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Directors.—John S. Hilles, David J. Brown, J. Lourie Bell and W. A. Church, Philadelphia, Pa.; P. Y. Brendlinger, New Berlin, Pa; and John C. Smith, Potts

town, Pa.

JOSEPH L. BAILEY-President.....

Douglassville, Pa. Sooretary-David J. Brown..... Philadelphia, Pa. | Treasurer-Richard Coe.......... Philadelphia, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Philadelphia, Pa.


(Completed portion leased to Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Company.)


Line of Road.-Columbia, Pa., to Port Deposit, Md......

.39.18 miles. Completed : Phila., Wilm. & Balt. RR. to Philadelphia and Balt. RR.... 4.87 Sidings, etc., 0.83 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 9 inches. Rail, 56 and 64 lbs. to yard.

General Balances (November 1, 1869).-- Capital stock, subscribed, 4,400 shares, $220,400; paid in, 4,029 shares, $203,172 11 ; funded debt, (1st mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, due August 1, 1892), $100,000; and floating debt, $1,460 57—Total stock, bonds and debt, $304,632 68, representing cost of road, etc., to date.

Directors (elected second Monday of January, 1870).-J. Edgar Thomson and Josiah J. Bacon, Philadelphia, Pa.; J. D. Cameron, Harrisburg, Pa.; Philip Gossler, Columbia. Pa.; Maris Hooper, Colemanville, Pa.; William J. Howard, Philadelphia, Pa.; C. S. Kauffman, Columbia, Pa.; and Herman J. Lombaert, Wistar Morris, Joseph B. Myers, Thomas A. Scott, Edmund Smith and Jacob Tome, Philadelphia, Pa. J. Edgar THOMSON-President.....

Philadelphia, Pa. Sec. & Treas.-Joseph Lesley... Philadelphia, Pa. | Chief Engineer-G. B. Roberts.. Philadelphia, Pa.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... No. 238 South 3d st., Philadelphia, Pa.


(Leased and operated by Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Company.)

Line of Road.-Germantown, Pa., to Chestnut Hill, Pa..... 4.13 miles. Second track and sidings, 1 mile. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rent, under lease, one-half the gross earnings. Dividend, January and July, 5 per cent. each, on a capital of 2,413 shares representing, $120,650, the cost of construction.

Directors (1869–70).-F. N. Buck, William Miller, W. L. Schaffer, W. W. Colket, Samuel H. Austin and Joseph Patterson, Philadelphia, Pa.; M. Haas and Daniel Yeakel, Chestnut Hill, Pa.; E. H. Weil, H. M. Phillips, E. H. Trotter and C. T. Platt, Philadelphia, Pa.

C. COLKET— President. No. 1,336 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, Pa.

H. K. Smith-Secretary, Treasurer and Supt.....Chestnut Hill, Pa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... Ninth and Green St., Philadelphia, Pa.


Line of Road.-East St. Louis (Miss. Riv.), to Shawneetown (Ohio R.), I11.139 m.

[To be continued in Kentucky by the Shawneetown and Madison RR. Com. pany, which proposes to construct a line from Shawneetown to Madisonville, on the Evansville, Henderson and Nashville RR., 42 miles in length, and in connection with the last named road, making the distance between St. Louis and Nashville 285 miles.]

Capital stock authorized, 30,000 shares, $3,000,000, and may be increased, including 30,000 shares of preferred stock and mortgage bonds, to $10,000,000. About $1,000,000 has been subscribed, chiefly in county bonds.

Mortgage bonds authorized, $15,000 per mile of contemplated road. These bonds are a first mortgage on the entire line, have twenty-five years to run, from October 1, 1869, are payable in gold coin, are convertible and have a sinking fund. Interest, 7 per cent. in gold coin (free from U. S. tax), payable semi-annually, May 1st and November 1st, at the agency in New York.

Directors.—Orval Pool, Shawneetown, Ill. ; James H. Wilson, Keokuk, Ia. ; Joseph J. Castles, Equality, Ill. ; Samuel S. Marshall, Aaron G. Cloud and Richard Townsend, McLeansboro, Ill. ; Samuel K. Casey, Willis D. Green and Thomas H. Hobbs, Mount Vernon, Ill. ; and Edward F. Winslow, Davenport, Ia. EDWARD F. WINSLOW-President.....

Davenport, Iowa. Joseph J. Castles, Vice-President and Secretary...... Equality, Ill. Treasurer-Orval Pool. Shawneetown, Ill. | Attorney-Thomas L. Casey ....Mount Vernon, III. Auditor-Aaron G. Cloud. McLeansboro', Trustee - James H. Wilson.. ..Keokuk, la.



Line of Road.—Elwood, Kansas, to Fort Kearney, Nebraska..... 171 miles. In operation : Elwood, Ks. (opp. St. Joseph), to Hiawatha, Ks...... ..41.67 In progress: Hyawatha, Ks., to Marysville, Ks........

..69.41 [The Company have a land grant from the United States of alternate sections for ten miles on each side of the road, with the privilege of claiming within twenty miles. This calls for about 1,600,000 acres, valued by them at $4,000,000.]

Capital stock authorized, $10,000,000.

First mortgage bonds (on 111.08 miles) $1,500,000, or $13.503 79 per mile. These bonds are dated August 14, 1869, have thirty years to run, and are payable at maturity in the city of New York, in U. S. gold coin. Interest, 8 per cent., payable Feb. ruary 15th and August 15th, free of U. S. tax, in gold in New York, London, or Frankfort, at the option of holders.

Directors.-George H. Hall, Thomas Henry, Thomas Harbine, A. C. V. McNeil
D. H. Winton and J. V. Riley, St. Joseph, Mo.; E. N. Morrel, Hiawatha, Ks. ; Jef-
ferson Jenkins, Troy, Ks.; and T. W. Walerson, Marysville, Ks.
GEORGE H. HALL-President...

St. Joseph, Mo.
Thomas Henry-Vice-President..

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Secretary...John A. Dolman | Treasurer.. Thos. E. Tootle | Gen. Supt. & Chf. Eng...John Severanco. Trustee for Bondholders and Registrar..Farmers' Loan & Trust Co., New York City. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS...

.. St. Joseph, Mo.


Line of Road.-St. Joseph, Mo., to Lexington, Mo........ 72.25 miles.

[To be completed and in operation by May, 1, 1870. An extension is projected from Lexington to Sedalia on the Pacific Railroad.]

Capital stock authorized, $2,000,000; paid in January 1, 1869, $1,000,000. Funded debt 1st mortgage 6 per cent. gold bonds, dated November 2, 1868, and due in twenty-five years, interest semi-annually in coin May 1st and November 1st, in New York, $1,000,000, being at the rate of $13,840 83 per mile of finished road.

Directors.-L. M. Lawson, Samuel Hayes, Thomas B. Weakley, Benjamin B. Frazer, Thomas J. Chew, Jr., and Richard E. Turner, St. Joseph, Mo.; Charles Ingles, J. H. Birch, Jr., and Charles W. Porter, Plattsburg, Mo.; George I. Wasson, Richmond, Mo.; and Thomas Harbine, L. M. Dunn and George Lyon, St. Joseph, Mo. L. M. LAWSON--President...

St. Joseph, Mo. Samuel Hayes, Vice-President.. Treasurer .... Thos. B. Weakley. | Secretary.. Thos. B. Chew. I Gen. Supt. d Ch. Eng... A. O. Gowor. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

St. Joseph, Mo.

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(Leased Dec. 7, 1864, for 99 years to Pennsylvania Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Lock Haven, Pa., to Tyrone and Clearfield, RR....51.19 miles. Branch: Milesburg, Pa., to Bellefonte, Pa.......

2.01 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 4.10 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 45 lbs. to yard.

Operations.-Included in Pennsylvania Company's returns. Dividends, Jan. and July, 4 p. c. each.

General Balances.-Capital stock, 11,000 shares, $550,000; funded debt-1st mortgage, 6 p. c. bonds, due July 1, 1881, $379,000; and 2d mortgage 7 p. c. bonds,

6 due July 1, 1884, $100,000); total, $479,000—total stocks and bonds, $1,029,000. Cost of road, etc., $1,050,000.

Directors.-L. A. Mackey, Loch Haven, Pa.; Thomas A. Scott, Andrew G. Curtin and D. K. Jackman, Philadelphia, Pa.; Charles A. Mayer, Lock Haven, Pa.; James Gamble, Jersey Shore, Pa.; and William P. Wilson, Bellefonte, Pa. L. A. MACKEY—President...

.Lock Haven, Pa. Sec.--H. T. Bradley Lock Haven. | Treas.-P. M. Price. Lock Haven. | Supt.-G. C. Wilkins... Tyrono. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

..Lock Haven, Clinton Co., Pa.


(Operated under contract by Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.—Junction (9 m. N. Petersburg) to Clover Hill..... .21.5 miles.

Operations. Included in returns of lessee. This road furnishes more than half the tonnage carried over the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad. In 1868–69 the coal tonnage alone was 35,454} tons, which was distributed—to Petersburg, 17,032} ; to Osborne's, 5,468}; and to Richmond, 12,953} tons. The total tonnage of the road was 35,891 43 tons. The number of passengers to and from Clover Hill was 945. A switch was laid in 1868 to connect the Richmond and Petersburg and the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroads, with a view of extending the coal traffic in the direction of Norfolk.

Directors (for 1869-70).—T. M. Logan, R. A. Lancaster, and W. H. Haxall, Richmond, Va.; James H. Cox, Chesterfield Co., Va.; E. O. Notting and James Dunlop, Richmond, Va.; T. M. LOGAN,"President, Richmond, Va. Treasurer-D. S. Wooldrege...... Richmond, Va. Superintendent-S. R. Owens...... Clover Ain, Va. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS

.Richmond, Va.


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Line of Road.-Lexington, Mo., to State Line of Arkansas.... .275 miles.

Directors (elected August 31, 1869).—John Reid, Tilton Davis, J. F. Atkinson G. D. Satterfield and Charles L. Ewing, Lexington, Mo.; Isaiah Nichols, B. A. Crain, and H. H. Moore, Holden, Mo.; H. V. Stall, Wadenburg, Mo.; Alexander K. Owen, John Atkinson and Mitchell Pickett, Butler, Mo.; and Andrew Ritchey, Altoona, Mo JOHN REID-President....

.Lexington, Mo.
Isaiah Nichols-Vice-President..

Treasurer-M. H. Mize

Holden, Mo. | Auditor--M. L. De Mott.. .Lexington, Mo. Secretary-F. J. Tygard.

Land Com'r-R. H. De Jarnott... Altoona, " Attorney-Tilton Davis. .Lexington, Chief Engineer-H. V. Morris..... Lexington, PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Lexington, Lafayette Co., Mo.

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Line of Road.-Rushville, Ill., via Pittsfield, Ill., to Louisiana, Mo....125 miles.

Directors (elected April 13, 1869). Joab Thurston, Vermont, Ill. ; Wm. H. Ray and W. W. Wells, Rushville, Ill. ; Elias F. Crane and A. A. Glenn, Mount Sterling, Ill. ; C. L. Higbee, Pittsfield, Ill. ; and John K. Cleaveland, Perry, Ill. W. W. WELLS-President.....

Rushville, Ill. Vice-President-Elias F. Crane... Mt. Sterling, Ni. | Secretary-R. I. Griffiths ... . . . . ... Rushville, DI PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Rushville, Schuyler Co., Ill.


Line of Road.—White Plains, N. Y., to Brookfield, Ct.............39.75 miles. A few miles completed. Gauge, 4 ft. 87 inches. Rail, 58 to 60 lbs. to yard.

All further information refused.

Directors (elected 2d Tuesday of September, 1869).-George W. Mead, Brooklyn N. Y.; David S. Duncomb, Erastus F. Mead, Leonard D. White, Thomas Clark, Jr., and Harrison Hall, New York City; Leemon B. Tripp, North Castle, N. Y.; Walter Keeler, North Salem, N. Y.; Joseph Benedict, Cross River, N. Y.; Jared D. Powell, Katonah, N. Y.; Erastus E. Bouton, South Salem, N. Y.; Henry Crofut, Danbury, Ct. ; (one vacancy). GEORGE W. MEAD-President......

.Brooklyn, N. Y. Vice-President-D. S. Duncomb... New York City. | Gen. Supt.-F. M. Mead.

Danbury, Ct. Treas. & Sec.-Sewell Sergeant...

Chief Engr.-Matthew Betts.. White Plains, N. Y. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS......No. 137 Broadway, New York City.


Line of Road.-Richmond, Va., to Acquia Creek, Va.....

.75.5 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., about 5 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 50 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock (October 1, 1869). —Locomotive engines, 12. Cars-passenger, 10; 2d class, 1; baggage, mail and express, 14, and freight, 81-total, 105.

Operations for year ending September 30, 1869.—Gross earnings-passenger, $249,704 96 ; mail, $13,100; U. 8. Transportation, $6,679 17; express, $16,504 29; freight, $44,917 87, and rents, $1,119 13—$332,025 42; and operating expenses (ordi. nary, $176,422 47, and extraordinary, $23,111 30), $199,533 77. Nett earnings, $132,491 65. Interest, $41,081 75; dividends on guaranteed stock, $21,932 83 ; surplus to credit of income, $69,477 07.

Statement for three years before and four years after the war:

[blocks in formation]

Passenger earnings .
Freight earnings.
Mails, rents, etc...
Total earnings..
Operating expenses..

Nett earnings..

$214,719 $208,287 $215,912 $301,200 $219,143 $215,660 $249, 705

43,317 44,633 46,108 92,012 42,272 43,821 44,918 26,960 27,025 25,929 10,521 39,662 37,245

37,402 $284,996 $279,945 $287,949 $403, 733 $301,077 $296,726 $332,025

141,283 134,560 135,732 330,136 212,006 193,984 199,534 $143,713 $145,385 $152,217 $73,597 $89,071 $102,742 $132,491

General Balances (October 1, 1869). -Capital stock (common, subscribed by the State, $275,200, and by individuals, $724,800, and issued for dividends, $32,136 31; and guaranteed, 6 p. c., $19,400, and 7 p. c., $362,600), $1,414,136 31 ; funded debt (6

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