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to Janet, daughter of the late Joseph Scott, Esq. Haig, Esq. of Bonnington, near Edinburgh, 10 formerly of Glasgow.

Charlotte, eldest daughter of Robert Haig, Esq. 30. At St George's, Hanover Square, London, Roebuck. John Cullen, Esq. of the Bengal Horse Artillery, 28. At Gallanach, in the island of Coll, John to Isabella, third daughter of the late James Wal- Campbell, Esq. of Cornaig, to Sibbella, youngest son, Esq. W.S.

daughter of Charles M.Lean, Esq. of Aldow. Sept. i. At Parson's Pool, John Merricks, Esq. 29. At Edinburgh, Joseph B. Anderson, Esq. of the Roslin Gunpowder Mills, to Isabella, daugh- M.D. Liverpool. to Frances Banks, eldest daugh. ter of Anthony Wilkison, Esq.

ter of Mr John Brash, secretary to the North Bri. - At Greenside House, Nr John Thomson, tish Life and Fire Insurance Company. No. 1, Leopold Place, to Jane, eldest daughter of 30. At Aird Lamont, James Gillespie David. James Thomson, Esq. Greenside House.

son, Esq. W... to Amelia, eldest daughter of 2. At Clarkstone, Abel Lewis Gower, Esq. of Major-General Lamont, of Lamont. London, to Elizabeth, daughter of William Lo- Oct. 1. At Errol Cottage, Perthshire, Alex. gan of Clarkstone, Esq.

Smart, Esq. late of Demerara, to Isabella, young3. At Ryde, Isle of Wight, the Rev. James est daughter of Captain Lawson, R.N. Smith, minister of Alva, to Charlotte Laura, se- 2. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Mather, mer. cond daughter of the late Captain Richard Bullen, chant, Glasgow, to Margaret, eldest daughter of of the 2d or royal North British Dragoons. the late Mr George Mather.

4. At Elister, Islay, Alex. Colin Maclean, Esq. 3. At Cleland House, Lanarkshire, James Camp late of Batavia, island of Java, to Margaret, third bell, Esq. younger of Craigie, advocate, to Grace daughter of Neil M.Neill, Esq. of Ardnacross. Elizabeth, third daughter of Lieutenant-General

8. At Maybole, the Rev. James Inglis, May- Hay, Lieutenant-Governor of Edinburgh Castle. bole, to Janet, youngest daughter of the late mir Al Slateford, Mr Robert Glen, farmer, New. William Hutchison in Tunnock.

mills, to Jane Ure, only daughter of Andrew Wal10. At Mount-Annan, John Alex. Pringle, Esq.

lace, Esq. Dunfermline. of the Bengal civil service, to Christina Anne, se- 6. At Peterhead, Thomas Ferguson, Esq. Edincond daughter of Lieuto-general Dirom of Mount- burgh, to Barbara, second daughter of the late Annan.

James Hutcheson, Esq. merchant, Peterhearl. · 12, At Edinburgh, Mr James Hewat, account. 8. At Bangor, North Wales, Col. Henry White, ant, Gardner's Crescent, to Clementina, youngest M.P. for the county

of Dublin, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of John Scott, Esq. of Melby.

daughter of W. S. Dempster, Esq. of Skibo, in 15. At Auchans, Mr D. M. Adamson, solicitor,

the county of Sutherland. Edinburgh, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr Ar- - At Brighton, the Rev. George Ranking, of chibald Dunlop, late of Whitmuir.

Ipswich, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late - At Ardeer house, Milliken Hunter, Esq. Thomas Maitland, Esq. of Lyndhurst, Hants, and London, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr Thu.

sister of Sir l'eregrine Maitland. mas Walker, surgeon in Irvine.

9. At Edinburgh, Charles Richards, Esq. of - At Cornbill, near Perth, William Peddie,

London, to Miss Jane Eccles. Esq. writer, Perth, to Barbara Mary, youngest 10. At No. 2, Minto Street, Newington, the daughter of the late Laurence Robertson, Esq. Rev. David Crawford, Minister of the Relief Cooprovost of Perth.

gregation, Earlston, to Margaret, daughter of the 16. At Castramount, near Gatehouse, Thomas

late Mr John Home, land-surveyor, Edinburgh. Ewart, Esq. W.S. Edinburgh, to Alicia, daughter 14. At New Blainslie, John Toppar Gouthof the late Thos. Yorstoun, Esq. chainberlain to the late Duke of Queensberry.

waite, Esq. to Anne, eldest daughter of Andrew

Bell, Esq. of New Blainslie. - At Edinburgh, William Jackson, Esq. sur

- At George Square, Donat Henchy, Esq. of geon, Bengal establishment, to Margaret Anne, Dublin, to Agnes, second daughter of the late daughter of Mr Chos. Buchan, No. 4, Meadow

Robert Cameron, Esq. Place.

- At Perth, the Rev. William Lothian, St An. - At Edinburgh, the Rev. Henry Belfrage, D.D. of Falkırk, to Miss Margaret, second daugh

drews, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr

James Paterson, merchant in Edinburgh. ter of the late Richard Gardner, Esq. comptroller. 20. At Russell Mill, the Rev. John Moon, mi. general of the custoins for Scotland.

nister of Newtyle, to Penelope, eldest daughter 17. At Kirk Onchan, Mr John Glover, of Kendal, nephew of the Rev. Joseph Burrows, of

of George Moon. Esq.

21. At Perth, James Rollo, Esq. 59th regiment, Newcastle-under-Lyne, to Mrs Ballantyne, daugh- to Agnes, only daughter of the late Archibald ter of the late Charles Parker, Esq. of London, Dow, Esq. of ihe H. E. I. Co.'s service. and widow of the late John Ballantyne, Esq. of - At Edinburgh, the Rev. James Carlile, of Trinity Grove, near Edinburgh.

Newry, to Charlotte, daughter of the late James - At Rotterdam, James Macdonald, Esq. of

Neilson, Esq. of Mill Bank. Antwerp, to Mary, third daughter of Alex. Fer. 92. At Ayr, the Rev. Matthew Allison, Kilbrarier, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's consul for Rot

chan, to Agnes, second daughter or Andrew Gemterdam, the Hague, &c.

mell, Esq. of Langlands. 22. At the manse of Gladsmuir, Henry William

- At Attonbury, John Elliot Shortreed, JedLewis, Esq. Borthwickhall, to Jean, second daugh- burgh, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Those ter of Mr John Johnstone, surgeon, London. Thomson, Esq. Attonburn.

23. At the house of Lord Burghersh, the 23. At 27, Castle Street, the Rev. Alex. Gentle, British Minister at Florence, Couut Gustave minister of Alves, to Isabella, only daughter of Blucher de Wahlstatt, grandson of the late Field.

the late Lauchlan Bogle, Esq. of Jamaica. Marshal Prince Blucher, to Madeline, second - At Peebles, Adam Gordon Gedules, Esq. late daughter of the late Right Hon. Lord Chief Jus- Royal Veteran Battalion, to Marion, youngest tice Dallas. - At No. 31, Shore, Leith, Mr John Morris,

daughter of the late Andrew Faulds, Esq. civil

engineer. North Shields, to Jane, second daughter of Mr 24. At Drummochy, Fife, Captain D. MorriJohu Robinson.

son, of Leith, to Magdalene, second danghter of - At Walmer, county of Kent, John Douglas, the late Captain John Smith, of Drummochy, R.N. to Robina, dalighier if the late Rev. john MacDonell, of Forres, Morayshire.

25. At Drygrange, Captain Wybergh, R.N. of

Isell Hall, Cumberland, to Jane, second daughter - At No 31, Melville Street, Andrew Murray, of the late Archibald Tod, Esq. of Drygrange. junior, Esq. advocate, eldest son of John Mur

28. At 4, St James's Square, Thomas Gregory. ray, Esq. of Uplaw, to Mary, eluest daughter of of Kingshill, Esq. Kilmarnock, to Grace diont, the late Charles Stewart, Esq. Commander of the ford, youngest daughter of the Rev. J. Porteous. Hon. East India Company's ship, Airly Castle. 29. At Edinburgh, Mr John Dow, bookseller,

- At Cupar Fife, Alexander Loyd, Esq. writer Montrose, to Mrs Magdalene Steven, relict of the to the signet, to Lucy Frances, only daughter of late Mr John Smith, bookseller there. the late Major John Duddingston, of the 8th Regi. 30. At Aird Lamont, James Gillespie Davidment of Foot.

son, Esq. W.S. to Amelia, eldest daughter of Ma- At Sweet Bank, Fiseshire, Mr Samuel Cat. jor-General Lamont of Lamonte terns, merchant, Glasgow, to Amclia, daughter of 31. At Edinburgh, James Bell, Esq. of PatkaNeil Ballingall, Esq. Sweet Bank. 2. At Caney Church, near Dublin, Thomas

barry, to Betsey, daughter of Mr Laidlaw, of Cla. Teuce Strict.


Lately, At Dublin, Major Standish O'Grady, geon in the Royal Navy, and late of the Hecla eldest son of Lord Chief-Baron O'Grady, to Ger- discovery ship. trude Jane, eldest daughter of the Hon. Berkeley 21. At Oliston, Grace, third daughter of the Paget, and niece to his Excellency the Lord Lieu- Very Rev. Dr Jack, Principal of the University tenant.

and King's College, Aberdeen. - At Bombay. Thomas George Gardiner, Esq. - At Great Haughton House, in the county of of the civil service, to Mary Frances, youngest Northampton, Miss Jane Blair, second daughter danghter of Sir John P. Grant, of Rothiemur." of Colonel Blair of Blair. chus, and one of the Judges of the Supreme Court 25. At his Manse, the Rev. Robert Steven of of Bombay.


28. At Morningside, Mrs Barbara Mitchell, DEATHS.

wife of Mr Thos. J. Brown, and niece of William Oct. 2, 1827. At Dinapore, East Indies, Lieut. Mitchell, Esq. Parsons Green Thomas Smith, Adjutant of the 67th regiment Aug. 1. At Kinlochleven, Mrs Cameron of Royal Native Infantry.

Glenevis, relict of Ewen Cameron, Esq. of Glene. Jan. 1828. Lost at sea, on his passage from St vis, ant daughter of the late Patrick Grant, Esq. John's, Newfoundland, to Halifax, Mr Andrew

of Glenmoriston. Smith, second son of the late Rev. Mr smith, of - At Cupar, the Rev. John Robson, minister the Abbey Parish of Paisley.

of the United Associate Congregation there. Feb. 12. At New Norfolk, Van Diemen's Land, - At St Helena, where he had gone from Mr Myles Patterson.

Bengal for the recovery of his health, the Hon. 20. At Hydrabad, Lieut. Patrick Wilkie, 19th James Ruthven Elphinstone. Madras Native Infantry, third son of William 2. At Marlefield, Andrew, son of Mr Wood, of Wilkie, Esq. Haddington.

the firm of Wood, Small, and Co. Edinburgh. March 10. At Nelson, Miramichi, Eneas Mac. 3. At Mary Place, Miss Catherine Edgar, youngDonnell, Esq. late Captain 6th Royal Veteran est daughter of the late Alex. Edgar, Esq. forinerBattalion.

ly of Jamaica. 22. At Coorg, in Mysore, Captain William - At sea, on his passage home from India, En. Macqueen, 50th regiment, Madras N. I.

sign Richard Elliston Jones, of the H. E. I. C. S., April 9. At Boloram, near Hyderabad, George aged 22, eldest son of the late Richard Jones, Lamb, Esq. formerly a partner of the late firm of Esq. of the customs, Edinburgh. Wm. Palmer and Co. of Hydrabad, bankers. 5. At Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, _Agnes

24. At Calcutta, Lieut. John Wilson, royal Isabella, eldest daughter of Major James Dennisnavy master of the Arcturus, Leith.

toun Brown, in the fourth year of her age. May 10. At Palaveram, James Henderson, 16th - At Lathron, Kinross-shire, Wm. Paterson, regiment Native Infantry.

aged 12 years, second son of Andrew Paterson, 11. At Neacolly, near Calcutta, Dr George S. Esq. Albany Street. Seton, of the H. E. I. Co.'s service, third son of - At Rockville Cottage, near Linlithgow, AlexMr James Seton, Seton House, East-Lothian. ander Macleod, Esq. R.N.

18. At Sattara, in the 24th year of his age, Dr 6. At the Isle of Man, Robert Ross, Esq. of Alexander Bertram, assistant-surgeon on the Bom- Cargenholm, Dumfries, brother of the late Mabay establishment, H. E. I. C. S.

jor General Ross and Captain John Ross, Royal 19. At D'Apoorie, James Williamson, assistant- Navy. surgeon in the H. E. I. Co.'s service, Bombay, 7. 'At Newington, John Gardner, Esq. second eldest son of the late Dr Williamson, physician in son of the late Hardie Gardner, Esq. Banff.

-- At Kelso, Mr Charles Wilson, writer. 24. At sea, on his voyage to Bombay, William - Colonel M'Gregor, C.B. of the 59th RegiSidney Hodgson, second son of Captain Hodgson, ment of Foot. Royal Navy,

- At Trinidad, Staff Assistant-Surgeon James June. At Sierra Leone, early in the month, the Thomson. lamented and enterprising Lieut-Colonel Dixon 8. At Edgefield, near Forres, Major Alex. Mac, Denham, who but a short time since left this coun- leod, of the Bengal army, son of Norman Mactry, in high health and spirits, to assume the office leod, Esq. of Knock, Isle of Skye. of Commissioner of Inquiry into the state of the 9. At No. 16, Dublin Street, Robert Burnet, settlement, and shortly afterwards succeeded to Esq. writer to the signet. the government on the death of the last sufferer, - At George's Place, Leith Walk, Mr Alex. Sir Neil Campbell. Colonel Denbam, whose in- ander Pearson Gowan, student of medicine, son teresting history of his discoveries and researches of the late Mr William Gowan, merchant, Leith. in Africa has been so favourably received by the 10. In Bury Street, St James's, London, Riehpublic, had passed through ail the perils of the ard Burrows Teasdale, Esq. Lieutenant in his undertaking which he has recorded, and through Majesty's 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons, all the varying climates from bad to worse of the aged 28. vast tract of country through which he journeyed, 12. At Gorgie Cottage, Miss Janet Wood, seand returned to England uninjured in health. cond daughter of the late Alexander Wood, Esq. Thinking himself seasoned by the probation he surgeon, Edinburgh. had urdergone, he accepted the appointment we 13. At North Berwick, the Rev. James Moir, have just mentioned, and having attained the and, at Niddry Street, on the 19th, Mrs Mary highest office in the colony, has, in the prime of Moir, wife of Mr Thomas Hewit, leather-mer. dile, sunk into his grave, the last of four Gover. chant, being the only son and daughter of Mr nors who have perished in succession in little Juhn Moir, shoemaker, Edinburgh. more than as many years.

- At No. 10, George Square, Mrs Barbara Col. 9. At Montego Bay, Jamaica, in the 26th year quhoun, wife of Lieut.-Col. Ludovic t'olquhoun. of his age, Captain Alfred Macbean, 91st Regi. - At Weimar, Captain David Skinner, forment, youngest son of the late Colonel Macbeau.

merly of the 92d Reginent, and late of the Eain19. At Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope, burgh Regiment of Militia. in consequence of a fall from his horse, Tho- Ii. At Rothsay, aged 27, Mary, wife of Captain mas Lawson, Esq. Resident Magistrate and Judge Deans, of his Majesty's sloop, Clio. of Albany and Somerset, son of Thomas Law. - Mr James Leslie, of Butterston, near Dunson, Esq. of Pitlethie, Fifeshire.

keld, aged 56. 22. Ai Ithaca, one of the lonian Islands, aged - At his house, 1, Inverleith Row, Andrew Mil6 years, John Grosvenor A. Parsons, eldest chuld

ruy, Esq. jeweller. and only son of Major Parsons.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Alexander, drugJuly 16. At Paris, M. Houdon, the eminent

gist. sculptor, aged $7.

16. At sea, in the Mediterranean, Commander 17. At Muirhall Cottage, near Perth, Captain P. Salmond, second Captain in his Majesty's ship John M'Intyre, late of the York Chasseurs, for. Asia, bearing the flag of Vice-Admiral Sir P. merly of the 71st Light Infantry.

Malcolm, K.C.B. 19. At Pau, in the Pyrenees, Mrs Rachel Dun- 17. At Dunblane, Mr Jolm Gardner, surgeon, lop, relict of Robert Glasgow, Esq. of Mount- cldest son of the late Mr James Gardner, supergreenan.

visor of Excise. 22. At Malta, Avn Blanckley, wife of Edward - Ai Summerice, near Airdrie, Mr James Duff Dalzel, Esq. of his Majesty's Civil Service there. Peterkin, forinerly, of thc Royal Bank Branch,

*3. At Edinburgh, Samuel Neil, Esq. M.D. sur Glasgow.

his age.

17. At the mansc of Longside, il Aberdeenshire, many years Episcopal clergyman in the province the Rev. William Greig, minister of that parish. of Maryland, America, and lately residing in Had.'

- At her son's house, 119, George Street, Edin- dington. burgh, Mrs Sarah kichardson, widow of Mr Ro- 28. At Maybolc, Miss Agnes Macelymont, bert Richardson, secretary to the British Linen daughter of the late Mr James Macclymont of Company.

Straiton. 18. At Kenmore, Mr Robert Armstrong, school- 79. At No. 4, Grove Street, John, third son of master of that parish, in the 73d year of his age, Mr John Johnston, writer. and 50th of his teaching.

- At her house in Queen Street, Miss Janet 19. At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Scott, merchant, Williamson of Cardrona, eldest daughter of the Luckenbooths.

deceased James Williamson, Esq. of Cardrona. - At Orchard of Renfrew, David Hutchison, 30. at Perth, Mrs Margaret Macphail, in the Esq. town-clerk of Renfrew, in the 75th year of 106th year of her age.

- At No. 29, Laurieston, Grace Henrietta, in- At No. 5, Claremont Street, John Wilson, fant daughter of John Borthwick, Esq. Esq. of Halrule.

- At Edinburgh, Dr Campbell, one of the mi. - At Dunblane, in the 51st year of his age, wisters of the Tolbooth Church. Dr Campbell and the 24th of his ministry, the Rev. John Wal- had been in ill health, and unable to preach, for Jace, minister of one of the United Secession Con. some years past; but his last illness was sudden, gregations there.

and he was in church all day on Sunday. He was - At Otterstonelee, the Rev. John S. Gray, distinguished by profound theological attainminister of the Scots church at Falstone.

ments, which caused his sermons to be valuable -- At Paisley, Miss Helen Potts, of Kelso. expositions of Divine truth, perspicuous, compre

20. At his house, London, the Hon. F. Stan. hensive, and affectionate, hope, only brother of the Earl of Harrington. 51. At the house of his father, the Rev. Dr

At Peebles, John Tennant, Esq. late Quar- Mitchell of Glasgow, Mr John Mitchell, writer. ter-master of the Royal Waggon Train, aged 69 - At his residence, in Bath Street, Portobello, years.

Colonel Robert Spottiswood, of the Hon. East - At Great Baddow, Essex, Major-General Ro. India Company's service, Bengal Establishment. bert Douglas, late of the 55th Regiment, and for- - Roger Murphy, of Liverpool, at the advanmerly Adjutant-General of his Majesty's forces in ced age, according to his own account before bis the West Indies.

death, of 110. 21. Near Welwyn, Herts, Sir Henry Torrens, Sept. 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Freer, K.C.B. Adjutant-General of the Forces, and Co- relict of Mr Frederick Doig, merchant, Edin. lonel of the 2d (Queen's Royals) regiment of Foot. burgh. Whilst taking an airing on horseback, on Satur 3. At Stobo Castle, Lady Montgomery of Stan- : day morning, near Welwyn, Herts, accompanied hope. by Lady Torrens and her two daughters, and At Auldbar, Euphemia, youngest daughter some gentlemen, he was seized with apoplexy, : of the late Patrick Chalmers, Esq. of Auldbar. and two hours after the attack, expired. He did - At Ulva House, Mrs Colonel Macquarne. not fall from his horse. As soon as it was disco- 4. At Craftendeor, near killin, Captain James vered that he was in a fit, he was taken off his Stuart, aged 77, only surviving brother of the horse's back, carried into a house, and every ef- late Dr Stuart of Luss. fort made to cflect his recovery, but without suc- - At his seat, Drayton House, West Drayton, CC85. He never spoke after he was seized with the General William John Arabin, late of his Majes. fit.

ty's 2d Regiment of Life Guards, aged 77 years. - At Collon, in the county of Louth, Lord 5. At Star Bank, Mrs Catherine Maxwell, Oriel. His Lordship was in the 88th year of his daughter of the late John Maxwell, Esq. of Leckice ; age, and commenced his political career as a Mem. bank, Fifeshire, in the 91st year of her age. ber of Parliament in the first year of his late Majes- - At the Manse of Speymouth, the Rev. Jas. ty's reign. He was a speaker of the Irish House of Gillan, D.D. minister of that parish, in the 78th Commons at the time of the Union, and his un- year of his age, and 51st of his ministry. compromising firmness and patriotic sentiments - At Raeburn Place, Mrs Charlotte Bartlet, have furnished the theme of inany a panegyric. wife of Captain David Williamson.

- At Dundee, Joseph Johnstone, Esq. mer- 6. At Stenton, parish of St Monance, Mr John chant there.

Cowper, farmer there, in his 91st year. - At No. 3, Nicolson Square, Henry, only son 8. At Dean Bank, Mrs Margaret Garioch, relict of Mr David Rymer, merchant.

of Captain James Mathew, Royal Marines. - At Paris, John Scott, Esq. solicitor in Lon- - John, aged 18 months, and, on the 10th, don, late of the Halbeith colliery, in the county Sydney, aged three years and six months, the two of Fife.

youngest sons of Mr Robert Kinnear, bookseller, 22. At Innerkip, Captain William Dunlop, late Frederick Street. of the 11th Regiinent of Foot.

- At Paisley, Mr William Tytler, accountant, - Here, Euphemia, youngest daughter of Mr aged 62. He served his king and country during Alexander Douglas, W.S.

the American war, and also in the late war with - At his country house at Montrouge, France, France. after a long and severe illness, that illustrious phy- - At the Manse of Torryburn, the Rev. Thosician and phrenologist, Dr Gall.

mas Millar, minister of that parish, in the 17th 23. At Cherrybauk, near Edinburgh, aged 14, year of his ministry. Isabella, youngest daughter of Colonel Pringle of 9. At Lanark, in his 77th year, Mr John An. Symington.

nan, bookseller. 21. At Leamington, Warwickshire, Sir Philip, - At Ayr, Mr Thomas Gibson, collector of Carteret Silvester, Bart. and C.B. a Post Captain taxes. in the Royal Navy:

10. At Scarborough, Sarah Witham, widow of - At Oxforit, Dr Nicoll, Canon of Christ the late Major-General Mackay Hugh Baillie, of Church, and Regius Professor of Hebrew. Dr Rosehall. Nicoll was a native of Aberdeenshire, where his - At Montauban, from the effects of a third memory will long be cherished with unfeigned at- attack of a brain sever, General Count Andreossi, tachment, as his loss is now deplored with sincere deputy of Aude, and member of the Academy of but unavailing regret, by all who knew him. His Sciences. France has in him lost another remacquirements, as an Oriental scholar and as a mo- nant of the old army. dern linguist, were beyond all coinpetition.

- At Kelso, Mrs Margaret Scott, relict of Dr - At Edinburgh, Ars Mary Hunter, relict of A. Wilson, physician there. h Rev. John Young, Kincardine.

- At Shank, Mrs Catherine Thomson, wife of 25. At Naples, William Thomson Honyman, Mr Gray, farmer.

At No. 1, Bellevue ('rescent, Mrs Elisabeth - At Golval, near Thurso, Lieut. Hugh Gor- Maxwell, relict of the late Mr Andrew Dun, rector don, of the 1st foot, aged 56 years.

of the Grammar School, Aberdeen. 27. At Thurso, Captain John Henderson, agent - At Bridgend of Perth, Mrs Rachel Blair, for the Commercial Banking Company of Scot- wife of James Blair, Esq. Perth Bank. land.

- At No. 51, Clark

Street, Jane, eldest daughte 28. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Thomas Scott, for ter of Mr John Wakts, aged 17 years.


10 At Glasgow, while on a visit, Miss Grace rally supposed, as he had over-heated himself in Cowan, of Edinburgh.

the course of the day, that his death was occasionAt Tenby, Pembrokeshire. Mr Sergeant ed by a fit of apoplexy, or cramp in the stomach. Heywood, one of the Wels! Judges. Mr Hey- Medical aid was at hand, and every exertion and wood's illness was not paralysis, as was at first sup- means were tried for several hours to restore him posed, but he appears for some time past to have to life, but unluckily, without effect." been in a very weak state, and was just about re- 25. At Bankton House, near Prestonpans, W. tiring from his official duties in consequence of Amelia Wilson, wife of Mr Thomas Paterson, his advanced age.

26. At his house, Melville Street, William Alex19. At London, in her 65th year, Miss Graham ander Martin, Esq. writer to the signei. of Gartmore, daughter of the late Robert Cun- 27. At Moffat, Alex. Burns, Esq. late of Canada ninghame Graham of Gartmore, Esq., and Anne, - Ac Drylaw Hill, East Lothian, Mrs Jean daughter of the late Patrick Taylor, Esq. of Lys- Dudgeon, wife of Mr Robert Brown, sons, Jamaica.

- At Portland Place, Mr Robert Harvie, mer. At Carron Lulge, aged 18 years, Anne, chant. third daughter of the late Mr Hugh Stein, inn- Oct. 1. At Sydenham, Mr James Brodie, late keeper there.

tenant of Clarielaw, in his 8 1th ycar. - At his residence, near Lynn, in Norfolk, in - At Stockholın, Alexander Seton, Esq. young the 90th year of his age, Sir Andrew Snape hla- est son of the late Sir Alex. Seton, of Preston. mond, Bart. Captain in the Royal Navy.

- At Hunterstown, Patrick Hunter, Esq. se- Captain John Campbell of luverneil, Ar- cond son of the late Robert Caldwell Hunter, Esq. gyllshire.

of Hunterstown. 13. At his house, No. 19, Brown Square, Wil. - At Edinburgh, Miss M. E. Campbell, of Ard. liam Anderson, Esq. of West Coiinton, writer in chatten. Edinburgh.

- At King's College, Aberdeen, Margaret, se. 14. At Seafield House, after a short illness, cond daughter of the very Rev. Dr Jack. Hector Macdonald Buchanan, Esq. of Drumakill. 2. At Hospitalfield, county of Forfar, Mrs Hun.

- At Poitonbank, Lasswade, Leonora Eliza- ter, senior of Blackness, aged 82. beth, youngest daughter of John Corsar, Esq. - At Crawford Manse, the Rev. John Ross, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh.

minister of that parish. 15. At his residence, Great Denmark Street, 5. At Portsmouth, the Hon. Sir George Grey, Dublin, the Right Hon. John Creighton, Earl of Bart. K.C.B. and Commissioner of his Majesty's Erne, Viscount Crichton, and Baron Erne, in his Dock-yard at Portsmouth. 90th year.

- At No. 14, Castle Street, Miss Elizabeth Mure, 16. At No.3, Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, Mrs daughter of Baron Mure of Caldwell. Helen Calder, wife of Mr David Rymer, mer- -It Milburn Tower, Lady Liston, wile of the chant.

Right Hon. Sir Robert Liston, K.B. formerly his - At Bainsford, John Sunith, Esq. of Pinfold Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople. Bridge, late of the service of the Hou. the East 4. Ai Rankeillor Street, Mrs Isobel Christic, India Company,

relict of Mr John Christie, writer. - At Beech Hill, Mrs Barbara Grant, widow 5. At Limpsfield, Elizabeth Catherine, the Lady of the Rev. Wm. Ramsay, minister of Cortachy. of Sir James Steuart, Bart. of Allanbank, Berwick

- At her house, No. 38, India Street, Mrs Ir- shire, and only surviving daugther of the late Elving, widow of George Irving, Esq. of Newton. borough Woodcock, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn.

- At the Manse of Daviot, the Rev. Robert 6. At the Manse of Old Kilpatrick, the Rev. Shepherd, minister of that parish, in the 41st year William M'Cartney. of his ministry.

- At Levengrove, John Dixon, Esq. of Leven19. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Hogg, wife grove. of Mr Wm. Robertson, upholsterer, High Street. 7. At No. 27, Howe Street, Mr William Jame.

- At Otterstoulee, in his 7 4th year, the Rev. son, writer, Edinburgh. John S. Gray, minister of the Scottish Church at At Hawick, Mr William Scott, surgeon. Falstone.

Margaret, only daughter of James Dun of - At New Saughton, Alexander Gibson Mait. Shawpark, Esq. land, younger of Cliftonhall, Esq.

- At Great King Street, John, infant son of 20. At Kirkhill, Linlithgowshire, Mrs Mary Thomas Stirling Edmondstoune, Esq. Pitloh, widow of Gideon Pitloh, Esq.

George Rennie, of Phantassie, in the county - At Alloa, John Thomas Erskine, Earl of of East-Lothian, Esq. the celebrated agriculturist. Mar, Lord Erskine, Viscount Garioch. He suc- and only surviving brother of the late John Rencreded his father in 1825; married Janet, daugh. nie, Esq. ter of Patrick Miller, Esq. of Dalswinton, who At Balbedie House, Sir Michael Malcolm of died in 1825, leaving issue John Francis Miller, Balbedie and Grange, Bart. the present Earl, and two daughters.

Mary, daughter of the late John Wilkie, Esq. 21. At Edinburgh, Mrs Strachan, widow of the of Foulden. la'e John Strachan, Esq. ul.erchant in Edin- 9. Mrs Johanna Emelia Maclean, spouse of the burgh.

Rev. Dr Moodie, minister of Clackinannan. - At Chatham, Elizabeth Harvie, wife of Tho- - At Edinburgh, Miss Jane M-Pherson, eldest mas Robertson, Esq. Surgeon, Royal Navy. daughter of Mr Wm. M.Pherson, of the Customs.

2?. At No. 72, Northumberland Street, Miss 10. In Grosvenor Place, London, Alexander Rachel M., daughter of Lieutenant and Adjutant Marjoribanks, Esq. only son of Stewart MarjoriS.S. Burns, late of the 80th regiment.

banks, Esq. M.P. - At Gayfield Square, Miss Euphemia Hislop, 11. At the Manse of Crailing, the Rev. David daughter of the deceased John Hislop, Esq. Dal- Brown, in the 720 year of his age, and 10th of his keith.

ministry. 23. At East Wemyss, Mary Agnes, daughter of 12. Sir Ewan Cameron of Fassifern, Bart. at the Alexander Forbes, Esq.

advanced age of about ninety years. Sir Ewan - At Coldstream Mains, William Waite, Esq. will be succeeded in his title and estates by his el. late of Castielaw.

dest surviving son, Sir Duscan Cameron. SIT 21. At Patrick Square, Mr William Mackenzie, Ewan has died full of years and honours-of ho. supervisor of Excise.

hours springing from the retrospect oi a long life - At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Hunter, relict of spent in promoting the good of his country, and the late Rev. John Young, Kincardine.

the happiness of his friends and dependents. In - At Ellishill House, Peterhead, James Ander- him were united the best qualities of the Highson, Esq. aged 83.

land chief, honour and hospitality, regulated and - At Madeira, the Hon. Capt. Canning, eld. controlleu by a spirit of pure, unostentativus beneest son of the late Right Hon. Gcorge Canning, volence and sound judgment. Sir Ewan Cameron and Captain of H. M. sloop of war, the Alligator. obtained his baronetcy in consequence of the galThis melancholy information was received in a lant conduct of his son, Colonel Cameron, " the letter, of which the following is an extract:- Valiant Fassifern," who fell at the head of his * Madeira, Sept. 26-I am sorry to acquaint you brave 92d, on the field of Waterloo. with the death of the Hon. Captain Canning, who - At Edinburgh, Mr William Brown, late rec. was unfortunately drowned on the 21th inst, in a tor of the Royal Grammar School, Dunkeld, and large tank, in the garden of Mr Gordon, with latterly of the Classical Academy, Thistle Street, whom he was to have dined that day. It is gene. Edinburgli.

12. Mrs Helen Low, wife of John Ireland, Esq. A sketch of his life and a portrait of himself are of Nether Urquhart, Fifeshire.

to be found in the “ History of Printers and 13. At Aberuchill, Perthshire, Lieut. Patrick Printing," by Hansard. Drummond, Royal Navy.

Lately, at Newport House, county of Mayo, - At Edinburgh, Miss Ann Milne, eldest daughi- Hugh Donel, Bar. ter of the late Mr James Milne, tanner in Edin- - At Claremorris, county of Mayo, the Right burgh.

Hon. Dennis Browne, who was for upwards of li. At Auchtermuchty, James Bonnar, Esq. thirty-five years M.P. for that county. surgeon there.

At Bellevue Cottage, near Montrose, John 15. At Aberdeen, in the 85th year of his age, Mr Guise, Esq.. John Angus, bookseller.

- Mr William Hoine, midshipman on board - At her house, Montague Street, Miss Janet the Martin sloop of war, which foundered at sex Curtis, daughter of the late Mr Charles Curtis, near the island of Madagascar, on her outwardsurgeon in Edinburgh.

bound passage to India, when the whole crew 17. At the Manse of Fenwick, the Rev. Wil- were lost. liam Boyd, minister of that parish, in the 81st year - Drowned, while bathing in the sea at Greenof his age and 47th of his ministry.

ock, Captain William Baird. - At Vale Place, Hammersmith, aged 82 Lieut.. - Drowned in Kendal Canal, while bathing, General Henry Rudyerd, late of the Royal Engi- Mr David Honey, currier, son of Mr George neers.

Honey, Arbroath. 18. At Edinburgh, Dr John Mackie, of Bell Cast away, in his Majesty's ship Acorn, on Brae Cottage, near Cupar.

her passage from Bermuda to Halifax, Walter, 19. At Kirkliston, Mr John Robertson, surgeon. eldest son of William Scott, younger of Raeburn,

- At Parduvine, parish of Carrington, Mr Tho in his 17th year. mas Herriot, farmer there.

Her Grace Susan, Duchess of Manchester. - At his father's house, Castiebill, Mr. A. Her Grace was daughter of the late and sister to Ruthven, printer, Edinburgh.

the present Duke of Gordon, and sister of the 20. At Callender House, Canongate, J. Hunter, Duchess of Bedford and Richmond, the MarchEsq.

ioness Cornwallis, and Lady Madelina Palmer. - At Rosefield Cottage, Portobello, the Rev. She has left two sons and five daughters. Archibald Gracie.

At Interlacken, Switzerland, Alex. James At London, the Rev. Joseph Davidson of Mure, Esq. Halltree.

- In Seymour Place, Bryanstone Square, Lon. 29. At Gourdie, Charles Kinloch, Esq. of don, Jane Abernethie, widow of Alex. Åbernethie, Gourdie.

M.D. of Banff. - At No. 4, Dean Terrace, Georgina Henrietta - At his son's house, in Bloomsbury Square, Mackay, infant daughter of Matthew Weir, Esq. London, Luke Hansard, Esq. aged 79. Mr H. writer to the signet.

for many years held the lucrative situation of 23. At Rotterdam, Janet H. Enslie, second printer to the House of Commons. daughter of the late James Enslie, Esq.

Suddenly, at Brackla, by Nairn, Dugald, - Mr Charles Hope, aged 24, eldest son of Mr eldest son of the late John M‘Tavish, Esq. writer, John Hope, Castlemains, near Sanquhar.

Canongate, Edinburgh. 21. At Malvern Wells, Catherine, only sister of - At Lessudden, in the 92d year of her age, the Right Hon. John Calcraft, M.P.

Mrs Jean Scott, wife of Walter Scott, Esq. of Rae25. At Haddington Place, Mr Andrew Boog, burn. late cutler and surgeons' instrument-maker.

Lieut.-Colonel Sir A. Cathcart of Earlston, - In his 20th year, David, son of Mr. J. Mar. Bart. half-pay, 730 Fool. shall, farmer, Carse-bank, Forfarshire.

At Port Raffles, in New South Wales, in - Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr Samuel November last, Dr. Cornelius Wood, of the meMackenzie, artist, Edinburgh.

dical staff, son of the late Rev. John Wood, and - At her house, Fyfle Place, Leith Walk, Mrs grandson of the late Rev. Cornelius Lundie, of M'Lean,

Kelso. 28. At Lasswade Cottage, Wm. A. Mackenzie, Death of Major Laing.-It is with regret that jun. aged 10 years, son of Wm. Mackenzie, Esq. we announce the murder of this intrepid and perlate of Calcutta.

severing traveller. He had reached Timbucios, 31. At Hastings, Robert Sutherland, Esq. late where he had resided for a considerable time: of the island of St. Vincent, in the West Indies, but upon taking his departure for Sego, he was, and of Mellmount, in Ross-shire, North Britain. three days after he quitted Timbuetoo, murder

Lately At Berwick, Mr Miller Ritchie, prin:er, ed between the 21st September and the 1st Octoaged 77. During the early part of his life, when ber, 1826. This lamentable intelligence was coma master printer in London, he displayed superior municated to the Colonial Office by the Britisn talents in his profession, and has left behind him Consul at Tripoli, his father-in-law. many specimens of the most beautiful typography.

DEATH OF SIR WILLIAM FORBES OF PITSLIGO, Bart. It is with sincere regret that we announce the tiring, unobstrusive disposition, he shrunk from death of this truly amiable and excellent person. every species of notoriety, and even from taking That melancholy event took place at Colinton that share in public business which was properly House on the 24th October, having, as we un- due to a man of his rank, character, and fortune: derstand, been immediately occasioned by an ossi. nay, he has been known to absent himself from fication of the hcart; but the death of his eldest public meetings assembled to promote objects to son, a youth of great promise, is thought to have which he had largely contributert, lest he should preyed on the spirits of the affectionate parent, be called to the chair, or otherwise signalised by and to have accelerated his end. Sir William the notice of his fellow-citizens. To him, there Forbes was a man of the most sterling rectitude fore, might with propriety be applied those esof principle, of the greatest moral worth, and of quisite lines in which Pope has immortalized his the most benignant and generous dispositions. amiable and benevolent friend : He was a liberal supporter of all public institutions which had for their object to promote

Let modest Forbes, with ingenuous shame, either the comfort or the instruction of the peo

Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame. ple; and his hand was open as the day to melting In a word, as he lived respected and esteemed, 50 charity. But there was no ostentation in his be- his death has been sincerely regretted ; and as the nevolence, for he seemed to act on the principle, sphere of his usefulness was great, his loss will be so simply yet emphatically laid dowa in Scrip. the more sincerely

felt by those who in him have ture, of not letting the right hand know what his lost a friend or a benefactor, Jeft was doing. Constitutionally of a modest, re



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