for
general use on board ship, including those for the cabin,
ward-room, and steerage, for the holds and spirit-room,
for decks and quartermasters' use; bunting and other ma-
terials for flags, and making and repairing flags of all
kinds; oil for ships of war, other than that used for the
engineer department; candles when used as a substitute
for oil in binnacles and running-lights; for chimneys and
wicks; and soap used in navigation department; station-
ery for commanders and navigators of vessels of war, and
for use of courts-martial; musical instruments and music
for vessels of war; steering-signals and indicators, and
for speaking-tubes and gongs for signal communication
on board vessels of war; and for introducing electric
lights on board vessels of war, not exceeding five thou-
sand dollars; in all, one hundred thousand dollars.

For special ocean surveys and the publication thereof,
ten thousand dollars.

For contingent expenses of the Bureau of Navigation, namely: For freight and transportation of navigation materials; postage and telegraphing on public business; advertising for proposals; packing-boxes and materials; and all other contingent expenses, four thousand dollars.

For the civil establishment at navy-yards and stations, five thousand dollars.

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Ordnance For procuring, producing, and preserving ordnance and ordnance material; for the armament of ships, and for fuel, tools,

materials and labor to be used in the general work of the
Ordnance Department for these purposes, one hundred
and fifty thousand dollars. And any balance of the ap-
propriation made for commencing the manufacture of
steel rifled breech-loading guns, with carriages and am-
munition, that may be unexpended during the fiscal year
eighteen hundred and eighty-three, is hereby re-appropri-
ated and made available for continuing that service dur-
ing the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hun-

dred and eighty-four.
Repairs, Bu- For necessary repairs to ordnance buildings, magazines,

gun parks, boats, lighters, wharves, machinery, and other
objects of the like character, including breakwaters at the
magazine, Ellis Island, New York, and the erection of
a shell-filling house at the Bellevue magazine, Washing-
ton, fifteen thousand dollars.

That the President of the United States is hereby aulocating thorized and requested to select from the Army and Navy foundry. six officers, who shall constitute a board for the purpose

of examining and reporting to Congress which of the
navy-yards or arsenals, owned by the government has
the best location and is best adapted for the establish-
ment of a government foundry, or what other method,


reau of nance.

Special board for Government

1 lishment.

if any, should be adopted for the manufacture of heavy
ordnance adapted to modern warfare, for the use of the
Army and Navy of the United States, the cost of all
buildings, tools, and implements necessary to be used in
the manufacture thereof, including the cost of a steam-
hammer or apparatus of sufficient size for the manufac-
ture of the heaviest guns; and that the President is fur-
ther requested to report to Congress the finding of said
board at as early a date as possible: Provided, That no
extra compensation shall be paid the officers serving on
the board hereby created.
For miscellaneous items, namely: For freight to for:

Contingent. eign and home stations, advertising and auctioneers' fees, cartage and express charges, repairs to fire-engines, gas and water pipes, gas and water tax at magazines, toll, ferriage, foreign postage, and telegrams, three thousand dollars.

For the civil establishment at navy-yards and stations, Civil estabfive thousand dollars.

For the torpedo corps, namely: For labor, material, Torpedo and freight and express charges; general repairs to corps. grounds, buildings, and wharves; boats' instruction, instruments, tools, experiments, and general torpedo outfits, fifty thousand dollars. For the purchase and manufacture, after full investi

Torpedoes. gation and test in the United States under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, of torpedoes adapted to naval warfare, or of the right to manufacture the same and for the fixtures and machinery necessary for operating the same, one hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of said money shall be expended for the purchase or manufacture of any torpedo or of the right to manufacture the same until the same shall have been approved by the Secretary of the Navy, after a favorable report to be made to him by a board of naval officers to be created by him to examine and test said torpedoes and inventions.


For equipment of vessels: For coal for steamers' and Equipment of ships' use, including expenses of transportation, storage, and handling; hemp, wire, hides, and other materials for the manufacture of rope and cordage; iron for manufacture of cables, anchors, galleys, and chains; canvas for the manufacture of sails, awnings, bags, and hammocks; heating apparatus for receiving-ships; and for the purchase of all other articles of equipment at home and abroad, and for the payment of labor in equipping vessels and manufacture of equipment articles in the several navy-yards, eight hundred thousand dollars; and the Secretary of the Navy is authorized and empowered, within his discretion, to constitute and introduce, as a

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