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briefs as aforesaid shall be deemed a waiver of the right of the party in fault to argue the cause.

RULE 13. The page of the printed brief must be eight and one-half inches in length, and five and one-half inches in width, and the outer blank margin of each page must be one and one-fourth inches in width.

RULE 14. The mode of revision of final decisions of the circuit courts, where the course of proceeding is not specifically pointed out by the Civil Code, shall be by appeal, as in cases of appeal from judgments at law, and questions of fact shall not be considered upon such appeal unless made a record in the form of a bill of exceptions.

RULE 15. No records or papers on file in the office of the clerk shall be taken therefrom except by order of the court or one of the justices: provided, that in cases pending and not yet submitted the transcript or evidence may be withdrawn temporarily on filing a stipulation to that effect, signed by the attorneys of record in the case, and giving a receipt therefor.

Ordered, that the foregoing rules shall be in force from and after the first day of the March term, 1886, of this court, except rule 4, which shall take effect immediately, and that thereupon all existing rules of this court be rescinded.



Page Acker v. Superior Court (Cal.)..... 109 Bliss v. Carroll (Cal.).

88 Adams v. Smith (Nev.). .. 337 Booth v. Territory (Wyo.).

936 Agnew v. Kimball (Cal.). 91 Borland, Bowie v. (Cal.). ..

79 Ah Lep v. Gong Choy (Or.). 483 Bowie v. Borland (Cal.). ..

79 Ah Toon, People v. (Cal.).

311 Boyd, In re Petition of (Kan.). 240 Alas, Byrne v. (Cal.). 850 Boyd, Lawrence v. (Cal.). .

455 Albert, Demartin v. (Cal.). 157 Braden, Walker v. (Kan.)..

613 Alder Gulch Consol. Min. Co. v. Bradley v. People (Colo.).

783 Hayes (Mont.)... 581 Bradshaw, Reinhart v. (Nev.).

245 Allen, Bernero' v. (Cal.).

429 Breckenridge v. Crocker (Cal.). 426 Allen, Craig v. (Cal.). 429 Breeze v. Brooks (Cal.)...

670 American Cent. Ins. Co., Commer- Brooks, Breeze v. (Cal.). ..

670 cial Assur. Co. v.(Cal.). 712 Brown v. Griffith (Cal.)....

425 Ames v. Wilson (Cal.). 315 Brown v. Mann (Cal.).

.545, 549 Ames, Lowell v. (Mont.). 826 Brown v. Pickard (Utah)

573 Andrews, Central Branch U. P. Ry. Brown v. Sennet (Cal.). .

74 Co. v. (Kan.).

213 Browning v. Browning (N. M.). 677 Ashley, Cerf v. (Cal.). 658 Budd v. Perkins (Mont.).

916 Ashmead, Harmon v. (Cal.)... 183 Buell. Barley v. (Cal.)..

549 Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Có. v. Shaft Buettinger v. Hurley (Kan.)-- two (Kan.).


197 Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Wal- Burns, Territory v. (Mont.).

432 ton (N. M.).. 351 Burr v. Clement (Colo.). ..

633 Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co., Gonza- Burton v. Todd (Cal.). .

663 les v. (N. M.). 247 Burton, McDonald v. (Cal.)

714 Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co., Byrne v. Alas (Cal.).......

850 Prickett v. (Kan.).

464 Atlantic & P. R. Co., County of Val- California Beet Sugar Co. v. Porter encia v. (N. M.). 519 (Cal.)...

313 Atlantic & P. R. Co., Staab v. (N. Cameron v. City and County of San M.)... 381 Francisco (Cal.).

430 Attorney General, In re (N. M.). 249 Campbell v. Oaks (Cal.).. Aveline v. Ridenbaugh (Idaho)..... 601 Cannon, Renton v. (Cal.)..

423 Avila v. Meherin (Cal.). .

428 Carland, Territory v. (Mont.). 578 | Carroll, Bliss v. (Cal.).....

88 Bachman v. People (Colo.). ...... 42 Carson v. Thews (Idaho).

605 Bacon, State v. (Or.).... 393 Carter, McMillan v. (Mont.)

906 Baker, Appeal of (Mont.).

434 Casey v. Jordan (Cal.)..... .92, 99, 305 Baker, Clark v. (Mont.).

911 Castagim, Kimball v. (Colo.)... 488 Baldwin v. Ellis, (Cal.). .

652 Caughenaur, McAnarney v. (Kan.). 476 Bandit, Remmington v. (Mont.). 819 Cederholm v. Loofborrow (Idaho).. 641 Barber, Doane v. (Cal.).

89 Central Bank, Kansas Lumber Co. Barley v. Buell (Cal.). 549 v. (Kan.)...

751 Barnes, People v. (Idaho).

532 Central Branch U. P. Ry. Co. V. AnBartning: Morton v. (Cal.). 146 drews (Kan.).

213 Bath v. Valdez (Cal.).

424 Central Pac. R. Co., Durkee v. (Cal.) 99 Baum, In re (Cal.). 90 Cerf v. Ashley (Cal.)..

658 Bendixsen, Nissen v. (Cal.).

Chase v. Whitmore (Cal.).

942 Bennett, Murphy v. (Cal.). 738 Chielovich v. Krauss (Cal.).

945 Bernero v. Allen (Cal.). ..

429 City and County of San Francisco, Berry v. County of Missoula (Mont.) 899 Cameron v. (Čal.)....

430 Birdsell, Underwood v. (Mont.).... 922' City of Helena v. Harvey (Mont.)... 903 Blakely, Walsh v. (Mont.)..... 809 City of Riverside, People v. (Cal.).. 662 v.9-Pac.



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Page City of Salina, Delaney v. (Kan.).. 271 Dillon v. Saloude (Cal.)...

162 Clark v. Baker (Mont.). .

911 Dinkelspiel, Manasse v. (Cal.). 547 Clark v. County of Montgomery Doane v. Barber (Cal.)...

89 (Kan.). 756 Dodge v. Eminons (Kan.).

951 Clark v. Wiss (Kan.). 281 Dold v. Robertson (N. M.)...

302 Clark, Donnelly v. (Mont.). 887 | Donahoe, Harter v. (Cal.).

651 Clark, Gillett v. (Mont.). 823 Donnelly v. Clark (Mont.)..

887 Clark, Hargin v. (Cal.).. 736 Donovan, Roberts v. (Cal.).

180 Clarke, Eads v. (Cal.). 666 Doolan, Lawrence v. (Cal.)...

159 Clay v. Hildebrand (Kan.). 466 Dornblazer, Johnson v. (Kan.)...

384 Clement, Burr v. (Colo.). .

6:33 Dougherty v. Freirmuth (Cal.).. 98 Clute v. Loveland (Cal.). .

1:33 Dougherty v. Nevada Bank of San Cohen v. Mitchell (Cal.).. 619 Francisco (Cal.). ..

112 Collins y. Lean (Cal.)..

173 Douglass v.Insley (Kan.)--two cases. 475 Colter v. Marriage(N. M.). . 383 Douglass v. Lewis (N. M.)..

377 Commercial Assur. Co. v. American Doull, Conlam v. (Utah).

568 Cent. Ins. Co. (Cal.). .

712 Drake. Gilpin Co. Min. Co. v.(Colo.) 787 Commercial Nat. Bank, Mound City Drouilhat v. Schmidt (Or.)..... 67 P. & C. Co. v. (Utah).. 709 Dupont v. McAdow (Mont.).

925 Conlam v. Doull (Utah).

568 Durkee v. Central Pac. R. Co. (Cal.) 99 Connolly, McNally v. (Cal.). 169 Durkee, Mikesell v. (Kan.)......... 278 Copp, State v. (Kan.).

233 County of Custer v. County of Yel- Eads v. Clarke (Cal.)...

666 lowstone (Mont.)... 586 | Edmunds v. Curtis (Colo.).

793 County of Fresno v. Fowler Switch Edwards, Miles v. (Mont.).

814 Canal Co. (Cal.). . 309 Edwards, Miller v. (Colo.).

632 County of Gallatin, Wright

Elling v. Kirkpatrick (Moni). 900 (Mont.). 543 Ellis, Baldwin v. (Cal.). .

652 County of Missoula, Berry v. (Mont.) 899 Ellis, Wells v. (Cal.).....

80 County of Montgomery, Clark v. Ely, Harlan v. (Cal.)...

947 (Kan.).. 756 Emmons, Dodge v. (Kan.)..

951 County of Santa Clara, Grimley v. English, State v. (Kan.).

761 (Cal.)...

840 County of Santa Cruz, Younger v. Fanning v. Schammel (Cal.).. 427 (Cal.).

103 Farrell, Territory v. (Mont.).. 536 County of Shawnee, Matthews v. Ferry v. Street (Utah).

299 (Kan.). 765 | Fish, Turner v. (Nev.)..

884 County of Valencia v. Atlantic & P. Fisk v. Henarie (Or.).

322 R. Co.(N. M.)...

519 Fowler v. Sutherland (Cal.).. 674 County of Washoe, State v. (Nev.).. 123 Fowler Switch Canal Co., County of County of Yellowstone, County of Fresno v. (Cal.)....

309 Custer v. (Mont.). ....

586 Franke, Zimmerman v. (Kan.)... 747 County of Yellowstone, Territory v. Freirmuth, Dougherty v. (Cal.).. 98 (Mont.).. 918 Fry, Craig v. (Cal.)....

550 Craig v. Allen (Cal.). 429 Fuld, Murphy v. (Idaho)..

609 Craig v. Fry (Cal.).

550 Fuller, United States v. (N. M.).... 597 Crocker, Breckenridge v. (Cal.). 4:26 Fultz v. Wimer (Kan.)....

316 Cromwell, Milligan v. (N. M.). 359 Culbertson v. Kincvan (Cal.)... 455 Gagan v. Stevens (Utah)...

706 Curnow v. Happy Valley B. G. & H. Garrity, McGurren v. (Cal.)... 839 Min. Co. (Cal.). 149 Gates v. McLean (Cal.).

938 Curtis, Edmunds v. (Colo.). 793 Gaunt, State v. (Or.).

55 Cushing v. Keslar (Cal.). . 659 George v. Silva (Cal.)....

257 Gerson v. Hanson (Kan.).

230 Dahl v. Palache (Cal.).. 94 Gillett v. Clark (Mont.)..

823 Dahl, Montana Copper Co. v. (Mont.) 894 Gilpin Co. Min. Co. v. Drake (Colo.). 797 Dahl, Raunheim v. (Mont.).

892 Gilson, In re (Kan.). Daniels v. Miller (Colo.)..... 18 Gleny v. Saxton (Cal.)..

420 Darrow v. St. George (Colo.). 7791 Goldsmith, In re (Or.).

5415 De Coursey, King v.(Colo.). . 31 | Gong Choy, Ah Lep v. (Or.).

483 Delaney v. City of Salina (Kan.).... 271 Gonzales v. Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Demariin v. Albert (Cal.)... 1:57 Co. (N. M.).....

247 Denman, Wickersham v. (Cal.). 7723 Goodnow v. Griswold (Cal.).

837 Denver Fire Ins. Co. v. McClelland Graham v. Stewart (Cal.)..

555 (Colo.)..... ... 771 Griffith, Brown v. (Cal.). .



Page Grimley v. County of Santa Clara Kansas City, Ft. S. & G. R. Co. v. (Cal.). 840 Morrison (Kan.).

225 Grimmenstein, Town of Redwood Kansas Lumber Co. v. Central Bank City v. (Cal.).. .560, 562, 563 (Kan.). .

751 Griswold, Goodnow v. (Cal.). 837 Kelley v. Kriess (Cal.)...

129 Guardian Fire & Life Assur. Co. v. Kent v. People (Colo.)...

852 Thompson (Cal.). 1, 2 Keslar, Cushing v. (Cal.).

659 Guettler, State v. (Kan.).. 200 Ketner v. Rizer (Kan.). .

208 Gum v. Murray (Mont.). 417 Keyes v. Mooney (Or.)..

400 Gum, Power v. (Mont.).. 575 Kimball v. Castagim (Colo.).

488 Gwin, Appeal of (Mont.). 434 Kimball, Agnew v. (Cal.)..


Kinevan, Culbertson v. (Cal.).. 455 Hagely v. Hagely (Cal.). 305 King v. De Coursey (Colo.)...

31 Hager, Orman v. (N. M.). 363 King v. Merk (Mont.).....

827 Haggin v. Clark (Cal.). 736 King, Murphy v. (Mont.)..

585 Hagle v. Hagle (Cal.).. 842 King, Talboti v. (Mont.).

434 Hammond v. Solliday (Colo.).. 781 Kinney, Territory v. (N. M.)... 599 Hampton, People v. (Utah).. 508 Kirkpatrick, Elling v. (Mont.). 900 Hanson, Gerson v. (Kan.).

230 Kleinschmidt v. Iler (Mont.). 901 Happy Valley B. G. & H. Min. Co., Knapp, Misner v. (Or.).

65 Curnow v. (Cal.)..

149 | Kothman v. Markson (Kan.).. 218 Harlan v. Ely (Cal.).. 947 | Krauss, Chielovich v. (Cal.).

945 Harlan, Hawkins v. (Cal.). . 108 Kriess, Kelley v. (Cal.)..

129 Harlan, Wharton v. (Cal.). 727 Kurtz, In re (Cal.)....

449 Harmon v. Ashmead (Cal.). .

183 Harris, Multnomah St. Ry. Co. v. Lafargue v. Harrison (Cal.).... 259 (Or.)..

402 Lamb v. San Pedro & C. D. A. Co. Harrison v. McCormick (Cal.). 114 (N. M.)..

525 Harrison, Lafargue v. (Cal.). ... 259 Lamet v. Miller (Cal.).

669 Harter v. Donahoe (Cal.)

651 Larimer Co. Reservoir Co. v. People Harvey, City of Helena v. (Mont.).. 903 (Colo.)...

794 Hauswirth v. Sullivan (Mont.). . 798 La Solidarite Mut. Ben. Ass'n, In re Hawes, In re (Cal.)... 456 (Cal.)...

453 Hawkins v. Harlan (Cal.)..

108 Last Chance W. D. Co., Heilbron v. Hay, Whitman v. (Cal.).. 99 (Cal.)...

456 Hayes, Alder Gulch Consol. Min. Lawrence v. Boyd (Cal.).

455 Co. v. (Mont.). . 581 Lawrence v. Doolan (Cal.).

159 Heilbron v. Last Chance W. D. Co. Lazarus, O'Rear v. (Colo.).

621 (Cal.)..... 456 Lean, Collins v. (Cal.)...

173 Heilner, Prescott v. (Or.)... 403 Lehi Irrigation Co. v. Moyle (Utah) 867 Henarie, Fisk v. (Or.).

322 Lewis, Douglass v. (N. M.)... 377 Hildebrand, Clay v. (Kan.).

466 Lilly, Northern Pac. R. Co. v. Hoffman, Stuart v. (Cal.).. 451 (Mont.). .

116 Holladay, People v. (Cal.). 655 Lincoln, Reynolds v. (Cal.)..

176 Holmes v. Warren (Cal.). . 71 Ling, In re Smith v. (Cal.)..

171 Hopt, People v. (Utah). 407 Little v. Jacks (Cal.). .

264 Horn, State v. (Kan.)..

208 Loofborrow, Cederholm v. (Idaho) 641 Hubbard, Peterson v. (Cal.). 106 Loveland, Clute v. (Cal.). .

133 Hughes v. People (Colo.).. 50 Lowell v. Ames (Mont.).

826 Hull, People v. (Colo.).. 34 | Lowrie, In re (Colo.)...

489 Hurley, Buettinger v. (Kan.) - two cases.... 197 MacKnight, In re (Utah)....


Manasse v. Dinkelspiel (Cal.).. 547 Iler, Kleinschmidt v. (Mont.)....... 901 Mann, Brown v. (Cal.). .545, 549 Insley, Douglass V. (Kan.) -- two Markson, Kothman v. (Kan.). 218 cases ....

475 Marriage, Colter v. (N. M.).. 383

Martin v. Victor M. & M. Co. (Nev.) 336 Jacks, Little v. (Cal.).... 264 Martin v. Walker (Cal.).

185 Johnson v. Dornblazer (Kan.). 384 Matthews v. County of Shawnee Johnson, Wilcox v. (Kan.). 610 (Kan.)...

765 Jones v. Quantrell (Idaho). 418 May v. Steele (Cal.).

112 Jordan, Casey v. (Cal.).... 92, 99, 305 May, People v. (Colo.)..

34 Joy, McKay v. (Cal.)... 940 Maynard, State v. (Nev.). .

514 Mcadow, Dupont v. (Mont.).

925 Kamm, Strong v. (Or.)............. 331 McAnarrey v. Caughenaur (Kan.).. 476

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