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Man traps and spring guns, setting or permitting, 338.
Manure, laying upon highway, 129; the like, on turnpike road, 197.
Manufactures, &c.
1. As to Artificers, Manufacturers, Miners, 8c.—Making illegal contract

under Truck Act, 149; making illegal payment, 149, colliers or
miners working contrary to their contracts, 149; desisting from en-
gagement, 150; fraudulently stacking coal, &c. 150; removing iron-

stone, &c., fraudulently, 150.
II. As to Workmen in the Cotton, Fustian, Hat, Linen, Woollen, Flur,

Hemp. Mohair, Silk, Fur, Leather, or Iron Manufactures, and Dyers.

- Embezzling, &c., materials or tools, 150; not returning unused mate.
rials, 150 ; refusing inspection by owner, 151; receiving materials in a
fictitious name, 151; giving such materials to others, 151; selling, &c.,
wrought or unwrought materials, 151 ; buying materials from a work-
man, 151; buying embezzled materials, 151; complaint for search
warrant for having purloined leathern, &c., materials in possession,
152; search warrant thereon, 152 ; conviction, 152, 153; neglecting

work, &c. 153; for taking in work for others, 153.
III. As to Workmen in the Cotton, Flar, Linen, Mohair, Silk, or Woollen

Hosiery Manufuctures.- Persons entrusted with materials, selling,
&c., same, 154; neglecting to return materials for 14 days, 154 ;
buying materials from a workman, 151, 154 ; other persons selling or
pawning materials, 154; not finishing work by time agreed on, 154 ;
absenting himself from employment, 164; receiving materials in a

fictitious name, 151, 155.
IV. Regulations us to Mines. – Owner employing female therein, 155;

employing boy under ten years of age, 155 ; permitting boy under ten
to be in colliery, 155; parent misrepresenting age, 155; paying

wages at public house, 156.
Mare, see “ Cattle ;" "Cruelty to Animals.
Marine stores, offences by dealers in, “ Wreck and Salvage."
Master and servant (summary).
1. As to False Characters of Servants. - Personating master and giving

false character of a servant, 156; falsely asserting that a servant was
in a particular service, &c. 156; falsely asserting that the servant
was discharged, or that he had not been hired in a previous service,
157; servant offering himself with a false certificate of character,

157 ; pretending not to have been in service, 157.
II. As to Misbehaviour by Servants in Husbandry, &c., and Masters-Ser-

vants misbehaving, &c. 157, 158; conviction and abatement of part
of wages for misbehaviour in lieu of imprisonment, 158; conviction
and discharge of servant for misbehaviour in lieu of imprisonment,
158; servant not commencing service under written contract, 158 ;
having entered upon contract, absenting or neglecting to fulfil same,
159 ; servant guilty of any other misconduct under 4 Geo. 4, c. 34,
159; conviction and abatement of wages for misbehaviour, &c., in
lieu of imprisonment and abatement, 160; conviction and discharge
of servant from contract for misbehaviour, &c., in lieu of imprison-
meat and abatement of wages, 160; artificer absenting from service,
160; master ill-using, &c., servant, 160; conviction of master

thereon, and discharge of servant, 160.
Master and servant, complaint, &c., for recovery of wages, 460, 461.
Master of union work house, offences by, see “ Poor.”
Measures, see “ Weights and Measures."
Medical officer of union, certificate by, under Nuisances Act, 464, 465.
Menaces, demanding money with, 317 ; sending letter to that effect, 318.
Merchant seamen, see “ Seamen."
Milestones, destroying, &c., on highway, 128 ; the like, on turnpike road, 200.


Military law, officer or soldier forcibly entering a house for deserters without

justice’s warrant, 160; billet master taking money, 161; detaining

clothes, &c., from soldiers, 161; see further, “ Mutiny,"infra.
Mill, setting fire to a, 288 ; riotously demolishing, 334.
Mill pond, destroying dam of a, 322.
Mine, stealing or removing ore from, 134, 316; damaging, 321, 322.
Minute of adjudication in summary convictions and orders, 33; minute of

order for service, 54, 55.
Miscarriage, administering drugs, or using instrument to procure, 285.
Misprison of felony, 309.
Money found on accused committed for an indictable offence, order to gaoler for,

to pay expenses of his conveyance to prison, 281, 282,
Moravian, affirmation by, 471.
Murder, by stabbing, shooting, throwing a stone, beating, riding over the de-

ceased, strangling, or drowning, 325 ; by poisoning, 326 ; see " At-

tempts to Murder, &c.”
Dutiny, information to a justice that person apprehended is a deserter, 461;

commitment of deserter to gaol, 461 ; return of deserter, 462, 463;
extension of a furlough, 463; leller certifying same to the command.
ing officer, 463, 464.

Navigable rivers and canals-being found in possession of instruments for pro-

curing liquors, 161; the like, for carrying away liquors, 161; pierc-
ing casks, &c. 161; cutting open roll of goods in warehouse, 162;
drinking liquors, 162; spilling liquor, 162 ; see further, “ Con-

Neglect of duty as a peace officer, see “ Constable."
Net, using to take game, see“ Game."
Night poaching, see “ Game.”
Note, promissory, forging, 309; stealing, 314.
Nuisances on highways, 127, 131; on turnpike roads, 195, 201; (indictable),

326, 327.
Nuisances removal and diseases prevention-owner or occupier not complying

with justice's order for cleansing, &c., premises, 162; wilfully vio.
lating directions of General Board of Health, 163; occupier refusing
to comply with a justice's order requiring him to permit the necessary
works to be executed, 163; conviction, 164; notice by two house-
holders to guardians, 464 ; certificate by medical or relieving officer
of existence of nuisance, 464, 465; notice of entry by public authorities,
465; the like, by a committee, 465 ; complaint in order to obtaio a
summons, 466 ; summons, 467 ; order for removal of nuisances, &c.
467, 468 ; application for a summons for recovery of costs, 468 ;
summons, 469; order for payment, 469; application by owner where
occupier prevents execution of works required, 469; summons to the
occupier, 469 ; order to permit execution of works by owners,



Oath of constables on appointments, see " Constables.
Oaths, declaration in lieu of, 470; s'atements of identity, 470, 471; authenti-

cating a signature, 471; of correctness of copy, 471 ; verifying exe.
cution of a deed, &c. 471 ; affirmations of Quakers, Moravians and

Separatists, 471 ; oath on receiving an information or complaint, 471.
Oaths, false, see Perjury."

administering or causing to be administered any oath to commit felony,


&c. 327; taking same without being compelled, 327 ; administering
or causing to be administered, or present thereat, any oath to disturb
the public peace, &c. 327, 328 ; taking same without being com-

pelled, 328.
Obliterating records, 315.
Obscene books or prints, exposing to view, 206, 314.
Obstructing constables, see“ Constables ;officers of customs in prevention of

smuggling, 337.
Obstructing highway, 128, 129; turnpike road, 196; watercourse, 198.
Obtaining money, &c., by false pretences, 308.
Occupier killing game, 117; giving permission to any other person to do so, 117.
Offences in gaols, see " Gaols and Houses of Correction ;” in workhouse, 173

Offence, second or third, information for, 25.
Office, refusing to execute, 302.
Officers of the army, killing or taking game, 114, see “ Military Law.
Officer, peace, assaulting (summary), see “ Constables ; " (indictable), 292.
Opposing making of proclamation in case of riot, 334.
Orchard, see Conservatory.
Order (General), for payment of money to be levied by distress, and in default

of distress, imprisonment, 42 ; for payment of money, and in default
of payment, imprisonment, 43; for any other matter where the dis.
obeying of it is punishable with imprisonment, 43; consolidated
form, embodying the three previous, 44, 45; minute of order for

service, 54.
Order of dismissal of an information or complaint, 34.
Order, disobeying, see Justice's Order.
Order of justices to constable requiring a return to be made to a warrant, 505.
Ore, stealing or removing from mines, 134, 135, 316.
Outhouse, setting fire to, 288.
Overseers, refusing to return list of constables, &c. 164, see " Beerhouses ;"

appointment of overseers at special sessions, 383, 384; allowance of

accounts of, 384; recovery of union contributions from, 385-387.
Oysters, stealing or dredging for, 315.

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Pales in a fence, stealing, 143 ; damaging, 147.
Pardon on first conviction under Larceny and Malicious Injuries acts, 144,

145, 148.
Parish apprentice, see Apprentices."
Parks, see“ Larceny'' and “ Malicious Injuries."
Partridge, killing, out of season, 115, see " Game.”
Passengers by railways, frauds by, 179.
Pauper lunatics, see “ Lunatics."
Paupers committing offences in workhouse, see “ Poor."
1. Offences by Pawnbrokers-Neglecting to attend justice's summons with

books, &c. 164, 165; buying, &c., goods in course of manufacture,
165; buying, &c., linen or apparal, 165; application of borrower
against pawnbroker for not delivering goods on payment of principal
and interest, 165 ; summons or warrant to pawnbroker, 166; jus-
tice's order to deliver goods pawned to the owner, 166; refusing to
deliver up goods, and conviction and commitment, 166; taking more


ihan the legal interest, 166 ; refusing to give copy of a pawn ticket,
and deliver declaration, 166, 167 ; selling goods pawned before a
year, 167 ; taking pledges from persons under twelve, or intoxicated,
167; carrying on trade on a Sunday, &c. 167; taking in pawns
before eight a.m. or after seven p.m., between 29th September and
25th March, 167, 168 ; the like, before seven a.m. or after eight p.m.
between 25th March and 29th September, 168 ; the like, after eleven
o'clock at night on Saturday, 168 ; not having name and description
over door, 168 ; not exhibiting a table of interest, 168, 169; taking a
pledge without giving a duplicate, where the goods were pawned in
an assumed name, 169; not giving a note legibly written describing

the thing pawned, 169.
II. Illegul Pawning, Forging Duplicates, &c.— Knowingly pawning goods

without authority, 169; conviction, 170; forging duplicates, &c.

170; utiering same, 170.
Pawnbrokers (Petty Sessions)- Information to ground search warrant for un-

finished goods, 472 ; search warrant, 472; information to ground
search warrant for goods unlawfully pawned, 472, 473; search war-
rant, 473; award of satisfaction to the party injured, when goods by

neglect, &c., are rendered of less value than when pawned, 473.
Peace, sureties for, see “ Sureties."
Peace officer, see “ Constables."
Pedlar, see Hawkers and Pedlars."
Perjury, at common law, 328 ; subornation of perjury, 328; before judge of a

county court, 328.
Person, indecently exposing, 207, 314; robbery from the person, 316.
Personation of seamen, &c., or their representatives, for their pay, pension, &c.,

329; of soldiers, for their prize money, &c. 329 ; of bail, &c. 329;

of owners of stock, 329.
Perusal, demand of, of warrant from a constable and gaoler, 504.
Pelty sessions division, statement of justices for alteration of, 505.

application to quarter sessions to hire place for holding, 506.
Petty sessions, clerks of, monthly account of fines, &c., received by, 62.
Pheasants, killing, out of season, 115, see “ Game.”
Pictures, exhibiting indecent, see Indecency;" damaging, in a church, &c. 324.
Pigeon, killing, wounding or taking, 142.
Piracy at common law, 329; the like, with violence, 329, 330.
Pistol, firing off, near highway, 129.
Plants, stealing, damaging, &c.,


"“ Malicious Injuries.”
Plumage of stolen birds, having, 142.
Poaching, see Game.
Poison, administering, to procure abortion, 285 ; with intent to murder, 293 ;

laying, to kill game, 114.
Police, see " Constables."
Polygamy, 330.
Ponds, breaking down the dam of, 322.
Poor (Summary).
General Observations, 8c.--Authority from board of guardians to an officer

to prefer complaint, &c. 170; information under such authority, 171.
I. Offences by Orerseers, &c.—Disobeying order of guardians, 171 ; dis-

obeying commissioners' orders, 171, neglecting to collect sufficient
rates, whereby relief delayed, 171, embezzling money, &c. 172 ;
acting in relation to applications in bastardy, 172.


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Poor (Summary)—continued.
II. Offences by Workhouse Master, &c.-Carrying, &c., spirits into work-

house, contrary to rules, 172 ; order of justices that salary of officer

offending be stopped for payment of penalty, 172.
III. Offences in Workhouse, 8c. — Bringing spirits into workhouse, 173;

special description of inmates, 173; damaging or embezzling clothes,
173 ; regular inmates refusing to work, or misbehaving, &c. 173,
174; occasional poor refusing to work, 174; absconding from work-
house with clothes, &c. 174 ; conviction and commitments, 174, 175;
buying, &c., parish goods, 175; obliterating the marks or stamps on

apparel, &c. 175.
Poor (Special Sessions Matters.)
Precept to high constable for returning lists of overseers, 382; high con-

stable's warrant to peily constables, 383 ; notice to justices, 383;
return of the vestry io the magistrates, 383; appointments of over-
seers, 383, 384 ; entry in special sessions book, 384 ; allowances of
accounts of overseers not in an union, 384 ; application, summons,
and distress warrant, for contribution to union, 385—387 ; appoint-
ment of special sessions for the year for appeals against rates, 387;
precept to petty constable to affix notice, 387; notice for church
door, 388 ; notice to overseers, 388 ; notice of objection to rate, 388 ;
summons to a witness, 389; rules for regulating the practice on
bearing appeals, 389, 390 ; decision of special sessions upon appeal,
391; order respiting appeal, 391; recognizance on appeal against

decision of the special sessions, 391.
Poor (Petty Sessions Matters), see “ Apprentices."
Appointment of assistant overseer by two justices, 473 ; certificate of charge-

ability of paupers, 474 ; order of a justice for temporary relief to a
stranger, 474 ; the like, for temporary medical relief, 474 ; complaint
for relief, 474 ; summons to two of ihe overseers, 475; order of re-
lief, 475 ; summons to repay relief given by way of loan, 475; order
for payment, 476 ; commitment for non-payment, 476 ; complaint to
attach wages, 476, 477; summons to the man and master, 477 ; order
to attach wages, 477 ; distress warrant thereon, 478 ; commitment in
default, 478; assignment of pension from Chelsea Hospital, 478 ; the
like, of Greenwich out pension, 479; the like, of any civil or military
service, 479; complaint for an order for payment of pension, where
family of pensioner have become chargeable, 479; order for pay-
ment to guardians on parish, 480 ; certificate of insanity of pensioner,
480; complaint for an order of maintenance, summons and order,

statement of offence in disobeying order, 482 ; order to seize

of persons running away and leaving family chargeable, 482 ;
notice to quit a parish cottage, 482 ; information for refusing to quit a
parish cottage, 482, 483 ; summons, 483; warrant to give possession,
483; justices' order excusing a poor person from payment of poor's
rates, 484; allowance of rates, 485; recovery of rates, see“ Rates ;'

appointment of select vestry, 485.
Port, stealing from a vessel in, 317, 318.
Posts used as fence, see Larceny,Malicious Injuries.”
Post Horses, information and summons, 251 ; conviction and warrant of dis-

tress, 252 ; commitment in default, 253; letting for hire without

making entry in the weekly account, 253.
recovery of post horse duties, 485.
Post Office-Forms in the stat. 1 Vict. c. 36; information, summons, conviction,

warrant of distress, and commitment in default, 254, 255.
recovery of postages, 485.
Post Office (Indictable), stealing or embezzling letters, 330 ; the like, if con-

taining money, &c. 330; stealing from letters, 330; stealing a post
letter bag, letters from it, or a mail, 330; stopping a mail, 330 ;


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