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purpose, the general will furnish convenient carriages for them to the places where they shall be embarked.

XVI. It shall be lawful to make use of the hay preserved in the stores of the county of Kerry, for the horses that shall be embarked ; and if there be not enough, it shall be lawful to buy hay and oats whereever it shall be found, at the king's rates.

XVII. That all prisoners of war, that were in Ireland the 28th of September, shall be set at liberty on both sides ; and the general promises to use his endeavours, that those that are in England and Flanders shall be set at liberty also.

XVIII. The general will cause provisions and medicines to be furnished to the sick and wounded officers, troopers, dragoons, and soldiers of the Irish army that cannot pass into France at the first embarkment; and after they are cured, will order them fhips to pass into France, if they are willing to go.

XIX. That at the signing hereof, the general will fend a ship express to France ; and that besides, he will furnish two small ships of those that are now in the river of Limerick, to transport two persons into France that are to be sent to give notice of this treaty; and that the commanders of the said ships shall have orders to put ashore at the next port of France where they shall make.

ÁX. That all those of the said troops, officers, and others, of what character foever, that would pass into France, shall not be stopped upon the account of debt, or any other pretext.

XXI. If after figning this present treaty, and be. fore the arrival of the fleet, a French packet-boat, or other transport-ship, shall arrive from France in any other part of Ireland, the general will order a paffport, not only for such as must go on board the said fhips, but to the ships to come to the nearest port, to the place where the troops to be transported Thall be quartered.

XXII. That after the arrival of the said fleet, there shall be free communication and passage between it


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and the quarters of the abovesaid troops; and especially, for all those that have passes from the chief commanders of the said fleet, or from Monsieur Tameron the intendant.

XXIII. In consideration of the present capitulation, the two towns of Limerick shall be delivered and put into the hands of the general, or any other person he shall appoint, at the time and days hereafter specified, viz. the Irish town, except, the magazines and hospital, on the day of the signing of these present articles ; and as for the English town, it shall remain, together with the island, and she free passage of Thomond-bridge, in the hands of those of the Irish army that are now in the garrison, or that shall hereafter come from the counties of Cork, Clare, Kerry, Sligo, and other places abovementioned, until there shall be convenience found for their transportation.

XXIV. And to prevent all disorders that may happen between the garrison that the general shall place in the Irish town, which shall be delivered to him, and the Irish troopers that shall remain in the English town and the island, which they may do, until the troops to be embarked on the first fifty ships shall be gone for France, and no longer; they shall entrench themselves on both sides, to hinder the communication of the said garrisons ; and it shall be prohibited on both sides, to offer any thing that is offensive ; and the parties offending shall be punished on either fide.

XXV. That it shall be lawful for the said garrison to march out all at once, or at different times, as they can be embarked, with arms, baggage, drums beating, match lighted at both ends, bullet in mouth, colours flying, six brass guns, such as the besieged will chuse, two mortar-pieces, and half the ammuniti. on that is now in the magazines of the said place; and for this purpose, an inventory of all the ammunition in the garrison shall be made in the presence of any person that the general shall appoint, the next day after these present articles shall be signed.


XXVI. All the magazines of provisions shall remain in the hands of those that are now employ. ed to take care of the same, for the fubfistence of those of the Irish army that will pass into Faance : and if there shall not be sufficient in the stores, for the support of the said troops, whilst they stay in this kingdom, and are crossing the seas, that upon giving up an account of their numbers, the general will furnish them with sufficient provisions at the king's rates ; and that there shall be a free market at Limerick, and pther quarters, where the said troops shall be; and in case any provision fhall remain in the magazines of Limerick when the town shall be given up, it shall be valued, and the price deducted out of what is to be paid for the provisions to be furnished to the troops on fhip-board.

XXVII. That there shall be a ceffation of arms at land, as also at fea, with respect to the ships, whether English, Dutch, or French, designed for the transportation of the said troops, until they shall be returned to their respective harbours ; and that, on both sides, they shall be furnished with sufficient paflports both for fhips and men ; and if


fea-commander, or captain of a fhip, or any officer, trooper, dragoon, soldier, or any other person, shall act contrary to this cessation, the persons fo acting shall be punished on either side, and satisfaction shall be made for the wrong that is done ; and officers shall be sent to the mouth of the river of Limerick, to give notice to the commanders of the English and French fleets of the present conjuncture, that they may observe the cessation of arms accordingly.

XXVIII. That for the security of the execution of this present capitulation, and of each article therein contained, the besieged shall give the following hostages And the general shall give

XXIX. If before this capitulation is fully executed, there happens any change in the government, or command of the army, which is now commanded by General Ginckle ; all those that shall be appoint


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ed to command the fame, shall be obliged to observe and execute what is specified in these articles, or cause it to be executed punctually, and shall not act contrary on any account.

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October 19.



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