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Capt. Rudkin, R. Newf. Vet. Comp. with Bt. Maj.

Majors. Sall, h. p. 47 F.

Temple, h. p. Unatt. Clive, i Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Curteis, h. p. Watson, R. Mar. Eyre, 1 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Paisley, h. p.

Hanway, 8 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hartley, Knox, 2 Dr. Gds,
h. p.

Smyth, 24 F.
Johnston, 49 F. with Bt. Lt. Col. Sewell, h.p. Hassard, 74 F.
Fuller, 58 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Wynn, 83 F. Dixon, R. L. 4 R. Vet. Bn.
Usher, 86 F. rec. diff. with Bi. Major Baines,

Lieutenants. h. p.

Evered, 30 F.
Lt. Nayler, 11 F. with Lt. Du Vernet, 45 F. Petre, 12 Dr.

Brooks, 16 Dr. with Lieut. Robinson, 67 F. Stephens, 10 Dr.
Vernon, 26 F. with Lieut. Thomson, 69 F.

Dolphin, 39 F. with Lieut. Pook, h. p. Rifle Phillips, 58 F.

Assist. Surg.
Ramsay, 40 F. with Lient. Sweeney, 87 F. Stratford, 72 F.
Hon. M. Arbuthnot, 4 F. with Lieut. Col.

thurst, h. p. 8 F.
Harpur, 69 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Warbur-

Lieut. Col. Macalester, 84 F. ton, h. P.

Lieut. Stephens, 3 F. Cun, Ceyl. Regt. rec. dift. with Lieut. Leeks,

Dwyer, 49 F. b. p. 42 F.

Thomson, 55 F. Ens. O'Callaghan, 86 F. with 2d Lieut. King,

Ens. Ponsonby, 76 F.

2d Lieut. H. Smith, Ceylon Regt. 21 F.

Ens. Silver, 18 F.
Resignations and Retirements. Ens. Knyvett, 58 F.

Lieut. Colthurst, 19 F.

Ens. Graham, 45 F.
John Campbell, 14 F,

Dismissed the Service. Colin Campbell, 34 F.

Ens. Tulloh, 14 F. Timms, R: Mar.

Cashiered. Wilgress, R. Art.

Lieut. M'Gregor, 45 F.

ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTS, from 220 June to 23d

July, 1828.

Alderson, T. J. Chancery-lane, money-scrivener. Lawrence, E. Charlton Kings, Gloucester, hallier, Addison, J. Friskney, Lincoln, miller.

Lever, G. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer. Archer, E. Wood-street, warehouseman.

Lancaster, T. Leeds, iron-monger. Aiker, E. Wigan, iron and liquor merchant. Mellanby, J. Stockton-upon-Tees, ship-builder. Beadsmoore, S. Ashley-de-la-Zouch, bookseller. Mackrill, H. Whitechapel, cherist. Bailey, J. Derby, merer.

Mills, W. Bath, oil-merchant. Boler, T. Lincoln, brick-maker.

Manby, T. Argarkirk, Lincoln, butcher. Britten, W. Northampton, leather-seller.

Moffat, W. Bermondsey, victualler. Barnard, J. Commercial-road East, baker.

Matthews, W. Crooked-lane, tin-plate merchant. Brooks, J. Seymour-street, bill-broker.

Owen, H. Jewin-street, draper. Brown, B. Grundisburgh, Suffolk, victualler. Orme, D. Oldham and Spencer, J. Royton, LanBryon, W.Turnham-green terrace, dealer in hops. cashire, cotton-spinners. Beeston, J. Betten Copy, Drayton-in-Hales, sa- Palmer, A. Mincing-lane, merchant. lop, drover.

Parsons, J. Mosterton, Dorset, miller. Brown, G. Monmouth, innkeeper.

Ruler, J. Dewsbury, York, draper. Chadburn, W. Sheffield, optician.

Rainage, T. New Bond-street, tailor. Chimley, E. Nottingham, miller.

Scholefield, R. Barnsley, leather-seller. Corlas, T. Keighly, victualler.

Saxon, T. Oxford-street, chinaman. Crookenden, č. and G. Spilsbury, Bermondsey, Stainton, J. Lincoln, bookseller. lanners.

Starling, J. jun. King's Lynn, hatter. Cork, J. New Bond-street, silk-mercer.

Swaine, J. Bristol, innholder. Delauncy, P. J. Regent-street, jeweller.

Smith, B. Bristol, tailor and draper. Dodge, W. Sherborne, linen-draper.

Smith, J. Diorama, Regent's-park, and of Paris, Fraser, C. and G. C. P. Living, St Helen's-place, printer. merchants.

Thompson, J. North Stoneham, Hants, nursery. Faux, C. Bermondsey-wall, warehouseman.

man. Fowke, W. Belper, Derby, joiner.

Tanner, J. Wickwar, Gloucester, tailor. Flood, J. Leeds, surgeon.

Tranter, W. Greenwich, stone-mason. Glass, J. W. Liverpool, commission agent.

Townshend, R. Bristol, victualler. Gregory, C. Great Surrey-street, Blackfriars-road, Venning, T. and T. Tucker, Truro, coachmakers. cabinet-maker.

Vaux, J. Stephen-street, Tottenham-court-road, Hardacre, G. Old Barge-house Wharf, Blackfriars, lamp-manufacturer, wharfinger.

Walmsley, J. Barnsley, linen-manufacturer. Harrison, T. New Bond-street, hosier.

Wright, D. and Sykes, G. Sheffield, opticians. Hill, T. Red Lion-st., Spitalfields, potato-mercht. Wearing, C. H. and W. Greenwood, St Paul's Hobson, C. Leeds, publican.

Churchyard, merchants. Hodge, E. Plymouth, grocer.

Walton, W. Manchester, timber-merchant. Holmes, J. Kidderminster, grocer.

Woolcock, J. Truro, linen-draper. Hanson, R. Allen-street, Goswell-street, carman. Whitelegg, T. Ashton-upon-Mersey, Cheshire, Haviside, W. Jerusalem Coffee-house, master- rectifier. mariner.

Wilbams, H. Bath, innkeeper. Howarth, G. Liverpool, flag-dealer.

Wright, J. Charlotte-street, Percy-street, cheeseJardine, J. Birchin-lane, stationer.

monger, Joseph, R. Somerset-street, hatter.

Withiel, w. P. Penzance, wine-merchant. Kershaw, E. Butterworth, Lancashire, flannel. Wood, J. Manchester, oil-merchant.


ALPHABETICAL List or Scottish BANKRUPTS, from 1st June to 30th.

July, 1828.
Annan, David, and Co. merchants, Glasgow. Laird, John, grocer in Johnston.
Braird, John, merchant, St Andrews.

Neilson, James, merchant, Stirling.
Buchanan, John, merchant in Greenock.

Robertson, James, lime-merchant, Perth. Campbell, Annan, and Co. merchants in Glasgow. Shaw, James, nursery and seedsman, Aberdeen. Gardner, William, merchant and draper in Lin- Taylor, Donald, merchant, Glasgow. lithgow.

Taylor, Patrick, merchant and soap-manufactuHutchison, Robert, builder, Edinburgh.

rer, Dundee. Henry, J. and J. and Co. manufacturers in Glas- Thom, Cha. builder and manufacturer, Charlesgow.

town and Wester Carriagehill, near Paisley. Inglis, William, writer to the signet, Edinburgh. Wheelwright, Michael, Ivison, and Co. Inanufac[vison, Charles, and Co. merchants in Glasgow. turers and agents in Glasgow.


Dec. 17, 1827. At Sydney, New South Wales,
Mrs Stewart Ryrie, of a son.

Jan. 19, 1828. At Bombay, the lady of Capt.
Philip Mauchan, of a son.

Feb. 13. At Bellary, Madras, the lady of William Bremner, Esq. Fort-Adjutant, of a son.

May 5. At No. 13, Melville street, Mrs Clerk Rattray, of a daughter.

9. At Madeira, the lady of Webster Gordon, Esq. of a son.

25. At Southampton, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Henderson, of a son.

- At No. 26, Albany Street, Mrs Ballantyne, of a daughter.

- At Dunottar House, Lady Kennedy, of a son.

30. At Spylaw, near Kelso, Mrs Dudgeon, of a son.

31. At St Andrews, the lady of Professor Alexander, of a son.

- At Harperfield, Mrs Gordon, of a daughter. * June 1. At Inglewood House, Hants, the lady of the Rev. Charles Grant, of a daughter.

2. At Wemyss Castle, Lady Emma Wemyss, ef a daughter.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Wright Williamson, Kinross, of a :on.

1. In Portman Square, London, the Duchess of Richmond, of a daughter.

At Edinburgh, Mrs John Hannay, of a daughter.

5. At Dunglass, Mrs Hall, of a son. 6. At Eaglescairnie, the lady of Major-General the Hon. P. Stuart, of a daughter.

- At Cardrona House, the lady of Patrick Chiene, Esq. of a son.

7. At Wadley House, Berks, Lady Kintore, of a son.

8. At London, Lady Byron, of a son.
- At Edinburgh, Mrs M. Fletcher, of a son.

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Heriot of Ramornie, of a daughter.

14. At No. 5, Salisbury Road, Newington, Mrs Pender, of a son.

16. At St Bernard's Cottage, Mrs Greig, of a son. - At Kilbagie, Mrs Stein, of a son.

At Eltham, Surrey, the lady of Captain H. W. Gordon, of the Royal Artillery, of a daughter.

18. At Albyn Place, Mrs C. Gordon, of a son.

19. At 29, Castle Street, Mrs William Nicholson, of a daughter.

- At 33, Claremont Street, Mrs G. MacDowal, of a daughter.

- At Loadhead, Kirkliston, Mrs J. Dudgeon, of a daughter.

21. Ai Annandale Street, Mrs A. B. Blackie, of a son.

22. At 11, Castle Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Wylie, of a son.

33. At Greenlaw Manse, Mrs Home, of a daughter.

- At 11, St John Street, Mrs Yule, of a daugh. ter.

24. At 1, South St Andrew Street, Mrs Quiller, of a son.

- At Carlisle, the lady of Ronald Macdonald, of the 8th regiment, of a daughter.

24. At Carlisle, the lady of Lieut. Ronald Macdonald, of the souh Regiment, of a daughter.

- At Portsmouth, the la'y of Michael Twee." die, Esq. Royal Artillery, of a daughter.

At 10, Fette Row, Mrs Howden, of a son. 25. At 7, Manor Place, the lady of Alexander Murray, Esq. of a daughter.

Here, Mrs R. Dempster, of a daughter. 26. At Leith, Mrs Dall, of a son.

27. At Glassmount, Fife, Mrs Davidson, of a daughter.

28. At 5, Archibald Place, Mrs Willian.son, of a daughter.

July 1. At 87, Great King Street, the lady of Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. of a son.

- At Camden Hill, Kensington, the Countess of Glasgow, of a daughter.

- At London, the Hon. Mrs Kennedy Erskine, of a son and heir.

4. Mrs Borthwick, 83, George-strect, of 4 daughter,

- At Mary's Place, Mrs Parker, of a son. 5. Mrs Robert Greig, of a daughter. 6. The lady of Robert Warden of Parkhill, Esq. of a son.

- In Upper Glocester Place, London, the lady of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of a son.

- At No. 7, Royal Circus, Mis Carlyle Bell, of a daughter.

- At Wilford House, near Nottingham, Lady Lucy Smith, of a daughter.

7. At York Place, Mrs Gillespie, of a son.

- At Taplow Court, Bucks, the lady of Viscount Kirkwall, of a second son.

8. At Melville House, the Countess of Leven and Melville, of a daughter.

10. At Rothsay, the lady of Capt. Deans, of his Majesty's sloop Clio, of a daughter.

- At Bedford Place, Alloa, Mrs Gray, of a son.

At 26 Bath-street, Glasgow, the lady of W, L. Ewing, Esq. of a daughter.

11. Ai Florence, the lady of Capt. G. J. Hope Johnstone. R.N. of a daughter.

Mrs Fraser of Ford, of a daughter. - At Barcaldine, the lady of Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Barcaldine, of ison.

12. Ai Newhaven, Mrs Anthony Traill, of a - At No. 9, Newington Place, Mrs H. Pillans, of a daughter.

13. At No. 37, Melville-street, the lady of Colonel Mayne, of a son.

14. At Weyinouth, the lady of Lieuto-Colonel Allen, of Inchmartine, of a son.

15. At Bath, the lady of Dr Bowie, of a daughter.

16. At No. 21, Clyde-street, Mrs W. B. Hamilton, of a daughter.

At No. 17, Minto-street, Mrs M'Candlish, of a son.

17. At No. 25, Archibald-place, Mrs George Brown, of a son.

- At Woodhall Bank, Mrs J. A. Stuart, of a son.

18. At No. 14, Scotland-street, Mrs Balfour, pf a son,




19. At Kirkcudbright, Mrs Captain Roxburgh, of William Wilkie, Esq. of Ormiston Hall, Edin. of a son.

burghshire. - At No. 3, Fettes Row, Mrs Marshall, of a 9. At Balgay, Sir William Scott, of Ancrum,

Bart. to Elizabeth, only child of the late David 22. At Dundee, the lady of Lieut-Colonel Wil. Anderson, Esq. of Balgay. liam Chalmers, of Gleneright, of a son.

- At Edinburgh. Stewart West, Esq. of King- At Munro Place, near Portobello, Mrs Muu. ston, Jamaica, to Eleanor, second daughter of the ro, jun. of a daughter.

late Dominick Walsh, Esq. of that island. 23. At the Cedars, East Sheen, Surrey, the 10. At Levenside, William Crichton, Esq. to lady of John Campbell Colquhoun, Esq. of Kil- Frances Maxwell, second daughter of James Nur. lermont and Garscadden, of a son and heir.

doch, Esq. At Morningside, the lady of the Rev. Dr - At Wharton Place, Mr John Ramage, acManuel, of a daughter.

countant National Bank of Scotland, at Banir, tu 26. At London, the Viscountess Bangor, of a Lilias, daughter of the late Mr George Hardie,

Leith. 27. The lady of Captain Todd, of the 3d or - At Scotstown, George Charles Moir, Esq. of Prince of Wales's Regiment of Dragoon Guards, Denmore, to Mary Agnew, daughter of the late of a son.

Sir William Bruce of Stenhouse, Bart. 30. At Duke Street, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel - At Dalry House, James Evans, Esq. to EleaRose, of a son.

nor, daughter of the late Sir David Carnegie, Bart. Aug. 2. At Forth Street, Mrs Lyon, of a son. of Southesk. Lately. At Rosemount, Leith, Mrs John Wood, 12. At Edinburgh, the Rev. William Rintoul, of a daughter.

A.M. of the Scotch Church, Maryport, to Chris- At Charleston Cottage, Fifeshire, Mrs W. B. tian, second daughter of the late David Macgib. M.Kean, of a son.

bon, Esq. Claremont Street. - At 31, Queen Street, Mrs Younger, junior, At Leith, Mr H. W. Booth, merchant, to of Craigielands, of a daughter, still born.

Miss Margaret Richmond, daughter of the late - At Fingask, Perthshire, the wife of a farm- Mr Joseph Thomson. servant was safely delivered of three fine boys. 13. Ai St George's, London, Colonel Buckley,

to the Lady Catherine Pleydell Bouverie, eldest MARRIAGES.

daughter of the Earl of Radnor. Feb. 28. At the Admiralty House, Simon's 16. At Kinross, Mr Robert Shorthouse, to MarBay, Cape of Good Hope, thé Hon. Mr Justice garet, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Beve. Menzies, Senior Puisné Judge of the Supreme ridge, Carnbo, Kinross-shire. Court of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, 17. At Edinburgh, Mr William Fraser, of the to Anne Helena, daughter of Commodore Chris- Royal Bank, Glasgow, to Jane, daughter of the tian of the Royal Navy.

late Mr George Nielson, secretary of the Bank of March 17. At St George's Jamaica, the Hon. Scotland. John Bell, of Woodstock, to Mary Ann, only - At Lochridge, Andrew Brown, Esq. younger aughter of the deceased John Hossack, Esq. of of Auchintorlie, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Buff-Bay River Estate, in Jamaica, and of Glen- the late Matthew Stewart, Esq. of Lochridge. gaber, Dumfries-shire.

- At 10, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Mr AnApril 11. At Ostaig, Charles MacDonald, Esq. drew Jack, printer, to Miss Elizabeth Chisholm. Gillin, to Miss Anne M'Leod, Gesto, daughter of - At Bath, A. N. Shaw, Esq. son of Major-GeCaptain Neil M'Leod, Gesto, of Skye.

neral Shaw, to Georgiana, second daughter of the May 20. At Aghada, the Rev. Wm. Scoresby, Rev. Dr Hodson, Principal of Brazennose Col. F.R.S. chaplain of the Mariner's Church, Liver- lege, and Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford. pool, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Colonel 19. At Liverpool, the Rev. Andrew Wilson, Fitzgerald.

A.M. minister of the Scottish Church, Rodney 29. At Bredisholm, Lanarkshire, Augustus Street, in that town, to Miss Sarah Murray. Bernard Handley, Esq. King's Dragoon Guards, 21. At Fort William, Angus Macdonell, Esq. to Jane Matilda, youngest daughter of Lieut.-Gen. Inch, to Mary, only surviving child of the late Hay, Lieut.-Governor of Edinburgh Castle. Lieut-Colonel M.Donald of Morar.

Junc 2. At Rothsay, Lieut. John Edington, of 23. At Leith, Mr John Dryden, junior, merthe Royal Regiment, to Ann, daughter of the late chant, to Anne Richelieu, daughter of the late James Blair, Esq.

Mr Alex. Nelson Lamb, solicitor there. At Kinloch, Capt. Hope Dick, Hon. East - At Kirkaldy, William Oliphant, Esq. shipIndia Company's Service, Bengal Establishment, owner, to Jane, daughter of Geo. Morgan, Esq. to Anne Livingston, daughter of John Campbell, 24. At Glasgow, the Rev. William Nicol, JedEsq. of Kioloch.

burgh, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Andrew - At Falcon Hall, near Edinburgh, Mr John White, Esq. merchant, Glasgow. Schaw, of Bannockburn, to Mary, only daughter - At Edinburgh, Mr Alex. Mitchell, merchant, of the late Joseph Mathews, Esq. merchant, New- Montrose, to Isabella, daughter of the late Mr castle.

James Haig, Edinburgh. - At Warriston Crescent, the Reverend James - At St George's, London, Major the Hon. AuSmith, minister of Ettrick, to Miss Barbara Pat- gustus Ellis, second son of the Right Hon. Lord terson, Galashiels.

Seaford, to Mary Frances, eldest daughter of Sir At Portobello, Mr James Hewat, merchant, David Cunninghamn of Milncraig, Bart. to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Mr Alex. 26. At Edinburgh, James Sinclair, Esq. of Davidson, farmer, Paulswalls, Peebles-shire. Forss, to Miss Wemyss, eldest daughter of Wil

- At Mains of Halkerston, Alex. Smart, Esq. ham Sinclair Wemyss, Esq, of Southdun. writer, Stonehaven, to Nancy, only daughter of 27. William Grant, Esq. son of the late Lieut. the late Mr David Cowie of Mains of Halkerston. Colonel Alexander Grant of Redcastle, to Anne

3. At Hillhousefield, Thomas Jardine, Esq. wri- Rebecca, second daughter of the late John Burter, Moffat, to Christiana, daughter of the late net, Esq. Advocate, Judge of the fligh Court of Robert Bayne, Esq. merchant, Leith.

Admiralty in Scotland. 4. At Collace Manse, the Rev. Henry Hender- 30. At Moray Place, Edinburgh, Thomas Bromson, minister of Kinclaven, to Isabella, only field Ferrers, Ésq. Pall Mall, London, to Lavinia daughter of the Rev. John Rogers, minister of Hume Macleod, youngest daughter of the late Collace.

Alex. Hume, Esq. of Harris. 5. At Redhouse, Musselburgh, Pillans Scarth, July 1. At Gayfield Square, Laurence S'edart, Esq. W.S. to Cecilia, daughter of the Rev. Thos. Esq. merchant, Leith, to Mary Ano, daughter of Scott, minister of Newton.

the late John Middleton, Esq. solieitor, London. 6. At Baxter Place, Adam Warden, M.D. York - At Dublin Street, Mr Alex. Scott, Archibald Place, to Jane, only daughter of Robert Steven- Place, to Margaret, daughter of the late David con, Esq. civil engineer.

Geddes, Esq. of the Excise, Edinburgh. 9. At Cabbage Hall, Fifeshire, Mr James Ben- 3. The Rev. James Bryce, Miuister of the net, Burntisland, to Elizabeth, ellest daughter Presbyterian Church, Stamfordbam, Northum. of John Smith, Esq.

berland, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr Patrick - At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Captain John Mit- Plenderlcath, Pittenweem. chell, Royal Navy, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter - At Crosslee, Renfrewshire, v. 0. Denny, Esq. secretary to the Glasgow Waterworks, to Bennett, Esq. Fellow of the Royal College of SurJean, second daughter of the late William Steven- geons of Edinburgh. son, Esq. of Crosslee.

29. At Edinburgh, Mr John Nairne, S.S.C., to 7. At Glasgow, Mr James Macewan, merchant, Joanna, youngest daughter of the late Mr Alex. Stirling, to Catherine, eldest daughter of the Rev. Logan, Edinburgh. William Shirreff of Glasgow.

30. At Lochgair House, William Penny, Esq. 8. At Waukmilton, Alex. M'Gibbon, younger advocate, to Janet Mackinnon, second daughter of Crawhill, Esq. to Margaret, third daughter of of the late Charles Campbell of Leenary, Esq. Mr John Russell.

31. At Grahamston, John R. Prentice, Esq. - At Skateraw, East Lothian, Mr Archibald Edinburgh, to Maria Bryce, fifth daughter of the Miller, junior, merchanı, Leith, to Mary, daugh- late John Glass, Esq. Stirling. ter of Mr Henry M. Lee.

- At No. 3, Merchant Street, Mr Thomas - At London, Forbes M'Neill, Esq. to Beatrice Henderson, writer, Linlithgow, to Hannah, seHaig, fourth daughter of Alexander Mundell, Esq. cond daughter of Mr James Robertson, tobacco

- At Phantassie, Captain John Rennie Man- nist. Edinburgh. derson, of the Honourable East India Company's Lately, At Walcot Church, Captain J. E. Mutship Bridgewater, to Margaret, eldest daughter of tlebury, of the 97th regiment, to Mary, daughter George Rennie, Esq. of Phantassie.

of the late Alex. Ramsay, Esq. of West Grange, 10. At Cranshaws, William Turnbull Kellie, near Edinburgh. Esq. writer, Dunbar, to Christian, youngest - At London, Sir Astley Cooper, Bart. of daughter of the late Mr Bertram, Cranshaws. Conduit Street, and Gadesbridge, Flertfordshire,

1. At the Church of Speldhurst, Kent, James to Catherine, daughter of th late John Jones, Esq. Hannah, Esq. late of Rochsolls, to Margaret, re- of Dery Ormond, Cardiganshire. lict of Captain John Barker, of the East India - At Whitehouse Vilia, the Rev. William AnCompany's service.

derson of Dalry, to Miss Louisa Marstou. 15. At Kilmegan Church, the Right Hon. Earl - At No. 23, Maitland Street, Mr Gines Hen. Annesley, to Priscilla Cecilia, second daughter of derson, of the Customs, Leith, to Helen, daughHugh Moore, Esq. of Eglantine House, county of ter of the late Mr Francis Buchan, North Berwick. Down. - At Belfast, Alexander Carnegy Ritchie, Esq.

DEATHS. ad vocate, to Sophia, youngest daughter of Thos. Nov. 3, 1827. At Bombay, aged 24, of fever, Gordon, Esq. writer to the signet.

brought on by much exposure during arduous - At Garnet Hill, the Rev. Robert M'Nair professional duty, Assistant Surgeon Wilson Bum, Wilson, of Maryhill, to Mary, second daughter of of the Hon. East India Company's Service, son of the Rev. Mr Muir, St James's.

Mr James Burn, Mint, Edinburgh. - At Balgownie, William Maxwell, Esq. iner- Jan. 3, 1828. At Belgaum, Madras, Lieutenant chant in Bourdeaux, to Rachel, second daughter James Gardiner Inglis, of the 41st Regiment. of the late Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Fraserfield, 6. At Sibpore, near Calcutta, suddenly, when in the county of Aberdeen.

about to revisit his native country, Captain - At Edinburgh, Allan Macdonald, Esq. mer- Ronald Macdonald, fourth son of Angus Macdochant, London, to Helen, only daughter of James nald, Esq. of Laig, island of Eigg. Grant, Esq. of Burnhall, w.s.

12. At Bolarum, near Hydrabad, William D. At Biggar, Francis Calder, Esq. distiller, F. Gardner, Lieutenant in the Madras Horse ArGunsgreen, to Isabella Hamilton, sixth daughter tillery. of the late Jas. Hamilton, Esq. merchant, Biggar. 17. At Vingoolah, East Indies, Lieut.-Colonel

- At Springhill, Berwickshire, Major E. R. Place, 41st regiment. Broughton, of the Honourable East India Com- March 3. Ai Carabusa, shortly after being appany's service on the Bengal Establishment, to pointed Governor of that Island, Colonel Č. G. Mrs Marjoribanks, fourth daughter of the late Urquhart, eldest son of the late David Urquhart, William Hunter, Esq. of Glenormiston.

Esq. of Braelang well. He was killed by the fall16. At london, the Right Honourable Henry ing of a shed in a gale of wind. Lord Tynham, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the April 9. On his passage home from the Maurilate Sir Anthony Brabazon, Bart. of Brabazon tius, Lieut. Andrew Hathorn, 29th Regiment, Park, in the county of Mayo.

youngest son of John Hathorn, late of Castle 17. At Gladsmuir Manse, the Rev. Adam For- wigg. Esq. man, minister of Innerwick, to Margaret Coates, 15. At Montego Bay, Jamaica, Lieut. Robert daughter of the Rev. Dr Hamilton.

Harper, late of the 77th regiment of foot. - At St George's, Hanover Square, London, May 4. At Florence, aged 55, the Russian the Earl Brownlow, to the Lady Emma Edg- Prince Nicholas Demidow. The immense fortune eumbe, daughter of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. of this nobleman has often furnished matter of

18. At si Pancras Church, London, Mr Bryce curious speculation. He is said at one time him. Johnstone, writer, Kirkcudbright, to Mary Anne self to have estimated his income at a Louis d'or Jane, daughter of the ate Robert Jollie, Esq. a-minute, or about £500,000 a year.

- At Holy Island Mr Robert Martin, cornfac- 10. In Zetland, Mr James Piper, of Monsay, tor, Leith, to Sarah Selby, only daughter of Thos. aged 81 years. Goodman, Esq.

16. At the Manse of Strachan, where he had 21. At St George's Church, Hanover Square, been on a visit, Dr Garioch of Tarland. London, Captain Henry Hope, R.N. and C.B. to - At Charleston of Aberlour, Captain Allan Jane Sophia, youngest daughter of Admiral Sir Grant, Advie, in the 90th year of his age. Herbert Sawyer, K.C.B. of Dalby Old Hall, Lei. 17. On board his Majesty's packet, the Duke eestershire.

of York, on her way home from Jamaica, his - At Auchingramount, Andrew Bannatyne, Excellency Sir Ralph James Woodford, Bart. Go Esq. Glasgow, to Margaret, daughter of James vernor of Trinidad. Miller, Esq. of Millheugh, Professor of Mathema. 18. At Paisley, in the 89th year of her age, Elitics in the University of Glasgow.

zabeth Sim, relict of the late Mr Allan Clark. She 22. At Grahamston, Falkirk, Mr Jas. Ritchie, lived to see 10 children (her own immediate offmerchant, Edinburgh, to Agnes, daughter of Wil- spring.) 52 grand-children, and 31 great-grandliam Wyse, Esq. there.

ehildren. 24. At Elgin, William Gordon of West Lodge, - At Blyth, county of Northumberland, Mr late of Tobago, Esq. to Ann Innes, fourth daugh- William Guthrie, son of Mr Thomas Guthrie, ter of John Hay, late of Braco, Esq.

Pleasance, Durise, aged 27 years. 25. At St James's Church, Piccaviily, London, 20. At Lowhouse, near Berwick, Adam MurHenry Pester, Esq. to Georgina Macleod, daugh- ray, Esq. of Mountpleasant, late surgeon in his ter of Lieutenant-General Sir John and Lady Majesty's 28th regiment. Einily Macleod.

- At Floriana, in the island of Malta, James 2. At the house of the Marquis of Tweeddale, Graham Macdonald Buchanan, younger of Druinin London, John Cam Hobhouse, Esq. M.P. for makill. Westminster, to the Lady Julia Hay, youngest sis. 21. George, son of Mr James Webster, writer ter of the Marquis of Tweeddale.

in Cupar. 29. At Eivingston, James Law, Esq. writer to 23, At his house, No. 1, Windsor Street, Mr the siguet, to Mary, only daughter of the late John John Dickson, builder.


24. At Dresden, after a short illness, Charles, 10. At Murraythwaite, Anne, eldest daughter Marquis of Northampton.

of William Hagart, Esq. - On board the City of Edinburgh steam-pack- - 4t Caradale House, Walter Campbell, Esq. ct, off Scarborough, Captain Duncan Chisholm of Glen Caradale. Mackenzie, Commander in the Royal Navy, se- - At Newbyth, Robt. Baird, Esq. of Newbyth. cond son of the late Roderick Mackenzie, Esq. of At Edinburgh, Robert Pitcairn, sen. Esq. Scotsburn, in the county of Ross.

late Principal Keeper of Registrations, and for up- At his house, Waterloo Road, London. Mr wards of fifty years connected with other

depari James Jones, for many years proprietor of the ments of the College of Justice, in the soch year Royal Circus, London, formerly joint proprietor

of his age. with Mr Parker of the Equestrian Establishment, - At Minto Street, Newington, Josiah LivingLeith Walk, and founder of the Cobourg Theatre, ston, merchant in Edinburgh.

27. At London, Lieut.-General the Hon. Ste- - At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Bisset, relict phen Mahon, Lieut.-Colonel of his Majesty's 7th of Mr William Ritchie, merchant. Dragoon Guards.

- At Paris, the Marquis of Lauriston, Marshal 28. At London, the Hon. Anne Seymour Da- and Peer of France, Grand Veneur, &c. He was Iner, the only child of the Right Hon. Field Mar- surrounded at the time of his death by his relashal Henry Seymour Conway.

tions and friends, and by his old fellow soldiers - At Edinburgh, Thomas Ferguson, Esq. wri- the Dukes of Reggio and Ragusa. ter to the signet.

13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Nicolson M‘Kinnon, - At his house, Castle Street, Dr Wm. Cullen, spouse of Mr John Haldan, solicitor. one of the physicians to the Royal Infirmary.

11. At Windsor, Henry Lord Mount Sandford, 29. At St Ann's Yards, Mr James Playfair. aged 21. He is succeeded in his title and estates

At Cumbernauld, the Rev. James Boucher, by his uncle George, the present Lord Mount minister of the United Associate Congregation Sandford. there.

- At Glasgow, Mr Thomas Duncan, printer, 30. At Portobello, Mrs Ferrier, wife of James 15. In Spring Garden Terrace, London, WiFerrier, Esq. John Street, Portobello.

liam Hill, Esq. Under Secretary of the Treasury: - At Quarryholes, John Greig. Esq. of Nevity. - At her seat, Stoke, near Bristol, in her 82d June 1. At Bridgeton, near Montrose, Mrs Orr year, her Grace the Duchess Dowager of Beaufort. of Bridgeton.

- At Balbardie House, Mr George Marjori- At his seat, Newbury, county of Kildare, banks, licentiate of the Royal College of SurRalph Peter Dundas Esq. only son of the late geons, third son of Alexander Marjoribanks, Esq. General Ralph Dundas, of Manor, North Britain. of Marjoribanks.

- At No. 1, George's Place, Edinburgh, Mr - Ai Edinburgh, the Rev. John Brown, miDavid Barlet Stewart, formerly merchant in Leith. nister of Channelkirk, in the 59th year of his

2. At Innerleithen, the Rev. Thomas Brown, age, and 25th of his ministry. D.D. minister of the first United Associate Con

At the Bridge of Allan, Jessie Gordon, gregation, Dalkeith, in the 52d year of his age, daughter of John Hay, Esq. shipowner, Leith. and 30th year of his ministry. As an able and 16. At London, Mrs James Walker, daughter faithful minister, and as a man of strict integrity, of the late Rev. R. Cunningham, of Balgownie. genuine piety, active benevolence, and amiable 18. At Balsusncy Lodge, Fifeshire, Elizabeth, manners, Dr Brown will be long affectionately re- third daughter of Wm. Ferguson, Esq. of Kilrie. membered in the circle in which he moved. The 19. At his father's house, No. 10, High Street, circumstances of his death were peculiarly fitted Mr James Rutherford, surgeon, aged 21 years, to teach the uncertainty of life, and the import- only son of Mr John Rutherford, leather-merance of habitual readiness to die. Returning from chant, Edinburgh. Biogar, where he had been assisting in the admi- 20. At Ratho, Mrs Catherine Russel, relict of nistration of the Lord's Supper, he took Inner- John Gourlay, merchant in Falkirk. leithen on his way, for the purpose of using the - Al Leith, Mr Alex. Robertson, of the Leith waters for a few days, as for some time he had and Hull Shipping Company's Office. been slightly ailing. On the Wednesday evening - At the village of Cambusburn, near Stirhe was seized with a vomiting of blood, and ling, Mr William Jaffry. He was among the though for a day or two the symptoms were fa- first individuals in that quarter who foresaw vourable, he gradually became weaker and weak- the immense benefits that would result from vacer, till he expired on the morning of Monday at 4 cination, and having procured a supply of matter, o'clock.

he tried the experiment first on his own son. -- At Ballimenach, Miss Margaret Campbell, His first attempts being successful, he became daughter of the late Duncan Campbell, Esq. of anxious to diffuse the blessing, and having proSonachan.

cured an adequate supply of lymph, he frequent3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marion Aikman, relict ly walked eight or ten miles, and vaccinated from of Alex. Henderson, Esq. Randigate, Falkirk. eighty to a hundred children before his return. - Nicol Somerville, Esq. of Silvermills.

About twelve years ago, he asserted that he had At Musselburgh, Margaret, daughter of the inoculated above 13,000 children in all, not one late Mr Taylor, rector of the Grammar School. of whom took the small pox. His benevolent

1. At Peebles, Margaret Semple, wife of the exertions eventually attracted the attention of the Rev. Thomas Adam, minister of the second Uni- vaccine establishment, who elected him an honor. ted Associate Congregation there.

ary member, sent him a diploma, and voted him - At Ann Street, St Bernard's, Jane, daughter a handsome silver cup, as marks of their approof John Tulloch, Esq.

bation of his exertions. 5. At Southend. Essex, Henrietta, youngest 22. At Nottingham House, in the county of and only surviving daughter of Major-General Sir Caithness, John Campbell Sutherland, Esq. of George Leith, Bart.

Forse, in the 75th year of his age. - At his father's house, St John's Place, Leith - At Balranald, Jane Caroline, eldest daughLinks, Mr Alex. Dudgeon, jun. merchant, Leith. ter of James Thos. Macdonald, Esq. Balranald.

At Edinburgh, Robert Grieves, Esq. Inspec- 23. At Atholl, Perthshire, Mrs Stewart, aged tor of Hospitals, and of Quarantine, at Malta. 70, eldest daughter of the late Angus Macdonald,

6. At the Observatory, Caltonhill, Mr Peter Esq. of Achtrichtan, and relict of the late Allan M Arthur, aged 74.

Stewart, Esq. representative of the ancient family At Edinburgh, Miss Ross Gray, youngest of the Stewarts of Appin. daughter of the deceased Thomas Gray, late far- - At the Manse of Dunbog, Mıs Keyden, wife mer at Gorgie Muir.

of the Rev. James Keyden of Pituncarty. - At Calcarry Castle, Allan Macaskill, Esq. of 24. At Cholmondeley-house, Piccadilly, Lon. Morinish, in the 63d year of his age.

don, in her 31th year, Lady Charlotte Seymour, 7. In Hertford Street, Mayfair, London, Lord widow of the late ('olonel Seymour of the 3d Henry Fitzroy.

Guards, and daughter of the late Marquis Chol- At Edinburgh, Capt. Andl. Thomson, R. N. mondeley. - At Albany Street, Leith, Christian Finlayson, - At Stow, Mrs Helen Paterson, widow of Mr wife of Mr Stewart Sceales.

James Lee, aged 89. 10. At Perth, Mary, daughter of the late Rev. 25. Al Florence, Lieutenant John Sinclair, of William Arnot, Kennoway, Fifeshire.

the Royal Artillery, aged 23.

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