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Financial Statement.-Funded debt, $2,055,500. Materials on hand, $200,518.66. The above are the only items concerning the financial condition of the company furnished by the trustees. On the 1st of January, 1872, the following statement was made: Capital stock-common, $1,537,939.38; and preferred, $500,000. Funded debt—1st mortgage, 7 per cent twenty-year bonds, interest payable January and July, and principal in 1876, $2,055,500. Of these bonds $481,000 are a lien on the road in Rhode Island, and $1,574,500 on the road in Connecticut. The cities of Providence and Hartford hold each $500,000, secured by sinking funds ; that for the city of Providence now amounting to $125,629.99; and that for Hartford to $151,457.33. Float. ing debt, large. Per contra : Road and equipment, $4,204,866.39; exclusive of upwards of $500,000 expended by the trustees in charge. The capital account and funded debt have been stationary for the last ten years.

Bondholders' Trustees.-George M. Bartholomew, Calvin Day and F. B. Cooley,
Hartford, Ct.; and S. T. Olney, Henry Lippitt, Elisha Dyer and Benjamin Tripp,
Providence, R. I.

.Hartford, Ct.
.J. M. Belden. | Master of Machinery

E. Garfield.
General Superintendent.
Samuel Nott. | Master of Car Repairs.

V. D. Perry. Assistant Superintendent .J. T. McManus. General Ticket Agent.

Lucius Tuttle, Engineer and Road Master.. L. B. Bidwell. | General Freight Agent..

..A. G, Tuttle. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.....No. 192 Asylum street, Hartford, Ct.


(Opened, 1850. Operated under perpetual lease by the Housatonic RR. Company.)

Line of Road.—Housatonic (89 m. N. Bridgeport) to Pittsfield, Mass..21.93 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 3 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 56 and 60 lbs.

Rolling Stock.–Supplied by lessees.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1872.— Trains run—passenger, 29,368 ; freight, 28,990—total, 58,358 miles. Passengers carried, 105,194 ; carried one mile, 1,247,163. Freight moved, 102,329 ; moved one mile, 1,126,478 tons. Earnings.

Erpenditures. From Passengers..

$39,334 39 Maintenance of way. $46,277 38 Freight.. 85,845 59 Transportation..

70,199 05 Miscellaneous. 3,836 58 Balance

12,540 13

$129,016 56

$129,016 56 Out of the balance of earnings, $5,517.95 were paid as miscellaneous expenses, leaving $7,022.18 for the Housatonic Railroad, which pays an annual rent of $31,409. Payments from rent : Dividends, $26,061.80 ; taxes, $5,347.20.

General Balance September 30, 1872. Railroad...... . $448,700 00 | Capital stock.....

- $448,700 00 Stocks and cash.. 2,553 40 Property and surplus..

2,553 40

$451,253 40

$451,253 40 DANIEL R. WILLIAMS, President..

.Stockbridge, Mass. Daniel A. Kimball, Treasurer... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. . Stockbridge, Mass.-Lessees, Bridgeport, Ct.

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Line of Road.-Hoosic, N. Y., to Salisbury, N. Y.....

...78.75 miles. Organized September 22, 1871.–Capital stock, authorized, $3,500,000; subscribed, $100,000, and paid in, $70,000.

Per contra : Expended in engineering and agencies, $6,140.11.

Directors.-Edward Crane and Daniel D. Broadhead, Boston, Mass.; Garret V. Lansing, Stillwater, N. Y.; Lindley M. Crane and L. W. Bristol, Ballston, N. Y.; George West, Milton, N. Y.; Leonard Northrup, Broadalbin, N. Y.; Daniel Edwards, Martin Kennedy and David Hays, Johnstown, N. Y.; Levi Vanney, Ephratah, N. Y.; Frederick Ives, Salisbury, N. Y.; William G. Wait, Johnstown, N. Y. GEORGE WEST, President.....

.Milton, N. Y. Treasurer.......... David Hays. | Secretary..... Lindley M. Crane. | Engineer ...... ....H. R. Snyder.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. .Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co., N. Y.

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(Opened, 1849.)

Line of Road. - Braintree,(114 m. S. Boston, Mass., to Cohasset, Mass..11.55 m. Sidings and other tracks, 1.78 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 52 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.—Locomotive engines, 3. Snow-plow, 1. Cars-passenger, 12 ; mail and baggage, 2 ; and freight, box, 4; and platform, 4total revenue cars, 22. Also 7 gravel (4-wh.) cars.

Operations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1872.— Trains run-passenger, 51,872 ; freight, 8,291_total, 60,163 miles. Passengers carried, 488,419 ; carried one mile, 2,902,097. Freight moved, 34,127 ; moved one mile, 197,210 tons. Earnings.

Expenditures. From Passengers.

. $68,555 48 Maintenance of way. $25,750 66 Freight.... 18,523 22 Transportation ..

41,533 26 Miscellaneous. 3,956 25 Miscellaneous.

2,359 93

$91,034 95

$69,643 76 Net earnings, $21,391.19. Payments from net carnings : Interest, $15,758.60 ; balance to surplus, $5,632.69—total surplus, $30,725.76.

Abstract of operations for ten years :

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General Balance September 30, 1872. Construction.....

.$501,592 96 Capital stock.. Duxbury and Colasset RR... 125,000 00 Funded debt... Materials.....

5,627 23 Income account. Cash.....

17,928 52 Contingent fund, etc..

$259,685 00

275,000 00 109,970 16

5,493 55

$650,148 71

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Other Railroad and Property Equipment. and As.






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Track (*) includes main, side and all other tracks. Cars (1) of all kinds, irrespective of wheelage. Directors.-Onslow Stearns, Oliver Ames and Uriel Crocker, Boston, Mass. ONSLOW STEARNS, President......

.Boston, Mass. Superintendent ....W. H. Bullock. I Treasurer..John M. Washburn. / Clerk.... ...Charles F. Choate.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. :(Post-Office box 5063) Boston, Mass.


(Opened, 1850. Leased and operated by the Eastern Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.—Peabody, Mass., to Wakefield, Mass....

.8.12 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 1.39 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-None. Furnished by lessees.

Operations for the year ending September 30, 1872.—Trains run: Passenger, 22,592 ; freight, 4,992—total, 27,584 miles. Passengers carried, 24,196 ; carried ono milo, 143,500. Freight moved, 21,647 tons; moved one mile, 108,234 tons. Gross earnings--passenger, $4,697.34 ; and freight, $8,658.68—total $13,356.02. Operating expenses, $22,564.44. Deficit, $9,208.42.

Financial Statement.-Capital stock ($300,000) paid in, $208,800 ; and floating debt, $106,204—total stock and debt, $315,004.19. Per contra : Cost of road and appurtenances, $315,004.19.

Directors. -T.K. Lothrop, Franklin Haven and John Wooldredge, Boston, Mass.; and Henry L. Williams, Salem, Mass. T. K. LOTHROP, President..

.Boston, Mass. Treasurer-John B. Parker.....

.Boston. | General Manager-C. F. Hatch..... .... Boston PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS... ..(Eastern RR.) Boston, Mass.


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Line of Road.-Attica, N. Y., to Arcade, N. Y....

.26 miles. Right of way has been obtained for nearly the entire length of road. Capital stock authorized, $250,000; subscribed, $25,000 ; and paid in, $2,500.

BENJAMIN L. FOLSOM, President...... Attica, Wyoming Co., N. Y. Treasurer-W. H. Ainsworth.... Varysburg, N. Y. | Secretary-H. S. Joy..... North Java, N. Y. Engineer......


. Attica, Wyoming Co., N. Y.


Line of Road.—Deposit, Broome Co., N. Y., to Homer, Cortland Co., N. Y..69 m.

Organized August 30, 1871. Capital stock authorized, $1,000,000 ; subscribed, $69,100 ; and paid in, $6,910. WARREN NEWTON, President.....

.Norwich, N. Y. Treasurer......

.Burr B. Andrews. | Secretary... .Lewis S. Hayes. \ Engineer..... R. E. Hurley. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... .Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y.


Line of Road.--Auburn, N. Y., to Homer, N. Y.......... .about 33 miles..

Organized October 24, 1871. Capital stock authorized, $1,000,000 ; subscribed , $53,000 ; and paid in, $3,300.

Directors.-William G. Wise, Henry G. Tompkins, J. L. Grant, Edward C.. Selover, Charles N. Ross, John S. Fowler and E. C. Avery, Auburn, N. Y.; J. M.. Schermerhorn, William T. Hicok, Charles 0. Newton and Thomas D. Chollar, Homer, X. Y.; Bowers H. Leonard, Owasco, N. Y.; Eugene B. Hounds, Niles, N. Y. EDWARD H. AVERY, President....

....Auburn, N. Y. J. M. Schermerhorn, Vice-President..

.. Homer, N. Y. Secretary-David P. Wallis.........Auburn, N. Y. I Treasurer...


.Auburn, N. Y..


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Line of Road.-Saratoga Springs, N. Y., to Ogdensburg, N. Y....... ..185 milos.. In operation : Saratoga Springs, N. Y., to North Creek, N. Y....... 60 Sidings and other tracks, 2.25 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 56 to 60 lbs.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 3. Cars—passenger, 4; baggage, mail and express, 3 ; and freight, 56—total, 63.

Operations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1872.—Trains (mixed) run; 71,936 miles. Passengers carried, 30,012; carried one mile, 751,550: Freight moved, 29,902 tons ; moved one mile, 1,105,759 tons.

Earnings. From Passengers.

Freight.. Miscellaneous.

$31,871 80 Maintenance of way..
64,257 67 Rolling stock..
4,296 05 Transportation...

$32,437 60

5,733 00 34,206 23

$100,425 52

$72,376 83 Net earnings, $28,048.69.

This road was built for the purpose of developing the lumber and mineral resources of the Adirondack wilderness, in which, by charter, the company are allowed to purchase and hold 1,000,000 acres of land, and to prepare for market the products of the forest, and to mine and prepare for the market iron and other ores and minerals found therein. The railroad being auxiliary and subordinate to the main objects of the company, the operations reported are no indication of the financial condition of the enterprise.

The company have decided to extend the line of road to Ogdensburg and have filed the necessary articles of association, with power to increase the capital stock $5,000,000. They have also determined to build a branch line to connect with the Whitehall and Plattsburg RR.

Financial Statement, September 30, 1872. Construction and equipment. $2,728,692 55 | Capital stock..... - $3,763,000 00 Real estate, etc.... 384,822 19 Funded debt..

930,000 00 Land department.. 3,543,241 39 Floating debt...

1,963,756 13

$6,656,756 13

$6,656,756 13 Directors.-John M. Davison, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. ; Thomas C. Durant, W. 1. Hall, John D. Maxwell, Charles W. Durant, J. Gardiner and Thomas Reddington, New York City ; H. C. Crane, Yonkers, N. Y.; J. S. Baker, Flushing, N. Y.; James R Thompson, Jersey City ; C. S. Bushnell, New Haven, Ct. ; George Leavitt, Chestertown, N. Y. ; B. F. Bunker, Brooklyn, N. Y. JOHN M. DAVISON..

Thomas C. Durant..

Vice-President. Treasurer....... .H. C. Crane. Secretary.. .J. S. Baker. Superintendent....C. H. Ballard. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS....

. Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co., N. Y. Fiscal Agency.....

.No. 20 Nassau street, New York City:


(Leased in perpetuity to the Erie Railway Co.)

Line of Road.-Avon, N. Y., to Mount Morris, N. Y.....

.19.1 miles. Sidings and other tracks, 7 miles. Gauge, 4 feet. Rail, 57 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 2. Cars--passenger, 2; baggage, mail and express, 3; and freight, 3—total (8-wheel) cars, 8.

Operations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1872, included in lesseesa returns.

Financial Statement.--Capital stock authorized, $250,000; subscribed, $219,250 : and paid in $219,250 ; and funded debt, 1st mortgage 7 per cent bonds, due July 1, 1883, $20,000_total stock and bonds, $239,250. Per contra : Cost of road and rolling stock, $2 15,000.

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