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Of mortification, 492, wherein it doth consist, shewn in

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To evidence this disagreement three things are proposed : first, wherein the felicities of the future state do consist, 588. secondly, what the temper and disposition of wicked souls will be in the future state, 591. thirdly, how contrary such a temper and disposition must be unto such felicities, 594. For, first, there is in it an antipathy and contrariety to the vision of God, 595. secondly, to the love of God, 596. thirdly, to the resemblance of God, 598. fourthly, to the society of the spirits of just men made perfect, 600. From all which these following inferences are deduced: first, how unreasonable it is for any man to presume upon going to heaven upon any account whatsoever, without mortifying his lusts, 602. secondly, the indispensable necessity of mortification, since it is plain we cannot be happy without it, 606. thirdly, what is the only true and solid foundation of our assurance of heaven, 610. fourthly, what is the great design of the Christian religion, 614.

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