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original and one conformed copy of such Annual Report on the aforesaid FPC Form No. 2-A, properly filled out and verified, on or before the last day of the third month following the close of the calendar year or other established fiscal year. One copy of the report should be retained by the correspondent in its files.

(c) This annual report contains the following list of unnumbered schedules: General Information, p. 1. Comparative balance sheet, pp. 2–3. Income and earned surplus account, pp. 4-5. :Gas plant in service, leased to others, and

held for future use (Class C natural gas

companies), pp. 6–7. Gas plant in service, leased to others, and

held for further use (Class D natural gas

companies), pp. 8–9. Gas plant in process of reclassification. p. 10. Reserve for depreciation and amortization of

gas plant, p. 11. Gas operating revenues, p. 12. Gas operating expenses, pp. 13–14–15. Gas account; p. 16. System map, p. 17. General information concerning plant and

operations, D 17. Oath, p. 18.

$ 260.3 Form No. 11, Monthly statement of operating revenue and income for natural gas companies (Classes A and B). (a) FPC Form No. 11, Monthly Statement of Operating Revenues and Income for natural-gas companies, as

defined in the Natural Gas Act, which are in Classes A and B, as defined in the Commission's Uniform System of Accounts Prescribed for Natural Gas Companies, subject to the provisions of the Natural Gas Act, be and the same hereby is approved;

(b) Each natural-gas company which is in Class A or B shall file with the Commission one copy of such Monthly Statement of Operating Revenues and Income, FPC Form No. 11, for the month of January 1946, and each month thereafter; said statement is to be filed on or before the last day of the month following that covered by the statement, except the statements for the months of January, February, and March 1946, which shall be filed on or before the last day of May 1946; said statement shall be signed by the Chief Accounting Officer of each said natural-gas company, but is not required to be under oath.

(c) Form No. 11 is designed to obtain monthly information concerning gas operating revenues, revenue deductions, and income.

$ 260.4 Form No. Temp. 2–46, Directory of gas (and electric) utilities. This form is designed to obtain information concerning service rendered, names of officers, and corporate characteristics of gas utilities.

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N. B.: Dates appearing in the citations of source of documents codified in this chapter, such as dates of issuance, approval, or effectiveness, are obtained from the original document. For general statutory provisions governing effective dates, validity, and constructive notice see section 7 of the Federal Register Act (49 Stat. 502; 44 U.S.C. 307) and sections 3 and 4 of the Administrative Procedure Act (60 Stat. 238; 5 U.S.C. 1002, 1003).

400 Organization and procedure.
401 Delegations of authority.

ABBREVIATIONS: The following abbreviations are used in this chapter:
Cum. Supp.

Cumulative Supplement, Code of Federal Regulations E.O.

Executive Order FR.

Federal Register R.S.

Revised Statutes Sec.

Section Stat.

Statutes at Large U.S.C.

United States Code

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use of electric energy and to provide basis of special technical, planning, and markets therefor by constructing, op- business knowledge and civic leadership. erating, maintaining and improving such

HEADQUARTERS ORGANIZATION power stations and transmission lines as may be necessary. Power generated at $ 400.10, Office of the Administrator. the Bonneville and Grand Coulee proj- The Office of the Administrator, which ects is distributed throughout Oregon includes the Assistant Administrator and and Washington, The Administration immediate staff assistants, coordinates now wholesales power to the extent of and directs the activities of the Bonneapproximately 50 percent of the entire ville Power Administration. Staff units electric power supply of the Pacific reporting to the Administrator include Northwest. The Administration also has the Division of Personnel, Division of been designated power marketing agent Information, Division of Law, Division for new Federal dams to be constructed of Budget and Administrative Planning, in the Columbia River Basin.

and the Division of Fiscal and Admin

istrative Services. $ 400.5 General description. The Bonneville Power Administration, headed $ 400.11 Liaison office. The Adminby the Administrator, is composed of a Istration maintains a liaison office in headquarters staff located at Portland, Washington which represents the AdOregon, and five district offices located ministration in relationships with other at points in the Pacific Northwest. In Government agencies. addition there are several advisory

$ 400.12 Division of Power Manageboards and committees established to

ment. The Division of Power Manageconsult with and advise the Administra

ment, under the supervision of the Power tor on matters of program and policy,

Manager, formulates and executes poliand to coordinate major programs of the

cies and activities relating to the sale of Bonneville Power Administration with

electric power and development of marprograms of other Government agencies

kets. It conducts investigations and engaged in related activities throughout

prepares recommendations on programs the Pacific Northwest.

relating to regional power resources and $ 400.6 Advisory Boards and Com- to needed generation and transmission mittees. (a) The Bonneville Act pro- facilities. It negotiates power contracts vides that the Administrator "shall act with the Administration's customers and in consultation with an advisory board develops and establishes rates, terms, composed of a representative designated and conditions for power sales and exby the Secretary of War, a representative changes. designated by the Secretary of the In

$ 400.13 Division of Engineering. terior, a representative designated by the

The Division of Engineering develops and Federal Power Commission, and a representative designated by the Secretary

executes policies relating to the engi

neering, operation and maintenance of of Agriculture.” The Administrator

the Bonneville Power Administration's regularly consults with the Board on matters of Administration policy and

electric transmission facilities. It de

signs and constructs additions to the Adprograms.

ministration's power system. The Divi(b) The Columbia Basin Inter-Agency

sion operates all Administration electric Committee was established by the Fed

power facilities, regulates stream flow by eral Inter-Agency River Basin Com

storage and release of waters, dispatches mittee in 1946, to facilitate cooperation power through Administration and asin the investigation and preparation of sociated facilities in accordance with reports on multiple-purpose water proj- contractual provisions, and maintains ects and the correlation of the results

all lines, substations, and other faciliof these investigations. The member- ties. It coordinates the operation of the ship of the Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Administration's system with interconCommittee is identical with the member

nected systems, and controls metering, ship of the Bonneville Advisory Board

relaying, testing, and communications. and also includes a representative of the Department of Commerce.

FIELD ORGANIZATION (c) The Regional Advisory Council $ 400.20 District Offices. The Ad. consists of a group of persons selected by ministration maintains five District Of. the Bonneville Power Administrator by fices in various parts of the Pacific geographical areas in the region on the Northwest. Each office consists of a District Manager and a small staff, who maintain contacts with customers and direct the execution of approved plans and programs within each District in accordance with the policies, objectives, and standards established by the Office of the Administrator. The District Offices initiate power sales contracts and perform related power marketing functions, assist the Administration's customers in management and operating problems, and conduct engineering and other investigations as required. Each District Office represents a cross section of the entire Bonneville Power Administration's activities in its particular area. The District Manager is the direct representative of the Administrator in his district, although he receives technical instruction from the divisions.

LIST OF DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY $ 400.30 Purpose of list of delegations of authority. The following sections are not in themselves delegations of authority. The sections are merely a list of delegations and indicate the various matters with respect to which delegations have been made. They are intended merely as an index and outline. For the scope and limitations of delegations of authority the specific regulations and orders to which cross references are made must be consulted.

§ 400.31 Administrator. The Bonneville Power Administrator has authority

$ 400.34 Controller. The authority delegated to the Controller is set forth in $ 401.4 of this chapter.

$ 400.35 Assistant Power Manager, Division of Power Management. The authority delegated to the Assistant Power Manager, Division of Power Management, is set forth in $ 401.5 of this chapter.

$ 400.36 General Counsel. The General Counsel may determine certain claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act. See 43 CFR 4.21.

$ 400.37 Assistant General Counsel. The authority delegated to the Assistant General Counsel is set forth in § 401.6 of this chapter.

§ 400.38 Chief, Branch of Operations, Division of Engineering. The authority delegated to the Chief, Rranch of Operations, Division of Engineering, is set forth in $ 401.7 of this chapter.

$ 400.39 Chief, Branch of Maintenance, Division of Engineering. The authority delegated to the Chief, Branch of Maintenance, Division of Engineering, is set forth in § 401.8 of this chapter.

$ 400.40 Chief, Branch of Procurement and Stores, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services. The authority delegated to the Chief, Branch of Procurement and Stores, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services, is set forth in $ 401.9 of this chapter.

$ 400.41 Chief, Land Section, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services. The authority delegated to the Chief, Land Section, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services, is set forth in $ 401.10 of this chapter.

$ 400.42 Assistant Procurement Officer, Branch of Procurement and Stores, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services. The authority delegated to the Assistant Procurement Officer, Branch of Procurement and Stores, Division of Fiscal and Administrative Services, is set forth in § 401.11 of this chapter. PLACES TO OBTAIN INFORMATION AND MAKE

REQUESTS $ 400.50 Inquiries and requests in general. (a) Inquiries of a general nature concerning the Administration should be addressed to Bonneville Power Administration, 729 Northeast Oregon Street, Portland, Oregon. Technical information on such matters as wholesale rates, rate policies, power contract procedures,


(a) Market power generated at the Columbia Basin project in Washington. See Executive Order No. 8526 (3 CFR Cum. Supp.).

(b) Market power generated at the Hungry Horse Dam project in Montana. See Order No. 1994 (9 F. R. 11966).

(c) Market power generated at the Lookout Point, Quartz Creek, Detroit, and McNary projects in Oregon and the lower Snake River projects, and the Foster Creek project in Washington. See Order No. 2115 (10 F. R. 14211) and Order No. 2237 (11 F. R. 8830).

$ 400.32 Assistant Administrator. The authority delegated to the Assistant Administrator is set forth in $ 401.2 of this chapter.

$ 400.33 Acting Administrator. The authority delegated to the Acting Administrator is set forth in $ 401.3 of this chapter.

availability of supply, construction plans, relationships with public utility districts, Rural Electrification Administraton cooperatives, municipal and other power agencies, also may be secured from the same address.

(b) Inquiries concerning wholesale power contracts with large industries may be addressed to Power Manager, Bonneville Power Administration, 729 Northeast Oregon Street, Portland, Oregon.

(c) Inquiries regarding power contracts including availability of supply and rates, which concern a particular locality of the Pacific Northwest may be addressed to the appropriate District office listed below.

$ 400.51 Location of headquarters organization. The office of the Bonneville Power Administrator and the chiefs of the staff units and divisions are located at 729 Northeast Oregon Street, Portland, Oregon.

§ 400.52 Location of district offices. The location of each district office is as follows:

(a) Lower Columbia District Office, 811 N. E. Oregon Street, Portland 8, Oregon

(b) Southwestern District Office, New Post Office Building, Eugene, Oregon

(c) Mid-Columbia District Office, Denny Building, Walla Walla, Washington

(d) Upper Columbia District Office, 401 Title Building, West 614 Sprague Avenue, Spokane 8, Washington

(e) Puget Sound District Office, New World Life Building, 2d and Cherry Streets, Seattle 4, Washington.

istration negotiates power sales contracts with public utility districts, cooperatives, irrigation districts, municipalities, privately owned utilities, large industrial customers who take power in wholesale quantities, and other Federal agencies. Frequent contacts are made with potential industrial customers throughout the United States who might be interested in establishing power-consuming plants in the Pacific Northwest. Services of various types are rendered to customers under sales contracts for the purpose of making their power use more efficient and increasing that use.

Factors other than direct negotiations with customers and potential customers are involved. Surveys must be made to determine both existing and potential power markets as a prelude to the planning and construction of transmission systems. Surveys also are made of the power needs of the Pacific Northwest as a whole and of various portions thereof. Similar investigations are undertaken with respect to proposed power projects to determine their capacity, the cost of transmission and marketing of power, and the ultimate economic feasibility of such projects. Special, as well as long range, studies on the economic, industrial and agricultural resources of the region, particularly as they relate to power sales and programming of power facilities, form a part of such surveys. Many research activities, including power transmission, new uses for power, and economics relating to the development of the area and increased power consumption are performed.

Subpart B-Procedure $ 400.80 Rates. Proposed rate schedules are initiated by the Division of Power Management under the supervision of the Power Manager. They are reviewed by the Controller, the General Counsel, the Executive Committee, and the Assistant Administrator. The proposed rates are then submitted to the Administrator, who, if they meet with his approval, forwards them to the Division of Power, Office of the Secretary. The proposed rates, after being reviewed by the Division of Power, are submitted to the Secretary for approval, and, with respect to the Bonneville project, to the Federal Power Commission for confirmation pursuant to the requirements of the Bonneville Project Act.

$ 400.81 Marketing activities. In marketing power, Bonneville Power Admin


AUTHORITY Sec. 401.1 Administrator. 401.2 Assistant Administrator. 401.3 Acting Administrator, 401.4 Controller. 401.5 Assistant Power Manager, Division of

Power Management. 401.6 Assistant General Counsel. 401.7 Chief, Branch of Operations, Divi

sion of Engineering. 401.8 Chief, Branch of Maintenance, Divi

sion of Engineering. 401.9 Chief, Branch of Procurement and

Stores, Division of Fiscal and Ad

ministrative Service. 401.10 Chief, Land Section, Division of Fis

cal and Administrative Services.

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