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Line of Road.-Cortland, N. Y., to Otselic, N. Y...

32 miles. Organized April 9, 1870. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Financial Statement, October 1, 1872.—Capital stock authorized, $800,000; subscribed, $348,100; and paid in, $220,000. Éxpended to date, $156,000. PERRIN H. MCGRAW, President..

.McGrawville, N. Y. Treasurer ......James S. Sqnires. | Secretary... .Frank Place. | Engineer .......Fred. E. Knight.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS....(Pres.) McGrawville, Cortland Co., N. Y.


Line of Road.-Utica, N. Y., to Otselic, N. Y.

... about 18 miles. Organized, March 28, 1870. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Financial Statement, September 30, 1872.-Capital stock, authorized, $350,000 ; subscribed, $18,100; and paid in, $1,810. A. B. Johnson, President...

...Utica, N. Y. Treasurer--D. N. Crouse. .Utica, N. Y. | Secretary-C. W. Hutchinson .........

.Utica, N. Y. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS......(President) Utica, Oneida Co., N. Y.

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(Operated by the Erie Railway Company.)

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Line of Road.—Montgomery, N. Y., to Albany, N. Y...

.85.25 miles. In operation : Montgomery, N. Y., to Rosendale, N. Y..

...33.10 Sidings and other tracks, 2.40 miles. Gauge, 6 feet. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engine, 1. Construction cars, 4.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1872.—Trains (mixed) run, 33,740 miles. Passengers carried, 45,015; carried one mile, 451,990. Freight moved, 21,504 tons; moved one mile, 219,925 tons. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Passengers .$12,862 71 Maintenance of way

$14,396 41 Freight

19,714 49 | Rolling stock. Miscellancous. 1,854 60 Transportation.

36,457 98 $34,421 80

$51,390 91

536 52

Excess of expenditures over earnings, $16,969.11.

Financial Statement.—Capital stock, $5,000,000 ; subscribed, $739,550 ; paid in, $735,765 ; funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent gold bonds, interest payable April and October, and principal April 1, 1901, $760,500 ; and floating debt, $275,272 93— total stock, bonds and debt, $1,771,537.93. Per contra : Cost of road and equipment, $1,750,547.29.

Directors.-F. S. McKinstry, New Paltz, N. Y.; Thomas Cornell, Kingston, N. Y.;
8. M. Capron and John C. Scofield, Walden, N. Y.; Edmund Bruyn, Shawangunk,
N. Y.; Jacob Lefevre, New Paltz, N. Y.; R. H. Berdell and A. S. Muray, Goshen,
N. Y.; C. F. Young, Honesdale, Pa.; William F. Ramer, Artemus Sohler, J. E.
Ostrander and Reuben Bernard, Kingston, N. Y.
Thomas CORNELL, President.....

.Kingston, N. Y.
.R. H. Berdell. Secretary.

J. E. Ostrander.
..F. J. Hecker. | Engineer..


.New Paltz, Ulster Co., N. Y.


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Line of Road.-Nashville, Tenn., to Knoxville, Tenn....

..180 miles. In operation : Nashville, Tenn., to Lebanon, Tenn..

31 Sidings and other tracks, 4 miles. . Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars—passenger, 3 ; baggage, mail and express, 2 ; and freight, box, 8; stock, 2; and platform, 14—total cars, 29.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1872.—Passengers carried, 24,984 ; carried one mile, 124,920. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Passengers . $32,468 44 Operating expenses.

-$41,478 71 Freight.. 20,950 92 Balance, nct earnings

16,263 82 Miscellaneous.

4,323 17 $57,742 53

$57,742 53 Financial Statement, January 1,1872.-Capital stock, $635,070; Tennessee State loans, $1,185,000; bills payable, $493,119.72 ; unpaid interest on State loans, $35,530 ; due on construction account, $6,210; and on equipment account, $5,500 ; sundries $70.58 ; coupons accrued on county bonds, $17,074.87; net earnings of road, $7,741.86 ; profit and loss, $482.30. Per contra : State bonds and coupons, $1,247,700 ; stock unpaid, $17,538 ; cost of road and equipment to date, $891,488.63 ; discount on county bonds, $170,515.16 ; interest, discount and commissions, $55,483.99 ; loss, $2,130; and cash, $944.45—total, $2,385,800.23. Since the above statement, the company have purchased the State's interest in the road, on account of bonds issued, for $300,000.

Directors, (elected March, 1872.)—George Maney, J. W. Paramore, John Kirkman, A. J. Porter, A. L. Demoss and Samuel Watkins, Nashville, Tenn.; John Crudup, Mt. Juliett, Tenn.; J. S. McClain, G. L. Robinson and J. W. Phillips, Lebanon, Tenn.; John A. Tite, George H. Gloss and Thomas A. Waters, Carthage, Tenn. GEORGE MANEY, President and Supt..

.Nashville, Tenn. Treas, and Sec......R. W. Miller. Mast. of Mach.. T. M. Brantley. | Gen. Ticket Agt... J. D. Money. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Nashville, Davidson Co., Teun.


Line of Road.—Harrison, Ohio, to Hagerstown, Ind...
Branch line : Harrison, Ohio, to Valley Junction...
Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

.62.4 miles.


Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 5. Cars—passenger, 6; baggage, mail and express, 1 ; and freight, (box, 50 ; stock, 30; platform 20; and coal, 10,) 110 ; total revenue cars, 117. Also, 10 service cars.

Operations for the year ending May 1, 1872.–Trains run-passenger, 69,264 ; freight, 56,352 ; and other, 1,116—total, 126,732 miles. Freight moved, 93,753 tons. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Pessengers $59,737 02 Operating expenses..

.$110,444 70 Freight. 134,116 48 Balance, net earnings.

101,692 64 Miscellaneous.

21,283 84 $215,137 34

$215,137 84 Payments from net earnings : Interest, $75,520 ; and other, $26,592.99. Balanco to credit, $2,579.65.

Financial Statement. Construction.. $1,250,855 35 ; Capital stock.

$370,025 00 Equipment.. 135.398 77 Bonds...

944.000 00 Materiale, etc. 5,3.37 13 Bills payable.

91,962 84 Other assets.. 94,236 24 | Miscellaneous.

76,899 65 $1,485,887 49

$1,485,887 49 The bonds are dated 1865, bear 8 per cent interest, payable February and August, and are due 1890.

Directors, (elected March, 1873.)-D. A. Dwight, Boston, Mass.; H. W. Britton, Chapman Dwight and Henry Prentiss, Cincinnati, Ohio ; B. F. Claypool, Connersville, Indiana ; John H. Farquhar, Indianapolis, Ind.; and William Dwight, Cincinnati, O. DANIEL A. DWIGIIT, President..

. Boston, Mass. Chapman Dwight, Vice-President.

...Cincinnati, O. Treasurer and Secretary.. .Henry Prentiss. | Master Machinery and Car Repairs.. A. M. Britton. Supl., Gen Ticket Agent, Engineer & Road Busters ... II. W. Britton. General Freight Agent....

......D. T. Disay. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS, Cor. Central av, and Pearl st., Cincinnati, O.


(Successors, February 6, 1864, to the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-St. Anthony (10 m. N. St. Paul) to Breckinridge, Minn.. 207 miles, Branch : St. Paul to Sauk Rapids, Minn..


Total length of lines operated during 1872.....

283 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 16.05 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

On the extension of the branch line between St. Cloud and St. Vincent, the fol. lowing named sections were completed and operated during the latter part of 1872 :. St. Cloud to Melrose (opened November 18).......

.35 miles.. Glyndon (Northern Pacific RR.) to Crookston (opened September 22).. ..64

This road was purchased in 1970 by the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, but operated under its own separate organization.

Since the close of the year 1872, there have been completed, ready for operation,, the following named sections on the extensions of the branch line : between St. Cloud and St. Vincent, 40 miles; between Sauk Rapids and Brainerd, 4 miles ; making the total length of completed lines to April 1, 1873, 426 miles ; with 21.30 miles of siding and other tracks. There are also ready for the track to be laid during 1873, on the ex-. tensions of the branch line between St. Cloud and St. Vincent, 50 milos; and between Sauk Rapids and Brainerd, 53} miles ; besides side tracks, 2} miles. There remain to be graded on the above extensions, during 1873, between St. Cloud and St. Vincent, 131 miles ; and between Sauk Rapids and Brainerd, 3 miles ; besides 8} miles of side tracks. Making the total length of lines when completed, 633 miles; with 32.30 miles of side and other tracks.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, (main line, 17; branch, 6; extension, 7,) 30. Cars-passenger, (main line, 11 ; branch, 3,) 14; baggage, mail and express, 9 ; freight, box, stock, (main line, 182 ; branch, 31.) 213; platform, (main line, 136 ; branch, 19)—total, 155. Total revenue cars, 391 ; service cars, 134. Snow-plows, 5.

Operations for the fiscal year ending December 31, 1872.

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Financial Statement.-Abstract of general account, January 1, 1873 :

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The company has a land-grant equalling 6,420 acres per mile, provided the same can be found in alternate odd sections within 20 miles of the line of its road. Of this grant there had been certified to the company, up to January 1, 1873, 1,631,234 acres. Of these lands there had been sold, up to January 1, 1873, 159,457 acres, for $1,061,027, of which $312,672 were received in cash, the balance, $748,565, being still unpaid.

Upon the extension of the North or Branch Line between St. Cloud and St. Vincent, 320 miles, and between Sauk Rapids and Brainerd, 60} miles, a total length of lines of 380} miles, bonds have been issued to the amount of $15,000,000. These bonds are dated April 1, 1871, and bear interest at the rate of 7 per cent per annum. They are secured by a mortgage on the road and lands of the company. The interest in gold is payable in London and Amsterdam. They are additional to those described in the preceding financial statement.


North or

West or
Branch Liue. Main Line,


Original grants, acres.
Number of acres sold.
Number of acres ansold...
Proceeds of sales..
Average per acre.
Used froin proceeds of lands for payment of interest..
Received from interest on credit sales.
Bonds cancelled.

512,000 00 1,305,600 00 1,817,600 00

55,612 96 103,844 14 159,457 10 456,387 04 1,201,755 86 1,658,142 90 $270,454 12 $790,583 32 $1,061,087 45 4 86 7 61

6 66 78.694 12 159,578 25 238, 272 37 32,975 04 111,469 76 144,444 80 56,000 00 47,000 00 103,000 00

Of the west or main line lands, 5,596.42 acres have been laid out as town sites in 16,789 lots, of which 711 have been sold, realizing $13,436.50, averaging $53.38 per lot, or $175.14 per acre.

The valuation of the unsold lands on the branch and main lines is made at the price per acre originally fixed by the trustees, under the requirements of the company's trust deeds, namely, $5.50 per acre on the branch line and $7 per acre on the main line. On lands already sold more than these prices have been realized; the enhancement in value of those unsold, to be anticipated with the settlement and development of the country along the lines, over the present estimate will proportionally increase the estimated surplus of the company's assets over its liabilities, shown above in the financial statement.

The land-grant on the 3804 miles of extensions of the branch line, at the rate of 10 sections of 6 10 acres each per mile, amounts to 2,435,200 acres.

GEORGE L. BECKER, President..... ...St. Paul, Minnesota.

Treas. & Lind Com.-H. Trott.....St. Paul, Minn. Freight Agent.J. W. Doran.. .St. Paul, Minn. Secretary-Samuel S. Breed.

Ticket Agent --J. H. Randall... Superintendent-E. Q. Sewall

Chief Eng.-Charles A. F. Morris.. Assist. Supt-J. B. Rice.. St. Paul, Minn. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota,

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In July, 1871, the property of the A. and G. W. Railway Company (consolidated) in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio was sold under 2d mortgage. September 1, 1871, the Erie Railway Company, lessees, surrendered the property, and since then the road has been operated by the A. and G. W. Railroad Company, and, pending its organization, in December, 1871, by the trustees of the reorganization.

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