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An Act to provide for the purchase of certain supplies for state

officers and attaches of the legislature.

Approved March 2, 1877, 115.



1902 SECTION 1. The State Board of Examiners is hereby Furnishing constituted ex-officio a furnishing board, with the powers and duties hereinafter specified.

1903. Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of said board, as often Board to as it shall become necessary, to advertise, for thirty days, in one

advertise. daily newspaper published in Virginia City, one daily newspaper published in Carson City, one daily newspaper published in Reno, Nevada, and one daily newspaper published in San Francisco, California, for sealed proposuls to furnish stationery, blank books, and such other articles necessary for the use of said state and legislative officers as are entitled thereto, or any of thein ; and said board shall specify in said advertisement the amount and kinds of each article desired, samples or minute descriptions of which shall accompany and be deposited with the sealed proposals for furnishing the same, in the office of the Secretary of State ; and all proposals received, as aforesaid, shall be opened and compared by said board, any two of whom shall constitute a quorum, at the Secretary of State's office, at twelve o'clock m. of the day specified in the said advertisement; and the said board shall then and there award the contract for Lowest furnishing said supplies, or any of them, to the lowest bidder, whose sealed bid shall be accompanied by a bond, with two or more sureties, in the sum of $- the sum to be not less than Bonds. twice the amount of the value of the articles to be supplied, payable to the people of the State of Nevada, conditioned that if the bidder shall receive the award of said contract he will, in twenty days thereafter, deliver the supplies or articles for which he has been awarded the contract; provided, that in their said Proviso. advertisement said board may classify said supplies and articles, and may receive bids and award contracts for such separate articles or class of supplies as they shall deem the lowest and best; provided further, that said board may require any class or articles of suid supplies to be delivered in installments; prorided further, that any and all bids which shall be deemed too high by said board may be declined, in which case said board all bids inay shall again advertise for sealed proposals to furnish the classes be declined. or articles of supply so declined, and so on for the same canse, as often as it shall occur; and, provided further, that in such case said board may purchase any articles or supplies for which bids have been rejected as aforesaid, in open market, and in May buy in amounts sufficient for immediate necessities, but at prices not open market. exceeding the lowest prices in the bids rejected.

1904. Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of Nuties of State, immediately after the passage of this Act, to take a full Secretary. and complete inventory of all stationery, blank books, and other


articles and supplies aforesaid, then on hand, and enter the same in a set of boolis to be kept for that purpose, making a separate account for each class of articles; and in like manner he shall enter in said books a detailed and classified account of all purchases of articles and supplies authorized by this Act, showing the amount and cost of each article and class of supplies purchased, the amount and cost of each class issued, amount and cost of each article and class issued to each state officer and attache of the legislature, and amount and cost of each article and class on hand. He shall issue the supplies aforesaid only upon the requisition of the proper officer, and shall take a receipt for the same upon delivery, which requisition and receipt shall be filed and preserved in his office.

1905. Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of said board, at the end of each fiscal year, and at such other times as they shall deem necessary, to cause an inventory to be taken of all the articles and classes of said supplies on hand and contracted for, and to make an examination of the amounts and vouchers

appertaining to the same. Legislative 1906. Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of said board, at least stationery

one month prior to the assembling of each legislature, to advertise in accordance with section two of this Act, for supply of stationery and such other articles as shall be sufficient for the use of the stute officers and attaches of the legislature, or necessary for the public service, and at the commencement of each session said board shall report to the legislature a full account of their receipts and expenditures and stock of supplies on

hand. Expenses. 1907. SEC. 6. The actual expenses incurred by said board

in executing the powers and discharging the duties prescribed and imposed in this Act, when certified by them, shall be audited by the Controller, and paid by the Treasurer out of any money which shall have been appropriated for that purpose ; prorided, nothing in this Act shall be construed as allowing salary or compensation to said furnishing board for any services

performed under the provisions of this Act. Stationery, 1908. Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the how issued to Senate and Chief Clerk of the Assembly, as often as it shall legislature.

become necessary, to make requisitions upon the Secretary of State for such stationery, etc., as they shall deem necessary for the use of the legislature and all committees of the same, and for which, upon delivery, they shall give their receipts to the Secretary of State. And it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Senate and Chief Clerk of the Assembly, to issue all stationery to the several officers of their respective houses as are

entitled thereto, taking their receipts for the same. Surplus to be 1909. SEC. 8. At the close of each session of the legisla

ture hereafter, it shall be the duty of each attache of the legislature drawing supplies as above provided, to return to the officer from whom such supplies were drawn, all articles in his possession belonging to the state. The State Controller is



hereby required to withhold the last week's warrant of all attaches until they present a certificate from the Secretary of State to the effect that the property of the state (or so much thereof as has not been necessarily consumed in the discharge of the duties of their office), for which he holds receipts, has been returned to his custody.

An Act authorizing the Board of Eraminers of this stale lo employ

attorneys al the city of Washington, District of Columbia, lo prosecute claims of this state against the general government, and defining the mode and manner of paying the said allorney.

Approved February 28, 1881, *9.

C., authorized

1910. SECTION 1. The Board of Examiners are hereby Employment directed to employ one or more attorneys at the city of Wash of uttorneys ington, District of Columbia, to prosecute the claims of the ton city, D. State of Nevada against the general government for the five per cent. due this state from the general government on unsold lands within the territorial limits and set apart as Indian reservation; for the prosecution of the claims of the state against the general government for money expended in suppressing Indian outbreaks and wars occurring in this state, and for money expended by the State of Nevada, and as successor to the territory of Nevada, in aid of the United States government during and on account of the war of the rebellion.- As amended, Stats. 1883, 43.

1911. SEC. 2. And they are hereby authorized to pay to Compensasaid attorney or attorneys, not to exceed fifteen per cent. of all moneys collected from said sources, to be in full payment for such attorney fees and expenses of litigation. But in no case is any money to be drawn from the treasury to pay said fees or costs of litigation.- As amended, Stats. 1883, 13.


An Act empowering the Governor to appoint Commissioners of

Deeds, and to define their duties.

Approved February 4, 1865, 130.


Oath of otlice.

so appointed, shall have power to administer oaths, and to take and certify depositions and affidavits to be used in this state, and also to take the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument, to be recorded in this state, and duly certify

the same under his hand and official seal. Acts legal 1913. Sec. 2. All oaths administered by said Commission

ers, all depositions and affidavits taken by them, and all acknowledgments and proofs of deeds, and other instruments aforesaid, taken and certified by them and under their seals as such Commissioners, shall have the same force and effect in law, for all purposes whatever, as if done and certified by any Notury Public or other officer, in and for this state, who is now or hereafter may be authorized by law to perform such Act.

1914. Sec. 3. Before any Commissioner, appointed as aforesaid, shall proceed to perform any of the duties of his office, he shall take and subscribe an oath that he will faithfully perform and discharge all the duties of his office, which oath shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada, within six months after being taken and subscribed.

Section 4 is ren, 1865, 152. Copy of Act 1913. Sec. 5. It is hereby made the duty of the Secretary transmitted. of State to transmit a copy of this Act, with the commission, to

each person appointed under the provisions thereof.

1916. SEC. 6. Before any commission shall be delivered application of

to any appointee under the provisions of this Act, a fee of ten dollars on such commission, exclusive of other legal charges thereon, shall be paid therefor to the said Secretary of State, and shall be accounted for by him and paid into the “library fund” of this state, to be appropriated to the purchase of books

therefor, in such manner as is or may be provided by law. Act repealed. 1917. Sec. 7. An Act of the legislative assembly of the

territory of Nevada, entitled "An Act empowering the Governor to appoint Commissioners of Deeds, and defining the duties of such office,” approved October thirtieth, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, is hereby repealed. (Stats. 1861, 2.)

to be

Fee, and

An Act to authorize and require the payment of rewards in certain


Approved February 26, 1967, 92.

A reward for the conviction of highway robbers.

1918. SECTION 1. The Governor shall offer a standing reward of two hundred and fifty dollars for the arrest of each person engaged in the robbery of, or in the attempt to rob, any person or persons upon, or having in charge in whole or in part, any stage-coach, wagon, railroad train, or other conveyance, engaged at the time in conveying passengers, or any private conveyance within this state, and for the arrest of each person engaged in the robbery of, or in the attempt to rob, any person or persons upon any highway in the State of Nevada, the reward to be paid to the person or persons making the arrest, immediately upon the conviction of the person or persons so arrested ; provided, no reward shall be paid except Proviso. after such conviction; and, prorided further, that the provisions of this Act shall not apply to any Sheriff, Constable, Marshal, or police officer, who shall make such arrest in the performance of the duties of his office in the county where such officer resides, or in which his official duties are required to be performed.- As amended, Slats. 1885, 35.

An Act to authorize the appointment of state detectives.

Approved March 5, 1885, 66.

1919. SECTION 1 l'pon the petition of five or more quali- Governor fied electors of the State of Nevada and the execution of bonds may appoint as hereinafter provided, the Governor may appoint state detect-detectives. ives for any term not exceeding two years, the appointment to be made in writing and signed by the Governor ; provided, that at no time shall said detectives exceed five in number.

1920. Sec. 2. Each detective appointed under this Act Detectives to shall, before receiving his appointment, execute to the State of give bonds. Nerada and deliver to the Governor, for the benefit of the State of Nevada and the persons who may become interested therein, a bond in the sum of five thousand ($5,000) dollars with sureties to be approved by the Governor, which bond shall be conditional for the faithful performance of the duties of the detective named therein and for the payment of any damages which may be sustained by any persons by reason of any malicious, unlawful arrest or imprisonment.

1921. Sec. 3. Any detective appointed under this Act shall have shall have the powers of a peace officer, and may arrest any person or persons accused or suspected of violating any of the criminal laws of this state ; but when such arrest is made without a warrant the detective making the same shall, without unnecessary delay, enter a charge against the person or persons so arrested before a magistrate having jurisdiction of the offense, and secure process for his detention, or release the defendant from custody.

1922 Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of any detective arrest-Duties of ing any person to deliver such person as soon as distance and detectives. circumstances will permit to the Sheriff of the county wherein the crime was committed or is triable; and, unless previously done, to make and enter a criminal complaint accusing such person of the crime for which the arrest was made.

power of a peace officer.

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