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Governor may revokej appoint. ments.

Detectives to
receive no
fees from
etate or

1923. Sec. 5. The Governor may at any time revoke any appointments made by virtue of this Act, and make other appointments as hereinbefore provided.

1924. Sec. 6. No detective appointed under this Act shall receive any fees or compensation from the State of Nevada, or any county of the state ; but nothing herein shall deny such detective the right to receive any reward offered for the apprehension of criminals.

An Act providing for the appointment and payment of an agent or

agents, at Washington, D. C., for attending to the certification of lands granted by Congress to the State of Nevada.

Approved March 3, 1873, 114.

Regents to appoint agents.

Duties of


1923. SECTION 1. The Board of Regents are hereby authorized and required to appoint an agent or agents, who shall be duly authorized to represent the State of Nevada, before the general land office and department of the interior, at Washington, D. C.; and whose duty it shall be to attend to the certitication of lands selected in satisfaction of the grants made by Congress to said state, and to represent said state in all matters growing out of the adjustment and settlement of said grants. The said Board of Regents shall fix the compensation of the said agent or agents, at a sum not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars per annum ; and the amount so fixed shall be paid annually out of any moneys in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated, upon bills to be certified and approved by the Board of Examiners; in payment of which the Controller of State shall draw his warrant upon the Treasurer of State. And the sum of three thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the aforesaid purpose.

Governor authorized to appoint in general appropriation Act

Stats, 1885, 70, Act repealed. 1926. Sec. 2. An Act entitled An Act supplementary to

an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the selection and sale of the lands granted by the United States to the State of Nevada," approved April second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and providing for the payment of the claim of Britton and Gray, approved February twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy


io horoby rongolod

furnished ottices.

expense of the state, for the following state officers, viz : The Who to be Governor, Secretary of State, Supreme Judges, Clerk of the Supreme Court, State Controller, State Treasurer, and Attorney General ; provided, that the Board of Examiners shall, from time to time, have the right to contract for the rent or hire of an office for any of the above named officers. And all claims for rent of offices, as herein before specified, shall be submitted to and approved by the Board of Examiners ; but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to interfere with or abrogate any contract heretofore made for rent or hire of any office used and occupied by any of the officers hereinbefore named.

An Act providing offices for the District Judges in this state.

Approved March 3, 1869, 115,

1928. SECTION 1. Offices shall be provided and furnished oßices to be by, and at the expense of the several counties in this state, for Distriet the several District Judges therein ; and whenever the County Judges. Commissioners of any county in this state shall neglect or refuse to provide and furnish 'an office for the use of the District Judge, it shall be lawful for such District Judge to make an order (which shall be entered upon the minutes of the court), requiring the Sheriff to provide and furnish such office; and the necessary expenses incurred therein shall become a legal and valid claim against said county.

An Act to provide for the preservation of the manuscript laws.

Approved March 2, 1871, 106.

relation to

Section 1 is obsolete. 1929. Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of Duty in State, after the final adjournment of ench session of the legisla

binding. ture, and after all the laws, joint and concurrent resolutions, and memorials have been printed, as required by law, to cause all the enrolled bills of such laws, joint and concurrent resolu

An Act to provide for the preservation and sale of certain Nevada


Approved March 5, 1875, 132.

Nevada reports for use of

Return of copies, when to be inade, etc

1931. SECTION 1. The Secretary of State shall keep on

hand, for the exclusive use of the legislature, when in session, legislature. fifty copies of each volume of the Nevada reports heretofore

published. Receipt to be 1932. Sec. 2. No copy of any such volumes shall be taken given.

from said Secretary's office until the person desiring the use of the same shall have deposited with said Secretary his written receipt therefor.

1933. Sec. 3. All copies of said reports so taken from said Secretary's office shall be returned thereto on or before the last day of any regular or special session of the legislature; and any person so failing to return said reports shall be liable for the value thereof, in any sum not less than ten dollars nor exceeding twenty-five dollars per volume, together with the costs of suit, to be recovered by suit, in the name of the State of Nevada, in any court of competent jurisdiction.

1934. Sec. 4. Sud Secretary of State is hereby authorized to sell all volumes of said reports heretofore published, in excess of said fifty copies, at a price not exceeding seven dollars and a half nor less than five dollars per volume ; and proceeds of such sales shall be paid to the Treasurer of State, and become a part of the librıry fund; prorided, that not more than two copies of each volume of reports shall be sold to any one person or firm.

Sale of Nevada

rts, etc.

An Act repealing all matters relating to copying into an appendix

the annual reports of the state officers and other documents, and proriding for the deposit of printed copies with the Secretary of State.

Approved March 7, 1879, 92.




1935. SECTION 1. So much of the Act entitled an Act tising copying into the number of officers and employes of the senate and assembly; dispensed to define their duties, and to establish their pay, approved

March seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, as provides for the copying of reports of state officers, and other documents into an appendix, is hereby repealed.

1936. Sec. 2. In lieu of the written appendix heretofore required, printed copies of state officers' reports and other documents, shall be deposited with the Secretary of State, and it shall be his duty to properly file and preserve the same for future reference.

Printed reports to be filed.

An Act in relation to the message of the Governor and the reports

of certain state officers.

Approved March 3, 1881, 117.

Iuade without

1937. Section 1. It shall be the official duty of the Gov- State officers, ernor to prepare and deliver to the Superintendent of State duples ate Printing a duplicate copy of his biennial message to the legis- reports to be lature, without extra compensation ; and it shall be the official

compensation duty of all state officers that are now, or may hereafter be, required by law to make either annual or biennial reports to the Governor or to the legislature, to prepare and deliver to the Superintendent of State Printing duplicate copies of the same, without extra compensation.

1938. Sec, 2. An Act requiring state officers to prepare and transmit to the legislature duplicates of all reports intended for publication, approved February seventeenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and all Acts amendatory thereto are hereby repealed.

An Act to provide for the free distribution of the statutes and legis

lative journals of the present and future sessions of the
legislature of the State of Nevada to certain parties.

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1939. SECTION 1. It is hereby made the duty of the Secre- Newspapers tary of State to deliver, free of charge, the statutes of the statutes aud present and each future session of the legislature of the State of journals. Nevada, together with the assembly and senate journals for the present and subsequent sessions of legislature, to the publisher of

any daily or weekly newspaper published in said state, who constantly furnishes the same for the use of the state library.

An Act to determine the order in which the reports of state officers

and others shall be printed, and defining the number of copies

Approved February 12, 1885, 26.

one thousand copies ; of the biennial report of the Secretary of State, five hundred copies ; of the biennial report of the Surveyor-General, two thousand copies ; of the biennial report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, one thousand copies; of the annual reports, biennially, of the Attorney-General, five hundred copies; of the biennial report of the Warden of the state prison, one thousand copies ; of the biennial report of the Commissioners for the Care of the Indigent Insane, one thousand copies ; of the biennial report of the Board of Directors of the state orphans' home, five hundred copies; of the biennial report of the Adjutant-General, one thousand copies ; of the biennial report of the Fish Commissioner, twenty-five hundred copies ; of the annual reports, biennially, of the Superintendent of State Printing, five hundred copies.

1941. Sec. 2. The printing of the various reports shall be executed in the order designated in section one of this Act; prorided, nothing in this Act shall be construed to prevent the Superintendent of State Printing from entering upon and completing, out of the order designated in section one, the printing of any report where a failure occurs on the part of any officer to furnish the copy of a precedent report in proper time.

The order in which they shall be printed.




1912. (ounty Commissioners, board of created, powers and duties. 1972. Supplemental to preceding Act. 1973. Amendatory and supplemental to same. 1981. County Commissioners, duties as to support of poor. 1992. Relative to the precedling Act. 1999. ('ounty Commissioners, regulating powers and duties. 2001. County Commissioners, to give bonds. 2008. County Commissioners, to apportion county revenues. 2011. Amendatory anal supplemental to preceding Act. 2013. County Commissioners, to loan and transfer from one fund to

another. 2014. County Commissioners, created Board of Examiners. 2018. Relative to allowance and payment of iemands against counties. 2019. County Commissioners, publication of bills allowed by. 2022. County Commissioners, to offer and pay rewards. 2024. County Commissioners, duties as to government of towns and cities.

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