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Hon. STEPHEN J. FIELD, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court, Hon. JOHN M. HARLAN, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court. Hon. ALBERT H. HORTON, Chief Justice of Kansas. Hon. HENRY HITCHCOCK, St. Louis, Hon. 8. D. THOMPSON, St. Louis. Hon, SAYUEL MAXWELL, Chief Justice of Nebraska. Hon. J. G. WOERNER, Judge St. Louis Probate Court. Hon.ELI 8. HAMMOND, United States District Judge,

Tennessee. Hon. ALEX. MARTIN, Dean of the Missouri State Law

School, Columbia, Mo. H. S. KELLY, St. Joseph, Mo. JOHN D. LAWSON, Professor of Law, Missouri State

University, Columbia, Mo. HENRY WADE ROGERS, Northwestern University, Evan.

ston, 11). JAMES BARR AMES, Professor of Law in Harvard Law

W. F. ELLIOTT, Indianapolis, Ind.
L. HOCHHEIMER, Baltimore, Md.
W. W. THORNTOŃ, Indianapolis, Ind.
H. CAMPBELL BLACK, Williamsport, Pa,
THOMAS A. POLLEYS, Madison, Wis.
JAMES M. KERR, Rochester, N. Y.
GEO. A. SANDERS, Springfield, III.
PERCY EDWARDS, Owo890, Mich.

CHARLES R. PENCE, Kansas City Mo.
D. H. PINGREY, Bloomington, ill.
WM. L. MURFREE, St. Louis, Mo.
C. A. BUCKNAM, Minneapolis, Ninn.
ARDEMUS STEWART, Philadelphia, Pa.
S. S. MERRILL, St. Louis, Mo.
W. L. STONEX, Goshen, Ind.
J. R. BERRYMAN, Madison, Wis.
D. R. N. BLACKBURN, Albany, Oregon.
M. D. EWELL, Chicago, Ill.
NATHAN NEWMARK, San Francisco, Cal.
JOHN A. FINCH, Indianapolis, Ind.
M. C. PHILLIPS, Oshkosh, Wis.
CHAPMAN W. MAUPIN, Washington, D. C.
JAMES T. RINGGOLD, Baltimore, Md.
ISIDOR LOEB, Columbia, Mo.
John W. SNYDER, Kansas City, Mo.
OSCAR L. QUINLAN, Baltimore, Md.
A. K. GARDNER, Greenfield, Mo.
W. C. RODGERS, Nashville, Ark.
CHARLES E. MONROE, Milwaukee, Wis.
F. V. W. TIBBITS, Chicago, Ill.
GEORGE URQUHART, Wilkes Biarre, l'a.
SAM'L C. WILLIAMS, Johnson City, Tenn.
E. F. HILTON, Topeka, kan.





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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Recent Decis-
ions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon
in our Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

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Alliance Milling Co. v. Eaton (Tex.) Acceptance by

Creditor of a Preference in Deed of Trust, Ed. 441.
American Accident Co. v. Reigart (Ky.) Accident In.

surance "External, Violent and Accidental

Means," R. D. 373.
Anderson v. Pierce County (Neb.) Reward-Municipal

Corporation- Payment before Conviction, ann.

case, 490.
Aylward v. O'Brien (Mass.) Adverse Possession-

Title to Pews - Destruction of Pews Rights of

Owner, ann, case, 62.
Badger, In re (Ida.) Attorney-Disbarment, ann. case,

Baker v. State (Ark.) Criminal Law-Receiving Stolen

Goods, R. D. 487.
Baltimore Traction Co. v. State (Md.) Railroad Com.

pany-Street Railways- Passengers -Contributory

Negligence, R. D. 315.
Berry v. Missouri Pac. Ry. Co. (Mo.) What Consti-

tutes a Passenger, Ed. 481.
Bliss v. New York Cent. R. R. (Mass.) Release Pro.

cured by Fraud-Necessity of Tender, R. D. 271.
Board of Commissioners v. Gwin (Ind.) Power of

Court to order Repairs to Court Houses, Ed. 441.
Bourke v. Callanan (Mass.) Trusts - Evidence-Re.

sulting Trusts-Purchase Price, R. D. 70.
Bradley v. Thompson (Mich.) Set-off- Rights of As-

signee, R. D. 444.
Brown v. State (Ind.) Criminal Law - New Trial

Drunkenness of Juror, ann. case, 471.
Budd v. United States Carriage Co. (Oreg.) Carriers

-Injury to Passenger-Runaway Horses-Presump.

tion of Negligence, R. D. 267.
C., M. & St. P. Ry. Co. v. Wabash, St. L. & P. Ry. Co.

(U. 8. 5. C.) Illegality of Railroad Pooling Con-

tract, Ed. 461.
Campbell v. Missouri Pac. Ry. Co. (Mo.) Railroad

Company-Fires--Constitutional Law-Negligence,

R. D. 375.
Carey Lombard Lumber Co. y. First National Bank

(Tex.) Negotiable Instrument-Demand and Pro

test-Time of Making, R. D. 223.
Carroll v. State (Tex.) Impeachment of Witness, ann.

case, 146.
Central Ry. Co. v. Brewer (Md.) Malicious Prosecution

-False Arrest-Liability of Corporation for Acts of

Agent, R. D. 442.
Central Trust Co. v. McGeorge (U. S. 8. C.) Federal

Courts–Jurisdiction-Diverse Citizenship-District

of Residence, R. D. 266.
Champer v. City of Greencastle (Ind.) Municipal Cor.

porations-Powerg--Constitutional Law-Ordinanco

Prohibiting Screens in Saloons, R. D. 70.
City v. Southern Queen Manufacturing Co. (Tenn.)

Statute of Frauds-Pleading, R. D. 138.
City of Keokuk v. Ft. Wayne Electric Light Co. Mu.

nicipal Corporation-Electric Light Franchise, R.

D. 406.
City of Llano v. Llano County (Tex.) Municipal Corpo-

rations--Abatement of Nuisances-Dedication, R.

D. 178.
City of Topeka v. Boutwell (Kan.) Constitutional Law

-City Ordinance-Involuntary Servitude, R. D. 317.
City National Bank v. Dun (U. 8. C. C. of App.) Mor-

cantlle Agencies-Liability to Subscribers for Falso

Representations, R. D. 22.
Cole v. Murphy (Penn.) Combination of Employers to

Resist Strike for Increase of Wages, Ed. 197.
Commonwealth v. Douglass (Ky.) Constitutional Law

---Repealing Grant of Lottery Franchise, R. D. 91.
Commonwealth v. Duglas (Ky.) Constitutional Law-

Obligation of Contracto-Lottery Franchise, R. D.

Connolly v. Thurber. Whyland Co. (Ga.) Garnishment

-City Officers--Municipal Police, R. D. 404.
Consolidated Tapk Line Co. v. Collier (Ill.) Conflict

of Laws -- Comity – Pleading Foreign Laws, ann.

case, 126.
Copenhaver v. Stewart (Mo.) Habeas Corpus-Con-

flicting State and Federal Jurisdiction, R. D. 238.
Corliss v. E. W. Walker & Co. (U. 8. C. O. Mass.) In-

junction--Publication of Biography and Portrait-

Public Characters, R. D. 2.
Crane Co. v. Specht (Neb.) Guaranty-Construction-

Departure from Terms, ann. case, 383.
Deal v. Crall (Mich.) Estoppel In Pais-Pleading, ann.

case, 450.
De Camp v. Archibald, Sheriff (Ohio) Contempt-

Deposition-Refusal of Witness to Testify, ann.

case, 186,
Dewey v. Detroit, G. H. & M. Ry. Co. (Mo.) Master

and Servant-Negligence of Fellow.servant, ann.

case, 30.
Dill v. People (Colo.) Criminal Evidence-Perjury-

Witness-Husband and Wife, R. D. 506.
Drake v. Lady Ensley Coal & Iron Co. (Ala.) Waterg-

Polluted Stream-Damages, R. D. 316.
Eiffert v. Craps (U. S. C. 0. App.) Equity-Adequate

Remedy at Law-Laches, ann. case, 248.
Ellis v. Boston & L. R. Co. (Mass.) Electric Carg-

Duty of Motormen-Frightening Horses, R. D. 179.
Ellis v. Wait (8. Dak.) Mortgage-Validity-Principal

and Agent, ann. case, 227.

Exchange Nat. Bank v. Bank of Little Rock (U. S. C.

C. App.) Negotiable Instrument-Bona Fide Holder
-Banks and Banking-Raised Draft Proximate

Cause, R. D. 90.
Fifield v. Farmer's National Bank (NI.) Fixtures-

Machinery-Mortgage-Estoppel, R. D. 183.
Force v. Gregory (Conn.) Physicians-Malpractide-

Practice of Different Schools, ann, case, 99.
Furley v. Chicago, M. & St. P. Ry. Co. (Iowa) Carriers

of Live Stock-Infected Cattle-Liability, R. D. 319.
Galveston, etc., R. Co. v. Gonzales (U.S.S. C.) Fed.

eral Jurisdiction-Residence of Corporations, ann.

case, 361.
Garner v. Second Nat. Bank (U. S. S. C.) Married Wo-

man's Separate Estate Liability for Husband's

Debts, R. D. 482.
Gray v. Merriam (III.) Bailment Special Deposit-

Liability of Bailee-Negligence, R. D. 198.
Haggart v. Steblin (Ind.) Nuisance-Orderly Licensed

Liquor Saloon, Ed. 137.
Hall v. Johnson (Tex.) Partnership-Retiring Partners

-Debte Assumed by New: Firm--Extension, ap.

case, 295.
Hamberger v. Carr (Pa.) Garnishment-Exemption-

Commissions of Traveling Salesman, R. D. 238.
Hamilton v. Armstrong (Mo.) Gifts-Undue Influence-.

Evidence, R. D. 492.
Hamlyn v. Crown Accidental Insurance Co. (Eng.) Ac.

cident Insurance-External Means, Ed. 107.
Hanna v. Granger (R. I.) Master and Servant-Fellow

servant-Vice principal, R. D. 484.
Hardt v. Heidweyer (U. 8. S. C.) The Doctrine of

Laches, R. D. 602.
Maynes v. Raleigh Gas. Co. (N. C.) Contributory Neg.

ligence-Electric Wire, R. D. 426.
Hollins v. Brierfield Coal & Iron Co. (U. S. S. C.) Equity

Jurisdiction - - Creditors' Bill - Simple Contract

Creditors, R. D. 90, 137.
Holstead v. Grinnon (U. S. $. C.) The Doctrine of

Laches, R. D. 502.
Honey v. Chicago, B. & Q. Ry. Co. (U. 8. C. C. Iowa)

Contributory Negligence-Injury to Wife-Imputed

Negligence-Husband's Right of Action, R. D. 442.
Howsmon v. Trenton Water Co. (Mo.) Water Com.

panies---Failure to Furnish Water to Extinguish

Fires, R. D. 217.
Hulings v. Hulings Lumber Co.' (W. Va.) Banks and

Banking-Check as an Equitable Assignment, R.

D. 375.
Imperial Fire Ins. Co. v. Coos County (U. S. S. C.) In

surance-Conditions-Breach, R. D. 256.
International Ocean Tel. Co. v. Saunders (Fla.) Tele.

graph Companies--Damages for Mental Suffering,

Ed. 217.
Jackson v. Stanfield (Ind.) Conspiracy to Injure Busi-

ness-Remedies-Damages-Injunction, R. D. 422.
Koehler v. McCamant (Oreg.) Chattel Mortgages:-

Change of Possession--Description, ann. case, 77.
Laidlaw v. Sage (N. Y.) Negligence-Proximate Cause

of Injury, Ed. 1.
Lawton v. Steele (U. S. 8. C.) Constitutional Law-

Validity of Act allowing Destruction of Private

Property as a Nuisance, Ed. 401.
Leep v. St. L., I. M. & S. Ry, Co. (Ark.) Constitu-

tional Law-Validity of Act-Restricting the Right

of Private Contract, Ed. 529.
Leeson v. Anderson (Mich.) Accord and Satisfaction-

What Constitutey-Acceptance of Part Payment,

ann. case, 323.
Levy v. Crawford (Tex.) Election Bets-Recovery from

Stakeholder, R. D. 22.
Lewis v. Denver City Waterworks Co. (Colo.), Municipal

Corporations - Contracts-Interference by Court-
Injunction, R. D. 178.

Lowe v. Woods (Cal.) Agistor's Lien- Livery Stable

Keeper, R. D. 270.
Lyons-Thomas Hardware Co. v. Perry Stove Manuf.

Co. (Tex.) Insolvent Corporations-Right to Waive

Preference, R. D. 118, 137.
McDonough v. Lanpher (Minn.) Master and Servant-

Defective Elevator-Passengers or Servants, R. D.

McLanahan v. Mott (N. Y.) Lotteries —Issue of Bonds

by Corporation, Ed. 237.
Macdonald v. The National Review (Eng.) Liability of

Journalist for loss of Contributor's Manuscript, Ed.

Mack v. Spell (N. Y.) Bailment-Contract to Manu

facture Machines- Performance-Refusal to Accept

-Damages, R. D. 138.
Matthews v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. (N. J.) Carriers

of Passengers-Collision of Trains Concurrent

Negligence, R. D. 71.
Merchants' National Bank v. Citizens' Gas Light Co.

(Mass.) Corporation Oficers Power to Issue

Notes, R. D. 45.
Merrill v. Cape Ann Granite Co. (Mass.) Set off-Cor

poration-Equitable Powers, R. D. 504.
Morgan v. Smith (Mass.) Master and Servant-Fellow.

servant-Independent Contractor, R. D. 238.
Mullen v. City of Owosso (Mich.) Municipal Corpora.

tion - Injury to Traveler, ann. case, 430.
Murphy v. Jack (N. Y.) Attachment- Affidavit-Alle

gation on Information and Belief-Telephone Com

munication, R. D. 445.
Newark Machine Co. V. Kenton Ing. Co. (Ohio) Insur-

ance - Parol Contract-Deliveryof Policy-Authority

of Agent, R. D. 158.
Nims v. Mt. Herman Boys' School (Mass.) Corporations

-Undertaking Unauthorized Employment, R. D.

Nonotuck Silk Co. v. Flanders (Wis.) Banks and Bank

ing-Drafts-Collection, R. D. 502.
Ogiers' Estate, Re (Cal.) Will-Selection of Attorney,

R. D. 425.
Ohio River R. Co. v. Blake (W. Va.) Tort-Damages-

New Trial--Suggestion in Release of Damages, Ed.

Pennock v. Douglas County (Neb.) Tax Sale--Recor.

ery of Money laid-Liability of Municipal Corpora.

tion, R. D. 465.
People v. Attridge (N. Y.) Criminal Law-Judicial

Power to Suspend Sentence, R. D. 268.
People v. Bellet (Mich.) Constitutional Law-Police

Power-Public Exhibiting of Child-Sunday Labor,

R. D. 333.
People v. Bellet (Mich.) Constitutional Law-Probibit-

ing Barbers from Conducting their Business on

Sunday, B. D. 272.
People v. Ewer (N. Y.) Constitutional Law - Police

Power-Public Exhibiting of Child-Sunday Labor,

R. D. 333, 422.
People v. Moses (N. Y.) Constitutional Law - Fishing

on Sunday in Private Grounds, Ed. 197.
People v. Munroe (Cal.) Forgery-Instruments Sub-

jects of-contract against Public Policy, ann. cage,

Phillips v. Mercantile National Bank (N. Y.) Banks

and Banking-Fraud by Cashier-Checks Payable

to Fictitious Persons, R. D. 313.
Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne, & C. Ry. Co. v. Cheevers (III.)

Nuisance--Injunction-Depot Grounds, R. D. 486.
Platt v. Johr (Ind.) Real Estate Broker--Commission

Introducing l’urchaser, R. D. 401.
Postal Telegraph Co. v. Adams (Miss.) Telegraph

Company-- Privilege Tax-Interstate Commerce, R.

D. 141
Pullman Palace Car Co. v. Freudenstein (Colo.) Car.

riers-Sleeping Car Companies-Loss of Effects-
Liability to Passengers, R. D. 46.

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