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Per contra : Cost of road and equipment, $2,598,023 ; materials and fuel, $15,000; bills receivable, $19,401 88; other current assets $4,774 10; cash, $47,854 80—total, $2,685,053 78. H. A. HAYDEN-President.....

..Jackson, Mich. Treasurer-James Turner.. Lansing, Mich. | Engineer-William Donovan.. Jackson, Mich.. Secretary-0. M. Barnes,


Master Mechanic-Andrew Wilson. Superintendent-A. Watson......Jackson, Fgt., Tkt. de Pur. Agt.-A. Watson. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

.Jackson, Mich.



Line of Road.-Salisbury, Md., to Berlin, Md.......

.23 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 2 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 84 inches. Rail, 40 lbs. to yard.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 2. Cars-passenger, 5; mail, baggage and express, 1; freight (box, 7; stock, 2; platform, 6; coal, 4), 19-total, 25 cars.

General Balances.- Capital stock, $160,000 ; funded debt, 1st mortgage 6 per cent. bonds, due July 1, 1888, $200,000; bills payable, $10,000. Per contra : Cost of road, etc., $375,000. H. R. Pitts-President....

Berlin, Md. Secretary-R. J. Henry....

Berlin, Md. | Road Master-S. McMullen. ... Berlin, Md. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Berlin, Worcester Co., Md.


Line of Road.-Cincinnati, O., to Lafayette, Ind..

179 miles. Branches : Valley Junction, O., to Hagerstown, Ind...

72 Fairland, Ind., to Martinsville, Ind.....

38 Total length of road and branches owned, leased and operated.....289 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 23 miles. Gauge, 4 ft. 84 in. Rail, 50 to 60 lbs. to yard.

The above, as far as the main line is concerned, includes the Cincinnati and Indiana Railroad, 20 miles, the ownership of which is now vested in the I., C. & L. Company. The branches are leased lines and are respectively the “Cincinnati and Martinsville" and the “Whitewater Valley" Railroads.

Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 52. Cars-passenger, 40; baggage, mail and express, 12; freight, 1,020_total, 1,072 cars.

Operations for the year ending February 1, 1870. — Trains run-passenger, 598,203; freight, 504,005; other, 103,478— total, 1,205,686 miles. Passengers carried, 508,248. Freight moved, 441,881 tons. Gross earnings-passenger, $706,532 07; freight, $992,130 45; mail, express, etc., $61,970 37; rents, etc., $100,641 39—total, $1,921,274 26. Operating expenses, taxes, etc., $1,213,781 31. Nett earnings, $707,492 95. Paid interest on bonds and bills, $538,511 18.

General Balances.-Capital stock, $5,685,497 50; funded debt, $7,358,931 36 ; bills payable, $175,628 51 ; other liabilities $200,000—total, $13,720,057 37.

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Directors (elected October 29, 1869).—T. A. Morris, Indianapolis, Ind.; A. R.
Forsyth, Greensburg, Ind. ; L. B. Lewis, Lawrenceburg, Ind. ; H. C. Lord and W. W.
Smith, Cincinnati, O.; William A. Booth, John S. Kennedy and George Bliss, New
York City; Joseph S. Fay, Boston, Mass.
H. C. LORD-President...

Cincinnati, O.
W. W. Smith-Vice-President....
Treasurer--W. T. Boaz.

Cincinnati, O. Master Mach-H. M. Britton. Cincinnati, O. Secretary-A. Worth.

Gen. Tkt. Agt.-A. E. Clark
Superintendent-J. F. Richardson..

Gen. Fght. Agt.-H. J. Page.
Asst. Supt.-H. L. Hall... .Lafayette, Ind. Purchasing Agent-G. L. Barringer

Cincinnati, O.

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(Successors by purchase from the State of Missouri to the Platte County Company.)

Line of Road.-Harlem (opp. Kansas City), to the State Line of Iowa.... 130 m. Completed and in operation : Harlem, Mo., to Maryville, Mo.........

114 · During the year ending March 31, 1870, this road was extended south from Leareaworth to Harlem, 24 miles, and north from Savannah to Maryville, 30 miles. Construction is now progressing rapidly to the Iowa Line, and will thence be carried on by an Iowa Company to Des Moines, crossing the Burlington and Missouri RR. at Alton, and at Des Moines connecting with the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific RR.

The earnings of the road during the year named have averaged $5,000 per mile per month.

To complete and properly equip the road the Company have issued their 1st mortgage 7 per cent. gold bonds, to become due in 1893, to the amount of $2,500,000, or $19,230 per mile of road. JOHN G. RICHARDSON-President.....

New York City. Pickering Clark- Vice-President. Sec. & Treas..Joseph S. Ford. I Supt. & Chief Eng'r.John F. Barnard. / Gen. Fgt. Agt. E. O. Hadson. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

St. Joseph, Mo.

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Line of Road.-Dubuque, Iowa, to Sabula (opp. Savanna), Iowa.......35 miles.

The section between Dubuque and Tete des Morts, 11 miles, is covered by the Dubuque and Pacific Railroad Charter, and has a land grant of six sections to the


mile of road. The sections thence to Sabula are to be constructed so as to secure an eastern connection.

Directors.-W. H. Sheffield, William Hyde Clark, W. W. Woodworth, T. C. Roberts, R. A. Babbage, C.C. Gilman, Dubuque, Iowa; John Stewart, Bellevue, Iowa. C. C. GILMAN-President..

. Dubuque, Iowa. Treasurer-R. A. Babbage....... Dubuque, Iowa. / Secretary-Charles Collins....... Dubuque, Iowa. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Dubuque, Iowa.


RAILWAY (Projected).

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Points Connected-Anthony's Nose, N. Y., to Fort Clinton, N. Y .1,660 feet. Length of bridge between the towers.

.1,665 Total length of bridge, including approaches....

.2,449 Height of bridge above high-water..

155 Working safe load for the railroad lines, 2,400 tons. Working safe load for highways, 2,880 tons. Total safe load for the bridge, 5,280 tons. Load that would break the bridge, 25,171 tons. There are to be 20 cables in four systems. Each cable will be about 14 inches in diameter. The cables will contain about 70,302 miles of steel wire, or 17,005 tons. Total amount of masonry, 58,084 cubic yards. Total suspended weight, 9,651 tons. Towers above water, 280 feet. The bridge will leave the waterway untouched.

Cost of the whole work, $3,500,000 to $4,000,000.

Authorized capital stock (which may be increased by the vote of a majority of stockholders), $2,500,000, in $100 shares.

This Company is authorized by the Legislature of the State of New York to consolidate with the connecting roads leading from the Erie Railway to the City of New York and to New England.

Directors.-George B. McClellan, Edward W. Serrell, John M. Courtenay, Andrew Carnegie, Caleb H. Malin, Charles J. Pusey, David Lyman, N. P. Stanton, A. C. Ellis, Edward R. Wiswell, L. T. Guthrie, R. J. Hubbard and S. Duryee. John M. COURTENAY-President...

New York City. Vice-President-Andrew Carnegie.....N. Y. City. Counsel-Charles A. Rapallo.. .N. Y. City. Treasurer di | Charles J. Pusey..

Chief Engineer-Edward W. Serrell. Secretary

Consulting Eng.---Geo.B. McClellan Hoboken, N.J. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS ....78 and 80 Broadway, New York City.


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Line of Road.--Ogdensburg, N. Y., to Rouse's Point, N. Y...........118 miles. Potsdam, N. Y., to Lumber Mills....

1.00 Branches : Summit, N. Y., to Gravel Bed.....

1.25 Champlain, N. Y., to River Landing.

.1.75–400 Total length of main and branch lines operated by Company... 122 iniles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 18.72 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 8} inches. Rail, 56 to 60 lbs.

Rolling Stock (April 1, 1869).- Locomotives, 31. Cars-passenger, 16; baggage and mail, 8; freight, 817—841 cars.

Operations for the year ending March 31, 1869.—Trains run--passenger, 145,076 ; freight, 387,044–532,120 miles. Freight moved-1 ton, 31,199,413 miles. Gross earnings-passenger, $171,883 99; freight, $849,474 60; mail, $10,710; express, $5,000; rents, $8,153 11; expenditures, $688,382 46. Nett earnings, $356,839 24. Interest, $89,491 54; dividends (common 3 p. c., $92,310; preferred, 4x4 p. C., $95,104), $187,414; U. S. tax on coupons and dividends, $10,570 70; bridge timber on hand, $7,433 59 ; new locomotive, $12,032 39; balance, $208,922 55.

General Balances (April 1, 1869). -Capital stock (common, $3,010,900; 8 p. c. preterred, $1,994,900), $5,035,800; funded debt (1st mortgage 7 p. c. bonds, due July 1, 1869, $605,700 ; 2d mortgage 7 p.c. bonds, convertible into preferred stock, $36,100 ; equipment 8 p. c. bonds of 1868, $300,000), $941,800 ; bills payable, $60,000; sundries, $327,686 99. Nett earnings, $208,922 55. Gross earnings in 1865–66, $803,797 95; in 1866-67, $871,984 70 ; in 1867-68, $898,980 75 ; in 1868–69, $1,045,221 70.

Per contra : cost of road, etc., $5,071,900; new equipment, $300,000 ; bills receivable, $15,210 22; Northern Transportation Co. stock, $30,000; material on hand, $73,568 89 ; fuel, $72,234 68; real estate, wood lots, etc., $ 15,357 15 ; sundry accounts, $47,538 03 ; cash and cash items (applicable to the payment of 1st mortgage bonds), $618,400 57. Total, $6,274,209 54.

Directors (elected June, 1869).-John C. Pratt, Jacob W. Pierce, John S. Farlow, George M. Barnard, Hollis Hunnewell and Thomas Upham, Boston, Mass.; Samuel M. Felton, Philadelphia, Pa.; E. T. Farrington, Boston, Mass.; William C. Brown, Ogdensburg, N. Y. ; I. D. Farnsworth and Arthur Williams, Boston, Mass.; Calvin T. Hulburd, Brasher Falls, N. Y.; Albert Andrus, Malone, N. Y. JOHN C. PRATT-President..

Boston, Mass.
Sec. and Treas.--Henry A. Church. Boston, Mass. Master Mechanic-W. A. Short..... Malone, N. Y.
Gen. Supt.-De Witt C. Brown.Ogdensburg, N.Y. Gen. Ticket Agl.-E. H. Ladd.
Asst. Supt.--Abraham Klobs . Malone, Wood «f Lum. Agt.---C.H. Richardson,
Counsellor-William C. Brown.Ogdensburg, Supt. Telegraph-J. S. Henderson... Ogdensburg.
Cashier-S. C. F. Thorndike. Malone, Purch, Agent-Thos. Upham.. Boston, Mass.
Road Master-J. E. Perkins..

Transfer Agt.--Henry A. Church...
Supt. of Bridges-J. N. Brown.Ogdensburg,

Malone, Franklin Co., N. Y. Financial and Transfer Office..

Boston, Mass.

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Line of Road.-Lake City, Fla., to Jacksonville, Fla...

....60 miles. See Tallahassee Railroad— President : Geo. W. Swepsen.... Raleigh, Fla. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS..

.Jacksonville, Duval Co., Fla.


Line of Road.-Bangor, Me., to Milford, Me.....

.12.55 miles. Sidings, etc., 2 miles. Gauge, 4 feet 8] inches.

General Balances (latest statement Jan. 1,1869). ---Capital stock, $135,000 ; notes payable and other liabilities, $265,034 86. Per contra : Cost of road, $247,412 06; and of rolling stock, $84,433 12; other assets and cash, $68,189 68.

This road has been sold to the European and North American Company, and the track is to be taken up and the road abandoned.


Line of Road.—Toledo, O., to Pomroy (Ohio River), 0...... .200 miles.

The line projected is a continuation of the Chesapcake and Ohio Railroad to Lake Erie.

Capital stock authorized, $5,000,000; subscribed, $719,000.

Directors.-V. B. Horton, Meigs Co.; A. Reed, Licking Co.; D. Smith, Meigs
Co.; D. W. Stewart, Athens Co.; D. W. Swigart, Crawford Co.; James Taylor, Per-
ry Co., Ohio.
D. W. SWIGART-President.....

.Bucyrus, O.
Vice-Pres.-H. B. Smith..
Pomroy, 0. Treasurer-D. Richards.

.Mt. Gilead.
Secretary-Jas. Taylor........New Lexington, o. Chief EngineerJ. B. Gregory..

Newark, Licking Co., Ohio.

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(Consolidation June 1, 1869, of the Lake Shore, and the Michigan Southern and

Northern Indiana Railroads, and subsequently, viz.: September 1, 1869, the Buffalo and Erie Railroad ; and October 1, 1869, the St. Joseph Valley and the Kalamazoo, Allegan and Grand Rapids Railroads.)

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Line of Road.-Buffalo, N. Y., to Chicago, Ill...

...539.97 m. Elyria, 0., to Sandusky, 0......

34.93 Lenawee Junction, Mich., to Jackson, Mich... 41.90 Branches

White Pigeon, Mich., to Grand Rapids, Mich.... 96.00 and Clay Junction, O., to Graytown, O.

8.93 Laterals. Toledo, O., to Elkhart, Ind.....

.130.70 Toledo, O., to Detroit, Mich...

59.12 Adrian, Mich., to Monroe, Mich...

33.60 405.18 Total length of main and branch lines owned by Company.... .945.15 m. Second track, 36.29; sidings, 193.60 miles. Gauge-Buffalo to Toledo—4 ft. 94 in.,

and Toledo to Chicago, 4 ft. e} in. Rail on main line, 60 lbs. to yard. Leased. | Jamestown and Franklin Railroad......

.44.68 miles. Coal Branch at Stoneboro, Pa., 1.5: sidings, 2.5 miles... 4.00 Rolling Stock.-Locomotive engines, 241. Cars-passenger, 1st class 139 and second class, 40; baggage, mail and express, 58; freight, 5,068; coal, 323—total, 5,628 cars.

Operations for the year ending December 31, 1869 (including the whole of the lines betwecn Buffalo and Chicago for the entire year and the Grand Rapids Branch for three months only).-Gross receipts, $12,945,598 40; operating expenses, including $492,361 84 for taxes, $7,911,527 65. Nett earnings, $5,034,070 71. Disbursed for interest on funded debt and dividends of February and August, each 4 per cent. and taxes, $4,317,698 06. Surplus to credit, $716,372 69.

General Balances.- Capital stock authorized, subscribed and paid in, $35,000,000; funded debt, $23,313,000; floating debt, $416,551 76—total stock, bonds and debt, $78,729,551 76. Per contra : Cost of property, viz.: road, $42,179,874 90; equipment, $7,767,845 34- total cost, $49,947,720 24.

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