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Line of Road.-Quincy, Ill., to East St. Louis, Ill..

.130.0 miles. In operation : Quincy, III., to East Louisiana, II.....

41.7 Sidings and other tracks, 1.34 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 3. Cars-passenger, 2 ; baggage, mail and express, 2 ; freight, 45.

Operations. The road was opened January 1, 1872. Earnings estimated at $96,000. Working expenses not reported.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock paid in, $1,000,000. Funded debt, 1st mort gage 7 per cent gold bonds, dated 1872, $350,000. JOHN B. ALLEY, President....

.Boston, Mass. Secretary-Frank Talbot

Quincy, III. | Chief Engineer--R. B. Lewis Quincy, Il. Gen. Superintendent-N. D. Munson...

Gen. Tkl. and Tgl. Agt.-D. A. Sweat. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

.Quincy, Adams Co., III.


Line of Road.—Knoxville, Tenn., to State Line of Kentucky..... .65 miles. In operation : Knoxville, Tenn., to Coal Creek, Tenn.....

.31 Sidings and other tracks, 1.25 miles. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars—passenger, 2 ; baggage, 1; and freight, (box, 3; and platform, 7,) 10—total, 13.

No report of operations has ever been furnished.

The State granted aid to this company to the extent of $2,350,000. The road was never completed, and the interest on the bonds was never paid by the company, as agreed. The road has been sold by the State for default in payment of its debts, but the amount of purchase-money is not stated. There was paid into the State treasury on account of the purchase, between October 1, 1871, and January 1, 1873, $257,500, on which $38,625 past due interest had accumulated, leaving still due, $92,500, with $13,875 past due interest. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS,

.Knoxville, Knox Co., Tenn.


(Operated by the Freehold and Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad.)

Line of Road.-Freehold, N. J., to Farmingdale, N. J...... .7.65 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 1.5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 10 inches. Rail, 40 lbs to yard.

The receipts, operations, etc., are included in those of the Freehold and Jamesburg Railroad. I. S. BUCKELEW, President.....

Jamesburg, N. J.
Treas, and Sec.-J. D. Buckelew..Jameshnrg, N.J., Superintendent
Engineer-J. G. Stevens............

. Trentou, of Yurt Works A. A. Yard.... Freehold, N. J.


.Freehold, Monmouth Co., X. J.


Line of Road. --Chicago, Ill., to Portage City, Wis..

. 160 miles. Gauge of track, 4 feet 81 inches.

This is a consolidation of the Wisconsin Northern and a contemplated railroad in Illinois.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock, $2,000,000, of which about $300,000 has been subscribed by towns and individuals. First mortgage bonds, (not issued,) $4,000,000. These bonds, dated July 1, 1872, are gold bearing, interest 7 per cent, and have a sinking fund.

Directors.-F. E. Hinckley, A. B. Meeker, J. H. Wrenn, W. L. Brown and R.
E. Goodell, Chicago, Ill. ; C. H. Phillips, C. R. Gibbs and George Esterly, White-
water, Wis.
GEORGE ESTERLY, President......

Whitewater, Wis.
J. H. Wrenn, Secretary and Treasurer.

....Chicago, Ill. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. ..... Whitewater, Walworth Co., Wis.


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Line of Road.–Sandsburg, Ky., to Boone Furnace, Ky..... .....30 miles.

This road is intended for the transportation of coal and iron from the mines and furnaces to the Ohio River. Connection will be made with the Kentucky and Great Eastern and the Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad. Contributions of lands, amounting to 20,000 acres, have been made along the line of road. The capital stock is fixed at $2,000,000.

Directors, (March 31, 1873.)-Nathaniel Sands, W. J. A. Baldwin, Francis A. Sands and R. R. Hazard, Jr., New York City ; John A. Pomeroy and John Byrne, Cincinnati, O.

NATHANIEL SANDS, President and Treasurer......New York City.

W. J. A. Baldwin, Vice-President Secretary-Francis A. Sands......

.. New York City. I Superintendent—John Byrne........ Cincinnati, O. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Cincinnati, O.


(In progress.)

Line of Road.-Lancaster, Pa., to Reading, Pa..

.34 miles. Branch Lines : \ Lancaster, Pa., to Safe Harbor, Pa..

.12 (Lancaster, Pa., to Quarryville, Pa...

.22-34 Total length of main and branch lines as projected.......

.68 miles. The work of grading is in progress on the Quarryville section.

Financial Statement, December 31, 1872.-Capital stock authorized, $750,000 ; subscribed, $125,450 ; paid in, $15,672.

Directors, (elected January 1, 1872.)-T. E. Franklin, R. W. Shenk, John D. Skiles, A. H. Peacock, C. A. Bitner, W. L. Peiper, H. G. Smith, Daniel Herr and Amos Hollinger, Lancaster, Pa. ; E. Billingfelt, Adamstown, Pa. ; George W. Hensel, Quarryville, Pa. ; Henry Bushong, Reading, Pa.; John A. Hiestand, Lancaster, Pa. R. W. SHENK, President...

Lancaster, Pa. Treasurer and Scretary........ W. Leaman. I Chief Engineer..


.Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pa.


(Consolidation, October 25, 1870, of the Atlantic and Pacific and the South Pacific

Railroad Companies.)

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Leased :


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Line of Road.-Franklin, (Pacific RR. of Mo..) Mo., to Vinita, Ind. Ter.328.00 m. Branch : Beaver, Mo., to Hematite, Mo.....

4.00 Length of main line and branch....

332.00 m. Pacific RR. (of Missouri.)-St. Louis to Kansas City.... .283.50 m. Carondelet Branch (Mo. Pacific)—Carondelet to Kirkwood..... 15.50 Osage Valley and Southern Kansas RR.–Tipton to Boonville. 25.00 “ Lexington and St. Louis RR.-Sedalia to Lexington...... 55.25 St. Louis, Lawrence & Denver RR.-Pleasant Hill to Lawrence 61.00 “ Missouri River RR.–Kansas City to Leavenworth...... Leavenworth, Atchison and Northwestern RR.-L. to Atchison. 21.25—486.75 m. Length of lines owned, leased and operated.

....818.00 m. Second track and sidings, 05.50 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 8} in. Rail, 56 to 60 lbs.

The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad was organized under an act of Congress approved July 27, 1866, and embraces the South Pacific Railroad Company, (originally the southwest branch of the Pacific Railroad of Missouri,) which was organized under the provisions of an act of the General Assembly of Missouri, approved March 17, 1868. The South Pacific received a grant of lands under an act of Congress passed June 10, 1852, of more than 1,000,000 acres. Under the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company's charter, about 500,000 acres have been already received and secured by the company, namely, 480,000 acres in Missouri and 20,000 acres in Arkansas. The receipts from the sales of these lands are applicable—first, to interest on the bonded debt, and the balance appropriated to paying off the bonds at a price not exceeding 110 per cent.

The Pacific Railroad Company of Missouri was completed to Kansas City October 2, 1865. The following named roads are leased to that company on the terms mentioned : Missouri River Railroad, for 20 years from July 2, 1866, the Pacific Railroad Company paying $50,000 a year for five years, the rent to be increased every succeeding five years $10,000, until, for the last five years of the contract, $80,000 a year is to be paid ; the Leavenworth, Atchison and Northwestern Railroad, $42,500 a year; the Osage Valley and Southern Kansas Railroad, 35 per cent of the gross earnings; the Lexington and St. Louis Railroad, which this company own, 6 per cent gold on $1,000,000 first mortgage bond, and, in addition thereto, nine twelfths of net earnings after paying interest ; and the St. Louis, Lawrence and Denver Railroad, a conditional rental of $75,000 a year.

The Pacific Railroad of Missouri and all of its leased lines were leased to the At.

lantic and Pacific Railroad Company on June 29, 1872, for the term of 999 years, the latter company assuming all liabilities, and agreeing to pay a dividend on $7,000,000 stock of 5 per cent per annum for first three years, 6 per cent for the next succeeding

6 two years, and 7

per cent thereafter. Dividends payable quarterly. The branch from Kirkwood to Carondelet reaches the river and secures the use of a large water front. The branch was constructed during the year 1872, and cost about $300,000. In connection with this branch, the company have purchased the Carondelet Ferry for the sum of $33,000.

Rolling Stock.—Locomotive engines, 121. Cars—passenger, 70 ; sleeping cars, 4; baggage, mail and express, 33; freight, box, 1,052 ; stock, 581; platform, 456 ; coal and ore, 692 ; caboose, 51 ; service, 6–total of all cars, 2,945.

Abstract of rolling stock on all lines for eight years :

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Operations for six months ending Decenıber 31, 1872.—Passengers carried, 307,251 ; carried one mile, 19,397.286. Freight moved, 580,999 ; moved one mile, 80,297,618 tons,

Earnings. (Year ending December 31, 1872.) Erpenditures. From Parsengers, .$1.564.410 60 Operating expenses.

$2,754,143 15 Freighi. 3,003,317 70 Net earnings..

2,105,568 83 Miscellancous.

251,983 68 $4,819,711 98

$1,819,711 98 Payments from net earnings : Interest on funded debt, (A. and P. RR., $864,000 ; P. RR., $711,000,) $1,564,000. Rent : P.RR., $235,500 ; balance, applicable to divi. dend, $266,568.73.

Abstract of operations of all lines now composing A. and P. RR. for eight years :

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* For six months only.

+ or all trains. Financial Statement.—December 31, 1872.-Capital stock, (A. and P. RR.,) preferred, $10,000,000 ; common, $5,000,000 ; Central Division, $1,400,000 ; Missouri Pacific RR., guaranteed, $7,000,000—total stock, $23,400,000. Funded debt, $27,400,000. Total stock and bonds representing cost of road, $50,800,000.

[blocks in formation]

Sonth Pacific construction bonds. July 1, 1868 6P.C., 8. Jan. and July. July 1, 1898 $7,200.000 Atlantic Pacific land-grant bonds.

3.001,000 second., Nov. 1, 1970 4. Nov. and May. Nov. 1, 1900

3,000,000 Central Division-1st.

1,200,000 Missouri Pacific-first...

Ang. 1, 1868

Aug. and Feb. Aug. 1, 1888 7.000,009 second,

July 1, 1871 7 p. C.... July and Jan. July 1, 1890 3,000,000 real estate.

May 1, 1872 8 P. C.... May and Nor. May 1, 1902 800,000 St. Louis County 7 p. c....

700.000 incomes

Sept. 1, 1872, 7 p. c.... Sept. and Mch. Sept.1, 1902 1,500,000

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The net cash receipts in land department in 1872 were $169,439.31, and land contracts were made on which there is due, $704,920.02.

Directors.-Alden B. Stockwell and Andrew Peirce, Jr., New York City ; Francis
B. Hayes, Uriel Crocker and Jacob Sleeper, Boston, Mass. ; Andrew V. Stout, New
York City ; Frederick Billings, Woodstock, Vt. ; William H. Coffin, St. Louis, Mo. ;
Charles I. Morrill, Boston, Mass. ; Oliver Ames, North Easton, Mass. ; Joseph Selig.
man, New York City; George S. Curtis, Boston, Mass.; and Ozias Bailey, White
Cloud, Kansas.
ALDEN B. STOCKWELL, President.....

.New York.
Andrew Peirce, Jr., Vice-President and General Manager,
William H. Coffin, 2d Vice-President....

.St. Louis.
Treasurer - Andrew V. Stout. . New York. Supt of Bridges-R. M. Peck.

.St. Louie. Secretary-William A. Hayes.

Master of Michinery-J. Hewitt. General Supt.--A. A. Talmage.

St. Louis. Master of Car Renairs-John Schaeffer. “ 4x8l. Supl.-A. W. Dickiuson

Gen. Tkt. Agt.-E. A. Ford. Chief Engineer–J. Blickensderfer.

Gen. Fgt. Agt.-J. A. Hill.. Road Master-L, L. Keller.

Purchasing Agent-W. H. Patriarch.
Auditor-C. L. White

Land Commissioner-Amos Tuck..
Trans. Agt.--NI. Shoe and Leather Bk. New York.
PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... I No. 287 Broadway, New York City.

(23 and 25 South 4th st., St. Louis, Mo. Transfer Office...,

.Broadway and Chambers st., New York.

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(Lased and operated by the Contral Railroad Company of New Jersey.)

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... 15

Line of Roail.-Bethlehem, Pa., to Stroudsburg, Pa.

.36 miles. In operation : Bethlehem to Chapman Slate Quarries... Sidings and other tracks, 5,485 feet. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock furnished by lessees.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1872.—Passengers carried, 18,320. Freight moved, 29,828 tons. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Passengers.. $5,525 15 Maintenance of way..

$21.8.96 85 Freight 29,057 76 Transportation ...

14,359 65 Miscellaneous.

558,75 $35,141 66

$38,226 53

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