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Line of Road.—Houston, Tex., to Preston (Red River), Texas... .355 miles. Branch: Hempstead (50 m. N. Houston), Tex., to Austin... Completed : Main line, to Bremond, 144, and branch, to Burton, 38 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 7.2 miles. Gauge, 5 feet 6 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

[The Company have a State land grant of 10 sections to each mile of road built or to be built from Houston to the Red River.]

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 18. Cars-passenger, 12; baggage, mail and express, 10; and freight (box, 220; stock, 20; and platform, 100)—total, 340 cars. Also, 70 construction and service cars.

Operations for year ending December 31, 1869.-Gross earnings, $1,040,400 35 in coin. Operating expenses, $438,467 14. Nett earnings, $601,933 21.

The following are the results of operations (coin) for the three fiscal years ending April 30, 1867, '68 and '69:

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General Account.-Capital paid in, $3,000,000. Funded debt, $2,600,000. The funded debt, consisting of 1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, principal and interest payable in gold coin, interest Jan. and July, and principal in 25 years from July 1, 1866, all in New York. It is secured on all the property and franchises of the Company, including their lands, and by a sinking fund of 2 per cent. per annum. This issue of bonds is limited to $20,000 per mile of road completed and fully equipped.

Directors (elected first Monday of May, 1869).-W. J. Hutchins, Paul Bremond, W. R. Baker, Abram Groesbeck, Wm. M. Rice and Joseph R. Morris, Houston, Tex.; Cornelius Ennis, Galveston, Tex.; and D. H. Paige and W. E. Dodge, New York City W. R. BAKERPresident....

Houston, Tex.
D. H. Paige-Vice-President...

New York City.
Treas. & Sec.-A.S. Richardson... Houston, Tex. Chief Engineer, Theodore Kosse.. Houston, Tex.
Gen. Supt.-C. A. Burton...

Tkt. & Fgt. Agt.-F. W. Smith... Assistant Supt.-R. B. Snyder......

Purchasing Agent-D. H. Paige... New York City. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...

...Houston, Texas.


Line of Road.-Boston, Mass., to Fitchburg, Mass...

.50.93 miles. Cambridge, Mass., to Waltham, Mass.

6.25 Branches : South Acton (25 m. W. Boston), Mass., to Marlboro.. 12.90

Groton (35 m. W. Boston), to Mason Village, N. H..23.60—42.75

Total length of main and branch lines owned by Company.....93.68 miles. Second track, 50.93, sidings, 29.30 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 84 in. Rail, 53 to 56 lbs. to yard. Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 32. Cars--passenger, 40; baggage, mail and express, 11 ; and freight (8-wh., 355, and 4-wh., 331), 5201-total, 737=5711 8-wh. cars. Also 36 gravel and service cars.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869.—Trains run-passenger, 307,619; freight, 287,454, and other, 19,452—total, 614,525 miles.

Passengers carried, 1,767,249 ; carried one mile, 22,134,414 tons.
Freight moved, 670,439 tons; moved one mile, 16,941,140 tons.

Gross earnings-passenger, $508,214 91 ; freight, $736,796 24; mails, $10,000 ; rents, interest, etc., $35,582 07-Total gross earnings, $1,290,593 82.

Current expenses, including taxes, etc., $948,714 06 ; dividends, two of 4 per cent. each, $298,105 30; surplus not divided, $43,774 46.

General Balances.--Condensed balance sheet of December 1, 1869:
Abstract of general balance sheet :

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Financial condition and results of operations for ten years :

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Directors (elected January 25, 1870). —William B. Stearns, Peter B. Brigham and William A. Brigham, Boston, Mass.; W. E. Faulkner, South Acton, Mass.; and Alvah Crocker, Fitchburg, Mass. WILLIAM B. STEARNS-President.....

.Boston, Mass. Treasurer-Mason D. Benson.

Boston. Mast. of Mach'y-Geo. A. Cooledge. Charlestown. Superintendent-Charles L. Heywood..

Mast. Car Rep's-Enos Varney.. Road Master--L. I. Spaulding..

Groton. Gen. Tkt. Agt.-Henry F. Whitcomb. Boston. Supt. of Bridges-J. T. Bagley. ... Charlestown. Gen. Fgt. Agt.-John B. Saville.... Charlestown. Mast. of Transp.-John B. Saville..

Purchasing Agent-John Adams.. Boston. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Causeway St., Boston, Mass.


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Line of Road.–Bald Eagle Valley RR., to Snow-Shoe, Pa........ .21.0 miles. Branch: Main line to Saw Mill.....

... 1.5 " Sidings and other track, 2.11 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 45 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock-Locomotive engines, 4. Cars-passenger, 2; freight, 6; and coal, 54-total, 62.

Operations for year ending October 31, 1869.--Passengers carried, 25,478. Freight moved-bituminous coal, 89,356 ; lumber, 11,480, and other, 6,247—total, 107,083 tons. Gross earnings--passenger, $8,896 75; freight, $59,389 65 ; miscellaneous, $1,474 29; and other (profits on coal and lumber business), $38,582 27—totał gross earnings, $108,342 96. Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $79,000 53. Nett earnings, $29,336 43. Interest, $6,123 42; dividend Feb. 1, 3 per cent., and U. S. tax, $19,800. Surplus not

3 divided, $3,413.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 20,000 shares, $600,000 ; funded debt-1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, due 1883, $99,000—total stocks and bonds, $699,000. Cost of road and rolling stock, $442,058 87. The balance of capital invested is employed in coal and lumber business.

Directors.-R. H. Downing, Wistar Morris, Jacob P. Jones and F. C. Yarnall, Philadelphia, Pa.; and M. T. Milliken, Bellefonte, Pa. R. H. DOWNING-President.....

Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary-John H. Wheeler.... Philadelphia, Pa. | Treas. & Supt.--Daniel Rhoads...., Bellefonte, Pa.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...No. 1,608 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa.


(Consolidation of the West Jersey, the Millville and Glassboro', and the Cape May

and Millville Railroads.)

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Line of Road.-Statement of the several lines consolidated : West Jersey RR.-Camden (opp. Phila.), N. J., to Bridgeton, N. J.... .37.36 miles. Millville and Glassboro' RR.-Glassboro, N. J., to Millville, N. J. .22.30 Cape May and Millville RR.Millville, N. J., to Cape May, N. J.. .41.35 Salem RR. (leased). — Elmer, N. J., to Salem, N. J....

.16.58 Sweedesboro' Branch RR.-Woodbury, N. J., to Sweedesboro', N. J....... 8.50

Total length of main and branch lines owned and leased......126.09 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 8 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 10 inches. Rail, 56 to 65 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 17. Cars-passenger, 12-wh., 44=8-wh. 66 ; freight (box, 30; stock, 2; platform, 59; and coal, 130), 221—total, 265=8-wh., 287

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Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869:
Trains run-passenger, 180,128; and freight, 90,176—total, 270,304 miles.
Passengers carried, 545,971 ; carried one mile, 17,620,193.
Freight moved, 134,648 tons ; moved one mile, 3,907,822 tons.

Gross earnings—passenger, $ 127,914 41 ; freight, $195,036 95 ; mails, express, etc., $28,223 48; and other, $959 39—total, $652,184 23.

Operating expenses, including taxes, $395,875 48. Nett earnings, $256,308 75. Interest on bonds, $82,274 35; dividends, two of 5 per cent. each, and U. S. tax, $128,047 88; other payments from income, $11,781 36; balance of income, $4,205 16.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $1,209,000 ; funded debt-West Jersey 6 p. c. bonds, due March 1, 1883, $400,000; 1st mortgage 6 p. c. bonds of 1866, due January

6 1, 1896, $1,000,000, and consolidated 1st mortgage 7 p. c. bonds, of 1869, due April 1,

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1899, $1,000,000, issued, $317,500—total, $1,716,500; bills payable, $244,176 38; balance to credit of income, $129,783 30.

Per contra : Railroad and rolling stock, $2,007,467 09; stocks and bonds, $1,214,842 57; current assets, $46,780 20, and cash on hand, $30,369 82—total, $3,299,459 68.

Directors (elected May 4, 1869.-John G. Stevens, John P. Stockton, Richard F. Stevens, Samuel . Bayard, Albert W. Mardley, Samuel A. Whitney, Thomas Jones Yorke, Horatio J. Mulford, Charles E. Elmer, C. F. Leaming, Thomas H. Whitney, George Wood, Lewis Mulford, E. F. Sharp, John McNeal, Richard Wood, John M. Moore and W. H. Gatzmer.

THOMAS JONES YORKE-President.. Camden, New Jersey. Treas, and Sec.-Geo. J. Robbins.. Camden, N. J. Master of Mach'y-W. McAllister.. Camden, N. J. Superintendent-Wm. J. Sewell....

Master of Car Rop8.-C. C. Williams. Chief Engineer-John G. Stevens.

Gen Ticket Agent-Jos. W. Allen.. Nast. Trans.-M. Mills....

Gen Freight Agent-W. Truman... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

..Camden, New Jersey.


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Line of Road.-St. Paul, Minn., to Duluth (Lake Superior), Minn.... 154 miles. Branch: White Bear (12 m. E. St. Paul), Minn., to Stillwater, Minn..... 12 Completed and in operation : St. Paul, Minn., to Chingupatona... 75 Gauge of track, 4 feet 84 inches. Weight of rail, 53 lbs. to yard.

This Company have two land grants—one from the United States of 960,000 acres and one from the State of Minnesota of 672,000 acres, or a total of 1,632,000

The road to be completed during the year. Rolling tock.-Locomotive engines, 7. Cars—Passenger, 5; mail, baggage and express, 3; and freight (box, 35; platform, 76; and coal, 5), 116—total, 124 cars.

Capital stock authorized, $5,000,000, in $100 shares.
Funded debt authorized, $4,500,000, in 7 p. c. bonds of $1,000 and $500.

These bonds are secured on the road, lands and other property of the Company, are payable principal and interest in gold coin, and have 30 years to run from January 1, 1869. Coupons are paid semi-annually Jan. 1 and July 1, free from U. 8. tax, and the principal will be redeemed by a sinking fund.

Directors (elected June 7, 1869).—J. Edgar Thomson, Samuel L. Felton, Isaac Hinckley and William G. Moorhead, Philadelphia, Pa.; Henry S. McComb, Wilmington, Del. ; William L. Banning, James Smith, Jr., Jacob Stewart and Robert. A. Smith, St. Paul, Minn.; and Thomas A. Scott and J. Hinckley Clark, Philadelphia, Pa. WILLIAM L. BANNING-President....

. St. Paul, Minn. Samuel M. Felton, Vice-Pesident....

Philadelphia, Pa. Treas. d Sec.—Robert H. Lamborn.. Phila., Pa. | Ast. Supt.,N.Div.-W.W.Hungerford. .Duluth. Mion. Gen. Supt.-G. A. Johnson.....St. Paul, Minn. / Purchasing Agt.-Frank Bishop...... St. Paul,

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...No. 125 South 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa.


Line of Road.-Worcester, Mass., to Nashua, N. H............... 45.69 miles. Second track, 0.76, and sidings, 11 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 87 in. Rail, 56 to 58 lbs. to yd.

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Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 13. Cars-passenger, 11 ; b aggage, 5 merchandize, 243; and }o 39–171Total, 276} cars.

Operations for the year ending November 30, 1869.—Passengers trains run, 89,165; freight, 199,038; and other, 15,167— total, 303,370 miles. Passengers carried, 314,705; carried one mile, 5,287,044. Freight moved, 286,662 tons; moved one mile, 7,835,998 tons. Gross earings-passenger, $188,524 90; freight, $331,292 27 mail, $4,625 ; and other, $13,579 06—total gross earnings, $538,021 23. Current expenses, including taxes, $387,059 89; dividends of 4 and 5 per cent. each, $139,500 ; surplus not divided, $11,461 34.

Abstract of balance sheet of December, 1, 1869 :

Capital stock
Unclaimed dividends
Dividend due Jan. 1, 1870.
Reserved income
Income used for road, etc.

$1,270,000 00

3,632 00 77.500 00 90,717 96 387,500 00

Road and equipment...
Bills receivable.
Sundry accounts
Materials and fuel
Keith & Wheeler estates.

$1,657,900 00

42,919 54 17,954 24 24,355 94 71,370 24

15,250 00 $1,829, 749 96

$1,829,749 96

Financial condition and results of operations for ten years :

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• Altogether dividends uncalled for and the dividends for January proximo.

+ Including $381,200 credited to capital stock from nett profits of former years used in construction previous to March, 1856.

Directors (elected January, 1870).-F. H. Kinnicutt and Stephen Salisbury, Worcester, Mass.; Alexander De Witt, Oxford, Mass.; Jacob Fisher, Lancaster, Mass. ; Thomas Chase, Nashua, N. H. ; Francis H. Dewey and Alex. H. Bullock, Worcester, Mass.; Asa F. Lawrence, Groton, Mass.; and C. B. Hill, Nashua, N. H. F. H. KINNICUTT-President.....

... Worcester, Mass. Treas. & Sec.-T. W. Hammond. Worcester, Mass. Gen. Tkt. Agt.-Geo. S. Wright, Worcester, Mass. Superintendent-C. S. Turner...

Gen. Freight Agt.-J. M. Williams, Road Master-N. B. Chandler..

Purchasing Agent-C, S. Turner. Mast Mechanic-Geo. H. Griggs

Transfer Agent–T. W. Hammond. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Foster St., Worcester, Mass.

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Line of Road.-Fremont, Nebr., to Logan, Nebraska......

. 10 miles. [This road has a land-grant from Nebraska of 2,000 acres per mile. Construc.

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