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McKenney, J. R. Emory and J. B. Brown, Centreville, Md. ; J. Clements, W. Finley and C. McCollister, Church Hill, Md. ; P. H. Crain and B. Biggs, Millington, Md. LLOYD TILGAMAN, President..

....Centreville, Md. Treasurer-Mordacai Price........Centreville, Md. Supt. and Eng.-J. Hood. .Centreville, Md. Socretary-W. H. Jacobs.


.Centreville, Md.


Line of Road.—Jamesburg, N. J., to Freehold, N. J....... .11.5 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 1.25 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 9 inches. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

The Railroad from Jamesburg to Monmouth Junction is operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, as lessees of the Camden and Amboy Railroad.

The Freehold and Jamesburg Railroad Company operate the Squankum and Freehold Railroad.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars—passenger, 3; and freight, bor, 6 ; and platform, 15—total, 24.

Operations for the fiscal year ending December 31, 1872.–Trains run-passenger, 52,754 ; freight, 14,706—total, 67,460 miles. Passengers carried, 171,400. Freight moved, 43,411 tons. Gross earnings—passenger, $34, 130.32 ; freight, $20,533.19; mail, etc., $3,109.78—total, $57,773.29. Operating expenses, including taxes, etc., $43,621.59. Net earnings from operations in 1872, $14,151.70.

Financial Statement.--Capital stock, $283,744.80. Per contra : Cost of road, etc., $283,744.80.

Directors, (elected July 29, 1872.)—Joseph Combs, Freehold, N. J. ; Richard S. Conover, South Amboy, N. J. ; Benjamin Fish, Trenton, N. J.; William H. Gatzmer, George B. Roberts and Edmund Smith, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Lewis Perrine, Trenton, N. J. ; Richard Stockton, Trenton, N. J.; Peter Vredenburgh, Freehold, N.J. ; and I. S. Buckelew, Jamesburg, N. J. BENJAMIN FISH, President..

... Trenton, N. J. I. S. Buckelew, Sec., Treas. and Supt.... Jamesburg, N. J. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. Jamesburg, Middlesex Co., N. J.


(Leased and operated by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

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Line of Road.—Pottstown, Pa., to Housensack, Pa.....

.12.8 miles. Sidings, 1.7 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock, Operations, etc.-See lessees' returns. No dividends. Interest on bonded debt, $35,052.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock, 915 shares, $47,165 ; funded debt, 1st mortgage 6 per cent bonds, due June 1, 1898, $584,700 ; and floating debt, $56,377.47 -total, $688,242.47. Per contra : Road, etc., $662,332.33.

Directors.-P. Y. Breedlingen, Berlin, Pa.; J. L. Bell, D. J. Brown, W. A. Church and R. B. Cabeen, Philadelphia, Pa.; and John C. Smith, Pottstown, Pa.

JOSEPH L, BRADLEY, President....Pine Iron Works, Berks Co., Pa. Secretary........ Albert Foster. | Treasurer...... John Welch. Superintendent.... G. A. Nicolle

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. .(P. & R. RR.) Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased May 12, 1864, for 999 years, by Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

Line of Road....

.52.8 miles. Branches and laterals, etc., in the aggregate..

.63.2 Double track, 21.8 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 and 62 lbs. to yard.

Operations.-Included in lessees' returns. Dividends, January and July, each 4 per cent on capital stock.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock, 77,129 shares, $3,856,450. Per contra : Cost of railroad and appurtenances, $3,814,957.42.

Directors.—Samuel Mason, John Livezey, M. L. Dawson, A. J. Derbyshire,
Joshua W. Ash, Frederick Fraley, Wistar Morris, James H. Cresson, Morris Harker
and Charles H. Hutchinson, Philadelphia, Pa.
JOHN C. CRESSON, President....

.Philadelphia, Pa.
Samuel Mason. Secretary

William Biddle.

.Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased May 19, 1869, to the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Reading, Pa., to Allentown, Pa...

.36 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 15.5 m. Gauge, 4 ft. 8} in. Rail, 52, 57, 60, 64 and 68 lbs.

Operations.-Included in lessees' returns. Lease-rent, 7 per cent on stock and bonds. Dividends, January and July, each 3 per cent and taxes.

Financial Statement.--Capital stock, (26,184 shares,) $1,309,200 ; and funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, interest payable March and September, and principal March 1, 1888, $495,900—total stock and bonds, $1,805,100. Per contra : Construction, $1,484,290.12. Lease runs 999 years.

Directors.—R. B. Cabeen, A. E. Borie, W. A. Porter, James E. Gowen and Morton P. Honey, Philadelphia, Pa.; J. L. Stichter and George D. Stetzel, Reading, Pa. FRANKLIN B. GOWEN, President..

.Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary.......... Albert Foster. I Treasurer ...... .John Welch. I Superintendent.....G. A. Nicolls.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..(P. and R. RR. Office) Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased and operated by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Port Carbon, Pa., to Reevesdale, Pa.....

...11 miles. Second track, 5.03 m. ; sidings and branches, 16.1. Gauge, 4 ft. 84 in. Rail, 60 to 64 lbs.

Operations.—Included in lessees' returns. Dividends January and July, each 24 per cent.

Financial Statement.-- Capital stock, (11,521 shares,) $576,050. Per contra : Construction, $576,050.

Directors.-Same as P. and R. RR. Co.


(Leased in perpetuity, and operated by Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Mount Carbon, Pa., to Mine Hill, Pa.....

.8.5 miles. Second track, 2.5 miles ; sidings, 9.8. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 50 lbs.

Operations, -Included in lessees' returns. Minimum rent, $14,000 a year, and a conditional increase according to tonnage, which now averages about $2,000 a year. Dividends, January and July, each 3} per cent, less United States tax.

Financial Statement.--Capital stock, 4,000 shares, $200,000. Per contra : Cost of railroad and appurtenances, $203,259.58. The road is kept up and furnished by the lessees.

Directors.-Franklin B. Gowen, George H. Boker, George E. Hoffman, H. Pratt McKean, A. E. Borie, R. B. Cabeen, J. R. Lippincott and William W. White, all of Philadelphia, Pa. JOHN R. WHITE, President.....

.Philadelphia, Pa. Sec. and Treas.-W. Robinson, Jr.,Philadelphia, Pa. Superintendent. Michael Bright..Pottsville, Pa.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS, ...No. 316 Walnut st., Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased in perpetuity, and operated by Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-New Castle, Pa., to Palo Alto, Pa .....

...3.80 miles. Double, 3.78; sidings and laterals, 18.1. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 64 lbs.

Operations. Included in lessees' returns. Dividends, January and July, each 5 per cent on capital stock.

Financial Statement. -Capital stock, 12,935 shares, at $25 each, $323,375. Per contra : Nominal cost of road, $323,375.

Directors.--Same as P. and R. RR. Co.


Line of Road.-Menasha, Wis., to Ashland, Wis...

.250 miles.

6 | Menasha to Appleton City.... Branch lines : { Stevens's Point to Portage City....

.75- 81 Total length of road as projected....

.331 miles. In operation from Menasha westward..

..130 The company have a land-grant of ten sections to the mile, amounting in the aggregate to about 800,000 acres, which, with the timber upon it, is covered by their mortgage bonds. All the property, including this land, is held for the security of the bonds. The timber, as well as the lands, when sold, can only be used for creating a sinking fund for the payment of the bonds or their liquidation.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 15. Cars—passenger, 6; baggage, mail and express, 2; and freight, (box, 100; and platform, 200,) 300—total revenue cars, 308. Also 40 service cars.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1872.

From Passengers.
$55,326 00 Operating expenses.

.$68,015 28 Freight.. 68,213 82 Balance net earnings.

63,777 91 Miscellaneous 8,253 37

$131,793 19 $131,793 19 Financial Statement.--Capital stock paid in, $1,657,500. Funded debt, $1,591,500. Cost of road and equipment, $4,120,000.

Statement of funded debt in detail :

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Directors.-Gardiner Colby, Charles L. Colby, Boston, Mass.; George Reed, E. G. Roberts, Curtis Reed, Menasha, Wis.; E. B. Phillips, Chicago, Ill. ; E. E. Barney, Dayton, O.; M. Wadleigh, Stevens's Point, Wis.; Samuel Gould, Boston, Mass.

GARDINER COLBY, President. ....No. 28 State street, Boston, Mass.
George Reed, Vice-President..

.Menasha, Wis.
Phillips & Colby, Construction Co..No. 604 Wabash ave., Chicago, Ill.
Treasurer -Samuel H. Walley.. .. Boston, Mass. Superintendent-C. Harris.. .Menasha, Wis.
Secretary-Frank W. Webster. ..Menasha, Wis. Chief Engineer -D. W. Wellman..

...Menasha, Calumet Co., Wis. Fiscal and Transfer Agency..... .No. 28 State street, Boston, Mass.


730 00

Liue of Road.- Valley Stream, N. Y., to Hempstead, L. I...........5.50 miles.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars--passenger, 2; baggage, mail and express, 2; and freight, 2-total, 6.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1872.–Trains run—passenger, 16,064 ; and freight, 3,432_total, 19,496 miles. Passengers carried, 35,865. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Passengers.. $23,388 01 Maintenance of way.

$3,587 52 Freight..

9,976 06 Rolling stock.

5,786 00 $33,364 07

$10,103 52 Net earnings, $23,260.55. Payments from net earnings, South Side Railroad Co., $17,115.12.

Financial Statement. -Capital stock, $500,000 ; subscribed, $200,000; paid in, $200,000; funded debt, $235,000; and floating debt, $15,000—total stock, bonds and debt, $450,000. Per contra : Cost of road and equipment, $219,500.

Directors.-C. S. Brown, New York City ; H. M. Onderdonk and Joseph Lewis, Hempstead, N. Y.; and T. C. Goetchius and S. McElroy, Brooklyn, N. Y.

CHARLES S. BROWN, President.....132 East 24th street, New York.

T. C. Goetchius, Vice-President and Secretary...... Brooklyn, N. Y.
.H. M. Onderdonk. | Superintendent...


.76 Wall street, New York City.


(Leased and operated by the Flushing and North Side Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Flushing, N. Y., to Great Neck, N. Y..... ..6.25 miles.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock, $193,445 ; funded debt, $135,000 ; and floating debt, $6,000—total stock, bonds and debt, $334,445. Per contra : Cost of road, etc., $300,548.70.

Directors.—Isaac Sherwood and Edmund Willetts, Manhasset, N. Y.; Charles
Martin, Port Washington, N. Y.; Roland G. Mitchell, New York City ; J. L. Hewlett
and Charles W. Rogers, Great Neck, N. Y.; John M. Clark, Manhasset, N. Y.;
James Udall, Great Neck, N. Y.; Charles H. Smith and Thomas Messenger, New
York City ; Silas Mott and Elbert H. Bogert, Manhasset, N. Y.; and Spencer H.
Smith, New York City.
Isaac SHERWOOD, President. ......

New York City.
Thomas H. Messenger. Secretary.....

John M. Clark.
PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... No. 161 Maiden Lane, New York City.


(Leased to the Northern of New Jersey, and sub-leased to Erie Railway Company.)

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Line of Road.—Nyack, N. Y., to Upper Piermont, N. Y. ....... .4.33 miles.

Financial Statement, September 30, 1872.-Capital stock authorized, $75,000 : subscribed, $70,000 ; and paid in, $53,025 ; funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, $100,000 ; and floating debt, $2,049.88—total stock, bonds and debt, $155,174.88. Per contra : Cost of road, etc., $226,773.46.

Directors.--Charles G. Sisson, Jersey City, N. J.; 0. A. Roorback, Henry
Thompson and Jay Gould, New York City ; Thomas H. Herring, Fair View, N. J.;
W. A. Shepard, Nyack, N. Y.
HENRY THOMPSON, President.....

.NO York City.
0. A. Roorback. | Treasurer....


..Long Dock, Jersey City, N. J.

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Line of Road.-Wilkesbarre, Pa., to Waverly, (Erie Railway,)N. Y.104.30 miles.
Pleasant Valley Branch......

Southern Central Connection...

.2.12 Branches : Ithaca and Athens Connection..

Barclay Connection......

.2.48— 12.12
Total length of main and branch lines owned by company... ..116.42 miles.
Double, 16.17, and side-tracks, 19.79 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 8} in. Rail, 59 and 60 lbs.
Leased : Sullivan and Erie RR. (Towanda to Sullivan Co. coal-mines.). ....29.25 miles.


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