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of 1909. Although the result of these recommendations has been to modify the regulations so that the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts now consists of two sections—a section of supplies and a section of accounts—comparatively little improvement resulted, and the organization is still subject to many of the previous objections.

Considering the responsibilities attaching to the position of the chief purchasing agent and custodian of stores and properties under the Navy, it is not possible for one so charged to give the attention necessary to administration and revision of accounts. In the nature of things, the purchasing agent, the custodia: of stores, and the distributor of funds can not put himself in the position of exercising effective accounting control over himself. There is every business reason, therefore, in the Navy for separating the accounting from the purchasing Respectfully submitted,

G. v. L. MEYER,

Secretary of the Navy. The PRESIDENT.



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Abarenda (collier)..
Accomac (tug)..
Active (tug)..
Adams (wooden cruiser)...
Adder(submairine), Ensign JAMES
B. HOWELL, commanding. Re-
lieved by Ensign JAMES M. MUR-

RAY, Sept. 13, 1910.
Alleen (converted yacht).
Ajax (collier)......
Alabama (battleship)..........
Albany (cruiser, third class), Com-


Navy yard, Puget Sound, Wash.
Honolulu, Hawaii..
Yokohama, Japan.
Woosung, China.
Hongkong, China.
Cavite, P.I.
Olongapo, P.I.


Cavite, P.I..
Olongapo, P.I.
Cavite, P.I.
Manila, P.I...
Olongapo, P.I.

[blocks in formation]

Fitting out for the Asiatic Station. 2,500 En route to the Asiatic Station. 3,300 Joined the Asiatic Fleet and reported

to commander in chief. 1,115 Cruising with squadron. 830

Do. 628 For liberty and stores. 62 Preparing for target practice. 240

Do. 600

Do. 60 150 98

145 Held day battle practice.
100 Towing battle target raft.
100 Held division practice.

62 Making runs as masking ship.
62 Made standardization runs.
62 Joined flagship.

5 For the Christmas holidays.
69 For small-arms practice.

Sept. 15 Sept. 17 Sept. 20 Sept. 29 Oct. 3 Oct. 19 Oct. 19 Oct. 31 Nov. 2 Nov. 4 Nov. 9 Nov. 13 Nov. 13 Nov. 14 Nov. 14 Nov. 16 Nov. 16 Nov. 18 Nov. 18 Nov. 20 Nov. 20 Nov. 21 Nov, 21 Nov. 22 Nov. 22 Nov. 23 Nov. 23


6 Dec. 6 Dec, 22 Dec. 22 Dec. 23 Dec. 23 Dec. 27 Dec. 27

Do. Do.

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

To complete small-arm practice and

repairs. 67 Held exercise with first submarine

division. Took on coal. 340 Cruising with first division, Asiatic

Fleet. 212 Do. 348 221 Do.

88 Do. 502 Attended carnival on Feb. 15. Ship

was inspected by commander in

chief, Feb. 17. 67 Elementary target practice, Mar. 13

and 14. 630 Conveyed officers and men on map

ping expedition. 630 To rejoin fleet. Assisted in battle

practice of Saratoga. 62 Took on stores and coal. 625 Cruising with first division, Asiatic

Fleet. 1,077 | Held four-hour full power speed trial

on May 4. 688 With flagship. Took on 480 tons of coal on May 10.

Mar. 17

Olongapo, P.I.
Polillo, P. I........
Olongapo, P.I.
Cavite, P.I.
Hongkong, China.
Nagasaki, Japan..
Yokohama, Japan....

Mar. 28

Mar. 30

Apr. 6 Apr. 6 Apr. 13 Apr. 16

Apr. 24 Apr, 28 May 3 May 5

June 10

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