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theologians and biblical critics : distinctly marking them, who have taken different sides of a disputed point, and directing the attention of the student to that interpretation which seems to be best supported, and most generally received. In those collections which are already before the public, the heads of the respective arguments are given, and that without any regard to connexion and arrangement; so that the student is left in a maze of conflicting opinions, the merits of which can only be appreciated by a reference to the writers themselves. This defect has been severely felt and la. mented, by young students more especially; who have not always either the leisure, or the means, to consult the numerous and expensive works, a digest of which, and not merely the outlines, the Analecta are intended to supply. This work will be

published in October next. The Christmas Box for 1829..We find a report is in circulation in certain quarters

that this popular Juvenile Annual has been discontinued. On the contrary, we are assured that it is in active progress,- that it is more than half printed, and will appear with increased strength, as the idea which we are enabled to furnish of its probable contents will prove. In the first place, the little volume is to open with an Irish story, of considerable length, from the pen of Miss Edgeworth. Mrs Hofland furnishes an Historical Tale_Miss Mitford a Village Sketch, with some poetry. Then follow contributions from Mrs Jameson, the authoress of the “ Diary of an Ennuyée,” and of the not sufficiently known, but very pretty, child's story of Little Louisa"-our accomplished Parisian friend, Madame de Labourt-Miss Dagley, authoress of the Birth Day”_Mrs Jewsbury, of Manchester-Mrs HemansMrs James Douglas-Miss E. Taylor— Mrs Emmerson-Mrs Neeley-with other esteemed writers. The editor, Mr Crofton Croker, thus promises us a rich display of female talent, in addition to his unrivalled countrywoman, Miss Edgeworth ; and we also learn that there are several eminent gentlemen contributors ; and they must

exert themselves, or they will be beaten by the “ weaker" sex. In a neat pocket volume, with maps, a new edition, revised and improved, The Cam

brian Tourist, or Post-chaise Companion, through Wales. On the 1st of Sept. will be published, the last Number of the 10th Volume of Neale's

Views of Seats. It is the intention of the proprietor to complete the work in two more volumes. The forthcoming Number will contain two Views of Arundel Castle. Mr John H. Brady, late of the Legacy Duty Office, Somerset House, has in the press,

a second and improved edition of his " Plain Advice to the Public, to facilitate the

Making of their own Wills.” Occasional Thoughts on Select Texts of Scripture. By the late John Mason Good, M.D. Early Impressions; or Moral and Instructive Entertainment for Children, in Prose

and Verse. With Twelve Designs, by Dighton. Sermons. By the Rev. H. Raikes, A.M. 1 vol. 8vo. Sermons. By the Rev. James Procter, A.M. Fellow of Pet. Coll., Cambridge ; late

Curate of Bentley, Hants, and Assistant Minister of Farnham, Surrey. 1 vol. 8vo. A New Edition of Practical Sermons for every Sunday in the Year. The 3 volumes

compressed into 2. A Second Edition of Sermons. By the Rev. W. Dealtry, Rector of Clapham. The Annals of the Poor; containing Authentic Narratives of the Dairyman's Daugh

ter, (with considerable additions), The Negro Servant, and the Young Cottager. By

the late Rev. Legh Richmond. In a few days will be published, Past Feelings Renovated, or Ideas occasioned by the

Perusal of Dr Hibbert's Philosophy of Apparitions. Written with the view of counteracting any Sentiments approaching Materialism, which that work, however

unintentional on the part of the Author, may have a tendency to produce. In Demy 8vo, A New Dictionary, French-English and English-French, compiled from

Boyer and Deletanville, by D. Boileau, is just ready for publication. A New Edition of the Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary of the English Lan.

guage, for the Use of Schools, &c., on the plan of Sheridan, by Stephen Jones,

with considerable Additions and Improvements, will be published in a few days. In a few days will be published, in 8vo, Annotations on the Gospel of St Matthew,

designed for the Use of Students at the University, and Candidates for Holy Orders. By the Rev. M. Bland, D.D. F.R.S., Rector of Lilley, Herts, Prebendary of Wells, and late Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge.


Annual Register (Dodsley's) for 1827. 8vo, 16s.
At Home, a novel. 3 vols. post 8vo, L.), lls. 6d.
Betrothed (The) Lovers, from the Italian. 3 vols. post Svo, 21s.
Burgess's Perspective. 8vo, 5s.
Burn's Christian Sketch Book. 12mo, 5s.
Campbell's (Thomas) Poetical Works. 2 vols. post 8vo, 18s.
Chester's (Bishop of) Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles. 8vo, 10s. 61.
Crawfurd's Embassy to Siam, &c. 4to, L.3, 3s.
Dillon's (Viscount) Eccelino da Romano. 8vo, 15s.
Emma de Lissau. 2 vols. 12mo, 12s.
Faber's Sacred Calendar of Prophecy. 3 vols. 8vo, L.1, 16s.

Supplement to Difficulties of Romanism. 8vo, 6s.
Franklin's Second Expedition. 4to, L.4, 4s.
Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, vol. XIV. 8vo, 10s.
Notions of the Americans. By a Travelling Bachelor. 2 vols. 8vo, 28s.
Rodford's Memoirs of the Rev. John Cooke. 8vo, 14s.
Rogers' Italy, Part II. Foolscap, 78. 6d.
Rose's Sermons at Cambridge. New Series. 8vo, 8s.
Rovigo's (Duke of) Memoirs. Vol. II. French, 14s. sewed, English, 103.
Shorberl's Present State of Christianity., 9s.
Sketches of Greece. 2 vols. post 8vo, 21s.
Street's Practice of the County Courts. 8vo, 7s.
William's Memoirs of Matthew Henry. 8vo, 8s.
Abbey (The) of Innesmoyle. 18mo, 3s. 6d.
Archbold on Commitments. 12mo, 14s. 6d.
Armstrong's Anatomy of the Bowels illustrated, Parts I. and II., 10s. Od. each, or

coloured, ll. ls. Baillie's (Miss) Bride, a Tragedy. 8vo, 4s. 6d. Barrington's (Viscount) Theological Works. 3 vols. 8vo, L.1, 11s. 6d. Boarding School Ciphering Book. 410, 3s. Book of Job, in conformity to the Masoretical Text. 8vo, 5s. 6d. Bradley's Psalms and Hymns. 18mo, 2s. 6d. bound. Caddick's Tales of the Affections. 12mo, 7s. Calcutta Medical Transactions, vol. III. 8vo, 15s. Cameron's Token for Children. 2 vols. 18mo, 5s. Chronological Guide, with Chart. 12mo, 7s.6d. half-hound. Cicero's Offices, Latin and English, by Johnson. Crown 8vo, Is. Collyer's Criminal Statutes. 12mo, 18s. Cory's Ancient Fragments of Sanchoniatho. Crown 8vo, 10s. 60.-royal, L.1, is. Duppa's Travels in Sicily, &c. Post 8vo, 8s. Early Impressions, with 'Twelve Designs. 12mo, 6s. Ebers's Seven Years of the King's Theatre. 8vo, 18s. First Steps to Astronomy. 12mo, 9s. Fletcher's Picturesque Primer. 12mo, 4s. 68. half-bd. Formation and Culture of the Tree Rose. 12mo, 3s. 6d. Grant's Last Things. 12mo, 5s. Grier's General Councils of the Church. 8vo, 9s. Index to Latham's General History of Birds. 4to, L.l. Inglis (Sir R.) on the Catholic Question. 8vo, 5s. Jeremy's High Court of Chancery. Royal 8vo, L.), 10s. Katherine, a Tale. 4 vols. 12mo, L.1, 2s. Kennedy's Origin of Languages. 4to, L.2, 12s. 6d. Kinsey's Portugal Illustrated. Imperial 8vo, L.1, 108. Lanktree's Synopsis of Roman Antiquities. 18mo, 3s. Lansdowne's Act, with Notes by Carey. 12mo, 5s.

by Pratt. 12mo, 2s. 6d. Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual, Parts I. and II. 8vo, 5s. each. Marcella. 2 vols. 12mo, l5s. Maxwell's Juvenile Shakspeare. 12mo, 6s. Meason's Landscape Architecture of the great Painters of Italy. 4to, L. 4, 4s. Mosely's Greek Exercises. 18mo, 2s. bound. Notes of a Journey in the North of Ireland in 1827. 12mo, 6s. Parr's (Dr) Works by Dr Johnstone. 8 vols. 8vo, L.7, 78., royal 8vo, L. 12, 133. Pearson's Sermons before the King. 8vo, 12s.

Peter's Sacred Songs. 23. 6d.
Peterdorf's Law Reports, Vol. VIII. Royal 8vo, L.1, 11s. 60.
Philosopher's (The) Stone. 18mo, 2s. 6d. balf-bound.
Plain Sermons by a Country Clergyman. 18mo, 5s. 6d.
Planché's Descent of the Danube. 8vo, 10s. 6d.
Pratt's Justice of the Peace. 12mo, 8s.
Raine's Account of St Cuthbert. 4to, L.1, Ils. 6d. Large paper, L.3, 3s.
Revell's Sermons. 8vo, 12s.
Rymer on Diet and Regimen. 8vo, 10s.
Salmonia, or Days of Fly-Fishing, by an Angler. F.cap. 10s. 6d.
Sampson's Translation of St Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews. 8vo, 7s. Gd.
Skene's Little Jack, French and English. 12mo, 4s. 60.
Something New on Men and Manners. 8vo, 10s.
Spinster's (A) Tour in France, &c. 12mo, 10s. Cd.
Stafford on Strictures of the Urethra. 8vo, 6s.
Sabaltern's (The) Log-Book. 2 vols. post 8vo, L.I.
Townsend's Calendar of Knights. Sm. 8vo, 8s.
Trollope's Notæ in Euripidis Tragædias. 2 vols. 8vo, L.1, 4s.
Warner's Psalter Illustrated. 8vo, 10s. 6d.
Wilson's (Rev. P.) Sermons. Svo, 10s. 6d.


Dictionarium Scoto-Celticum ; a Dictionary of the Gaelic Languages, comprising an

ample Vocabulary of Gaelic Words, as preserved in vernacular speech. Manuscripts and Printed Works, with their signification and various meanings in English and Latin, illustrated by suitable examples and phrases, and with Etymological Remarks and Vocabularies of Latin and English Words, with their translation into Gaelic. To which are prefixed an Introduction, explaining the nature, objects, and sources of the Work, and a Compendium of Gaelic Grammar. Compiled and published under the direction of the Highland Society of Scotland. In two large volumes, 4to, L.7, 7s. A few copies in royal 4to, L.10, 10s. The Edinburgh Encyclopædia ; or Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous

Literature. Conducted by David Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S. London, and Sec. R.S. Edinburgh, &c., with the assistance of gentlemen eminent in Science and Literature.

Vol. XVIII. Part I. 21s. The Quarterly Journal of Agriculture, and the Prize Essays and Transactions of the

Highland Society of Scotland. No. II. 5s. 60.
The Course of Time. A Poem, in Ten Books. By the Rev. Robert Pollok, A.M.

The fifth edition, foolscap 8vo, 10s. 6d.
The Covenanters' Communion, and other Poems. By David Vedder. 12mo, 6s.
Constable's Miscellany, Vols. XXVII., XXVIII., and XXIX. 3s. 63. each.
Rudiments of Plane Geometry, including Geometrical Analysis, and Plane Trigono.

metry. By John Leslie, Esq. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of

Edinburgh. 8vo, 7s. 6d. Historical Šketches of the Ancient Native Irish, and their Descendants. By Christopher

Anderson. 12mo, 5s. 6d. A Compendium of Modern Geography. By the Rev. Alex. Stewart. 18mo, 3s. 6d. The New Consolidated Act of Sederunt, regulating the Form of Process in the Court

of Session, 11th July 1828, with complete Index. 8vo, 6s. A Letter to His Grace the Duke of Wellington, &c., respecting the “ Securities” ne

cessary towards Emancipation. By a Scotch Catholic. 8vo, Is. Reply to Various Criticisms, which have appeared on the Course of Lectures lately de

livered in this City by the Rev. Edward Irving. 8vo, 2s. 6d.













Brevet Maj. Gen. Sir J. Lyon, K.C.B. to have

the rank of Lieut.-Gen. in the Windward and Leeward Islands only

1 May 1828 Maj. Hon. J. H. Cradock, h. p. to be

Lieut.-Col. in the Army 25 Dec. 1827 i Life G. Lieut. Hart, from 13 Dr. Lieut. vice

Heneage, 53 F. 24 May 1828 2 Dr. G. Hedley, Capt. by purch. vice Knox, ret.

1 do. Cor. Tobin, Lieut.

do. W. Brandling, Cor.

do. 9 Dr. As, Surg. Wilson, M.D. from 4 F. As. Surg. vice Shiell, h. p.

25 April 10 Cor. Wedderburn, Lieut. by purch. vice Stephens, ret.

29 May 11

T. J. Ganly, Vet. Surg. vice Percivall, 6 Dr.

22 do. 12 Cor. Pulteney, Lieut. by purch. vice Petre, ret.

8 do. Ens. Stuart, from 36 F. Cor. by purch.

de. 13

Lieut. Sargeaunt, from 53 F. Lieut. vice Hart, 1 Life Gds.

24 do. As. Surg. Huey, from 58 F. As. Surg. vice Hughes, 58 F.

1 do. 16

Lieut. Havelock, Adj. vice Vincent, res. Adj. only

6 Oct. 1827 1F. W. Gordon, Ens. by purch. vice Walker, 6 F.

5 June 1828 2

Bt. Lieut. Col. Willshire, from 16 F.
Lieut.-Col. vice Place, 41 F.

30 Aug. 1827 z

Ens. Lacy, Lt. vice Amiel, dead 4 do. · Rainey, Lieut. vice Bruce, dead

13 Oct. T. Ladbey, Ens. vice Turton, dead

20 Sept. J. Bridge, Ens. vice Lacy 14 May 1828 J. Speedy, Ens. vice Rainey 15 do. Lieut. Kenyon, from 50 F. Lieut. vice Stephens, canc.

8 do. Hosp. As. W. Hall, As. Surg. do. Capt. Mackenzie, Maj, by purch. vice Drummond, prom.

17 June Lieut. Williams, Capt.

do. Ens. Brooke, Lieut.

do. - Ponsonby, from 65 F. Ens. 26 April W. 0. G. Haly, Ens. by purch. vice Brooke

17 June Lieut. Gell, Capt. vice Clarke, dead

15 Sept. 1827 Hammond, Adj. vice Griffiths, res. Adj. only

19 do. Capt. Leslie, from 54 F. Maj. vice Scott, dead

15 May 1828 Ens. Walker, from 1 F. Lieut. vice 12 J. Thompson, Ens. vice Hadfield, 44 F.

do. 13 Ens. Orange, Lieut. vice Campbell, dead

15 Oct. 1827 Taylor, Lt. vice Lamphier, dead

25 do. W. T. Shakespeare, Ens.

do. 14 W. Graham, Ens. vice Tulloh, dismissed the service

21 Sept. Ens. Graham, Adj. vice Grant, res. Adj. only

do. Maj. Thornhill, Lieut-Col. vice Camppell, ret.

1 May 1828 Capt. Rochfort, Maj.

do. Lieut. Newman, Capt.

do. Ens. Thorpe, from 55 F. Lieut. by purch. vice Pasley, prom.

2 June Greaves, from 64 F. Lieut. by purch. vice Stewart, 29 F.


16 Sept.

ray, dead

3 do. Jenkins, from 99 F. Lt. by purch. vice Newinan

4 do. 17 Ens. and Adj. Cooper, Lt. 1 May 19 Le Travers, from 97 F. Lt. vice Colthurst, cane.

5 June

Ens. Cooke, from h. p. 66 F. Ens. vice
Rodgers, 26 F.

1 May Ens. and Adj. Hollinsworth, to have rank of Lt.

29 do. Lt. Magra, from 41 F. 1st Lt. vice A.

Young, h. p. R. Afr. Corps 8 do. — T. W. Young, Adj. vice Young, res. Adj. only

do. Bartley, Paym. vice Barlow, dead

do. Gordon, from 97 F. Lt. vice Bartley

5 June _ Harris, Capt. by purch.vice Smyth, ret.

15 May Ens. Hon. C. Preston, Lt.

do. J. J. Greig, Ens.

do. Ens. Rodgers, from 20 F. Quar. Mast.

vice Rodgers, h. p. 66 F. I do. Lt. Parker, from 58 F. Lt. vice Broadhead, h. p. R. African Corps 8 do.

Stewart, from 14 F. Capt. by purch. vice Richardson, prom. 3 June Mayne, Capt. vice Young, dead

5 Aug. 1827 Ens. Borton, Lt. viee Andrews, 41 F.

Gregg, Lt. vice Mayne 28 do.

Meik, from 45 F. Lt. by purch. vice Everard, ret.

10 Oct. W. H. Heard, Ens. vice Borton 16 Sept. J. G. Cochrane, Ens. vice Gregg

15 May 1828 Capt. Wingfield, Maj. by purch. více Gascoigne, prom.

3 June Lt. Hodge, Capt.

do. Ens. Beazley, Lt.

do, Gent. Cadet A. Campbell, from R. Mil. Coll. Ens.

do. Hosp. As. Walker, As. Surg. vice Mur

29 May Maj. Ferguson, Lt.-Col. by purch. vice Campbell, ret.

8 dos Capt. Greaves, Maj.

do. -W. Mackenzie, from h. p. Capt. do. Ens. Ward, Lt, vice O'Hara, dead 1 do. G. Newton, Ens.

do. G. B. Bouchier, Ens. by purch. vice Stuart. 12 Dr.

8 do. Lt. Vernon, from R. African Corps, Lt. vice Blake, 98 F.

do. Ens. Bulkley, Li. vice MacAndrew, 49 F.

29 do. T. J. Valiant, Ens.

do. Lt. Col. Place, from 2 F. Lt.-Col. vice Chambers, dead 30 Aug. 1827

Nott, from R. African Corps, Lt. vice Magra, 21 F. 8 May 1828 Maj. Shelton, Lt. Col. viee Carter, dead

16 Sept. 1827 Capt. Burney, Maj.

do. Lt. Andrews, from 30 F. Capt. do. Ens. Hadfield, from 12 F.' Ens. vice Usher, dead

15 May 1828 Dodgin, Lt. vice Woollard, 88 F.

29 do. T. R. Leighton, Ens.

do. J. C. Campbell, Ens. by purch. vice Meik, 30 F.

15 do. Serg. Maj. J. Hine, from 48 F. Adj. and Ens. vice Ebbert, prom.

1 Aug. 1827 Lt. Prendergast, from 89 F. Lt. rice

M'Gregor, cashiered 15 May 1828 M. Mello, Ens. vice Graham, canc.

22 do. Capt. Nairn, Maj. vice Willshire, 2 F.

30 Aug. 1827 Lt. Purcell, Capt.

do. Ens. Lacy, Lt.

do. W. Pollock, Ens.

do. Hosp. As. Fryer, As. Surg. vice Bush, dead

8 May 1828





Gell, prom.





26 Apr.

yon, 3 F.





47 Lt. Nagle, Quar. Mast. vice Bailie, 2W. I. R. E. Ricard, Ens. vice Maxwell, 5 June dead

4 Nov. 1827 Ceyl. Regt. C. B. Delatre, 20 Lt. vice H. Smith, 48 - Croker, Capt. vice Marshall, dead

15 do. 9 July

20 Lt. Garstin, Ist L. vice Deakins, 16 Ens. Donelan, Lt.


29 do. F. A. Wetherall, Ens. 15 May 1828

W. Hardisty, 20 Lt. by purch. do. Lt. Wilson, Capt. vice Brotheridge, Cape Cav. G. A. F. Cunynghame, Cor. by purch. dead

vica Robinson, prom.

32 do.
- Finly, from h. p. 103 F. Lt. vice
Erskine, 63 F.

8 do.

Ordnance department.
Ens. Hull, Lt. více Wilson 15 do.
G. S. Tidy, Ens.


Royal Artillery.
Ens. Campbell, from 82 F. Lt. vice Bt. Maj. Campbell, Lt. Col. vice Wilgress, ret.
Dwyer, canc.

17 June 1823 50

do. Lt. O'Hara, from h. p. Lt. vice Ken

2d Capt. Bayly, Capt.
8 May
Capt. Ande son, from h. p. 2d Capt.

do, Lt. Heneage, from 1 Life Gds. Lt. vice

Gent. Cadet, R. Crawford, to be 2d Lt. vice SeSargeaunt, 13 Dr. 24 do. verne, prom.

19 May Bt. Lt. Col. Kelly, from h. p. 23 Dr.

W. R. Cleeve, do. vice Briscoe, dead Capt. vice Leslie, prom. 15 do.

do. 55 Lt. Trydell, from h. p. 2 R. Vet. Bn.

J. St George, do. vice Robinson,

do. Lt. více Thomson, cane.


8 do. J. Horner, Ens. by purch. vice Thorpe,

W. R. Nedham, do, vice Vandeleur, 14 F.

do. 3 June

to Line 58 Lt. Hardy, from h. p. R: Afr. Corps,

P. S. Campbell, do. vice Holling

do. Lt. vice Parker, 28 F.

8 May

worth, prom. B. Faunc. , Ens. by purch. vice Phillips,

A. H. Frazer, do. vice Wingfield, ret.

do. prom.

15 do. 59 Ens. M'Gregor, Lt. vice Clark, dead

T. G. Marlay, do. vice Tulloh, prom. 8 Aug. 1827 A. M'Donald, Ens. 15 May 1828

E. C. Warde, do. vice Farrell, prom.

do. 61

Lt. Barlow, Adj. vice Toole, res. Adj.

1 do.

A. Tytler, do. vice May, prom. do.
Toole, Paym. vice Glas, ret. h. p.

Ens. Armstrong, Lt. vice Burrell, dead

Lt. Col. Torrens, 38 F. Adj. Gen. in E. Ind. vice
8 do.
Lt. Col. Macdonald, dead

1 May 1828 Lt. Erskine, from 48 F. Lt. vice Ward,

Fearon, 6 F. Dep. Adj. Gen. in E. Ind.

do. h. p. 103 F.


vice Torrens J. Lord, Ens.


Commissariat Department. 61 X. Peel, Ens. by purch. vice Greaves,

Commissariat Clerk, J. Skyrme, to be Dep. Assist. 11 F.

3 June
Comm. Gen.

28 Nov, 1827 Ens. Deverell, Adj. vice Bolton, res.

J. Parr, do. 20 May 1828 Adj. only 29 May

G. Bain, do.

do. GA Ens. Durnford, Lt, vice Mendham,

J. Barford, do.

do. dead

1 do.

S. E. Hansord, do. do. J. F. Bouchette, Ens.


J. Paty, do. 72 Staff Assist. Surg. Forde, Assis!. Surg.

C. T. Walassez, do.

do. vice Stratford, res. 25 Apr.

S. P. Edwards, do. do. 73 Lt. Godfrey, Capt. vice Hay, dead

Medical Department.
Ens. Brown, Lt.

J. W. Moore, to be Hosp. Assist. to the Forces,
J. Skene, Ens. by purch. 29 do.

vice O'Callaghan, 27 F.

8 May 1828 Lt. Gordon, Capt. by purch. vice Has- T. G. Logan, M.D. do, vice Maclachlan, 79 F. do. sard, re:. 1 co. W. Robertson, do. vice Fryer, 16 F.

do. Ens. Stewart, Lt.

Lt. Hon. J. H. R. Curzon, from 98 F.
J. H. Rolland, do. vice Walker, 33 F.

29 do. Lt. vice Barker, h. p. R. Afi. Corps


8 do. To be Lieut. Col. of Infantry by purchase. 75 Ens. Boys, Adj. vice Daniell, res. Adj. Maj. Gascoigne, from 32 €.

3 June 1828 only

29 do. Bt. Lt. Col. M`Neill, from 2 Life Gds. 17 do. 76 R. Bruce, Ens. vice Ponsonby, cane. Maj. Drummond, from 4 F.

do. 1 do,

To be Major of Infantry by purchase. 82 R. Silver, Ens. vice Campbell, 49 F. Capt. Richardson, from 29 F. 3 June 1828

To be Captains of Infantry by purchase. 8.5

Capt. Townsend, from h. p. Capt. pay. Lt. A. Marq. of Douro, from Ř. 7. Gds.

diff. vice Wynn, 58 F.
Lt. Col. Keyt, from h. p. Lt. Col. vice Paisley, from 14 F.

8 May 1828 Macalester, cane.

29 do. The under mentioned Lieutenant, actually serving 89

Ens. Wilson, Lt. vice Prenserga t, 15 upon Full-pay in a Regiment of the Line, whosc

15 dio. Commission is dated in the year 1810, has ac03

Lt. Sutherland, Capt. by purch. vice cepted promotion upon Half-pay, according to
Lowed, ret.

5 June thie General Order of the 27th Dec. 1826.
Ens. Blachford, Lt.


To be Captain of Infantry.
G. H. Dunbar, Ens.
do. Lt. Finucane, from 14 F.

17 June 1828
Capt. J. Macdonald, from h. p. Paym.
vice Patullo, dead
22 May

Erchanges. 97

Lt. Wall, from h. p. Lt. vice Travers, Bt. Col. Bruce, 6 F. with Lt. Col. Fearon, 64 F. 19 F.

5 June Capt. Bygrave, 12 F. rec. dift. with Capt. R A. 98

Lt. Blake, from 38 F. Lt. vice Curzon, M.Kenzie, h. p.
74 F.

8 do. Cocker, 36 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Barton,
R. H. Walker, Ens. by purch. vice Jen-
kins, 14 F.

4 June Snow, 65 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Walker, h. p. Rifle Brig. Lt. Cochran, Capt. vice Pemberton, Majendie, 80 F. rec. diff. with Lord W.F. dead

22 May

Montague, h. p. 20 Lt. Capel, 1st Lt.

do. Watts, 85 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hopwood, Hon. H. A. Saville, 2d Lt. by puren. h. p.

29 do. Nunn, 86 F. with Bt. Maj. Kirby, h. p. 80 F. 2 W. I. R. Ens. Allan, Lt. vice Ford, dead 28 do. Bell, 87 F. rec. dift. with Capt. Lord A. ChiMaxwell, Lt. vice Phibbs, dead chester, h. p.

5 June Stewart, 94. F. rec. diff. with Capt. Milner, F. Brittlebank, Ens. vice Allan 4 do. h. p. VOL. XXIV.

3 E


15 May


26 Apr.

22 May


h. Po

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