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Abernethy (John). Surgical observations on çois par R. R. Cauxois. Dernière [2e ) éd. 7

the constitutional origin and treatment of p. 1. 376 pp. 171. 160. Paris, M. Orry, 1600. local diseases; and on aneurisms. 80.

The same.

Historie naturael en mo[ Boston, 1832]

rael van de Westersche Indien. Wt den [MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of prac- spaenschen in onse nederduijtsche tale overtical medicine, v. 2, pp. 123–263).

gheset: door Jan Huyghen van Linschoten. About (Edmond François Valentin). Les

2e ed. 4 p. 1. 177, 31. 4o. Amsterdam, B. mariages de Paris. 8e éd. 2 p. 1. 428 pp. 1

Jansz, 1624. 1. 120. Paris, L. Hachette f. cie. 1859.

Acosta (Manuel). Kurtze verzeichnusz vnd Abridgement (An); or, summary of the historische beschreibung deren dingen, so chronicles of Scotland. Containing a short

von der societet Jesv in Orient, von dem jar account of the original of the Scots, from the

nach Christi geburt, 1542, bisz auff das 1568 coming of Gathelus, [etc.] together with a

gehandlet worden. Erstlich durch Ioannem description of the realm of Scotland, and of Petrum Maffeium, auss portugalesischer its principal cities, forts, abbeys, etc. To

sprach in latein, vnd jetzo neben etlichen which is added, a particular account of the

japonischen sendtschreiben, vom jar 1548 isles, and of the rarities therein, [etc.] 1 p. 1. biss auff 1555, allen frommen catholischen zu 159 pp. 180. Edinburgh, J. Mitchell, 1756.

lieb und trost ins teutsch gebracht vnnd zum Abú'l-faraj (Grigúriyús Ben Hárún), or Je- ersten mal an tag geben. Durch I. G. Göt

máled-din Abú’lfaraj Grigúriyús Ben Táj-ed- zen. [anon.] 8 p. 1. 191, 524 pp. 1 1. 180. din Hárún Ben Túmá El-Meletí. Historia Ingolstadt, D. Sartorius, 1586. compendiosa dynastiarvm, [etc.] Arabice Note.-The authors of the Japonischen sendschrei.

ben, are Cosmos Turrianus, Emmanuel Noberga, edita, et latine versa, ab Edwardo Pocockio.

Ferdinandus Mendozius, Franciscus Xaverius, 11 p. 1. 368 pp. 40 1. sm. 40. Oxoniæ, H.

Gaspar Belga, Henricus Henriquez, Joannes de

Beyra, Joannes Ferdinandez, Paulus Japonius, PeHall, 1663.

trus Alcacenas. Account (An) of the island of Mauritius and Acta martyrum. Märtyrbuch. Denkwürdige its dependencies. By a late official resident.

reden vnnd thaten vieler h. märtyrer: welche [anon.] 182 pp. 89. London, author, 1842.

nach den zeitten der aposteln, biss auffs jar

Christi 1597, in Teutschland, Franckreich, Account (An) of the late dreadful earthquake and fire, which destroyed the city of Lisbon,

Engelland, Schottland, Niderland, Italien,

Hispanien, etc. vmb der evangelischen warthe metropolis of Portugal. In a letter from

heit willen verfolget, vnnd jämmerlich gea merchant resident there, to his friend in

martert worden. Auss den grossen franzöEngland. [anon.] 2d ed. 23 pp. 80. Bos

sischen Actis martyrum fleissig aussgezogen ton, Green & Russell, 1756.

vnd verteutschet, vnd mit dem eylfften vnd Acerbi (Giuseppe). Reise durch Schweden

zwelfften buch, so vormaln nicht darbey und Finnland, bis an die äussersten gränzen

gewesen, gemehret. [Von Ludvig König]. von Lappland, in den jahren 1798 und 1799.

6 p. I. 834 pp. 8 l. 16o. Basel, 1597. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Ch.

Adagia nonnulla latino-anglica, ordine al Weyland. Nebst berichtigenden bemerkun

phabetico descripta. [anon.] 42 pp. 160. gen eines sachkundigen gelelirten. 1 p. 1.

Edinburgi, J. Ross, 1723. iv, 520 pp. 1 map, 2 pl. 80. Berlin, Voss, Adam (Rev. Thomas). Private thoughts on 1803.

religion, and other subjects connected with Acosta (Christoval). Aromatum et medica

it, [etc.] To which is prefixed a short mentorum in Orientali India nascentium

sketch of [the author's] life and character, liber: plvrimvm lucis adferens iis quæ a doc

From the 4th London ed. 311 pp.


16o. tore Garcia de Orta in hoc genere scripta

Poughkeepsie, Rudd & Stockholm, 1814. sunt: Caroli Clvsii atrebatis opera ex his

Adams (Charles, d. d.) The earth and its panico sermone latinus factus, [etc.] 2a ed.

wonders. In a series of familiar sketches. pp. 227-404, 21. 16o. Antverpiæ, ex officina

341 pp. 16 pl. 16o. Cincinnati, Hitchcock & plantiniana, 1593.

Walden, 1870. [In ORTA (Garcia de). Aromatvm et simplicivm, (etc.)

Memoir of Washington Irving. With Acosta (José de). Histoire natvrelle et mo- selections from his works, and criticisms.

ralle des Indes, tant Orientalles qu'Occiden- 299 pp. 160. New York, Carlton & Lanahan, talles, [etc.] Traduite de Castillan en Fran- [1870].

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128 pp.

Adams (Mrs. H. A.) Dawn. [A novel. Adams (William T.)—continued. anon.] 404 pp. 129. Boston, Adams &

Bear and forbear; or, the young skipper co. 1868.

of lake Ucayga. By Oliver Optic. (pseuAdams (H. G.) The life and adventures of don.] 311 pp. 8 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee &

dr. Livingston in the interior of South Africa. Shepard, 1871. Comprising a description of the regions which (Lake shore series, no. 6]. he traversed ; an account of missionary pio

Field and forest; or, the fortunes of a neers; and chapters on cotton cultivation, farmer. By Oliver Optic. (pseudon.] 288 slavery, wild animals, etc. 1 p. l. xxviii, pp. 14 pi. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 322 pp. 1 portrait. 16o. London, J. Black

1871. wood fi co. [1870].

(Upward and onward series, no. 1]. Adams (Rev. John). Flowers of ancient his

Plane and plank; or, the mishaps of a

mechanic. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] tory; comprehending, on a new plan, the most remarkable and interesting events, as

315 pp. 14 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard,

1871. well as characters, of antiquity. 300 pp.

(Upward and onward series, No. 2]. 180. Leesburg, (Va.) S. B. T. Caldwell, 1822.

Adderley (Rt. hon. sir Charles Bowyer). ReAdams (John G.) The sabbath-school melo

view of " The colonial policy of lord J. Rusdist; a collection of hymns and tunes de

sell's administration,” by earl Grey, 1853 ; signed for the sabbath-school and the home.

and of subsequent colonial history. viii, 423 obl. 160.

pp. 89. London, E. Stanford, 1869. Boston, R. A. Ballou, 1866.

Addison (Charles G.) Damascus and Paland Chapin (E. H.) Hymns for chris- myra: a journey to the east. With a sketch tian devotion ; especially adapted to the uni- of the state and prospects of Syria, under versalist denomination. New ed. 704 pp.

Ibrahim Pasha. 2 v. xviii, 440 pp. 2 pl; 120. Boston, universalist publishing house, x pp. 1 l. 484 pp. 5 pl. 89. London, R. 1870.

Bentley, 1838. Adams (John Quincy). Report [on weights Additional (The) and selected hymns, from and measures]. 12o. New York, 1870.

· Hymns, ancient and modern,” and [In DAVIES (Charles). The metric system. Part iii]. "Hymns for church and home.” Prepared Adams (Rev. John Quincy). Experiences of

at the request of several of the bishops by the higher christian life in the baptist de

two of their number. 345 pp. 160. . Nero nomination; being the testimony of a num- York, E. P. Dutton 8. co. 1870. ber of ministers and private members of bap- Adelaida ; 6, el misterio. Novela original por tist churches to the reality and blessedness of

D. C. N. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 147 pp. 180. the experience of sanctification through faith

Valencia, J. de Orga, 1832. in the blood of Jesus Christ. 287 pp. 120. Adhémar (Joseph Alphonse).

. Traité comNew York, Sheldon & co. 1870.

plet d'arithmétique. 2 v. in 1. 108,74 pp. Adams (Nehemiah, d. d.) Agnes and the

21. 180. Paris, 1833.

[With CONDILLAC (Étienne Bonnot de). Théorie little key; or, bereaved parents instructed

des calculs, ouvrage extrait de Langue des calculs, and comforted. 10th ed. revised. 192 pp.

par C. Chelle]. 169. Boston, Gould f. Lincoln, 1869.

Adrichem or Adrichomius (Christiaan van). Catherine. 7th ed. 192 pp. 160. Bos

Cronicon [de la creacion del mondo al año de ton, Gould f. Lincoln, 1869.

Jesu Christo 109]. Traducido de Latin en Adams (Rev. William). The cherry-stones ; Español por d. L. Martinez de Marcilla. 4 or, Charlton school ; a tale for youth. Ed- p. 1. 284 pp. 111.

sm. 40.

Madrid, imited by the rev. H. C. Adams. viii, 143 pp. .

prenta imperial, 1679. 189. London, F. & J. Rivington, 1851.

The same.

14a impression. 4 p. 1. 234 The old man's home. 2d ed. 108 pp.

pp. 11 l. 8o. Madrid, P. Alonso y Padilla, 16o. London, F. & J. Rivington, 1847.

1761. Adams (William T.) Brake up; or, the

Vrbis Hierosolymæ, qvemadmodum ea young peacemakers. By Oliver Optic.

Christi tempore florvit, et suburbanorum eius [pseudon.] 303 pp. 8 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee

breuis descriptio, [etc.] Ed. postrema. 15 f. Shepard, 1870.

p. l. 136 pp. 10 1. 169.

Coloniæ Agrip[Lake shore series, no. 5).

pina, Birckmann, 1597.









company, 1845.




The same. Breve descripcion de la

Home influence. A tale for mothers and ciudad de Jerusalem y lugares circunvecinos, daughters. 24th ed. xviii, 421 pp. 8 pl. como estaba en tiempo de Cristo nuestro 120. London, Groombridge & sons, 1869. señor [etc.] Compuesta en Latin, y tradu- Woman's friendship. A story of domescida al Castellano, por V. Gomez. 256 p pp.

tic life. New ed. illustrated. 2 p. 1. 349 pp. 16o. Madrid, Verges, 1828.

5 pl. 160. London, Groombridge & sons, 1869. [Imperfect, wanting map).

Aguilar ( Miguel de ). Enchiridion predicaAdventures (The) of Laurentini in search

ble. 16 p. 1.

1. 174 pp. 91. 16o. Alcala la of his father. A French romance. By the real, G. A. de Padilla Pacheco Guardiola y author of the Chevalier Faublas, etc. [pseu- Solis, 1706. don.] 64 pp. 80. New York, Wilson and Aguinaldo (El) para MDCCcxxx. 2 p.1. 306

pp. 180. Filadelfia, Carey, Lea & Carey, [In French novels, v. 5).

1829. Advis fidelle aux véritables Hollandois. See Aguinaldo puerto-riqueño. Colleccion de Wicquefort (Abraham de).

producciones orijinales en prosa y verso. Ælianus (Claudius). Allavov TTOLKIĀNS LOTO

[anon.] 206 pp. 11. 12o. Puerto Rico, Gimριας βιβλια ιδ. Aeliani variae historiae libri

bernat d Dalmau, 1843. xiiii. Ex Heraclide de rebus publicis com- Agurleta (José Lopez). Apologia por el habimentarium. Polemonis physionomia. Ada

to de santo Domingo en la orden de Santiago, mantii physionomia. Melampodis ex pal

[etc.] 20 p. I. 448 pp. 20 1. sm. 89. Alcala, pitationibus divinatio. De neuis. [Omnia

M. de Moya, 1725. Camilli Perusci diligentia primo in lucem Ahn (Friedrich). Abn's German primer. Ed. missa]. 4 p. 1. 111 1. paged, 12 l. unpaged.

ited by W. Grauert. 94 pp. 120. New York, 40. Romæ, 1545.

E. Steiger, 1870.

The first German reading-book. After Æneas, gazaus. Theophrastus; siue, de

the system of “ The first French readinganimorum immortalitate, græce et latine,

book,” [etc.] To which is added a series of Joanne Wolfio interprete ex editione ger

amusing and instructive pieces, in prose and manica Gesneri, 1560. fol. Parisiis, 1624. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrym, v. 2].

verse, [etc.] By D. H. Altschal, [etc.] Ist Æsopus. Fables choisies d’Esope. [Grecques

American ed. 169 pp. 12°. Philadelphia,

J. Weik & co. 1859. et françaises]. Nouv, éd. accompagnée des

A hand-book of German conversation. imitations de La Fontaine et d'un lexique, par

New edition, adapted to the use of English E. Sommer.

12. Paris, L. Hachette & cie. 1853.

scholars, [etc.] To which is added, ConversaAfrican (The) repository. Jan. to Dec. 1870.

tions on the geography of Germany, and letv. 46. 89. Washington, American coloniza

ters, notes, correspondence, etc. By Chrystion society, 1870.

ostome Dagobert and W. Pfeiffer. Afterwards; or, Janet's true friend. By the

120. Philadelphia, J. Weik & co. 1859. author of "Answered prayer,” [etc.] 419

A new, complete, and cheap traveller's pp. 3 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, American sun- pocket dictionary, of the English and Gerday-school union, [1870].

man languages. New edition [or] Neues vollAgapetus, constantinopolitanus. Ad Justi

ständiges und billiges reise-taschen-wörternianum capita admonitoria, [etc.] græce et

buch der englischen und deutschen sprache. latine, interprete incerto. fol. Parisiis,

Neue ausgabe. vi, 316 pp. 160. Philadel1624.

phia, J. Ileik 8 co, 1860. (In BIBLIOTHECA veterym patrvm, v. 2].

A new, practical and easy method of Aguila (La) mexicana. Periodico cuotidiano learning the German language. With a pro

politico y literario. Abril de 1823-Octu- nunciation, arranged according to J. C. Oehlbre 1824. 2 v. fol. Merico, M. Ontiveros, schläger's recently published German diction1823-24.

ary. First course, 15th ed. 79 pp. 11. 120. Aguilar (Grace). The days of Bruce. A story St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1870. from Scottish history. New ed. 3 p. I. 591

The same. First course. 3d American, pp. 2 pl. 160. London, Groombridge f: sons,

from the Sth London ed. 3 p. 1. 88 pp. 1868.

160 St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1869.

126 pp.

180 pp. AHN.


122 pp:

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Ainsworth (Rev. Henry)-continued.
The same. Second course. 6th Ameri-

Solomon's Song of songs, in English can, from the 8th London ed. 125 pp. 160. metre. Sec Bible, English. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1869.

Ainsworth (William Harrison). The SouthThe same. 15th ed. 108 pp. 12o.

Sea bubble. A tale of the year 1720. CopySt. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1870.

right ed. 2 v. 300 pp; 287 pp. 16o. LeipA key to Ahn's practical and easy

zig, B. Tauchnitz, 1868. method of learning the German language. Aitzema (Lieuwe van). Verhael van de nederBy J. C. Oeb[1]schlæger. 66 pp. 120. St. landsche vreede handeling. Noch is tot gheLouis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1863.

rief van den leser alle de stucken voor desen Praktischer lehrgang zur schnellen und

in Fransch, Latin, als Spaensch ghedruckt. leichten erlernung der englischen Sprache.

In Duytsch vertaelt, door J. H. Glasemaker.

2 v. in 1. Nebst angabe der aussprache mit deutschen

2 p. 1. 376 pp ; 2 1.366 pp. 40. buchstaben und deutschen tönen. Von J. C.

Amsterdam, I. Benjamin, 1653.
Erster cursus.

iv, 113 pp. Ajofrin (Fr. Francisco de). Tratado theoló120. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1870.

gico-místico-moral, en que se explica, segun The same. Zweiter cursus.

los principios mas sólidos, la bula pastoralis

cura de la santidad de Benedicto xiv, sobre 16o. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1867.

el confesor extraordinario de las monjas, The same. Erster (und] zweiter cur

[etc.] 6 p. 1. 267 pp. 80. Madrid, P. Marin, sus. 2 v. in l. iv, 113 pp; 122 pp. 160. St.

1789. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1867.

Akiander (Matthias), Herdamminne för ford Practischer lehrgang zur schnellen und

na Wiborgs och nuvarande Borgå stift. leichten erlernung der französischen sprache.

Bidrag till kännedom af Finlands natur och Durchgesehen und verbessert von J. C.

folk, utgifna af Finska vetenskaps-societeOehlschläger. 4e auflage, bereichert mit ei

ten. Trettonde häftet. viii, 479 pp. 80. nem anhange: Kurze theorie zu Ahn's fran

Helsingfors, Finska litteratur-sällskapets try. zösischem lebrgang, von L. Soldan. Erster

ckeri, 1868. cursus. 150, 18 pp. 120. St. Louis, (Mo.)

The same. ii. delen. 2 p.

ii. delen. 2 p. 1. 534 pp. F. Saler, 1867.

Helsingfors, Finska literatur-sällskapets Ahrens (Heinrich). Curso completo de de

tryckeri, 1869. recho natural, o de filosofia del derecho, con

[In FINSKA vetenskaps-societeten. Bidrag till känarreglo al estado actual de esta ciencia en nedom af Finlands natur och folk. 14e häftet]. Alemania. 5a ed. Traducida por d. Manuel Alabaster (Henry, editor). The modern buddMaria Flamant. 2a ed. española. 520 pp. hist, [etc.] 1870. 80, Madrid, C. Bailly-Bailliere, 1864.

[See CHAO Phya Thipakon). Aikman (William, d.d.) Life at home; or, Alamanni (Antonio). Sonetti alla burchiel

the family and its members. 249 pp. 120. lesca. xx pp. 120. [Lucca, 1757]. New York, S. R. Wells, 1870.

[With BURCHIELLO (Domenico, detto) and others). The moral power of the sea ; an in- Alamanni (Luigi). L'avarchide, con diligenza quiry into the true relations of commerce to

corretta, e alla moderna ortografia ridotta.

2a ed. 2 v. xxxviii, 355 pp; 1 p. 1.421 pp. the evangelization of the world. 152 pp.

189. Bergamo, P. Lancellotti, 1761. 16°. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania seamen's

Note. This edition was prepared by Piero Antonio friend society, 1863.

Serassi. Aimard (Gustave). The prairie-flower; or, Alamin (Fr. Felix de). Retrato del verdadero

the baffled chief. 100 pp. 80. New York, sacerdote, y manual de sus obligaciones, Beadle & co. 1869.

[etc.] 8 p. 1. 413 pp. fol. Barcelona, J. Ainsworth (Rev. Henry). Annotations upon Piferrer, 1747.

the fourth book of Moses, called Numbers. Alaux (Gustave d'). L'empereur Soulouque 1619. See Bible, English.

et son empire. 2 p. 1. 286 pp. 16. Paris, Annotations upon the fifth book of M. Lévy frères, 1856. Moses, called Devteronomie. 1619. See Bi- Albany (New York). The Albany directory ble, English.

for the year 1870, [etc.] 80. Albany, SampAnnotations upon the book of Psalmes. son, Davenport & co. 1870. 1617. See Bible, English.

Wallace's street and city guide of Al







bany, [etc.] 80 pp. 24o. Albany, C. Van nouo apparatu librorum ad annum 1642 Benthuysen f sons, 1870.

editorum concinnata, [etc). Accedit cataAlbany (The) argus, (semi-weekly]. Oct. logus religiosorum societatis Iesu, qui hacte

21, 1817, to Oct. 9, 1818. fol. Albany, J. nus pro catholica fide et pietate in variis Buel, 1817-18.

mundi plagis interempti sunt. 12 p. l. 587 The same. July 15, 1836, to Dec. 28, pp. fol. Antverpiæ, J. Mevrsivs, 1643. 1838. 2 v. fol. Albany, E. Croswell & co. Alembert (Jean Le Rond d'). Mélanges 1836-38.

de littérature, d'histoire et de philosophie. Albany (Presbytery of). Official documents, [anon.] v.1. 120, Amsterdam, la compagnie,

exhibiting the trials of the rev. John Ches- 1760. ter and mr. Mark Tucker ; together with

(v. 2-5 wanting). the whole case of the rev. Hooper Cum

Sur la destruction des jésuites en ming. 255 pp. 80. Schenectady, H. Ste- France. Par un auteur désintéressé. [anon.] vens & co. 1818.

235 pp. 120. [n. p. ] 1765. Albertano da Brescia, Albertani causidici

The same. 126 pp. 11. 16o. [n. r.] brixiensis tractatus de arte loquendi et ta

1765. cendi. Mccxlv. Quis, quid, cui dicas, cur,

The same.

Seconde partie. Ou, lettre quomodo, quando requiras. 80. Kiöbenhavn, a mr. *** conseiller au parlement de *** J. Lund, 1869.

Pour servir de supplément à l'ouvrage qui (In SUNDBY (Thor). Brunetto Latinos levnet og a pour titre : Sur la destruction des jésuites skrifter, pp. lxxxiv-cxliv].

en France.

Par un

auteur désintéressé. Albizeschi (Bernardino de'). Quadragesi

[anon.] 60 pp. 160. [Paris], 1767. male beati Bernardini de xpiana religione,

[With the preceding). b. 1. 254 l. unp. fol. [n. p. about 1490].

Alethæus (Theophilus), [pseudon. ] See Lyser Note. Each page has two columns, of 54 lines, in gothic type.

(Johann). Albrecht (Wilhelm). Blätter aus Nassau. Alexander, (bishop of Alexandria). Epistles

Deutschen landleuten und weinbauern ge- on the Arian heresy, etc. Translated by J. widmet. Erstes-viertes heft. 180. Wies- B. H. Hawkins. 80. Edinburgh, T. & T. baden, Friedrich, 1844-47.

Clark, 1866. Alcaforado (Marianna). Lettres portugaises,

[In ANTE-NICENE library, v. 14. pp. 333 to 363).

Treatise on the traduites par Guilleragues. 157 pp. 160. Alexander, lycopolitanus. Paris, 1808.

tenets of the Manichæans. Translated by J. [In CAILLEAU'(A, C.) Lettres de tendresse, etc. v. B. H. Hawkins. 80. Edinburgh, T. & T 2).

Clark, 1869. Alcalá (Colegio de Santo Thomas). Collegij

[In ANTE-NICENE library, v. 14, pp. 231 to 26). s. Thomæ in vniversam Aristotelis logicam Alexander iii, pope. Ad Petrum abbatem qvæstiones. 7a ed.

4 p. 1.559 pp.

s. Remigii, et alios, epistolæ lvi. pp. 647 [Madrid], typis I. Garcia Briones, 1718.

674. fol. Parisiis, typographia regia, 1696. Alciati (Andrea). . Ad Alciati emblemata, per [In SIRMOND (Jacques). Opera varia, v. 3).

Clavdivm Minoem [Mignault] devtepai opov- Alexander (Caleb). A grammatical system of TIDES. Ed. vltima. 19 p. 1. 816 pp. 121. 160. the English language ; comprehending a Logdoni, H. G. Rovilius, 1614.

plain and familiar scheme of teaching young Alcott (Louisa M.) An old-fashioned girl. gentlemen and ladies the art of speaking and

3 p. 1. 378 pp. 3 pl. 16o. Boston, Roberts writing correctly their native tongue. 96 pp. brothers, 1870.

16o. Rutland, (Vt.) Fay & Burt, 1819. Alden (Joseph, d.d.) The natural speaker. Alexander (Henry Carrington). The life of

Being selections to aid the student in acquir- Joseph Addison Alexander, d. d. 2 v. xii, ing a simple, natural, business-like style of

480 pp. 1 portrait; viii, 481 to 921 pp. 80. speaking. With a prefatory note by James New York, C. Scribner & co. 1870. McCosh, d. d. xvi, 302 pp.

120. New Alexander (Sir James Edward). TransatYork, 1. Appleton & co. 1870.

lantic sketches, comprising visits to the most Aldus. See Manuzio (Aldo).

interesting scenes in North and South AmerAlegambe (Philippe). Bibliotheca scriptorvm ica and the West Indies. With notes on societatis Iesv, post excusum

negro slavery and Canadian emigration. 378 catalogum r. p. P. Ribadeneiræ, nunc hoc pp. 89. Philadelphia, Key f. Biddle, 1833.

anno 1608

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