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Post Office--- continuod.

stealing a post letter from a post office packet, 330, 331 ; receiving
letters, &c., so stulen, &c. 331 ; opening letters, 331 ; delaying
letters, 331 ; retaining or secreting, or (being required) refusing to

deliver up letters, &c., lost or misdelivered, 331.
Poundbreach-releasing cattle impounded for straying on inclosed land, 175;

the like, on the way to the pound, 176; damaging the pound, &c.
176; the like, for straying on highways, 130; the like, turnpike

roads, 200, 201; poundbreach (indictable), 331.
Precept (general) from justices to high constables, 341.
Prisoner, statement of, in indictable offences, and caution to, 270.
Printers using a printing press or types without notice, &c. 176.
Prize fights, complaint to ground warrant for apprehension of intended com.

batants, 485; warrant, 485.
Process to issue on summary convictions and orders, 15, 26, 27; for indictable

offences, 18, 260—264.
Proclamation in case of riot, 493 ; opposing the making of it, 334.
Procuring commission of offe

Promissory notes, issuing, under twenty shillings, 177; forging, 309; stealing,

Prostitute beliaving in a riotous or indecent manner, 203.
Protection of justices from vexatious actions, analysis of Jervis's Act as to,

Provisions of Jervis's Acts as to forms, 2-11.
Provoking 10 send a challenge, 297; a dog to bite, 293.


Quails, trespassing in search or pursuit of, 112.
Quakers, affirmation of, 471 ; church rates and tithes recovered from, 498.
Quarter sessions, convictions and orders to be filed at, 16, note (i).
Quay, stealing from vessel in, 317, 318.
Queen, discharging or aiming, &c., fire arms at the Queen, 332 ; producing

gun, &c., near to the Queen, 332.
Queen's forests, trespassing in search or pursuit of game in, 113.

Rabbits, see“. Conies.
Rails, used as a fence, see Larceny,"

;"“ Malicious Injuries."
Railways (Summarily).
I. Offences by Servants of Railway Companies. —Engine driver, &c., being

drunk, 177; committing offence against bye-law, 177; doing or
omitting to do any act whereby life endangered, 177 ; the like, whereby

trains obstructed, 177; aiding offenders, 178 ; conviction, 178.
II. Offences by other Persons.-Obstructing inspector of railways, 178;

obstructing officer of railway, 178 ; trespassing upon railway, 178;
aiding or assisting offender, 178; injuring boards of bye laws, & c. 178;
obstructing persons in setting out the line, 178, 179; passenger tra-
velling in carriage without having paid fare, 179; travelling beyond
distance for which fare paid, 179, refusing to quit carriage on arriving
at end of journey, 179; offending against bye-laws, 179; injuring

boards of bye-laws, penalties, &c. 179.
Railways (Indictable).

Servants guilty of misconduct while employed, 177, 332; negligently
doing, or omitting to do, any act whereby life should or might be
endangered, or trains impeded, 177, 332; any person doing anything
to obstruct engine, or to endanger safety of passengers, 332, 333.

Railways (Matters in Petty Sessions.)

Certificate of two justices that whole of capital has been subscribed,
485; order on railway company for payment of special constables,

486, 487.
Rape, 333. See “ Carnally knowing Female Children,Assaults."
Rates, parochial, allowance of, 485; forms as to appeal against, 387-391 ;

complaint against one defaulter for, 487 ; the like, against several,
487, 488; summons, 488; distress warrant against one, 489; the
like against several, 490; commitment in default of distress, 491, 492 ;
complaint for recovery of portion of rate on party removing, 492 ;

summons to both defaulters, 492; warrant of distress, 492.
Real estate, deeds relating to, forging, 310; stealing, 314.
Receipt, gaoler's, for a defendant in summary convictions and orders, 61 ; the

like, for accused in indictable offences, 280.
Receiving stolen property (summary), 144 ; (indictable), where the stealing

amounts to a felony, 333; where a misdemeanor, 333.
Recognizance (summary convictions and orders) of defendant on adjournment

of bearing, 28 ; for appearance on return of distress warrant, 51 ; on

appeal against a conviction or order, 63.
Recognizance (indictable offence) of accused on remand, 265; for answer

indictment, 276; discharge of, seeBail."
Recognizance for the peace, 495.
Records, stealing, obliterating, &c. 315.
Red game, killing or taking, out of season, 115.
Re-examination of witnesses in indictable offences, 269.
Register of summary convictions and orders, 62; of persons committed or held

to bail for indictable offences, 272.
Releasing cattle impounded, see " Pound-breach.”
Relieving officer, see offences by overseers, &c., tit. “ Poor."
Remand, warrant of, for an indictable offence, 264 ; order to bring up accused

before expiration of the remand, 265; see Recognizance.
Removal of lunatics, see “ Lunatics."
Removing goods to avoid a distress for rent, 106.
Rent, see " Distress," Landlord and Tenant.
Rent-charge, complaint against joint owner for compulsory contribution to,

498; summons, 499; order, 499.
Reputed thieves frequenting public places with intent, &c. 208.
Rescue, see Escape, &c.," “ Pound-breach."
Resisting apprehension, see “ Assaults,Constables," Vagrants."
Restitution of property stolen by juvenile offenders, orders for, 138.
Return of constable to a distress warrant, 36.
Returning from traosportation, 306.
Revenue officer, assaulting, 292.
Reward, corruptly taking, as to stolen dogs, 315; as to stolen property in

general, 333.
Riding, furiously, 126; on footpath on side of highway, 128; the like, on turn-

pike road, 192.
Riot; opposing the making of proclamation, 334; the proclamation, 493 ;

twelve or more remaining one hour thereafter, 334 ; the like, where
proclamation hindered and not made, 334 ; riotously demolishing, or
beginning to demolish, a church, house, stable, warehouse, &c. 334,

335; order to close alehouses and beerhouses in case of riot, 493.
Rivers, see“ Navigable Rivers and Canals," Malicious Injuries.”

Robbery, from the person, 316; and putting in fear, 316; and wounding, 316;

and being armed, 316, 317; and in company with one or more
other persons, 317; and using violence, 317; assault, with intent to

rob, 292; upon the high seas, 329.
Rogues and vagabonds under Vagrant Act, 206—208.
Roots, see“ Larceny,

.” Malicious Injuries."
Rubbish, laying, on highway, 129; the like, turnpike road, 197.
Rules of poor law commissioners, disobeying, 171.
Running away and leaving family chargeable, 207.
Rural police, see



Sabbath, see “ Sunday."
Sacrilege, breaking and entering a church, and stealing therein, 335; stealing

in a church, &c., and breaking out of same, 335.
Sailor, see “ Seamen."
Salmon, see “ Fisheries."
Saplings, see “ Larceny," Malicious Injuries."
Scabbed sheep, see " Commons, &c.,' Sheep."
Sea, warrant for offences committed at, 261.
Seamen, master not having a written contract as to wages, &c. 179, 180; fraudu-

lently using a seaman's register ticket, 335; giving false answer
respecting a lost register ticket, 335; master, &c., forcing a seaman

on shore, 336; personating them for their pay, &c., 329.
Seamen (petty sessions matters), complaint, &c., for wages where about to sail,

493, 494 ; warrant of distress on master of ship, 494 ; the like, on the

ship, &c. 494 ; commitment in default, 494.
Search warrant, information for, for stolen goods (general), 259; warrant,

Seditious meetings for an unlawful combination and confederacg, 180, see

" Treason."
Separatists, affirmation by, 471.
Servants, see “ Manufactures, &c.," “ Master and Servant."
Service of summons on defendant in summary convictions and orders, deposi-

tion of constable of, 26; the like, on witness, 30; the same, in

indictable offences, 26, 260, 266, 267.
Settlement of lunatics, see “ Lunatics;" of poor, 473.
Sheep-bringing infected sheep, &c., into a market, &c. 180; depasturing

infected sheep, &c., on a forest, &c. 180; publicly exposing for sale

meat unfit for human food, 180, see further" Commons, &c.
Sheep, illtreating, see " Cruelly to Animals ;” stealing or wounding, &c. 296.
Ship, setting fire to, 288; stealing from, 317, 318; damaging, 323, 324.
Ship’s ballast-throwing ballast, &c., into a river, &c. 181.
Ship’s passengers-master of ship under two hundred tons carrying more than

twenty persons between Great Britain and Ireland without licence,

181; forms under 12 & 13 Vict. c. 33..494, 495.
Ship’s register_detaining a certificate of registry, 181, 182; warrant thereon.

182 ; justices' certificate of detainer, &c., in order that customs'

officers may register vessels de novo, 182.
Shipwreck, stealing from, 318.
Shop, breaking into, and stealing therein, 314.
Shrubs, stealing, damaging, &c., see “ Larceny," Malicious Injuries."

Signals, false, exhibiting, to bring a ship into danger, 323 ; making, to

smuggling vessels, 336.
Smuggling — Forms given in 8 & 9 Vict. c. 47..215--217.
(Indictable), making signals to smuggling vessels, 336; armed assemblies,

to the number of three or more, for smuggling, 336; aiding therein,
336; five or more assembled to rescue offenders, 336; shooting at
boats, &c., within one hundred leagues, 336, 337 ; shooting at or
wounding officers, &c. 337; in company with more than four others
with smuggled goods, 337 ; in company with one other person with
goods, and armed or disguised, 337; assaulting or opposing officers on

duty, 292, 337 ; the like, while searching for goods, 337.
Snares, see “ Game,Larceny."
Snaring deer, 140; having snares or engine for taking deer, 141.
Snipes, see “ Game.
Sodomy-with mankind, 337, 338; with an animal, 338; accusing or threat.

eping to accuse thereof, with a view to extort money and thereby
extorting same, 338 ; the like by letter, no money being extorted,

319; accusing thereof in any other way, 286.
Soldiers, see“ Military Law ;" Mutiny ;' personating, for their prize money,

&c. 329.
Special constables, deposition of facts and circumstances rendering appoint-

ment necessary, 419; appoiotment and other forms, 420-422.
Special sessions, general forms for convening, 341, 342.
Sporting without certificate, 119, 120.
Spring guns and man traps, setting, in the day-time, 338.
Stabbing, see “ Attempts 10 Murder, 8c.”
Stable, setting fire to a, 288.
Stage coaches, furiously driving and injuring person, 338, 339.
Stealing, see Larceny."
Steam engine, erecting, near highway, 127.
Stocking frames, not returning, after notice, 111; selling or disposing of bired

one, 339 ; receiving or purchasing same, 339.
Stolen goods, information for search warrant for, 259 ; warrant to search, 261 ;

receiving, 333.
Stile, stealing, damaging, &c. see Larceny ;Malicious Injuries."
Stores, marine, see“ Wreck and Salvage.”
Subornation of perjury, see Perjury."
Subsequent felony, 318, 339.
Summons (in summary convictions and orders) to defendant, 26; to a witness,

30; depositions of service, 26, 30.
Summons (in indictable offences) to accused, 260 ; to a witness, 266; deposi-

tion of service, 26, 267.
Sunday, trading on, 183 ; publicly crying wares, &c., on a, 183; travelling on,

183; see Alehouses," ir Beerhouses."
Sureties for the peace ; complaint, warrant, commitment, recognizance and

notice thereof, liberatè, 495, 496.
Surrender of accused by his bail, complaint for, 278 ; warrant and commit-

ment, 279, 280.
Surveyors of highways and turnpike roads, see those titles.
Swearing-cursing and swearing, 183; conviction of a labourer, &c. 183,

184 ; commitment, 184 ; conviction of a person above a labourer,
&c. 184 ; commitment, 184.


Tenant, see Landlord and Tenant."
Tent, pitching, on highway, 129; the like, on turnpike road, 196.
Theatres -- keeping house without licence, 184 ; performing in unlicensed bouse,

184: conviction, 184.
(Special Sessions)— application to clerks to justices by manager for licence,

392 ; justice's clerk's notice to justices, 392 ; licence of theatre and
rules, 393 ; recognizance of manager and sureties for observing rules,
393; notice of recognizance, 394 ; order rescinding, &c., rules, 394 ;

order to close theatre in case of riot, &c. 394.
Thieves, reputed, frequenting public places, 208.
Threshing machine, destroying, 321.
Threatening to accuse of crime, 286, 338 ; by letter, 319.
Timber, laying it on highway, 129; the like, on turnpike road, 197.
Tithes, rent-charges and church rates-complaint for recovery of tithes due

from other persons than Quakers, 496; summons, order and distress
warrant, 497 ; the like, church-rates, 497, 49B ; tbe like, for reco-
very of tithes and church-rates, and payments due from Quakers

only, 498; compulsory contribution to rent-charge, 498, 499.
Tolls on turnpike roads, offences as to, 187–191.
Trading on Sunday, 183 ; hawkers trading without or contrary to licence, 250.
Training to arms, see “ Arms."
Transfer of alehouse or bagatelle licences, 346—348.
Transportation, returning from, 306.
Traverse, condition of bail recognizance, when accused entitled to, 276.
Treason, 339, Queen."
Trees, stealing, damaging, &c., see " Larceny,” Malicious Injuries.”
Trespass in search of game, see “ Game."
Truck act, making illegal contract under, 149; making illegal payment, 149.
Turnpike roads (Summary Convictions).
İ. Offences by Toll Collector-Demanding greater or less toll, &c., than

authorized, 185; not having his name on toll-house, 185; taking
toll from a person exempt, 185; refusing to permit or hindering a
person reading the inscription on board, 185; refusing to tell his
name, 186; giving a false name, 186; refusing to give a ticket, 186;
detaining passenger after paying toll, 186; using abusive language
to trustee or passenger, 186; complaint against lessee or farmer of
tolls for penalty incurred by toll collector who absconds after con-
viction, 186; the like, where toll collector absconds before convic.
tion, 187 ; summons thereon, 187 ; order on see or farmer for

payment of penalty, 187.
II. Offences as to Tolls-Unloading at gate, 187; loading after passing

gate, 187; unloading to pay less toll, 187 ; driver not waiting for
other carriages to be weighed, 188 ; refusing to remove from weigh.
ing machine, 188; turning out of road, 188; going off road, 188;
owner or occupier permitting person to go over land, 188; giving or
receiving tickets from other persons than collectors, 188; forging or
altering ticket, 188, 189; fraudulenily, a c., passing through gate,
189; leaving horse upon road, 189; iaking off horse, 189, adding
another horse, 189; doing any other act to evade, 189; fraudulently
claiming or taking exemption under general act, 189, 190 ; claiming
exemption under a local act, 190; refusing weighing of carriage,
190 ; resistivg toll keeper in weighing, 190; evading measurement of
wheels, 190 ; refusing measurement of wheels, &c. 190; attempting
to pass before measurement, if required, 190; obstructing collector
in making measurement, 191 ; passing without paying toll, 191;

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