Abraham's Other Sons

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AuthorHouse, Aug 20, 2009 - History
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This book is about the Patriarch Abraham and his extended family. The people of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian beliefs all know that they are the children of Abraham. The people of each of these great faiths hold Abraham in extremely high regard, but over time their kinship has eroded due to a number of situations and circumstances. This book strives to show that all mankind has a common beginning and that mankind and those in the three great faiths not only share a great common history but that they are tied together through the acts of Abraham and his descendants including Isaac, Ishmael and Keturah's six sons. For it is through these men and their early descendants that we have the Jewish and Christian (Isaac); Muslim (Ishmael); and the majority of Keturah's descendants are now also Muslim. Herein we provide a fleeting glimpse of mankind from Adam though his early descendants to Noah and his three sons; then we focus on Noah's son Ham so that we can look at his four sons - Cush the father of Ethiopia; Mizraim the father of Egypt; Phut the father of West Egypt and Libya; and also on Canaan whose descendants originated many nations. Here we also take a look at Noah and the famously alleged curse placed not on Ham but one of his sons and we try to discuss this matter from a factual rather than an emotional view. In today's world there are growing tensions and mistrust between these three communities (Jews, Muslims and Christians) but if they would take a close look at not only who they are but from where they came they might accept the fact that they are near kinsmen who have more in common than there are differences between them.

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