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which $600,000 will be reserved to retire M. and P. RR. bonds at par ;) and other liabilities, $27,000—total stock, bonds and debt outstanding at date, $1,214,000. Per contra : Cost of road to date, $1,187,000. Estimated cost to completion, $7,500,000.

The financial statement is reproduced from the MANUAL of 1872-73.

Directors.-James Camphell, Portage, Wis. ; 0. D. Peck, Oshkosh, Wis, ; Wins.
low Bullen, Arlington, Wis. ; R. B. Sanderson and David Atwood, Madison, Wis;
H. T. Moore, Brodhead, Wis.; R. P. Lane and Ralph Emmerson, Rockford, III. ; and
George Young, Hale, Wis.

.Portage, Wis.
Robert P. Lane, Vice-President.

.Rockford, III. Treasurer.... .....J. B. Bowen. I Secretary....., Alden S. Sanborn. Supt.......... George O. Clinton. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Madison, Dane Co., Wis


(Operated in connection with the Brockville and Ottawa Railway.)

Line of Road.-Carleton Place, (46 m. N. Brockville, Can.,) to Ottawa, Can.28.5 m.

The company are now constructing their river line from Ottawa to Pembroke. Eventually, this road will constitute a link in the great route between Quebec and Montreal to the Pacific through British Territory. A land-grant is claimed to have been earned by this company.

Operations from September 16, 1870, to June 30, 1871.—Passengers carried, 28,540. Gross earnings-passenger, $22,373.72 ; freight, $8,842.73 ; mail and express, $1,070.46 ; and other, $124.29—total, $32,411.20. Operating expenses, $25,058.84. Net earnings, $7,352.36 ; expended in construction and material, $4,578.18, leaving cost, June 30, 1871, $2,774.18.

General Balances. - Advances by H. F. Bolckow, $683,467.23 ; open accounts, $3,776.08 ; and profit and loss, $3.800.37—total, $691,043.88. Per contra ; Construction, $685,155.60; wood on hand, $1,860.89; cash on hand, $2,774.18 ; operating accounts, $566.58 ; and open accounts, $746.63. The officers of the company decline to furnish later information. J. J. C. ABBOTT, President......

...Ottawa, Can. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. ..Ottawa, Carlton Co., Ontario, Can.


(Owned by the Barren County Railroad Company, and leased September 26, 1871, for

five years, to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.—Glasgow Junc.,(91 m. S.W. Lou.,) Ky., to Glasgow, Ky...10.19 m. Sidings and other tracks, 0.41 mile. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

The Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company agree to operate the road for five years ; to furnish without rent all the necessary rolling stock; to charge the actual expenses of operating said railroad, including repairs, and to credit the lessons with

all the revenue derived from said road and 10 per cent of all the net earnings from freight and passengers on the L. and N. RR. going to or coming from any point on the Glasgow branch.

Operations for year ending June 30, 1872.—Passengers carried, 11,684 ; carried one mile, 111,410. Freight moved, 6,245 tons ; noved one mile, 65,572 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $5,906.77; freight, $11,736.21 ; and other, $818.44—total, $18,461.42. Operating expenses, $15,451.86. Net earnings, $3.009.56. .

Financial Statement.-Capital stock, $133,000; 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, $40,000. Cost, $179,314. J. R. GARNET, President..

Glasgow, Ky.
Charles L. Hill, Secretary...

..Glasgow, Barren Co., Ky.


Line of Road.-Lake City, Fla., to Chattahoochee, Fla.....

.151 miles.

.4 Station No. 3, Fla., to Monticello, Fla.. Branches : | Tallahassee, Fla., to St. Mark, Fla..

.21-25 Total length of road owned by company.....

176 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 8.8 miles. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

The company also own the Florida, Atlantic and Gulf Railroad.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 14 ; Cars—passenger, 6; baggage, mail and express, 4 ; and freight, box, 69; stock, 6 ; platform, 38; and log-trucks, 23– total revenue cars, 146. Also construction cars, 19.

All information refused. See MANUAL for 1871-72, p. 557.

Directors, (elected May 7, 1872.)-M. S. Littlefield, Jacksonville, Fla. ; Calvin
Littlefield, New-York City ; Thomas Allen, R. Stewart, A. Huling, E. M. Cheny and
J.J. Dickenson, Jacksonville, Fla. ; E. G. Smith, Quincy, Fla.; F. H. Flagg, Talla-
hassee, Fla.
M. S. LITTLEFIELD, President. .....

.Jacksonville, Fla.
Calvin Littlefield, Vice-President.

.New York City.

.F. H. Flagg. | Superintendent....J. H. Gordon. | Tkt. & Fgt. Agt.....F. B. Papy. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

. Tallahassee, Leon Co., Fla.


(In progress.)

(Late Missouri, Fort Scott and Allen County Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Fort Scott, Ks., to West Line of Kansas...

- miles. Gauge of track, 4 feet 87 inches. Weight of rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

The road from Fort Scott to Humboldt, 45 miles, is graded. The company have issued their 1st mortgage 8 per cent bonds to the extent of $20,000 per mile. These bonds are dated January 1, 1871, and have 20 years to run, interest January and July. None of the officers of the company to whom application was made furnish any information.

Directors, (elected June, 1870.)J. S. Redfield, E. M. Hewlett, B. P. McDonald,
George A. Crawford and S. A. Manlove, Fort Scott, Ks.; E. Jones, Marmaton, Ks.;
D. P. Emmert, J. C. Redfield and S. H. Stevens, Humboldt, Ks.; J. M. Bernard,
Salem, Ks.; S. L. Friend and E. Davidson, Woodson Co., Ks.; and George McCrea,
Eureka, Ks.
JOHN S. REDFIELD, President....

.Fort Scott, Ks.
D, B. Emmert, Vice-President.

Treasurer-E. Jones.

Marmaton, Ks. Superintendent-H. L. Shepherd... Fort Scott, Ks. Secrelary-S. A. Manlove..

Fort Scott,


.Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., Ks.


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Line of Road.-Eufaula, Ala., to eridian, Miss...

.about 225 miles. In operation : Eufaula, Ala., to Clayton, Ala..

21 Sidings and other tracks, 1 mile. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 54 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars--passenger, 2 ; baggage, mail and express, 2 ; and freight, box, 20; and platform, 10—total, 34.

Operations for year ending December 31, 1872.–Trains run, 13,000. No statement of earnings or expenses.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock, $500,000. Cost of railroad, $600,000. Real estate, $40,000.

Directors.-Eli S. Shorter, Thomas Cargill, M. B. Wellborn, J. M. McKleroy, E. Stow and J. G. Smith, Eufaula, Ala. ; Virgil Powers and W. S. Holt, Macon, Ga.; D. M. Seals, J. C. Flournoy, W. Clark, H. C. Russell and S. F. Lightner, Clayton, Ala. ELI S. SHORTER, President....

..Eufaula, Ala, Treasurer and Secrétary....... J. G. Smith. I Superintendent and Engineer ....... Virgil Powers.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... ..Eufaula, Barbour Co., Ala.


(Consolidation, January 1, 1868, of the Tennessee and Alabama, the Central Southern,

and the Tennessee and Alabama Central Railroads. Leased, (except Mount Pleasant Branch,) May 4, 1871, for thirty years, to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. Opened, 1858.)

Line of Road.-Naslrville, Tenn., to Decatur, Ala..

.122.0 miles. Branch Line-Columbia, (46 m. S. Nashville,) to Mt. Pleasant, Tenn..... 12.5 Total length of railroad owned by company..

....134.5 Sidings and other tracks, 8.6 miles. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 50 to 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 22. Cars—passenger, 9; baggage, mail and express, 6 ; and freight, (box, 125; and flat, 37,) 162—total revenue cars, 177. Also 17 hand and 16 push-cars. Operations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1871.

Trains run, 328,629 miles ; and cars, 1,590,784 miles. Freight moved, 48,583 tons. Passengers carried, 108,179. Gross earnings, $453,011.70. Operating expenses, including taxes, etc., $269,822.38. Net earnings from operations, $160,686.57.

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The officers of this company decline to give any information as to its operations during the last year prior to its lease. The above statement is estimated.

Under the contract of lease to the Louisville and Nashville Company, dividends at the rate of 6 per cent will be paid to stockholders semi-annually, on and after October 1, 1872. The lessees took possession of the property July 1, 1872.

Financial Statement, September 30, 1871. (Later refused.)—Capital stock, $1,511,807.33 ; profit and loss, $327,120.34; funded debt—1st mortgage 7 per cent sinking fund bonds, dated July 1, 1870, and payable, principal in 30 years, and interest semi-annually, January and July, $2,100,000 ;-2d mortgage 6 per cent bonds, dated October 1, 1867, and payable, principal in 20 years, and interest semi-annually, April and October, $500,000 ; and income (Tennessee and Alabama Railroad) bonds, $24,000—total, $2,624,000; U. S. purchase, $271,597.22 ;. bills payable and special loans, $194,466.82 ; and operating accounts, $52,799.40—$4,981,791.11. Per contra : Construction, $3,647,299.16 ; reconstruction, $204,613.28 ; Nashville depot, $46,370.30; machine-shops, $39,336.54 ; rolling stock, $433,218.40; materials and supplies, $44,704.14 ; due from agents, $1,507.72 ; due from United States, $36,754.21 ; State bonds, $10,000 ; 1st mortgage bonds, $200,000 ; 2d mortgage bonds, $295,000 ; stocks, $5,310.25; and cash, $17,674.11—total, $4,981,791.11. The 1st mortgage bonds of 1870 were issued for the purpose of taking up the Tennessee State Loans. The amount so issued in 1870–71 was $1,900,000, leaving $200,000 on hand for the liquidation of other indebtedness. Of the bonds of 1867, $295,000 remain on hand.

JAMES W. Sloss, President and Gen. Supt........ Nashville, Tenn. Secretary and Treasurer.. .George W. Seay. Master Mechanic..

C. B. Knowles. Assistant Superintendent.

R. N. Reynolds. General Ticket Agent

General Freight Agent...

.Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenn.

R. P. Brown.

W. G. Davis.


(Leased and operated by Kansas Pacific Railway Company.)

Line of Road.- Denver, Col., to Cheyenne, Wyom. Ter..... .106 miles. Branch Line : Hughes, (17 m. N. Denver,) Col., to Erie, Col.

15 Sidings and other tracks, 5.13 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

The officers of this company having failed, in reply to repeated requests, to give any information as to the last fiscal year, the statements published in the Manual of 1872–73 are reproduced.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 6. Cars-passenger, 4; baggage, mail and express, 2 ; freight, box, 16 ; and platform, 6; and coal, 42—total cars, 70.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1871.—Passengers carried, 19,795 ; and freight moved, 43,866 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $169,409.68 ; freight, $177,419.77 ; mail, express, etc., $15,789.23 ; and other, $9,284.62—total, $371,903.30. Operating expenses, repairs, taxes, etc., $175,305.61. Net revenue, $196,597.67.

Financial Statement.—Capital stock, (three fifths owned by Kansas Pacific RR. Company,) $2,500,000 ; and funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent gold bonds, dated May 1, 1869, interest payable semi-annually, May and November, and principal due May 1, 1899, $2,500,000—-total stock and bonds, (representing cost of railroad,) $5,000,000. The above bonds are secured on the railway and 997,994 acres of land.

Directors, (elected May, 1871.)- Robert E. Carr, John D. Perry and B. W.
Lewis, St. Louis, Mo. ; James Archer, Joseph E. Bates, Alfred Sayer, W. S. Chees-
man, Frank W. Cram and D. N. Moffatt, Jr., Denver, Col.
ROBERT D. CARR, President...

.Kansas City, Mo.
W. S. Cheesman, Vice-President.

.Denver, Col.
Treasurer-D. N. Moffatt, Jr. .Denver, Col. | Road Master-Joseph S. Potter.. Denver, Col.
Secretary-R. R. McCormick

Master Mechanic-S. H. Waugh...

Armstrong, Ks.
Gen. Supt.-E. S. Bowen Kansas City, Mo. Ticket Agent-B. R. Keim Kansas City, Mo.
Superintendent -C. W. Fisher.. .Denver, Col. | Freight Ägent-J. F. Oakes.

.Denver City, Col.



Line of Road.-Sandy Hook to Atsion...

Atsion to Atco.....
(Leased) (Vineland Railroad) Atsion to Bay Side.

Eatontown Junction to Port Monmouth.. • Branches :

Manchester to Tom's River....
(Leased) Tom's River to Barnegat Junction...
Whiting's Junction to Pemberton Junction.

[blocks in formation]

Total main line and branches....
Leased :

Maryland and Delaware Railroad..
Kent County (Maryland) Railroad..

...175.25 miles,



Length of leased lines....

80.00 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 12 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 94 in. Rail, 45 and 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 22. Cars--passenger, 62 ; baggage, mail and express, 70; and freight, box, 150 ; stock, 100; and platform, 100—total, 482.

At Atco, connection is made with the Camden and Atlantic Railroad. Steamers ply between New York and Monmouth, Sandy Hook and Long Branch.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1872.---Trains run-passenger, 179,348 ; freight, 85,388 ; mixed, 53,523; and service, 26,560—total, 344,819 miles. Passengers carried, 392,682. Freight moved, 101,344. Gross earnings--passenger, $337,031.03; freight, $225,158.17; mail, express, etc., $53,670.09—total, $615,859.29. Operating expenses, $509,819.89. Net revenue, $106,039.40.

Financial Statement.–At the close of the fiscal year, this line was undergoing consolidation with other lines, so that no detailed financial statement could be given.) Capital stock, $4,000,000 ; and funded debt 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, dated April 7, 1873, and payable, interest semi-annually, April and October, and principal

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