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Line of Road.—Kankakee, Ill., to Templeton, Ind......

..56 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 9 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 10. Cars-passenger, 12; and freight, (box, 150 ; stock, 18; and coal, 32,) 200—total, 212.

The company use the road of the Lafayette, Muncie and Bloomington Company, between Templeton and Lafayette, 20 miles.

Operations.-Not given.

Financial Statement, December 31, 1872.—Capital stock (March 4, 1872.) ($1,000,000) paid in, $900,000 ; and funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent gold bonds, dated September 1, 1871, interest payable, March and September, and principal Sep. tember 1, 1901, at New York, (Union Trust Company,) $1,120,000.

Directors.—Moses Fowler and Adams Earl, Lafayette, Ind.; D. W. Ayres, W. B. Fowler, W. B. Fledger and 0. Bush, Sheldon, Ill.; and Gustavus Ricker, New York. ADAMS EARL, President......

..Lafayette, Ind.
Gustavus Ricker, Vice-President. .56 Broadway, New York.
Treasurer-Mosos Fowler.. .Lafayette, Ind. | Engineer-G. K. Richards.
Sec. and Tkt. Agt.-J. M. Kerper .
Superintendent-E. H. Waldron..

Master Mechanic-C. E. Gevre..
Purch. AgentJ. W. Haight, Jr.... Lafayette, Ind.

.Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Ind. Transfer Office..

.No. 41 Cedar street, New York.

. Lafayete, Ind.

Road Naster-F. H. Galeneux..

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(Leased and operated by the Towanda Coal Company.)

Line of Road.-Barclay, Pa., to Towanda, Pa......

.16 miles. Sidings, etc., 5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 6. Cars-passenger, 2d class, 2; caboose, 2: freight, 17; and coal, 277—total, 298.

Operations for year ending December 31, 1871.— Trains (coal and other) run, 122,670 miles. Passengers carried, 17,175. Freight (mostly bituminous coal) moved, 392,847 tons. Gross earnings—passenger, $6,625.63 ; and freight, $30,398.84—total, $36,934.47. Operating expenses, $104,389.36 ; and rent of road, $30,000—total, $134,389.36. Apparent deficit to lessees, $104,080.52. Dividends on shares of $50 each, March 20, 1872, $1 ; June 15, 75 cents; September 14, $1 ; and November 14,

. 75 cents-total, $3.50 per share, or 7 per cent.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock ($1,000,000) paid in, $1,000,000; funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, due March 1, 1882, $79,000—total stock and $1,079,000.

Directors.-J. V. Williamson, Edward Lewis, Charles W. Trotter and J. Ray-
mond Claghorn, Philadelphia, Pa.; Thomas Wilson, Baltimore, Md.; William B.
Warner, Morristown, Pa.
EDWARD M. Davis, President....

Philadelphia, Pa.
Harvey Shaw, Secretary and Treasurer.

.Philadelphia, Pa.



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Line of Road.-Morehead City, N. C.; to Goldsboro, N. C.......... .95 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 4.75 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 9. Cars—passenger, 12; baggage, mail and express, 6; and freight, box, 33; and platform, 40—total revenue cars, 91. Also road and service-cars, 7.

Operations for the year ending May 31, 1872.— Not given.

Financial Statement, May 31, 1872.-Capital stock, $1,600,000 ; and funded debt, 1st mortgage 8 per cent bonds, dated 1868, interest payable January and July, and principal due 1888, $200,000. The road has cost about $2,200,000. The bonds, as above, are 1st mortgage 8s. They mature July 1, 1873.

Directors, (elected last Thursday in June, 1972.)—E. R. Stanly, B. L. Perry, C. R. Thomas, R. F. Lehman and R. W. King, New Berne, N. C.; W. B. Duncan and Isaac Ramsay, Beaufort, N. C.; M. F. Arendell, Morehead City, N. C.; J. L. Morehead, Charlotte, N. C. ; B. F. Parrott, Kinston, N. C.; W. P. Grimsley, Snow Hill, N. C. ; and W. T. Faircloth, Goldsboro, N. C. E. R. STANLY, President.....

New Berne, N. C. Treasurer and Secretary.... W. G. West. Master Mechanic..

.J. V. Wilson. Superintendent and Purch. Agent.....E. G. Stanly. ! Gen, Tkt. and Fot. Agt..

.J. A. Suydam. Road Master and Supt. of Bridges.. Blake Howell. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

.New Berne, Craven Co., N. C.


Line of Road.–Bald Eagle Valley Railroad, to Snow-Shoe, Pa.......21.2 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 3.35 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 45 and 56 lbs.

The company have also a joint and equal right with the B. E. Val. RR. Co. to the use of the road between Snow-Shoe Junction and Bellefonte, 4 miles.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 5. Cars-passenger, 2; freight, (8-wh.,) 2 ; and (4-wh.) 3 ; and coal, (4-wh.,) 40—total, 47.

Operations for the fiscal year ending December 31, 1872.—Trains run-freight and passenger, 39,905 ; and coal, 26,097—total, 66,002 miles. Passengers carried, 19,633. Freight moved, 85,422 tons. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Passengers. $5,210 83 Maintenance of way..

.$35,360 49 Freight 57,9.50 53 Rolling stock

10,808 62 Miscellaneous, 113,637 33 Transportation..

22,852 89 $179,799 79

$69,022 00 Net earnings, $110,776.79. Paid for interest, $6,233.05; dividends, $18,900 ; and miscellaneous, $68,742.51.

Financial Statement.—Capital stock (20,000 shares, $1,000,000) paid in, $600,000 ; and funded debt, 1st mortgage 6 per cent bonds, due 1883, $99,000—total stock and bonds, $699,000. Per contra : Cost of road and equipment, $457,981.33. The balance of the investment is used in the coal and lumber business.

Directors.-R. H. Downing, Jacob P. Jones, William Helme and John H. Wheeler, Philadelphia, Pa.; and Robert Valentine, Bellefonte, Pa. R. H. DOWNING, President....

...Philadelphia, Pa. Tressurer--Daniel Rhoads.... .Bellefonte, Pa. | Secretary-John II. Wheeler ...... Philadelphia, Pa.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. .No. 1608 Market street, Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased Sept. 15, 1871, and operated by the Huntingdon and Broad Top PR. Company.)

Line of Road.-Mount Dallas, Pa., to State Line, Pa..

.33.6 miles. Branch ...

0.7" Sidings, 1.25 miles. Gauge, 4 feet. Rail, 52 lbs.

Rolling Stock.—None owned. Furnished by lessees.
Operations.-Included in lessees' returns.

Financial Statement, January 1, 1872.-Capital stock-authorized, $600,000 ; subscribed, $410,400 ; and paid in, $241,924.70 ; and funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, principal due May 10, 1892, $1,000,000; and floating debt, $10,000—total stock, bonds and debt, $1,251,924.70. Per contra : Construction and equipment, $984,353.36. JOHN CESSNA, President....

.Bedford, Pa. Secretary-M. A. Points....... .. Bedford, Pa. | Treasurer-J. A. Bowers.... .Bedford, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Bedford, Bedford Co., Pa.


(Leased in perpetuity, April 30, 1863, to Chicago and Alton Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Bloomington, Ill., to Godfrey, Ill........

.150 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 7.5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 and 60 lbs. Rolling Stock.

None owned. Sold to lessees. Operations. Included in lessees' returns. Annual rental, percentage of gross earnings-guaranteed minimum, $240,000.

Financial Statement, January 1, 1873.-Capital stock-common, $1,270,000, and preferred, $1,054,100; and funded debt 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, dated March

7 16, 1864, and payable, interest April and October, and principal April 1, 1894, $2,929,000; and 2d mortgage 7 per cent bonds, dated May 1, 1868, and payable, interest January and July, and principal July 1, 1893, $548,000—total stock and bonds, $5,801,100. Per contra : Cost of road, $5,040,100 ; and bonds issued to and assumed by Chicago and Alton Company to aid in building the Louisiana Branch Railroad, 1st mortgage, $564,000; and 2d mortgage, $188,000. This branch cost $1,370,932, and the C. and A. RR. Company are the sole owners. Deducting the amount of bonds assumed by the lessees, the amounts remaining as liabilities of the St. L., J. and C. RR. Coinpany are- —1st mortgage, $2,365,000 ; and 2d mortgage, $360,000; or a total of $2,725,000.

Directors, (elected June 7, 1872.)—John J. Mitchell, Alton, Ill.; Charles P. Hodges, Carrollton, Ill. ; S. E. Worcester, Whitehall, Ill.; John Crerar, Chicago, Ill.; William G. Green, Tallula, Ill.; Henry T. Strawn, Mason City, I.; Stephen Dunlap, Jacksonville, Ill.; Timothy B. Blackstone, Chicago, Ill. ; Nathaniel W. Green, Pekin, I.; George Straut, Peoria, Ill.; and Josiah Sawyer, Tremont, III. GEORGE STRAUT, President....

.Peoria, III. Secretary-R. H. Nolton...

..Chicago, II. | Treasurer-T. B. Blackstone......... Chicago, Ill.

Transf. Agt.--M. K. Jesup & Co.. New York City. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

.....Chicago, III. Fiscal and Transfer Agency Office....No. 59 Liberty street, New York City.


(Opened, 1856.)


Line of Road.-Pittsburg, Pa., to Oil City, Pa......

..132 miles. Plum Creek Branch......

8 Double track, 12; and sidings, 50.8 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 9 ins. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

The Eastern Extension of the Allegheny Valley Railroad, from the main line to Driftwood, on the Susquehanna River, is under construction.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 48. Cars-passenger, 31 ; baggage, mail and express, 9; box, freight, 246 ; gondola, 684; and other, 419—total cars, 1,389.

Operations for the year ending October 31, 1872.-Cars run-passenger, 1,431,567; and freight, 10,199,385 miles. Passengers carried, 779,959. Freight moved, 1,320,289 tons. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Passengers. $576,218 78 Maintenance of way..

$381.753 11 Freight 1,518,050 55 Rolling stock.

255,823 35 Miscellaneous.


619,556 95 $2,191,488 94

$1,257,133 41 Net earnings, $934,355.53. Paid for interest, $284,018.93. Abstract of operations for five years :

67,219 61

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Financial Statement.--October 31, 1872.-Capital stock authorized, $3,000,000 ; paid in, $2,256,400; funded debt, $3,939,000 ; and floating debt, $886,202.80—total stock, bonds and debt, $7,081,602.80. Per contra : Cost of road and equipment, $10,653,410.93.

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Directors.-William Phillips, J. Patton Lyon, William K. Nimick, William M. Lyon, B. J. Jones, Felix R. Brunot and James Park, Jr., all of Pittsburg, Pa. WILLIAY PHILLIPS, President....

.Pittsburg, Pa.
J. Patton Lyon, Vice-President.
.W. A. Tomlinson., Controller.

John Ballantine.
W. K. Nimick. Master of Machinery.

G. W. Glase. General Superintendent. John J. Lawrence. Master of Car Repairs.

Robert Gunning. Assistant Superintendent. . Thomas M. King. Master of Transportation.

T. R. Tower. Chief Engineer. II. Blackstone. General Ticket Agent..

James H. Bray. Auditor.


.Pittsburg, Allegheny Co., Pa.


RAILWAY. (In progress.)

Line of Road.—Jacksonville, Illinois, to Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., Ill... 1250 m. In operation : Jacksonville, Ill., to Virden, Ill..

30.7“ Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 2. Cars-passenger, 1 ; caboose, 2; freight, 25. All other rolling stock furnished by connecting roads.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock authorized, $2,000,000; paid in, $556,600. No floating debt.

To aid in further construction and equipment of road, the Board of Directors has authorized the issue of first mortgage bonds at the rate of $20,000 per mile, upon completed road only. The bonds are 7 per cent gold, principal payable in 1902.

Directors.-William A. Gibson, New York City ; William Elliott, James H.
Dunn, Philadelphia ; Marshall P. Ayers, A. E. Ayers, William S. Hook, Jackson-
ville, Ill.; John C. Salter, Waverly, III.
MARSHALL P. AYERS, President.....

.Jacksonville, Ill.
William A. Gibson, Vice-President..

New York City.
Secretary and Treasurer... William S. Hook. | Superintendent.

... Edward S. Greenleaf. Chief Engineer....


.Jacksonville, Ill. Fiscal Agency..

..50 Exchange Place, New York City.


(Leased to the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Port Clinton, Pa., to Allentown, Pa..

.....35.8 miles. In operation, 4.5 miles. Sidings, etc., 0.3 mile. Gauge, 4 ft. 84 inches. Rail, 64 lbs.

Operations.-Included in lessees' report.

Financial Statement, November 30, 1872.-Capital stock ($2,000,000) paid in, $569,544.47 ; and floating debt, $613,032.50—total stock and debt, $1,181,576.97. Per contra : Construction to date, $1,057,629.39. FRANKLIN B. GOWEN, President...

Philadelphia, Pa. Treasurer-John Welch..... . Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary-Albert Foster....... Philadelphia, Pa.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...(Phila. and Reading) Philadelphia, Pa.


(Owned and operated by the government of the Dominion of Canada.)

113 miles.

Line of Road.-Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Pictou, Nova Scotia.... Branch Line : Junction, (13 m. N. Halifax,) N. S., to Windsor, N. S..


Total length of inain and branch lines.....

...145 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 14.5 miles. Gauge, 5 feet 6 inches. Rail, 56 and 63 lbs.

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