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Glaubeck, Baron de, a report on his petition, 699;

Third Session.
report on it considered, 938; bill passed, Indians, the President communicates an account of

Government, seat of--See seat of Government.

the expedition against those northwest of

the Ohio, 1846.
Second Session.


First Session.
Glass manufactory, application of F. Amelung, for Jails, a resolution proposing to make it the daty of
patronage to his undertaking, referred,

jailers in the several States to receive and
1672; a favorable report on the subject,

safely keep all prisoners committed under
1685; report disagreed to, 1688.

the laws of the United States; passed.
Greene, Gen. Nathaniel

, a petition from his widow, Judiciary, a bill from the Senate to establish the ju-
praying for an inquiry into the claims and

dicial courts of the United States, read a
petition of her late husband, 1464; report

second time and committed, 685; taken up,
made and referred to the Secretary of the

812; ordered to be engrossed, 927; passed,
Treasury, 1758.


a bill presented for allowing certain compen,
First Session.

sation to the judges of the Supreme and
Home Department, a resolution proposed for estab-

other courts, 929; taken up, 933; passed,

lishing a department so named, 692, which

a bill from the Senate was received to regu-
was negatived.
Hospitals for disabled seamen, a bill for the establish-

late processes in the courts of the United
ment of, introduced, 816.

States, 937; amended and passed, 949.
Second Session.

Second Session.
Hemp and cordage, a petition from the manufac- Journal, the form of it fixed, 1078.

turers of, in the State of New York, pray-
ing for a duty on foreign cordage, 1500.

Third Session,
Hoffman, Cornelius, his petition respecting the losses Jails of the States, a resolution directing the war.
sustained by the people of West Chester,

shals in the several States, provided the
during the war, 1113.

States shall not make provision for prison-

ers of the United States, to provide tempo-
Third Session.

rary houses for the purpose, 2030.
Health officers, a committee appointed to bring in a Judiciary, a letter from the Attorney General pro-
bill to establish health offices in the princi.

posing certain amendments to the judiciary
pal ports, 1864.

system, 1886.

a bill to continue in force the act regulating
First Session.

processes in the federal courts, 2013; billi

passed, 2014.
Imports, duties on-See duties.

(see clerks, marshals, and jurors.)
Importation of certain persons, a bill presented con-
cerning the, prior to the year 1808, 937;


Third Session.

Kentucky, a bill from the Senate erecting the dis-
Indians, a bill providing for the expenses which may trict of Kentucky in Virginia into a State,
attend negotiations with the Indians, pre-

1910; taken up and passed, 1934.
sented, 716; bill taken up, 717; ordered

a bill for regulating her number of Represen-
to be engrossed, 725; bill passed, 730.

tatives, 2015; bill passed, 2018.
a message from the President respecting the

Wabash Indians, 927.
Invalid pensioners-See pensioners.

First Session.

Lands, western, resolutions introduced respecting the
Second Session.

disposal of them, 427; a report made on the

subject and committed, 471; taken up, 646;
Indians, a bill introduced to regulate trade and inter-

agreed to, 691, and a bill ordered to be
course with the Indian tribes, 1531; bill
committed, 1547; taken up, 1574; recom. Light houses, beacons, and buoys, a bill reported for

brought in, 692; bill reported, 700; passed.
mitted, 1601.

the establishment of, 643; taken up, 668;
an amendatory bill reported and committed,

ordered to be engrossed, 685.
1626; passed, 1703.
Indian affairs—See Southern frontier.

Lothbiniere, Marquis de Chartier, his memorial

claiming two manors at the head of Lake
Inspection laws, a resolution from the Senate, oblig-
ing vessels to comply with the inspection Lynn, Rev. William, appointed chaplain, 242.

Champlain, 908; rejected, 922.
laws of the States, 1464.
a bill reported to regulate the exportation of
certain articles subject to inspection by the

Second Session.
laws of the several states, 1465; bill com- Lands, public, a report of the Secretary of the Trea-
mitted, 1466; ordered to be engrossed,

sury on a system for disposing of the public
1527; passed, 1528.

lands, 1743; ordered to lie on the table.
Invalid officers, a bill for issuing certificates to a cer- Learning, a bill for the encouragement of, presented,
tain description of, 1603; passed, 1604.

1390; passed, 1602.

not acted upon.


gress, 1873.

Library of Congress, a committee appointed to re- | Mint, the Secretary of the Treasury directed to pre-
port a catalogue of books for a, 1603; re-

pare a plan for the establishment of a Na.
port made, 1703, and ordered to lie on the

tional Mint, 1582.

Secretary of the Treasury's report on the
Light-houses, a bill introduced making further pro-

subject in the appendix.
vision for the support of, 1739; passed, Mitchel, John H., a report from the Secretary of

State, on his proposition for supplying the
Lynn, Rev. Mr., appointed chaplain, 1079.

United States with a copper coinage, 1582;

ordered to lie on the table.
Third Session.

Morris, Robert, his memorial as Superintendent of

Finance, 1168, and the appendix.
Lands, a report of the Secretary of the Government resolution from the Senate empowering the
northwest of the Ohio, on certain grants of

President to appoint three commissioners to
land which require the attention of Con-

adjust the accounts of the Superintendent

of Finance, 1233; report of the committee
report of the Secretary of the Treasury on

read and laid on the table, 1466, a commit.
ihe establishment of land offices taken up,

tee appointed to inquire into his receipts
1876; resumed, 1880; the report of the

and expenditures of public moneys, 1514;
Committee of the Whole considered, and

a report made, 2017.
a bill ordered to be brought in, 1899; bill Mustard, a petition from the manufacturers of, in
brought in, 1915; taken up, 2014; passed,

Philadelphia, for additional duty on that
2017; postponed till next session by the

article, 1583; referred.
Senate, 2026.
resolution from the Senate, requesting the

Third Session.
President to lay before Congress at their
next session, the quantity of land not claim. Maryland, a committee appointed to bring in a bill to
ed by Indians, nor occupied by citizens of

continue in force an act declaring the as-
the United States, in the ceded territory of

sent of Congress to certain acts of Mary-
North Carolina, was concurred with.

land, Georgia and Rhode Island, 1847; a
Laurens, Henry, the petition of, as guardian of his

bill reported, 1851; bill passed, 1860.
granddaughter, for interest on her father's

a bill declaring assent to an act of that Legis-
claim, 1886; report made and laid on the

lature, 1921; ordered to be engrossed and
table, 1934.

passed, 1935.
Learning, a bill for increasing the penalties of an act Mediterranean trade, communications respecting;
for the encouragement of learning, 2012.

galleries ordered to be cleared, 1886.
Loans, commissioners of

, a bill making compensation Militia, a committee appointed to bring in a bill more
to, for extraordinary services, 2022; bill

effectually to provide for the national de-
passed, 2025.

fence, by establishing a uniform militia,

1837; a bill reported, 1847; considered,
First Session.

1851; laid on the table, 1874; recommitted,

1875; an amendatory bill reported, 1888.
Magnetic variations-See Churchman's memorial.

Secretary of War's report on do.--See the
Maryland, an offer of a territory for seat of Govern. appendix.
ment, 371.

Mint, a report of the Secretary of the Treasury on
Members, a quorum appeared, 100.

its establishment, 1934--for the report, see
qualified by the Chief Justice of the United

the appendix.
States, 106.

the Senate passed a resolution in favor of es-
a bill for allowing a compensation of, &c., in-

tablishing a Mint, and authorized the Presi-
troduced, 701; passed; rejected by a dis-

dent to carry the resolution into effect,
agreement to an amendment insisted on by

2027; concurred with.
the Senate, 923; the bill reconsidered and
passed with an amendment, 926; which was


First Session.
concurred in by the Senate.

New Jersey elections contested, 425; report on the
Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus, appointed Speak. subject; report taken up, 866; agreed to,

and the seats of the sitting members con:

firmed, 867.
Second Session.

a petition in favor of Perth Amboy as the

permanent seat of Government, 826.
Maryland, the President announces her having rati Newspapers ordered to be furnished to the members,
fied the amendments to the constitution pro-

posed by Congress, 1114.
Members, a list of them, 1075.

Second Session.
a quorum appeared, 1076.

Naturalization, a bill establishing a uniform rule of,
Militia, General Knox's plan for the general arrange-

taken up and discussed, 1147; committed
ment of, 113–See appendix also.

to a select committee, 1164; amendatory
Committee of the Whole discharged from the bill reported, 1284; considered, and or-
further consideration of the plan of the Sec.

dered to be engrossed, 1459; bill passed,
retary of War, and it was referred to the

Committee on National Defence, 1597. Navy, a memorial from the officers of the late navy,
a bill presented more effectually to provide

praying to be allowed half pay, &c., 1527;
for the national defence by establishing a

report thereon, 1623; report taken up and
uniform militia, 1714; committed.

discussed, 1704.

er, 100.

Newburyport, a memorial from sundry merchants Petitions referred to the heads of departments to be
and traders praying relief from the opera.

reported upon at the next session, 950.
tion of the laws, 1574; committed.

Post office, a bill received from the Senate for the
New York, information that she had ratified the

temporary establishment of, 927; passed,
amendments proposed to the constitution,

928; report of the Postmaster General-

See the appendix.
New Jersey, a message from the President announces President of the United States, report of ceremonies
that she has ratified all the proposed

to be observed on his arrival, 149.
amendments to the constitution but the his speech laid before the House, 242.
second and thirteenth.

resolution proposing to fix his salary, 242.
Newspapers, a report on the mode of supplying Committee of the Whole discharged from its
members with them, agreed to, 1582.

further consideration, 425.
Neuville, de, Louis Pierre Lambert, brigadier gene- answer to his speech, 257, and referred to a
ral of the late army, praying for a settle.

select committee; committee reported, 433;
ment of his claim, 1710; leave to withdraw

report ordered to lie on the table.
the petition, 1739.

his reply to ditto, 302.
North Carolina, a bill for giving effect to the several a bill allowing a compensation to the President
acts therein mentioned in this State; ordered

and Vice-President, reported, 691; ordered
to a third reading, 1118; bill passed, 1125.

to be engrossed, 692; bill passed, 701.
(See cession of Western lands.)

his message respecting the troops on the fron-
a bill from the Senate for giving effect to the

tiers, 715.
act therein mentioned in respect to North his message respecting the Wabash Indians,
Carolina, 1604; ordered to be engrossed,

1605; passed.

his message announcing the death of the
a bill to give effect to an act to establish the

Dauphin of France, 963.
judiciary in that State; reported, 1640; Public creditors, a petition from those resident in
passed, 1641.

Pennsylvania, 822; referred, and subject
ratification of the amendments proposed to

postponed till next session, 924.
the constitution, 1693.

Second Session.
Third Session,

Pennsylvania, her ratification of all the amendments
National Bank, the plan of the Secretary of the Trea.

of the constitution proposed by Congress,
sury of such an institution, 1846-See Pensioners, invalid, a bill further to provide for the

except the first and second, 1500.
Bank of the United States—a committee ap-
pointed to bring in a bill, 1847; for the

payment of them, 1711; passed, 1714.
Secretary of the Treasury's report on this

the Secretary of the Treasury directed to re-
subject, see the appendix.

port to the next session the means of dis-
Navy, a report on the petition of sundry officers-

charging the arrearages due to the invalid
See revolutionary war.

pensioners, their widows, &c., 1761.
Newspapers directed to be sent to the members, Post-office, General

, report of, 114—See appendix

New Jersey, a remonstrance of the public creditors

a bill for regulating it presented, 1355; re-
in that State against the provisions made

committed; an amendatory bill reported,
for the payment of the public debt, 1880;

1689; bill passed, 1699; the bill lost by the

Senate's insisting on an amendment, which
a message from the President communicated

the House disagreed to, 1755.
an act of that State ceding the land to the

a bill to continue in force the act for the tem.
United States on which the light-house at

porary establishment of the post-office, and
Sandy Hook is erected, 1886.

passed, 1756.

President's message delivered, 1077.
First Session.

reply to the address of the House, 1092.

message, the subjects of it referred to sereral
Oath prescribed for the members, 101; administered,

committees, 1095.

message, with the plan of General Knox for a
a bill to regulate the taking of the oath pre-

general arrangement of the militia, 1113—
scribed, 128; bill passed, 215.

See uppendix also.
Order, question of, 122.

message communicating the act of Rhode

Island for calling a convention, and pray-
Second Session.

ing for a further suspension of the impost

and tonnage act in relation to that state,
Officers, a bill for the relief of a certain description

of, presented, 1572; passed, 1585.

message on the subject of the Southwestern
Ohio, a bill from the Senate for the government of frontier and the Indian department, 1427.
the territory of, 1582; passed, 1602.

message on Irdian hostilities committed in
Order of business, 1084.

Pennsylvania, 1500.

President, Vice-President, Senators, and members,
First Session.

a committee formed to decide when their

terms of service commenced, 1603; report
Pensioners, invalid, a bill presented making provi-

on the subject, 1623; considered, 1636;
sion for, 933; ordered to be engrossed, and

agreed to, 1638.
passed, 950.

Public debi-See Secretary of the Treasury's report.

Third Session.

Rhode Island, a bill to give effect to the judiciary of

the United States in Rhode Island, reported
Paymaster, a report recommending the appointment

1688; passed, 1689.
of one, 2020.

census act extended to Rhode Island, 1689;
Pensions, a bill to make further provision for the

bill passed, 1711.
payment of pensions to individuals, &c.,

ratified certain amendments to the constitu.
2028; bill passed, 2031.

tion, 1712.
Philadelphia, a bill to provide for the delivery of
goods, when the Delaware is obstructed by

Third Session.
ice, 1880; bill påssed, 1885.
Philadelphia library, an offer from, to supply mem: Revolutionary war, a report on the memorial of sun-
bers of Congress with buoks, 1921.

dry officers of the navy, against the peti-
Post-office and post-roads, a bill for the establish-

tioners, agreed to, 1915.
ment of, 1900; the bill taken up and dis- a bill for making compensation to the widows
cussed, 1936; Committee of the Whole dis-

and orphan children of officers in the war,
charged from its further consideration, 2024.

2025; bill passed, 2026.
a bill for the temporary regulation of the Rix dollar, a committee appointed to consider what
post-office, 2025; bill passed, 2026.

alteration ought to be made in the act im-
President's message delivered, 1834.

posing duties on imports, &c., in respect to
reply to the answer of the House, 1846.

the Rix dollar, 2013; a bill reported, 2022,
message referred to several distinct commit.

bill passed, 2027.
tees, 1847.
message in relation to order on the frontier, S.

First Session.
message announcing his having laid off the Salary of executive officers--See executive officers.
seat of Government, 1928.

Science and useful arts, a bill to promote the pro-
message respecting our commercial interests

gress of, introduced, 608.
at London, referred, 2015; a report there. Seat of Government, offer of a territory for See
on, 2019; report referred to the Secretary

of State, 2022.

offer from Maryland and New Jersey, 371,
President, a bill presented declaring the officer,

who, in case of vacancy, shall act as Presi- a resolution introduced proposing to fix the
dent, &c., 1860; committed, 1863; taken

permanent seat of, 816; taken up and dis-
up and discussed, 1902.

cussed; subject resumed, 867; agreed to,
bill declaring the time when electors shall be

appointed, &c., 1860; committed, 1863; a petition praying to have it fixed at Old
taken up, 1911; laid on the table, 1918.

Philadelphia, 868.
bill directing the mode in which the lists of à petition from citizens of Georgetown, 921.

the votes for a president, &c., shall be a bill reported to establish the seat of Govern-
transmitted to the seat of Government, 1860;

ment of the United States, 927; taken up,
committed, 1863.

929; passed, 946; postponed by the Senate;
Quakers of North Carolina, a petition from, praying a disagreeing vote between the two Houses,
relief against the operation of an act of that

958, 962.
State which deprives them of the right of Senate attend the House to be present at the open-
pre-emption to certain lands, referred, 1623.

ing of the votes of the electors for the

President and Vice-President of the United
First Session.

States, 102.

Sergeant-at-arms elected--See Wheaton, Joseph.
Ramsay, David, bis memorial in favor of his History of Smith, William, (South Carolina,) bis election con-
the Revolution, 149; report taken up, 240.

tested; Ramsey's petition, 149; seat con.
Revenue--See collection of

firmed, 425.
Rhode Island; a resolution proposing to recommend Speaker appointed, 100.

to her the choice of delegates, 437.
Rules of order reported and adopted, 103.

Second Session.
Ditto, additional, 127.

Salem, a petition from sundry inhabitants of, com-
Second Session.

plaining of a construction given to the

coasting law, 1168; laid on the table,
Rhode Island, a message from the President, com. Scribe, George, his petition to be permitted to pur-
municating the act of that State calling a

chase a tract of western territory, 1446; re-
convention, &c., 1141.

ferred to the Secretary of the Treasury.
a bill from the Senate to prevent bringing Seamen in merchant's service, a bill for the govern-
goods, wares, &c., from that State into the

ment of, 1603; bill passed, 1710.
United States, &c., 1638; Committee of the Seat of Government, a bill from the Senate establish-
Whole discharged from the further con-

ing the temporary and permanent seat of
sideration of this bill, 1685.

Government, 1715; taken up and discussed,
message from the President informing Con-

1716; bill passed, 1737.
gress that Rhode Island had adopted the a bill proposed to repeal for a limited time the
constitution of the United States, 1684.

5th section of the above bill, rejected, 1761.
a bill reported for giving effect to the laws of Secretary of the Treasury's report, 1079, 1092, and
the United States in the State of Rhode

appendix report laken up, 1131.
Island, 1685; passed, 1690.

on Saddler's case, 1103.

Secretary of the Treasury's estimate of extraordinary and ordered to be engrossed and then services for the current year, 1446.

passed, 685. called upon to ascertain the resources that Titles, a report from the Senate on the subject of may be applied to the payment of the State

titles, 20C; House resolves not to agree to debts, 1446; motion agreed to, 1456.

adopt any titles; the Senate propose a con. his report on the above subject, 1464, and

ference on the subject, 306. appendix; report considered and sundry Tonnage of vessels–See duties.' resolutions adopted, 1599.

Treasury, a bill reported for establishing the depart. resolutions adopted, 1598, and a bill ordered

ment of, 436; passed, 643. to be brought in.

Troops of the United States, a bill presented to rehis report on public lands–See lands.

cognize and adapt to the constitution, the reported additional appropriations to be ne

establishment of the troops, 929; ordered cessary for support of Government, 1762;

to be engrossed, 946; passed, 947. bill introduced and passed, 1764. Ships or vessels, a bill for regulating those employed

Second Session. in the coasting trade and fisheries, present

ed, 1743; postponed till next session, 1755. Tobacco and snuff, a petition from the manufacturers Slave trade, a petition from the Society of Friends

of, in Baltimore, for additional duty thereon, in Philadelphia and New York, on the sub

1583. ject, 1224; debated and committed. Tonnage on foreign shipping, report of a committee a petition from B. Franklin, President of the

on the petition of the merchants at Ports. Pennsylvania Abolition Society on the same

mouth, N. H., discussed, 1610; agreed to subject, 1240; debated and committed.

and bill reported, 1635; passed, 1704. report of the committee on the subject, 1465; Tonnage, a bill for raising on the tonnage of vessels report taken up and discussed, 1466; dis

entering the Patapsco, Savannah, and Procussion resumed, 1500; reports in relation

vidence, was passed, 1759. to it ordered to be entered on the journal, Treasurer, his expenditures and disbursements, 1141. 1523.

Treasury, a report from the Secretary of, on tonnage Soldiers and seamen, a bill for the relief of disabled

duties, &c., 1619. soldiers and seamen, 1741; ordered to be Treaties, a resolution proposed directing all treaties engrossed, 1755, and passed.

to be published with the laws of the United Southern frontier and Indian affairs, a report on

States, 1677; agreed to, 1685.
these subjects, 1110; a bill reported on the
subject; committed, 1527, and considered

Third Session. with closed doors. Spirits, distilled, a bill to repeal the duties on dis- Treasury, a letter from the Secretary of, with his retilled spirits imported, and laying others in

port of a further provision for the establishtheir stead, &c., committed, 1605; taken

ment of public credit, 1844; the report up, 1689; resumed, 1694; bill rejected,

taken up, agreed to, and a committee ap1700.

pointed to report a bill, 1876—See debt. State Department, a resolution proposed directing

a report from the Secretary concerning cer. the Secretary of State to report whether it

tificates issued subsequent to January, 1790; be expedient that the foreign and domestic

laid on the table, 2023. branches of the department should be kept

another report on the loan of three millions of distinct, 1547; proposition rejected, 1557.

florins in Holland, 2023. Steuben, Baron, report on his claim committed,

department, a bill supplementary to the act 1572; report agreed to, and a bill ordered

establishing the Treasury Department, 2020; to be brought in, 1584; bill presented,

bill passed, 2023. 1602; discussed, 1606; passed, 1610. Stirling, General, a report of the Secretary of War


Second Session. on his claim was agreed to, and a bill or- Unfinished business of last session taken up, 1082, dered for the relief of his widow, 1758;

1110. passed, 1761.

Useful arts, a bill to promote the progress of, reSurveyor General, a bill providing for the appoint

ported, 1284; bill considered, 1463; orderment of a surveyor general, 1761.

ed to be engrossed, 1464; bill passed, 1470. Third Session.

Third Session. Seat of Government, a bill from the Senate, to amend Useful arts, a bill to amend an act to promote the the act to establish the seat of Government,

progress of, passed at the last session, 1988. 2024; bill passed, 2025. Ships or vessels, a bill to ascertain how far the own. v.

First Session.
ers of such shall be liable to freighters,

Vessels, a bill for registering and clearing vessels, Southern frontier, a message from the President on

ascertaining their tonnage, &c., introduced, the prospect of hostility in that quarter,

696; ordered to be engrossed, 700; bill 1933.

passed, 702.

a bill to explain and amend the above bill T. First Session.

presented and passed, 947.

Virginia, an application from the Legislature of, 258. Territory northwest of the Ohio, a bill for the go- offer of to the government of territory for vernment of, introduced, 667; considered

the seat of Government, 358.

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