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this provision of this section shall be void for all purposes what


Duties of

Indebtedness te be deducted.

1952. Sec. 11. The Auditor shall number and keep a record of all demands allowed, showing the number, date, date of approval, amount, and name of the original holder, on what account allowed, and out of what fund payable. The County Auditor is required to be constantly acquainted with the exact condition of the treasury, and every lawful demand upon it; and shall report to the Board of County Commissioners, at each regular meeting thereof, the condition of each fund in the treasury: He shall keep a complete set of books for the county, which shall be open to the inspection of the public, free of charge, during business hours, in which shall be set forth in a plain and business like manner every money transaction of the county, so that he can, at any time when requested, tell the state of each fund, where the money came from, to what fund it belonged, and how and for what purpose it was expended, and also the collection made, and the money paid into the treasury by each and every officer.

1933. Sec. 12. No demand upon the treasury shall be approved by the Board of County Commissioners or allowed by the Auditor in favor of any person or officer in any manner indebted to the county, without first deducting the amount of such indebtedness; nor to any person or officer having the collection, custody, or disbursement of public funds, unless his account has been duly presented, passed, approved, and allowed as required by law ; nor to any officer who shall have neglected or refused to comply with any of the provisions of this or any other Act regulating the duties of such officer, on being required, in writing, to comply therewith by any member of the Board of County Commissioners.

1934. Sec. 13. The Board of County Commissioners shall Canvassers. also act as a Board of Canvassers, and declare election returns,

and cause a certificate of election to be given by their Clerks to any person who shall be elected to any legislative, county, or township office within their county ; provided, that when the election shall be held for Legislators or County Commissioners,

the District Judge or Judges shall canvass and declare the elecJudges to tion returns for such Legislators or Commissioners for which

purpose all election returns slrall be sealed and delivered according to law, to the County Clerk, and by him opened in the presence of the District Judge or Judges, who shall declare the result as to Legislators or County Commissioners, and the Clerk shall give to such persons elected as Legislators or County

Board of

Judge or


for recount.


of count, result

office, setting forth, under oath, that he has reason to believe, Application and does believe, that a mistake or mistakes have occurred on the part of the Inspector of Election in any election precinct or precincts in said county sufficient to change the result of such election so far as said office is concerned, it shall then be the duty of said Board of County Commissioners to immediately proceed to recouni the ballots for said office of any or all the precincts in said county wherein any mistake or mistakes are alleged to have occurred, and shall continue such count from duy to day (Sundays excepted), until the votes of all the election Time of precincts wherein any such mistake or mistakes are alleged to have occured shall have been counted, and when said count is completed shall declare the result, and issue the certiticate of Completion election to the party entitled thereto, as determined by their said count, but they shall in no case be allowed to throw out declared. any ballot upon any alleged legal defect, if from the face of such ballot it can, upon inspection, be ascertained for whom the elector intended to cast his ballot; and, provided further, that nothing herein contained shall prevent either party to said proceeding to contest the right to said office in the courts, in the manner now prescribed by law.- As amended, Stats. 1877, 83; 1879, 118.

1955. Sec. 14. The Board of County Commissioners shall, May require by an order to that effect entered upon the record, require new bonds of any county or township officer, with additional securities, whenever they deem the same necessary, and may require of all county or township officers, intrusted with the collection, management, safe keeping, or disbursement of public funds, a monthly report of all collections and disbursements made by them during the preceding month ; and may at any time examine their books, accounts, and vouchers. They shall see that all the county and township officers intrusted with the collection, disbursement, safe keeping, or management of the public revenue, faithfully perform the duties imposed upon them by law, and shall cause them to be prosecuted for any delinquencies.

1936. Sec. 15. The Boards of County Commissioners shall, to publish within sixty days after the passage of this Act, ascertain the statement of amount of the existing debt of their respective counties, and the amount and condition of all revenue and property belonging to the county, and cause a statement of the same to be made out and published ; and quarterly thereafter, the board shall publish a statement of the receipts and expenditures of the three months next preceding, and the accounts allowed. Said publications shall be made by making one insertion of the statement in a newspaper published in the county, but if no newspaper be published in the county, then such publication shall be made by posting a copy of said statement at the court house door, and

new bonds of otlicers.




officers and other estimated liabilities fixed by law for the remainder of the year, will equal the revenue of the county for current expenses, no allowance whatever shall be made of any account, nor shall any expense be incurred other than salaries and fees expressly authorized by law.

1958. SEC. 17. Each member of the Board of County Commissioners shall be entitled to receive for his services a sum not to exceed in the aggregate the sum of six hundred dollars per annum ; provided, that in any county where at the last general election there were polled four thousand or more votes, such member of the Board of County Commissioners shall be entitled to receive for his services a sum not to exceed the sum of one thousand dollars in the aggregate during one year; and, provided further, that in any county where at the last general election there were polled five thousand or more votes, each member of the Board of County Commissioners shall be entitled to a sum not to exceed in the aggregate during one year the sum of thirteen hundred and twenty dollars, and each member of the Board of County Commissioners shall receive twenty cents per mile for each mile necessarily traveled in going to and returning from the county seat to attend any session of said board ; provided, that but one charge shall be made for going and returning from the residence of such Commissioner at any one session of such board; and, provided further, that no Commissioner shall be allowed any compensation for services by reason of his being on any committee appointed by the board, or for any cause other than as herein provided.- As amended, Slats. 1869, 92; 1879, 126.

Section 18 is repealed, Stats. 1869, 92. 1959. Sec. 19. When a

vacancy shall

occur in any county or township office, except the office of County Commissioner, the Board of County Commissioners shall appoint some suitable person, an elector of the county, to fill the vacancy until the next general election.

State ex rel. Daggett v. Collins, 2 Vev. 351. 1960. Sec. 20. The District or Prosecuting Attorney, when not engaged in the district court, in the discharge of his official duties, shall attend the sittings of the Board of County Commissioners when engaged in auditing accounts and claims brought against the county, and in all cases shall oppose such accounts or claims as he may deem unjust, illegal, or extortionate.

1961. Sec. 21. No District or Prosecuting Attorney, ercept for his own services, shall be allowed to present any claim

Board to fill vacancy in county and township offices.

Duty of
District or

District or Prosecuting attorney

may be

1963. Sec. 23. No member of the Board of County Com- Penalty for missioners shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in any interested in property purchased for the use of the county, or in any purchase contracts, etc. or sale of property belonging to the county, nor in any contract made by the county for the erection of public buildings, the opening or improvement of roads, or the building of bridges, or for other purposes; and a violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor, punishable by fine of not less than one hundred dollars and not exceeding five hundred dollars, and shall be cause for removal from office.

1964. Sec. 24. No person shall sue a county in any case When suit for any demand, unless he or she shall first present his or her

brouglit claim or demand to the Board of County Commissioners, and against

county. County Auditor, for allowance and approval, and if they fail or refuse to allow the same, or some part thereof, the party feeling aggrieved may sue the county; and if the party suing recover in the action more than the said board allowed, or offered to allow, said board and Auditor shall allow the amount of said judgment and costs as a just claim against the county ; but if the party suing shall not recover more than the board and Auditor shall have offered to allow him or her, then costs shall be recovered against him or her by the county, and may be deducted from such demands.

Chase v. Chase, 15 Vev, 259. 1965. SEC. 25. All unaudited claims or accounts against Unaudited any county in this state, shall be presented to the Board of claims, when County Commissioners of suid county, duly authenticated, presented. within six months from the time such claims or accounts become due or puyable ; provided, nothing contained in this section shall be so construed as to prevent the presentation and auditing of any claim now due against any county in this state, at any time within nine monthis from the passage of this Act.

Champion v. Sessions, 1 Xev. 417. 1966. Sec. 26. No claim or account against any county Provisions of in this state shall be audited, allowed, or paid by the Board of

be complied County Commissioners, or any other officer of said county, with. unless the provisions of the last preceding section are strictly complied with.

1967. Sec. 27. No claim which has once been presented Rejected and rejected, sball ever again be considered or allowed by the same, or any subsequently elected or appointed Board of County Commissioners of the same county.

last section to Repeal.


vote on any question, it shall be postponed to a subsequent meeting

1971. SEC. 31. An Act of the legislative assembly of the territory of Nevada, entitled "An Act creating Boards of County Commissioners, and defining their duties," approved November twenty-eighth, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, and all other parts of Acts in conflict with, or inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, are hereby repealed.

An Act supplementary to an Act entilled An Act to create a Board

of County Commissioners in the several counties of the state, and to define their duties and powers," approved Varch eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five.

Approved February 19, 1867, 59.

When County Commissioners to advertise contracts to be let, etc.

1972. SECTION 1. Ia letting all contracts of any and every kind, character, and description whatever, where the contract in the aggregate amounts to five hundred dollars or more, the County Commissioners shall advertise such contract or contracts to be let, stating the nature and character thereof—and when plans and specifications are to constitute part of such contract, it shall be stated in the notice where the same may be seen--in some newspaper published in their county, for the period of thirty days; in case the contract be for constructing any public building, then the advertisement shall be in that paper published in the county which is nearest the selected location for such building; and in case there shall be no newspaper published in their county, then by posting notices of the same in five (5) of the most conspicuous and public places in their county for the same period of time. All such contracts shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, subject to the provisions of the twenty-third (23d) section of the Act to which this is supplementary

An Act amendatory of and supplementary to an Act entitled "An

Act to create a Board of County Commissioners in the sereral counties of this state and to define their duties and powers."

Approved February 14, 1881, 37.

County Commissioners,

1973 Section 1. Section four of said Act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Section Four. If at any time after the final adjournnient of a regular meeting the business of the county shall require a meeting of the board, a special meeting of the same may be

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