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additions thereto or modifications 401.11 Assistant Procurement Officer,

thereof, pursuant to power contracts Branch of Procurement and

providing therefor, such approval to be Stores, Division of Fiscal and Ad

in writing. ministrative Services. 401.30 General.

$ 401.6 Assistant General Counsel. 401.31 Conflicting delegations.

Any Assistant General Counsel may exeAUTHORITY: $$ 401.1 to 401.31, inclusive, cute, on behalf of the Bonneville Power issued under R.S. 161, 50 Stat. 731, as

Administration, releases of claims and amended, sec. 3, 60 Stat. 238; 5 U.S.C. 22,

demands of the United States for any 16 U.S.C. 832, 5 U.S.C. 1002. E.O, 8526, Aug.

losses, injuries, or damages to property 26, 1940, 3 CFR Cum. Supp.


the Administrator's control SOURCE: $$ 401.1 to 401.31, inclusive, con- against other persons or public or private tained in Statement, Administrator, effective

corporations when such claims or deNov. 5, 1947, 12 F.R. 8722.

mands are paid in full, $ 401.1 Administrator. Delegations

$ 401.7 Chief, Branch of Operations, of authority from the President and the

Division of Engineering. The Chief, Secretary of the Interior to the Bonne

Branch of Operations, Division of Engiville Power Administrator are listed in

neering, may: $ 400.31 of this chapter.

(a) Execute agreements with custom$ 401.2 Assistant Administrator. The Assistant Administrator may:

ers for the operation of their switches

installed on premises in the possession (a) Execute change orders involving of this Administration; increases or decreases in commitments in

(b) Execute agreements for the operexcess of $500 on contracts originally

ation of switches of the Administration; signed by others than the Assistant Administrator;

(c) Request customers to perform (b) Execute contracts with railroad services and furnish materials when an companies and other public utilities for

outage or similar emergency requires the power line crossings;

immediate performance of the services

and the furnishing of materials. (c) Accept and execute instruments, other than power sales and interchange $ 401.8 Chief, Branch of Maintenance, contracts, under which the Administra- Division of Engineering. The Chief, tion receives or grants rights or privi- Branch of Maintenance, Division of leges;

Engineering, may request customers to (d) During the absence of the Ad- perform services and furnish materials ministrator, perform the duties and ex- when an outage or similar emergency reercise the powers of the Administrator. quires the immediate performance of the

services and the furnishing of materials. $ 401.3 Acting Administrator. During the absence of the Administrator and § 401.9 Chief, Branch of Procurement the Assistant Administrator, such officer and Stores, Division of Fiscal and Ador employee who is designated as Acting

ministrative Services. The Chief, Administrator by the Administrator or Branch of Procurement and Stores, Divithe Assistant Administrator, as the case

sion of Fiscal and Administrative Serymay be, may perform the duties and ex- ices, may: ercise the powers of the Administrator; (a) Execute contracts for construction Provided, That the Acting Administrator and materials when the amount involved may not execute power sales or inter- is less than $5,000; change contracts which deviate from es

(b) Execute amendments to contracts tablished policies, declarations of taking,

for construction and materials when the or system acquisition contracts.

increase or decrease in the commitments § 401.4 Controller. The Controller resulting from the amendment are not may execute construction and materials in excess of $500; contracts involving amounts from $5,000 (c) Executive findings of fact concernto $50,000.

ing and letters granting extensions of $ 401.5 Assistant Power Manager, Di

time, or contract amendments carrying vision of Power Management. The As

out such findings of fact, with respect sistant Power Manager, Division of

to contracts which he originally signed. Power Management, may approve pur

(d) Execute contracts for the sale of chasers' resale rate schedules and any surplus personal property.

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§ 401.10 Chief, Land Section, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services. The Chief, Land Section, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services, may:

(a) Negotiate for purchases of all' interests in real estate and licenses, and other rights and privileges pertaining to lands and other property necessary for the Administration's program;

(b) Accept options for the purchase of all interests in real estate.

$ 401.11 Assistant Procurement Officer, Branch of Procurement and Stores, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services. The Assistant Procurement Officer, Branch of Procurement and Stores, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services, may purchase supplies

and services (other than personal) when the amount does not exceed $500.

§ 401.30 General. Delegated authority may be exercised by all the superiors of the delegatee, and during the absence of the delegatee, by the officer or employee performing the duties and exercising the functions of the delegatee. All delegated authority shall be exercised in accordance with such policy and administrative determinations as may, from time to time, be made by the Administrator, the Executive Committee, or both.

$ 401.31 Conflicting delegations. All delegations of authority in conflict with the delegations included in this part are, to the extent of such conflict, withdrawn.



N. B.: Dates appearing in the citations of source of documents codified in this chapter, such as dates of issuance, approval, or effectiveness, are obtained from the original document. For general statutory provisions governing effective dates, validity, and constructive notice see section 7 of the Federal Register Act (49 Stat. 502; 44 U.S.C. 307) and sections 3 and 4 of the Administrative Procedure Act (60 Stat. 238; 5 U.S.C. 1002, 1003).

500 Organization and procedure.
501 Delegations of authority.

ABBREVIATIONS: The following abbreviations are used in this chapter:

Code of Federal Regulations
F.R. Federal Register
Sec. Section
Stat. Statutes at Large
Supp. Supplement, Code of Federal Regulations
U.S.C. United States Code

Sec. 500.62 Division of Operations. 500.63 District offices.


PROCEDURE CROSS REFERENCE: For delegations of authority issued by the Secretary of the Interior prior to the revision of this chapter, see $ $ 4.21, 4.100, 4.103, and 4.860 of Title 43, infra.

Subpart A-Organization

ESTABLISHMENT Sec. 500.1 Creation. 500.2 Purpose. 500.5. General description:

HEADQUARTERS ORGANIZATION 500.10 Administrator. 500.11 Staff offices. 500.12 Division of Operations. 500.13 Division of Engineering. 500.14 Division of Land.

Subpart B-Procedare 500.100 Rates. 500.101 Market activities.

AUTHORITY: $ $ 500.1 to 500.101, inclusive, issued under sec. 3, 60 Stat. 238; 5 U. S. C., 1002. Additional authority is noted in parentheses following section affected.

SOURCE: $ $ 500.1 to 500.101, inclusive, contained in Statement of Organization and Procedure, Acting Secretary of the Interior, Nov. 21, 1947, 12 F.R. 7996.

Subpart A-Organization

ESTABLISHMENT 3 500.1 Création. The Southwestern Power Administration was created by the Secretary of the Interior in 1943 to market power from the Denison Dam Project and the Norfork Dam Project. Subsequently the Administration was charged with the responsibility of marketing power produced in the Southwestern part of the United States by projects of the Corps of Engineers, United States Army.

$ 500.2 Purpose. The Administration's objectives are to market hydroelectric power at the lowest possible rates to consumers to encourage the widest possible use of its power and in so doing to provide market outlets by construct

FIELD ORGANIZATION 500.20 Division of Operations. 500.21 District offices.

LIST OF DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY 500.40 Purpose of list of delegations of au

thority. 500.41 Administrator. 500.42 Chiefs, Engineering and Operations

Divisions. 500.43 Chief Counsel. PLACES TO OBTAIN INFORMATION AND MAKE

REQUESTS 500.60 Inquiries and requests. 500.61 Location of headquarters organiza


for acquisition of lands, maintains records and maps of land under jurisdiction of the Southwestern Power Administration and handles all claims arising from land acquisition.


ing, inter-connecting, operating, and maintaining such transmission lines and substations as are necessary. The area of operation is the States of Arkansas and Louisiana, that part of Kansas and Missouri south of the Missouri River Basin and east of the 98th Meridian, and that part of Texas and Oklahoma lying east of the 99th Meridian and north of the San Antonio River Basin.

$ 500.5 General description. The Southwestern Power Administration consists of a Headquarters Staff at Tulsa, Oklahoma; an office at Washington, D, C., and a Texas-Louisiana Area Office at Denison, Texas. The Headquarters Office at Tulsa, Oklahoma, is made up of the Administrator and several staff and technical divisions.

HEADQUARTERS ORGANIZATION $ 500.10 Administrator. The Administrator of the Southwestern Power Administration is the chief executive. He reports through the Division of Power to the Secretary of the Interior. The Office of the Administrator formulates plans and procedures for carrying out the objectives of the Administration, and directs its operation.

$ 500.11 Staf ofices. The staff offices consist of the Division of Law for legal matters, including litigation, contracts and land acquisition; Division of Finance for budget, finance, accounting and auditing functions; Division of Administration and Personnel for property, office services and personnel functions.

$ 500.12 Division of Operations. The Division of Operations plans and directs the dispatching and transmission of power through the facilities of the Southwestern Power Administration and associate organizations; maintains transmission lines, substations and other facilities; performs all meter, relay, testing and communications functions.

$ 500.13 Division of Engineering. The Division of Engineering plans and performs design and engineering studies and surveys for transmission lines, substations and other facilities; supervises construction; and renders technical advice on operation and maintenance. It also supervises and directs sales activities and the development of markets and resources for power sales.

$ 500.14 Division of Land. The Division of Land performs all work necessary

$ 500.20 Division of Operations. By reason of the return of the Grand River Dam Project to the State of Oklahoma and the Ark-La line to the Ark-La Electric Cooperative, Inc., field offices used in connection with the operation and maintenance of these projects have been abolished. New field offices or depots will be established as construction work is completed on the several sections of the Norfork-Denison tie line and various feeder lines.

$ 500.21 District offices. The TexasLouisiana Area Ofice is responsible for the activities of the Administration within the States of Louisiana and Texas and reports administratively to the Administrator and technically to the respective Divisions whose functions it performs in the field, including the development and maintenance of business and public relations necessary to the negótiations of power sales contracts and marketing functions.

LIST OF DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY $ 500.40 Purpose of list of delegations of authority. The following sections are not in themselves delegations of authority. The sections are merely a list of delegations and indicate the various matters with respect to which delegations have been made. They are intended as an index and outline. For the scope and limitations of particular delegations of authority, the specific regulations and orders to which cross references are made must be consulted.

$ 500.41 Administrator. The Administrator has been delegated authority to:

(a) Carry out the functions and duties assigned to the Secretary of the Interior by Executive Orders Numbers 9353, 9366, and 9373 (3 CFR, 1943 Supp., pp. 26, 35, 39) relating to the Denison Dam Project and the Norfork Dam Project. See Order No. 1865 (43 CFR, 1943 Supp., note to Subtitle A).

(b) Carry out the functions of the Secretary of the Interior relating to power generated at certain projects under

$ 500.63 District offices. The Administration maintains one District Office at Denison, Texas, known as the TexasLouisiana Area Ofice.

the control of the War Department. See Order No. 2135 (10 F. R. 14527).

(c) Enter into certain contracts for construction, supplies, and services. See $ 4.100 of Title 43, infra.

$ 500.42 Chiefs, Engineering and Operations Divisions. The Chief of the Division of Engineering and the Chief of the Division of Operations, respectively, may too enter into certain construction contracts. See $ 501.10 of Title 18, supra.

$ 500.43 Chief Counsel. The Chief Counsel may determine certain claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act. See 43 CFR Supps., Part 4.



$ 500.60 Inquiries and requests. Information concerning the policies and programs of the Administration, wholesale power rates, power contracts, procedure, availability of supply and construction plans may be obtained by addressing the Administrator, Southwestern Power Administration, Post Office Drawer 1619, Tulsa 1, Oklahoma. In Washington, D. C., information regarding policies, functions and operations of the Southwestern Power Administration may be obtained from Rooms 6328-6326, Department of the Interior Building. Inquiries regarding power contracts, including rates, availability of supply, and contracts which concern the Texas-Louisiana Area may be addressed to the Southwestern Power Administration, Munson Building, Post Office Box 336, Denison, Texas.

$ 500.61 Location of headquarters organization. The Administrator of the Southwestern Power Administration and his staff are located in the Administration Building of the Government Aircraft Plant No. 3, located approximately nine miles northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Washington Office is located in Rooms 6326–6328, Department of the Interior Building.

$ 500.62 Division of Operations. The Division of Operations maintains no field offices or depots at the present time. As construction work on the Norfork-Denison Tie Line and the feeder lines is completed and these lines are turned over to the Division of Operations, field offices and depots will be established for the operation and maintenance of these lines.

Subpart B-Procedure $ 500.100 Rates. Proposed rate schedules are initiated by the Power Distribution Sales and Contract Unit of the Division of Engineering. They are reviewed by the Controller, General Counsel, and the Assistant Administrator. Proposed rates are then submitted to the Administrator and, if he approves, are forwarded to the Secretary through the Division of Power Rates approved by the Secretary are submitted by the Administrator to the Federal Power Commission for confirmation and approval pursuant to the requirements of the act of December 22, 1944 (Sec. 5, 58 Stat. 890; 16 U.S.C. 825s).

$ 500.101 Marketing activities. . In marketing power, the Southwestern Power Administration negotiates power sales contracts with public bodies, cooperatives, privately owned utilities, the large industrial customers who take power in wholesale quantities and other Federal agencies. Contacts are made throughout the United States with potential industrial customers who indicate interest in establishing plants in the Southwest. All possible service leading to increased and more efficient use of power is rendered to customers or prospective customers.

Coordination of programs of power distribution and use is carried on in cooperation with other bureaus and agencies of the Department of the Interior, other Federal departments, and particularly with the Rural Electrification Administration.

Initial power marketing contacts are generally made by the Texas-Louisiana Area Office or the Power Distribution Sales and Contract Unit of the Division of Engineering. Power utilization by rural electric cooperatives, public bodies, and potential industrial customers is stressed in every possible way.


AUTHORITY $ 501.10 Construction contracts. Pursuant to $ 4.860 (a) of Title 43, infra, Floyd E. Conway, Chief, Engineering

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