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Not to be received by judicial officers, except Justices of the Peace, 141.
Court fee to be provided for, 147.

Not to be received by certain officers to their own use, 205, 214.

Excessive not to be imposed, 51.
Militia, no imprisonment for, in time of peace, 59.
Collected under penal laws, to go to school fund, 171.

Accruing to territory, to inure to state, 203.

When to commence, 164. FOREIGNERS

Rights of property of, secured, 61. FORGERY

Disqualification of persons convicted of, 101.

To sign all laws, 109.
Supreme executive power vested in, 110.
How elected and term of office, 111.
Who eligible to office of, 112.
Returns of elections for, how made, 113.
Plurality of votes to elect, 113.
In case of tie in election for, legislature to elect, 113.
Shall be Commander-in-Chief, 114.
Shall transact all executive business with officers of the government, 115.
May require information in writing from officers of the executive department, 115.
Shall see that the laws are faithfully executed, 116.
Shall have power to fill vacancies in ottice, 117.
May convene legislature by proclamation, 118.
Shall communicate with legislature by message, 119.
May adjourn legislature in case of disagreement between the two houses, 120.
Vo person holding office under the United States to hold office of, 121.
Shall have power to suspend collection of fines, etc., 122,
May suspend execution of sentence for treason, 122.
May grant reprieves for a limited period, 122.
Shall report to legislature reprieves and pardons granted, 122.
Shall constitute one of Board of Pardons, 123.
Shall be keeper of the great seal, 124.
Shall sign grants and commissions, 125.
Lieutenant-Governor to perform duties of, in certain contingency, 126.
President pro tem, of senate to act as, when, 126.
Shall constitute one of Board of Examiners, 130.
Shall constitute one of Board of State Prison Commissioners, 130.
Liable to impeachment, 151.
To constitute one of tirst Board of Regents. 175.
Power to call out militia, 180.
To keep office at seat of government, 196.

Salary, for first term of office, 205.

Forms of, 125.


Writ of, shall not be suspended, except in case of rebellion or invasion, 50.
Writ of, may be issued by supreme and district courts, and by Justices of such

courts, 135, 137.

Exempt from forced sale, except for taxes, purchase money, improvements, and lien

given by consent, 104.
How alienated, 104.

Provision to be made by law for recording, 104.

Power of, 150.
How tried, and who liable to, 150.
Judgment on, 151.

Party convicted on, liable to punishment according to law, 151.

Forbidden, except in certain cases, 59.

Persons not to be held to answer for capital or other infamous crimes, except on, 53.

Prosecutions of, in what name and style conducted, 144,

To be encouraged, 169.

Persons not to be put in, twice for same offense, 53,

Not to receive fees for own use, 141.
Compensation of, not to be increased or diminished during term, 146.
Salaries of, how paid, 146.
Ineligible to other office during term for which elected, 142.
Not to charge juries as to matter of fact, 143.
Absence from state to vacate office of, when, 148.
Of territorial courts, when superseded, 149.
Liable to impeachment, 151.
May be removed from office by legislature, 152.
Salaries of, 205, 216.
Salaries of may be changed, 146, 193, 217.

First election under constitution, when to qualify, 219.

Provision to be made for publication, 192.

Free for publication to any person, 192.

Power of, where vested, 132.

Causes to be removed from territorial courts, 204.


Trial by, may be waived in certain cases, 48.
Three-fourths of, may find verdict in civil cases, 48.
Legislature may require unanimous verdict, 48.
Presentments by, in certain cases before prosecution, 53.
Qualified electors only to serve on, 101.
Crimes which disqualify from serving on, 101.

Charges to, how to be made, 143.

Numbers, powers, and duties of, to be fixed by law, 139.
Jurisdiction of, restricted, 139.
Criminal jurisdiction of, 139.
Concurrent jurisdiction of, 139.
Appeals from courts of, to be tixed by law, 139.

May receive fees for own use, 141.

Ex post facto forbidden, 60.
Impairing obligations of contracts forbidden, 60.
Bill of attainder forbidden, 60.
May originate in either house of legislature, 90.
Every law to embrace but one subject, 91.
Not to be amended or revised by reference to title only, 91.
Local or special, forbidden in certain cases, 94.
To be general and of uniform operation, 95.
Enacting clause of, 97.
Bill, no law enacted except by, 97.
Must be approved by the Governor, 109.
How passed over Governor's veto, 109.
How bills become, without Governor's approval, 109.
Provisions to be made for speedy publication of, 192.
Free to be published by any person, 192.

Territorial, to remain in force, 202.

Basis of representation in, 58.
Election by, vira roce, 70.
Powers of, vested in senate and assembly, 75.
Sessions to be held at seat of government, 75.
Sessions of, when to commence, 76.
Members of, how and when chosen, 77.
Who eligible to, and terms of office, 77, 78, 79.
Each house to choose its own officers and judge of the qualifications of its own

members, 80.
How members of, may be expelled, 80.
May punish for contempt, 81.
Member not to be appointed to office created during his term, 82.
Who not eligible to, 83.
Members privileged from civil arrest, 85.
Vacancies in, how filled, 86.
Quorum to do business, 87.


Any bill may originate in either house, 90.
Laws, what to embrace and how amended, 91.
Bills, how read, passed and signed, 92.
County and township governments to be established, 99.
Election of County Commissioners to be provided for, 100.
Compensation of officers and employes of, how drawn and paid, 102.
Members to receive fixed compensation, 107.
Duration of sessions, 103.
To elect United States Senators, 108.
Bills, when to become laws, 109.
May be convened by proclamation of the Governor, 118.
In case of disagreement of the houses, may be adjourned by the Governor, 120.
Assembly to have sole power of impeachment, 150.
Senate to try all impeachments, 150.
To provide for annual tax, 165, 168.
Limitation of powers as to creation of debt, 166.
Oath of office, 186.
Number of members restricted, 190.
Apportionment of members, 206.
Terms of members elected at first election, 209, 211.
Session of first legislature, when to commence, 212.

Limitation of powers as to taxation, 224.

Evidence that may be given in prosecutions or actions for, 54.

When and how elected, 126.
President of the senate, 126.
Eligibility and term of office, 126.
Powers and duties of, 127.
To act as Governor in certain contingencies, 127.

Elected for first time under constitution, when to qualify, and term of office, 218.

Shall not be authorized, 98.

Sale of tickets in, shall not be allowed, 98.

Trial of offenses in, 53.
To be subordinate to civil power, 56.
Standing army not to be kept in time of peace, 56.
Appropriation for standing army not to be for longer time than two years in time

of war, 56.
Soldiers not to be quartered in house without consent of owner, 57.
Governor to be Commander-in-Chief, 114.
Organization of militia, 179.
Governor may call out militia, when, 180.


Form of, 186.

Who ineligible to, 79, 83, 187.
Who disqualified by crime from holding, 84.
Of Governor, who eligible to, 112.
Of other state officers, who eligible, 128.
Justices Supreme Court and District Judges ineligible to other than judicial, 142.

Tenure of, may be declared, 195.

Certain judicial, not to receive fees, 141.
Who impeachable, 151.
Liable to be punished according to law, whether convicted or not upon impeach-

ment, 151.
Judicial, how removed from office, 152.
Not herein provided for, how chosen, 194.
Certain, not to receive perquisites, 141, 214.
Salaries of certain, 205.
Territorial, continued, 213.
State, terms of, 208, 218.
Of Lander county, special provision concerning, 213.
State and judicial, first elected, when to qualify, 218.
To be commissioned by the Governor, 220.

Of counties, towns, etc., how supported, 221.

County officers to hold, at county seat, 191.

State officers, to be kept at seat of government by certain, 196.

To form constitution and state government, 44.
Prohibits slavery, 44.
Secures religious toleration, 44.
Disclaims right and title to public lands, 44.
Exempts United States property from taxation, 44.

For submitting constitution to vote, for ratification or rejection, 229.

Due to the government of the United States, 47.

By whom granted, 123,

Granted, to be reported to the legislature, 122.

Disqualification of persons convicted of, 101.

Not allowed except for eleemosynary purposes, 188.

Right of, secured, 55.

Payment of, to be provided for, 72.

Political, inherent in the people, 47.
Military, to be subordinate to civil, 56.

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