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Charles Coote came out with a party, plundered and burned the town of Clontarffe, diftant'two miles from Dublin, belonging to the said George King, nominated in the proclamation, and killed 16 of the townsmen and women; and three fucking infants. Which unexpected breach of the proclamation (having deterred the gentlemen from waiting of the lords justices) fórced many of them to betake themselves to their defence, and others to abandon their houses.isines

! In the same week 56 men, women and children, of the village of Bulloge. (being frighted at 'what was done at Clontarffe) took boats and went to sea, to shun the fury of a party of soldiers come out of Dublin, under the command of Colonel Crafford; but being pursued by the foldiers in other boars, were overtaken, and thrown over-board. One Ruffel, a baker in Dublin, coming out of the country in company with Mr. Archbold of Clogram, who went to take hold of the proclamation of the lords justices) were both hanged and quartered. In March, a party of horse, of the garrison of Donfaghlin, murdered seven or eight poor people in protection, tenants of Mr. Dillon of Hunstowne, having quartered in their houses the night before, and receiving such entertainment, as the poor people could afford. About the same time a party of the English, quartered at: Mallahyde, hanged a servant of, Mr. Robert Boyne's at the plough, and forced a poor labourer to hang his own brother; and soon after they hanged 15 of the inhabitants of Swords, who never borç arms, in the orchard of Mallahyde; they likewise hanged a woman bemoaning her husband hanged among them.

In the same year, after quarter given by Lieutenant Colonel Gibson to those of the castle of Carriğmain, they were all put to the sword, being about 350, most of them women and children ; and Colonel Washington, endeavouring to save a pretty child of seven years old, carried him under his cloak, but the child against his will was killed in his arms, which was a principal motive of his quitting that service. - 1642. In April one Nicholas Hart, and 14 labourers, going with corn to the market of Dublin, and having a pass, were all murdered on the road by a party commanded abroad by Lord Lambert. The same day Mr. Sarsfield of Lucan sent his groom to guide the Lord of Gehl's troop, which the fellow having performed, was knocked on the head for his labour.. The same day 18 villages in protection, the farthest within fix miles to Dublin, were plundered and burned, and to the number of 400 men, women and children, were cruelly massacred. About the fame time a party of the garrison of Swordshaving brought in 30 poor labourers, forced them to dig their own graves, and then killed them. Much about that time one Bennet, sheriff of the county, killed 16 men and womepis VOL. II.


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coming from the market of Dublin. A party under the com, mand of Colonel Crafford murdered 140 women and children in Newcastle and Coolmain, being under protection. Many thousands more of the poor innocent people of that country, fhunning the fury of the soldiers, fled into thickets of firs; which the foldiers would usually set on fire, killing as many as endeavoured to efcape ; or forced them back again to be burned, and the rest of the inhabitants, for the

most part, died of famine:

Note; That no less than 12000 of the poor inhabitants of that county were cruelly massacred the first year of the


County of Kildare. 1641. Captain Thomas Hues, having fummoned thirty-three contributors to meet him at Hedgeftowne, caused them all to be murdered. The said Hues murdered Mrs. Euftace, aunt to Sir Robert Talbot, 20 years old, with two gentlewomen that waited on her, after she had entertained him friendly in her house. The soldiers of Clongow's wood, and Rathcoffy, yielding upon quarter, were conveyed to Dublin, and hanged there, and upwards of 150 women and children were found in the said places murdered. It is well known, that the commons of that country were, for the most part, destroyed and slaughtered by the English, in so much, that there were not so many left living as could gather the twentieth part of the harvest.

im County of MEATH. 1642. Ini April Mrs. Elinor Taaffe of Tullaghanoge, fixty years old, and fix women more, were murdered by the soldiers of the garrison of Trim; and a blind woman, aged 80 years, was encompatted with straw by them, to which they set fire, and burned her. The same day they hanged two women in Kilbride, and two old decrepit men that begged alms of them. In the same year.Mr. Walter Dulin, an old man, unable to ftir abroad many years before the war, was killed in his own house, by Lieutenant Colonel Broughton's troopers, notwithstanding the said Broughton's protection, which the old man produced.. Mr. Walter Evers, a justice of the peace and quorum, an aged man, and bed-rid of the palsy long before the rebellion, was carried in a cart to Trim, and there hanged by the governoúr's orders. di:

Many plowmen were killed at Philbertstowne. Forty men, women and children in protection, reaping their harveft in Boneftown; were killed by a troop of the faid garrison; who upon the same day killed Mrs. Alion Read at Donfaghlin, being By years old, and 40 persons more, most of them women and

. children,

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children, shunning the fury of the said troop, were overtaken and flaughtered. About 70 men, women and children, tenants to Mr. Francis Mc. Ovoy; and under pretection, were killed by Greenvill's soldiers, and 160 more in the parish of Rathcoare, whereof there was one aged couple blind 15 years before. Captain Sandford, and his troop, murdered in and about! Mulhuffey upwards of 100 men, women and children under protection, and caused one Connor Brellan to be stuck withias knife into the throat, and so bled to death. And one. Eleanor Cusack, 100 years old, was tied about with lighted matches, and fo tortured to death in Clonmoghon. James Dowlan, about 100 years old, Donagh Comen, Darby Dennis, Roger Bolan, and several other labourers and women, to the number of 160, making their harvest, were Naughtered by the garrison of Trim.

Mr. Barnwell of Tobertinian, and Mr. John Hussey, innocent persons,' were hanged at Trim by old * Sir Charles Coote's party. - Gerrald Lynch of Donower, aged 80 years, was killed by troopers of Trim, being in protection. Mr Thoma's Talbott of Crawly’s-town, about 8or years old, being protected, and a known':servitor to the crown, was killed at his own door by some of Captain Morroe's troop. About the month of April the soldiers under the said Greenvil's command, killed in and about the Navan 80 men, women and children, who lived under protection. Captain Wentwoth and his company, garrisoned at Dumo, killed no less than 200 protected persons in the parish of Donamora, Slane, and barony of Margellion, and Ovemorein, the town of Ardmulchan, Kingstown and Harria fton, all protected persons.

Sir Richard Greenvill’s troop killed 42 men, women and children, and 18infants at Doramstown. A woman under protection was, by Captain Morroe's foldiers, put into the stock of a tuck-mill, and so tucked to death in the town of Steedalté. Lieutenant Ponsonby put two aged protected pera sons to death at Downastone, each of them about 80 years old. Captain Morroe caused about too protected persons, men women and children to be put to death in the barony of Doom, leek ; and Lieutenant John Tench killed a protected person 10 years old, near Dooleek. " Mr. Patrick White, son and heir of Mr. White of Clangill, in protection, was taken out of bis bed, and knocked on the head by Lieutenant Luaton of the garrison of Trim. Many thousands of the poor inhabitants of this county were destroyed in the firs, as those in the county of Dublin, and the rest for the moft part perished with famine. To Aa:2


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His eldest son Sir Charles Coote, so ofren mentioned in these civil wats,
for his signal services, created Earl of Montrath, by King Charles-II. Sre
vole ii. p. 79.

County of WESTMEATH. 1642. About the latter end of March, Mr. Christopher MacGawly, notwithstanding the protection of the Duke of Ormond, was killed in his own house, with two of his fervants, by: a party of the English army marching to Athlone, who laying the protection on the faid Mac-Gawly's breast, shot him through his protection, to try whether it was proof against a bullet. - Mrs. Ellis Dillon of Killenennin, having the lords juftices protection for herself and tenants, their wives and children, they were all killed by foldiers under Sir Michael Earnley's command.

County of Lowia. 1641. In the month of February about 300 poor people, men, women and children, were cruelly slaughtered in the wood of Derruer, by a party of the garrifor of Dundalk and Trecath: About the beginning of March about 300 farmers and labourers, never in arms, with their wives and children, were massacred by a party of the garrisons of Dundalk, and Tredath in the Redmoose of Braganstown. About the fame time Captain Charles Townfly, and Lieutenant Faithful Townsly, with a part of the English army, and garrifon of Dundalky flaughtered at Dunmoghamy 220 inhabitants of feveral villages, commanded by the officers of the faid army to live in that place for their greater fecurity. A party of the said garrifon of Tredath and Dundalk killed above 200 persons in the castle of Reighstown after quarter given. One Anthony Townfly hanged Mr. Dromgole of Dromgolestown at his own gate.. The fáid Townfly hanged apwards of zo poor men and women, going to the markets of Dundalk and Tredath, on a tree, comimofily called Eight Mile Bush, midway between the faid towns

-1642. A party of horfe and foot of the garrisori of Tredath, killed and burned in the fits above 160 men, women and children, of the inhabitants of Termorfeighlin, within three miles of Tređath: no lefs than iooo of the poor inhabitants of that county, though they were not taxed with any murders committed on the protestants, according to their own abstract, were mäffacfed.

County of Wicklow. emisia

October, 1641. Three women, whereof one gentlewoman, big with child, and a boy, were hanged on the bridge of Neuragh by command of Sir Charles. Coote in his first march to that county ; and he caused his guide to blow into his pistol, and to thot him dead. He also hanged a poor butcher on the. fame march called Thomas-Mac William. Mr. Dan. Conyam.

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of Glanely, aged, and unable to bear arms, was foasted to death by Captain Gee of Colonel Crafford's regiment, and in the marches in 1641, 42, and 43, the English army killed all they met in this country, though no murders are charged in the faid county to be committed on protestants by the abstract. In the Usurper's time Captain Barrington, garrisoned 'at Arklow, murdered Donagh O'Dayle of Killearrow, and above 500 more protected by himfelf; and it is well known that most of the commonalty were murdered

County of KIKÉNNY. 19. 1641. The English soldiers of the garrison of Ballenakil burned an old woman of go years old in her own house in Idough. 1642. The faid soldiers' maffacred 180 men, women and children, who were cutting their corn, near the said gar Hifon. They dragged Mr. Thomas Shee, an innocent person out of his own house, with five of his servants, and hanged them all at Ballenakil. bullri suvi to orCounty of TIPPERARY County ,

{"s bar 191641. On the 24th of October jone Browne and Captain Reasely murdered eleven men, women and children in their own houses at Golden Bridge, before any of the catholics took

arms in that county. About the same time the faid Captain Pcafely, going through Cloneulty, Philip Ryan, a peaceable gentleman, and owner of

of the said town, came out of his house to falute the captain; who pulled out his pistol and thot the poor harmless gentleman dead at his own door, vdNote, That these two murders, occasioned the riling of the gentry, and inhabitants of that county. One John Wife of Ballyowen, an English soldier, came fe

in woman's attire upon the road, and committed divers murders upon ample country, people coming from the cá gizo i lor


County of CLARE. --1644. Forty families in protection" were murdered by the gafrifon of Inchicromán. 1646. Several residing near Bunratty wert murdered by the soldiers of that gärrison under command of Lieutenant Adams:

livit alicia

- County of CoŘK.

15 6:1641. In Condon's country about 300 labourers, women and children, were murdered by some of the now. Earl of Orrery's soldiers. In the said county, among others, they gelded one Denis Downy, and pulled out one of his eyes, and sent him in that posture to his wife, - Fifty-fix: persons, or


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