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same must be paid over to the owner of such property, at any time thereafter, on demand being made therefor within six months after the sale ; provided, that any trunk or valise, with their contents, shall be held six months before being advertised for sale.

4969. Sec. 6. If the owner, or his agent, fails to demand proceeds, how disposed of.

such surplus within six months from the time of such sale, then it shall be paid over to the County Treasurer of the county in which the sale is made, to be held by him for a period of twelve months, subject to the order of the owner, after which time, if the same is not paid to the owner, or his authorized agent, or some person legally entitled to receive the same, it shall be paid over to the Treasurer of the county where such sale is made, who shall pay the same over to the State Treasurer for the benefit of the state school fund.

An Act for the protection of jewelers, watchmakers and watch


Approved February 10, 1885, 20.

Articles re

Notice to be posted.

4970. Section 1. Watches, jewelry, or other articles, mening over after having been repaired and remaining over one year with

any jeweler, watchmaker, or watch repairer in this state, shall be subject to sale at public auction, to the highest bidder, for charges due thereon for repairs and accrued interest.

4971. Sec. 2. At least twenty days before offering ans of the articles mentioned in this Act for sale, the holder or holders thereof shall post in front of his or their place of business the day and date of sile, and a particular description of the article to be soll, name of depositor, amount of charges thereon and accrued legal interest, which charges and interest shall become a lien on the article so posted for sale, which sale shall be by

public auction to the highest bidder. Disposal of 4972. Sec. 3. The excess, if any, after deducting charges

for repairs and interest, shall be placed in the county treasury, subject to the laws governing escheats.

4973. Sec. 4. The cost of any sale of any such wateh, watches, jewelry, or other article, shall in no event be more tlan ten per cent. on the whole amount realized from the sale of the same, and any watchmaker, watch repairer, or jeweler.

the excess.

Costs of sale limited.

An Act to prevent the practice of medicine and surgery by unqual

ified persons.

Approved January 28, 1875, 46.

practice med. icine or

record copy

4974. SECTION 1. No person shall practice medicine or Who may surgery in this state who his not received a metlical education and a diploma from some regularly charterel medical school ; surgery. said school to have a bona tide existence at the time when said diploma was granted.

4975. Sec. 2. Every physician or surgeon, when about To file and to take up his residence in this state, or who now resides here,

of diploma. shall file for record with the County Recorder of the county in which he is about to practice his profession, or where he now practices it, a copy of his diploma, at the same time exhibiting the original, or a cortificate from the Dean of the medical school of which he is a graduate, certifying to his graduation.

4976. Sec. 3. Every physician or surgeon, when filing a Amdarit to copy of his diploma or certificate of graduation, as required by be filed. section two of this Act, shall be identified as the person named in the papers about to be fileil, either by the affidavit of two citizens of the county, or by his aftidavit taken before a Notary Public or Commissioner of Deeds for this state, which affidavit shall be filed in the office of the County Recorder.

4977. Sec. 4. Any person practicing medicine or surgery Violation of in this state, without complying with sections one, two, and three of this Act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not less than fifty dollars (850) nor more than five hundred dollars (8500), or by im- Penalty. prisonment in the county jail for a period of not less than thirty (30) days nor more than six (6) months, or by both fine and imprisonment, for each and every offense; and any person tiling, or attempting to file, as his own, the diploma or certificate of graduation of another, or a forged attidavit of identification, shall be guilty of a felony, and upon conviction shall be subject to such fine and imprisonment as is made and provided by the statutes of this state for suid offense.

4978. Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of the police, Sheriff, sheriff to or Constable, to arrest all persons practicing medicine or surgery in this state who have not complied with the provisions of this Act, and the officer maling the arrest shall be entitled to

Art, misde.


ano.half of the fine collecteil

Take effect.

4980. Sec. 7. This Act shall go into force sixty (60) days after its final passage.

Ex parte Spinney, 10 Nev. 323; State v. (hing Gang, 16 Ver. 62.

An Act to regulate the measurement of charcoal.

Approved February 26, 1879, 30.

Charcoal measurement

Sealed meas. ures to be kept.

Surveyors, duties of

4981. SECTION 1. The standard measure of a bushel of charcoal is hereby established at two thousand seven hundred and forty-seven and seven hundred and fifteen one thousandths cubic inches, stroke measure, and all charcoal bought or sold by actual measurement, must be measured in the mode and manner herein provided.

4982. SEC. 2. All persons, or corporations, purchasing or consuming more than twenty thousand bushels of charcoal annually, shall keep a sealed measure of convenient size.

4983. Sec. 3. For the purpose of this Act, any County Surveyor is empowered to estimate the dimensions of any bin or measure, and he shall inscribe thereon, in plain letters, the number of standard bushels it will contain, together with his own name or signature ; he shall receive for such services five dollars for each measure so inscribed ; his fee to be paid by those required under the provisions of this Act, to maintain sealed measures.

4984. Sec. 4. Any person, or Superintendent, or manager of any corporation or compumy, violating the provisions of this Act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not to exceed five hundred dollars.

4985. Sec. 5. This Act shall take effect and be in force from and after the first day of April, A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-nine.


To take effect.

An Act to encourage the collection of geological, paleontological,

and mineral specimens in this state.

Approved March 5, 1879, 64.

kept at a private residence or in a public hall, or in a place of public business or traffic, the said bona fide owner of such collection shall be entitled to hold the same exempt from execution, as other property is exempted from execution under the provisions of section two hundred and twenty-one of an Act entitled “An Act to regulate proceedings in civil cases in the courts of justice of this state, and to repeal all other Acts in relation thereto,” approved March eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine.

4987. SEC. 2. Nothing in section one of this Act shall be Not exenipt. construed so as to exempt from execution any numismatic collection, such as gold and silver coins, paper currency, bank notes, legal tender currency, national or state bonds, or any negotiable note, or valuable copper, bronze, nickel, platinum, or other coin whatsoever.

4988. Sec. 3. It is hereby made the duty of the owner of Must keep any such collection or cabinet, as described in section one of this Act, to keep constantly at or near such collections or cabinet, for the free inspection of all visitors who may desire to examine the same, either written or printed catalogues, as provided in section one of this Act; and any person owning such collection or cabinet who shall fail or neglect to comply with the provisions of this section of this Act, shall forfeit all right to hold such collections or cabinet as exempt from legal execution, as provided in section one of this Act.


An Act to encourage the sinking of artesian wells.

Approved March 6, 1879, 86.


4989. SECTION 1. Every person, firm, company, corpor- Artesian ation or association that shall from and after the passage of this Act, commence the sinking of artesian wells, within this state, shall be entitled for sinking said artesian well, after the first five hundred feet shall have been sunk, the sum of two dollars per foot, to be paid in the manner provided for in section four of this Act.

4990. Sec. 2. Every person, firm, company, corporation statement to or association that proposes taking the benefit of this Act shall, be filed. prior to reaching the five hundred feet depth mentioned in section one, file with the County Recorder of the county in which said well is situated a sworn statement, setting forth lit

of well.


Warrant for 8&me.

Examination poration or association shall report to the Board of County

Commissioners the completion or sinking of a well, at a greater depth than five hundred feet, and demand the bounty provided for in this Act, the said Board of County Commissioners shall authorize and instruct their chairman, or' a member of their body, or some other suitable person, to proceed to said well,

measure and report under oath its depth to said board; proExpense of vided, that the expense of said measurement, including report

and traveling fees, to and from said well, shall not exceed the sum of twenty-five dollars, which amount shall be paid by the party making demand for bounty.

4992. Sec. 4. If, upon measurement, the Board of County Commissioners find said well to exceed in depth five hundred feet, they shall allow, audit and instruct the County Auditor to draw his warrant on the general fund of the county, in favor of such person, firm, company, corporation or association, for the sum of two dollars per foot, for each and every foot sunk, after the first five hundred feet; prorided, said well or wells shall flow water to be used for mining, manufacture, agriculture or domestic purposes.

4993. Sec. 5. Every person, firm, company, corporation or association, that shall have, prior to the passage of this Act, commencel to sink an artesian well, or wells, and shall have reached the depth of three hundred feet or more, shall be entitled to receive the benefit of the provisions of this Act for each and every foot sunk thereafter; prorided, after the completion of said well or wells, they shall flow water as provided in section four of this Act.


Persons enti. tled to benetits of Ict.

An Act firing the rates for official advertising.

Approved March 1, 1881, 108.

Official advertising.

4994. SECTION 1. For all advertising required or ordered by the State of Nevada the state shall pay for each square of ten lines, nonpariel measurement, the sum of two dollars and fifty cents (S2 $0) for the first insertion, and one dollar ($1) for each subsequent insertion, an insertion being held to be one publication per week.

An Act granting aid to veterans of the late Jerican and ciril wars

in indigent circumstances.

Approved February 12, 1985, 23.


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