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General Balances.-Capital stock, $4,000,000; funded debt, $1,000,000. Per contra: Cost of road an: equipment, $8,000,000.

Directors.-Cornelius Vanderbilt, Augustus Schell, Wm. H. Vanderbilt, Horace F. Clark, Robert J. Niven, William Butler Duncan, Samuel J. Tilden, Oliver Charlick, A. A. Selover and William Turnbull, New York City; E. J. Phelps, Burlington, Vt.; H. H. Baxter, Rutland, Vt.; Moses Y. Tilden, New Lebanon, N. Y. Augustus SCHELL-President...

New York City.
Robert J. Niven- Vice-President..
Treasurer-C. Vanderbilt, Jr. N. Y. City. Auditor-John S. Gautier,

N. Y. City. Secretary-Russell C. Root.

Gen. T'kt. Agt.-Wm. J. Van Ar-dale.. Gen. Supl. & Chf. Eng--J. C. Buckhout,

Gen. Freight Agt.-Osman Pinckney..
Assistant Supt.-J. R. Faulkner

Purcharing Agl.-R. C. Moore.
Road Master-Samuel Green .... Bennington, Vt. Transfer Agl.-E. V. W. Rossiter....

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESY..... Fourth Av. cor. 26th St., N. Y. City.



(Now consolidated with Consolidation Coal Company of Maryland.)

Line of Road.-Cumberland, Maryland, to Piedmont, W. Va..........34 miles. Branches, sidings, etc., 19 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 81 inches. Rail (steel and steel

capped), 60 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 23. Cars-passenger, 5; mail, baggage and express, 1 ; coal, 420—total, 426 cars.

Operations for the year ending Dec. 31, 1869.—Trains run, 337,200 miles. Passengers carried, 83,052. Freight (chiefly coal) moved, $1,788,879 tons. Gross earnings, $791,053 52. Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $715,935 14. Nett earnings, $75,118 38.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $1,500,000; funded debt, 1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds of March 1, 1866, for $1,000,000, due March 1, 1891, $874,100, and 20 mortgage 6 per cent. bonds of May 1, 1868, for $800,000, due May 1, 1888, $769,000. Per contra : Cost of road and equipment, $3,300,000. The 2d mortgage has a sinking fund of $20,000 per annum.

Directors (elected 2d Monday of October, 1869).-William H. Aspinwall, Adam
Norrie, F. H. Walcott, Warren Delano and Henry A. Mott, of New York City.
C. H. DALTON--President....

Boston, Mass.
James S. Markie-1st Vice-President....

.New York City.
J. A. Milholland-2d Vice-President...

Mt. Savage, Md.
Treas. Sec.-H. C. Hicks.. New York City. | Hast. Mach'y---W. L. Jordan, ....Mt. Savage, Ma.
Gen. Supt.-C. Slack.. Mt. Savage, Md. Hast. Car Rep's.-N. Binnix.
Road Master-P. L. Burwell,

Mast. Transp.-H. J. Kinnah.. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. No. 71 Broadway, New York City.

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Line of Road.-Brashear City, La., to State Line, Texas...... 140 miles.

This road is intended to be a continuation of Morgan's line from New Orleans to Brashear, and at the Texas line will meet the road from Houston, already in operation.

Directors.-Charles A. Whitney, William M. Perkins, William B. Schmidt, L.
F. Generas and Miles Taylor.

New Orleans, La.
J. R. West-Secretary...

.New Orleans, La.


(Successors to the Alexandria and Nebraska City Railroad Company.)

Line of Road.-Alexandria, Mo., to Nebraska City, Neb...... ...280 miles.

Sufficient subscriptions have been received from cities, counties and individuals to grade, bridge and tie the road. For iron and equipment, the Company propose to issue first mortgage 7 per cent. bonds, payable principal and interest in gold. F. M. DRAKE-President.....

Bloomfield, Iowa.

Bloomfield, Iowa.


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Line of Road.-Lake Superior to Puget's Sound...

..1,775 miles. Branch to Portland, Oregon......

200 Total......

.1,975 miles. This Company was chartered by Congress on the 2d day of July, 1864, and authorized to construct a railroad from Lake Superior, through N. Wisconsin and Minnesota, and the Territories of Dakotah, Montana, Idaho and Washington, to Puget's Sound, with a branch by the valley of Columbia River to Portland, in the State of Oregon. In aid of its construction Congress made a grant of alternate sections of land for 40 miles on each side of the line on the proposed road through the Territories, and 20 miles on each side in the States—or an aggregate amount (estimated by the Commissioner of the Public Lands) of 47,000,000 acres, or 74,423 square miles.

It is claimed that the construction of some 825 miles of railroad would, in connection with navigable water-courses, form a convenient line of communication from New York to Puget Sound. From New York, by way of Hudson River, the Erie Canal and the Lakes, the distance to the head of Lake Superior is 1,500 miles. From the lake to the Bend of the Missouri the distance is 485 miles. From the Bend to the head of navigation of this river the distance is some 600 miles. From the lastnamed point to the navigable waters of the Flathead and Clark's River the distance by railway would be 200 miles. These rivers are navigable in the direction of the proposed line about 175 miles. From Clark's River to the Columbia the distance is 140 miles. From thence to the Pacific Ocean, by the Columbia River, the distance is some 250 miles. The total length of the above line is about 3,350 miles, of which 2,525 consist of navigable water-courses and 825 of railway.

For a more extended description of the route and characteristics of the road see MANUAL for 1869-70.

By an act of Congress, at its last session, the Company was authorized to issue

bonds upon its road and lands for the purpose of raising the means for construction ; and also to construct a branch from Portland, Oregon, to any point that might be selected by the directors on Puget Sound, or upon any navigable waters connecting with the same. Construction has been commenced.

Directors.-J. Gregory Smith, St. Albans, Vt. ; R. D. Rice, Augusta, Me.; Wm.
B. Ogden, New York ; Wm. G. Fargo, Buffalo, N. Y.; George W. Cass, Pitisburg;
W. C. Moorehead, New York ; Charles B. Wright, Philadelphia ; Frederick Billings,
New York; James Stinson, Chicago; B. P. Cheney, Boston; William Windom,
Winona, Minn.; S. M. Felton, Philadelphia ; Thos. H. Canfield, Burlington, Vt
J. GREGORY SMITH-President...

St. Albans, Vt.
Edwin F. Johnson-Chief Engineer.

Middletown, Conn. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.. 120 Broadway, New York City.


Line of Road.-From Sacramento, Cal., to San Francisco, Cal., with branch to San Jose....

... 149 miles. This road was completed and opened for travel in September, 1869.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 29. Cars-passenger, 32; freight, 158 : baggage, 4; postal, 2.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1870.—Gross earnings, $323,045 ; current expenses, $310,744.

General Balances. --Share capital, authorized $10,0 0,000; paid in, $7,900,000. Total indebtedness, $2,808,290 ; expended in construction, $12,347,332. LELAND STANFORD-President.....

Sacramento, Cal. Treasurer-Mark Hopkins....

..... Sacramento, Cal. | Secretary-E. H. Miller, Jr...... Sacramento, Cal PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

Sacramento, Cal


Line of Road.-Eastern boundary of Texas to the Pacific O. (estim.)...2,000 m.

This Company was incorporated by the State of Texas to construct a railroad from the eastern boundary of that State, upon the 32d parallel, to the Pacific Ocean at San Diego. The length of line in Texas will be about 800 miles. The Company also own the franchise of the San Diego, Gila and Southern Pacfic Raiiroad of California, designed to form a portion of the through line.

Upon the eastern end of the road 65 miles are in progress. The Company propose to commence work during the present year upon the western end, at San Diego.

Directors.-B. H. Epperson, W. H. Johnson, J. M. Daniel, Wm. Schmoele, L.
W. Snethen, T. G. Wright, Samuel Hancock, M. L. Armstrong, J. W. Throckınorton,
A. J. Hamilton, J. C. Moore, John C. Fremont, John Van Nest, James T. L. Sand-
ford, J. J. Donaldson and Frederick Butterfield.
B. H. EPPERSON-President......

Paris, Texas.
John C. Fremont-Chairman of Executive Committee.. New York.
Texas Office...

.... Paris, Texas. New York Office....

.66 Exchange Place.


Line of Road.-Raleigh, N. C., to Egypt, N. C....

46 miles.. Completed : Raleigh, N. C., to Haywood, N.C..

30 Gauge of track, 4 feet 87 inches. Rail, 51 lbs. to yard.

This road will be completed to Egypt, the coal-fields of Chatham County, by January, 1871, and will then be carried to Cheraw, S. C. The State of North Carolina has issued bonds to this Company in aid of their work.

Directors.-W. J. Hawkins, George W. Mordecai and George Little, Raleigh, N. C.; S. S. Hoyster, Henderson, N. C.; J. B. Batchelor, Raleigh, N. C.; Joseph Littlejohn, Lewisburg, N. C.; C. H. K. Taylor, Willboro, N. C. W. J. HAWKINS— President..

.Raleigh, N. C. Treas, and Sec.-W. W. Vaes... . Raleigh, N.C. | Supt. Bridges-D. Reno.. .Raleigh, N. C Gen. Supt.-A. B, Andrews.

Master Mach'y-I. B. Gayle... Chief Engineer-C. 0. Sandford. Haywood, Mast. Car Rps.--0. D. Lipscomb.. Road Naster-H. V. Guest....


Raleigh, N. Car.

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Line of Road.-Bradonville, W. Va., to Ceredo, W. Va...... .250 miles Gatge of road, 4 feet 81 inches. Rail, 56 lbs. to yard.

The Company have about $2,000,000 in county bonds and about 200,000 acres coal land. Capital authorized, $5,000,000. Bonds will be issued to amount of $6,000,000, 7s, gold.

Directors.-G. W. Bcach, New York City; W. W. Brown, Preston Co., W. V8.; Lewis Leonard, Upshur Co., W. Va.; J. W. Phelps, Mason Co., W. Va; Spencer: Dayton, Bourbon Co., W. Va.; Lucian Ayer, New York City. LUCIAN AYER-President..

.New York City. G. B. Alton-Chief Engineer... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS. Buchannon, Upshur Co., W. Va..


Line of Road.-Montgomery, Ala., to Eufaula, Ala......

80 miles Completed : Montgomery, Ala., to Union Springs (Mob. & Gir. RR.), Ala..40 Sidings, turnouts, etc., 1.5 mile. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 50 and 58 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 4. Cars-passenger, 4; baggage, etc.; 1; freight (box, 12; patform, 22), 34-total, 39 cars Also, 8 road and service cars.

Operations for the year ending April 30, 1870.- Trains run-revenue, 27,065 ;. construction, 14,783.-total, 41,848 miles. Passengers carried, 35,920; carried one mile, 625,721. Gross earnings--passenger, $33,407 86; freight, $32,102 28 ; other, $700 75-total, $60,210 89. Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $53,296 75. Nett earnings, $12,914 14. Interest on bonds paid, $22,703 09.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $464,950; funded debt, 1st mortgage 8 p. C.. bonds of March 1, 1866 (indorsed and unindorsed), interest March and September, and principal March 1, 1886 (for $16,000 per mile), $472,000; 2d mortgage 6 p. C. bonds, $30,000—total, $502,000 ; bills payable, $182,862 10; other liabilities, $145,658 74; income balance, $18,291 03...

. Total, $1,313,761 87. Per contra : Road, etc., $1,031,964 03; rolling stock. $120,684 83; real estate, $46,281 14; stocks and bonds, $23,600; material and fuel, $3,895 25; bills receivable, $32,318 17; other current assets, $39,320 95; cash on hand, $15,697 50.

Directors (elected May 17, 1870).---Lewis Owen, E. H. Metcalf, A. F. Given, John W. Dunn, B. Hall, B. H. Micen, C. L. Mathews, W. Fowler, T. Merriwether and P. Robinson, Montgomery, Ala.; T. Pullum and H. Blackman, Union Springs, Ala.; T. O. Glasscock, Montgomery, Ala. LEWIS OWEN-President.....

Montgomery, Ala.
Bec. & Trear.-T. L. Mount.. Montgomery. Maeter Mechanic-James McCann.. Montgomery.
General Supt.-B. Dunham.

Tkl. & Fgl. Agt.--H. W. Crittenden.

Montgomery, Ala.


Consolidation, August 31, 1868, of the Virginia Central and Covington and Ohio


205 m.

Virginia Central RR.— Richmond, Va., to Covington, Va......
Covington and Ohio RR.—Covington, Va., to Ohio River, W. Va.......

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427 m.

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Chesapeake and Ohio RR.-Richmond, Va., to Ohio River, W. Va.......
Completed and in operation: Richmond, Va., to White Sulphur Springs...

[The mileage here given includes the Blue Ridge Railroad, constructed by the State, but transferable to this Company on repayment of the cost of the work.]

Rolling Stock (October 1, 1868).—Locomotives, 28. Cars-passenger, 13; pagsenger and mail, 3; mail and express, 2; baggage, 6; conductors’, 2; freight (box, 126; live stock, 30; platform, 61), 217—total, 243 cars.

For full statement of affairs as of the 1st October, 1868, and a general account of the consolidation see Manual for 1869–70, p. 407. Since that date the road has been extended to White Sulphur Springs, 22 miles beyond Covington. The cost of the whole work between Riclimond and the Ohio River to Sept. 30, 1869, is stated at $11,955,948, and the debt of the Company funded and floating at $3,288,692. That part of the road between the Kanawha coal-fields and the Ohio River, 75 miles, will probably be completed during the current year. Between Kanawha and White Sulphur Bprings the work is heavier, and will require more time and labor to construct. The whole line is under contract to be finished by the end of 1871. For completing the work to the Ohio River, and for the redemption of the old bonds, etc., of the Company, a 1st mortgage on the consolidated line has been executed for $15,000,000, of which amount $13,000,000 will be applied to new construction and $2,000,000 to the old debt. These bonds bear date January 15, 1870, have 30 years to run, and are payable, principal and interest, in gold coin. Interest 6 per cent., May and November, payable in New York. A sinking fund of $100,000 per annum is provided for the resumption of these bonds, to take effect one year after the completion of the road.

Directors.-C. P. Huntington, William H. Aspinwall, David Stewart, William B. Watch, A. A. Low and Jonas B. Clark, New York City; John Echols, Staunton,

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