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MIRROR OF HISTORY is an extraordinary African history book written by the son of the soil, Mashabela K Nicholas. Mashabela believes that "it is very important for one to read and always take a quest to seek knowledge and wisdom in order to gain correct understanding of one’s true identity and purpose". This book will help you and I (as much as it helped Mashabela) to understand our origin as Africans (mirror our history). As the son of the continent, Mashabela’s conviction is that "the story of his land (Mother Africa) will be best told by us (Africans)". When writing this book, he considered the basic principles of history: chronology, change and continuity. Although he agrees that it’s difficult to root-out subjectivity out of history, the author says “Objectivity is key to him”. He also reminds us that history is a continuous science rather than a fixed subject or the study we often narrowly believe it is. According to Mashabela "History is a moving study of a moving society". This is the history for everybody: rich, poor, powerful and powerless. Dan Brown said in his book ‘The Da Vince Code’, that “History is always written by the Winners, and that when two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated and the winner write history book which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe”. Mirror of History is the opposite of this because it’s neither written by/for the winners nor the losers, but by a honest lover and indeed an agent of objective history. The book was written to bridge the gap between the so called ‘history of winners and losers’. In a nutshell, one can say that the book MIRROR OF HISTORY is about my history and your history as African (INDEED THE NAKED TRUTH OF OUR ORIGIN). It portrays Africa as a continent born out of geohistoric context. The book begins with the section on the mythological beginning of all for our beloved continent, a reflection of how Africa came into being, and how it is today. The division of a supercontinent (Gondwana) and the formation of a new beautiful continent (Africa) are reflected as historic and geographical experiences. Mashabela says "Imaginarily, the birth of Africa would have been like a birth of a shining star or planet around the milky way galaxy" The book covers most of all, the important events in the history of Bantu speaking people of Southern Africa. The book goes further to argue that “over the past two centuries, there have been clear increases of associations between ignorance of history, racism, tribalism, xenophobia and the whole lots of socioeconomic crises; these comes as the results of lack of historical knowledge”. The emergence of xenophobic attacks towards our African brothers has by far awakened people like Mashabela to teach history. The book attempts to address the misconception that our African brothers are foreigners in the land of their birth and ancestry (Africa). Most of the time we hear people from South Africa going to other African states saying “we are going to Africa”, then, we ask myself!!! ………Where is South Africa? Are we not in African? You see my point!!!!!! Mashabela believes that “this is a misconception, and it must be treated or seen as such”. The book goes further to say that “we are being overwhelmed by either inferiority or superiority complex that is leaving us paralyzed for our own good”. How can we call our brothers foreigners in land of their birth and origin? Mashabela warns us about Misconceptions, stereotypes and illusion, that 

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About the Author.
Mashabela K.N is a passionate authorprenuar who brings the reality of creative writing & writing business to life. He has an expertise in History and ICT. His work is appearing
in many web blogs and online news webs. He has appeared on Radio and TV on the subjects (History and politics).
Mashabala is also a founder of a publication company known to many people as Deshaba Media, and has also authored two books: "Mirror of History and Road to Right". Again, He is en educator who has tought history and geography in all school grades, but 1-3.
For Nicholas Mashabela, being a historian(a real historian, not just in name alone), has proved to be a real educacional opportunity. Mashabela's love for History is like Albert Einstein's love for maths. Just like him, Mashabela talks of a 'living History': yes, History that lives. Mirror of History is therefore a book that showcases such history 'living History'.

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'Mirror of History' reminds me of another historical book called "The Description of Africa" by Leo Africanus. Mashabela's book is indeed a heritage, a potent source of History and wisdom.
I will
advice all our people in African diaspora to read this book. A true reflection of the history of the African people in general, and Bantu people in particular. 

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