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George W. Moore and James Goodwin, Hartford, Ct. ; Frederick Watson, Canaan,
Ct; George Dudley, Winsted, Ct.
WILLIAM H. BARNUM-President.....

.Lime Rock, Ct.
George M. Bartholomew-- Vice-President.... .Hartford, Ct.
Treasurer...... W. H. Gilbert. | Secretary.... W. G. Coe. / Chief Engineer....W. F. Shunk.

Winsted, Litchfield Co., Ct.


(Late the Port Hope, Lindsay and Beaverton Railway.)

Line of Road.-Port Hope (L. Ontario), Can., to Lindsay, Can..... .43 miles. Branch: Milbrook (18 m. N. Port Hope), Can., to Lakefield, Can... 23

Total length of main and branch line owned and operated.........66 miles. The Company are now extending their main line from Lindsay to Beaverton, 23 miles.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotive engines, 11. Cars-passenger, 5; baggage, mail and express, 5; and freight (box, 40; stock, 2, and platform, 150), 192—total, 202 cars. Also 8 service cars.

Directors (elected 3d Tuesday of January, 1870). —Henry Covert and Sidney
Smith, Port Hope, Can. ; Lewis Moffatt, Toronto, Can. ; William Cluxton, Peterboro',
Can.; and D. E. Boulton, Cobourg, Can.
HENRY COVERT-President..

Port Hope, Can.
William Cluxton— Vice-President..

Trens & Sec.-Joseph Gray...... Port Hope, Can. Supt. Bridges, Thomas Martin... Port Hope, Can.
Superintendent-A. T. Williams..

Master Mechanic-H. G. Taylor... Asst. Supt.-H. S. Shattuck.

Mast. Trans.-H. S. Shuttock.. Chief Engineer-G. A. Stewart..

Tkt. & Fgt. Agt.-E Gray. Road Master-G. L. Fisk...

Purchasing Ast-A. T. Williams. PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS....Port Hope, Durham Co., Ontario, Can.


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Consolidation of Louisville and Frankfort and Lexington and Frankfort Companies,

September 11, 1869.

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Line of Road.-Louisville, Ky., to Lexington, Ky.....

94.00 miles. Cincinnati Branch: La Grange, Ky., to Covington, Ky.....

79.20 Total lenth of main and branch lines owned by Company......173.20 miles. Sidings on main line, 9.67, and on C. Br., 5.03 miles. Gauge, 5 ft. Rail, 50 to 57 lbs.

Rolling Stock.- Locomotive engines, 26. Cars—Passenger, 27; mail and baggage, 8, and freight, express, etc., 284—Total, 319 cars. Also 195 ballast, dumping, dirt and other service cars.

[The operating accounts hereafter exhibited refer only to the two original lines extending (from Louisville to Frankfort, 65, and from Frankfort to Lexington, 29) a total distance of 94 miles. The joint line was operated under the authority of an Executive Committee chosen from the directories of the Companies severally.)

Operations for the year ending June 30, 1869.— Trains run, 249,359 miles, and Cars—Passenger, 531,937, and Freight, 1,009,076—1,541,013 miles. Passengers carried, 288,359 ; carried one mile—6,705,055. Freight moved, 83,391 tons; moved one mile—4,381,111 tons.

Gross Earnings.-Passenger, $257,553 12; Freight, $220,398 93; Express, $14,863 58 ; Mail, $9,400; Telegraph, $1,343 14; and other, $313 06—Total gross earnings, $503,871 83. Operating expenses, $341,115 29. Nett earnings, $162,756 54.

General statement of receipts and expenditures on all accounts:

Receipts.-Gross earnings, $503,871 83; 512 bonds sold, $435,200 ; preferred stock sold, $637,193 58; bills payable, $564,287 82 ; decrease of cash on hand, $375,450 01 ; decrease in stock of supplies, $15,685 52.

Expenditures.—Operating expenses, $341,115 29 ; construction Cincinnati Branch, $1,781,195 09; interest on bonds, etc., $170,574 23; dividends on preferred stock, $52,128 10; real estate, $5,805; individuals and contractors, $78,352 87; Lou. & F. RR. Co., $74,078 80; Lex. & F. RR. Co., $28,439 38—Total, $2,531,688 76.

General Balances. — Abstract of General Account of July 1, 1869 ;

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Statement showing the results of the joint operations of the two old lines for

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The nett earnings were divided between the two companies in ratio to the length of their respective lines.

Directors (elected September 5, 1869). —Josiah Speed, C. N. Warren, J. Guthrio Coke, J. W. Kalfus, R. C. Hewitt and Marvin Green, Louisville, Ky.; and Henry Belle, M. C. Johnson and T. K. Hunt, Lexington, Ky. W. A. DUDLEY-President...

Louisville, Ky. Sec. & Treas.-W. H. Beynroth... Louisville, Ky. Road Master-R. Rogers.. La Grange, Auditor & Pur. Agt.-W'm. Mabl..

Mast. Mach'y-John Skidmore, Sr. Louisville, Gen. Supt.- Samuel Gill...

Mast. Car Rprs.-Theo. G. Shaw.. Asst. Supt. & Eng.-II. T. Donglas.

Grn. Tkt. Agt.--Henry Steffee.. Asst.Supt. Trans. ---J.E.Gimperling.

Gen. Fot. Agt.- Ed. P. Wilson.... PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.

Louisville, Ky.

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(Consolidated Sept. 1, 1869, in Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad.)

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Line of Road.-Louisville, Ky., to Frankfort, Ky....... ..... 65 miles.

Rolling Stock, Operations, etc.-See Louisville, Cincinnati and Louis ville Railroads.

General Balances.-Condensed Balance Sheet of July 1, 1869 :

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(Consolidated Sept. 1, 1869, in Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad.)

Line of Road.-Frankfort, Ky., to Lexington, Ky ...... .... 29 miles.

Rolling Stock, Operations, etc.-See Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad.

General Balances.-Condensed Balance Sheet of July 1, 1869 :

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Line of Road.-Nashville, Tenn., to Chattanooga. Tenn..... Branches : | Wartrace (56 m. S. E. Nashville) to Shelbyville, Tenn.....

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Total length of road owned and operated by Company...... ...173 miles. Sidings, turnouts, etc., 10.22 miles. Gauge, 5 feet. Rail, 56 and 57 lbs. per yard.

Rolling Stock (July 1, 1861). —Locomotives, 45. Cars—Passengers, 17; baggage,

mail and express, 6; and freight, 573, viz.: box, 412; stock, 40; platform, 121—total, 641.

Operations (year ending June 30, 1869). — Cars run,5,617,090 miles. Passengers, 161,477 ; and freight, 2 12,361 tons. Gross earnings (passenger and express, $381,626 47; freight, $692,158 86; mail, $15,000; and miscellaneous, $3,803 19), $1,085,594 52 ; current expenses, including taxes, etc., $854,018 71; nett earnings, $231,575 81.

Statement of Earnings and Expenses for ten years :

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Directors (elected August 11, 1869).—E. W. Cole, John M. Bass, G. M. Fogg and John Frizzell, Nashville, Tenn.; E. L. Jordan and W. Hunter Smith, Murfreesboro', Tenn.; Thomas C. Whiteside and A. L. Landis, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Anderson Powers and W. S. Huggins, Coffee Co.; John F. Anderson and John B. Hawkins, Franklin Co.; A. E. Patton, Grundy Co.; Jackson Pryor, Marion Co.; Ben. May, Columbus, Ga. E. W. COLE-President......

Nashville, Tenn. Treas. & Sec.-W. A. Gleaves.... Nashville, Tenn. Master Mach'y-Jno. U. Eastman. Nashville, Tenn. Superintendent-Jno. W. Thomas.

Mast. Car Repairs-J. G. Sawyer. Rei lent Eng.-R. C. Morris.

Gen. Ticket Agt.-W. L. Danley. Road Master-Waļter Rosser...... Stevenson, Ala. Gen. Fgt. Agt.-C. W. Anderson.

PRINCIPAL OFFICE AND ADDRESS.... Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenn.

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Line of Road.-Augusta, Ga., to Atlanta, Ga.......

...171 miles. Camak (47 m. W. Augusta), Ga., to Warrenton, Ga... 4 Branch Lines : Barnett (57 m. W. Augusta), Ga., to Washington, Ga.18

Union Point (76 m. W. Augusta), Ga., to Athens, Ga.39— 61 Total length of main and branch lines owned by Company.. 232 miles. Operated : Macon and Augusta RR. (Warrenton to Milledgeville)..

35 Rolling Stock.–Locomotive engines, 47. Cars-passenger, 23 ; baggage, etc., 10; and freight (box, 292; coal, 18; platform, 100; shanty, 14; caboose, 14; and stock, 27), 465—total, 498.

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Operations for the year ending March 31, 1869.—Trains run, 777,706 miles. Gross earnings-passenger, $321,789 38; freight, $766,694 25; and mail, $21,037 01— total gross earnings, $1,104,521 04. Current expenses (ordinary, $575,458 68 ; and extraordinary, $176,258 69), $751,717 37; four new locomotives, $49,093 22; new buildings, $35,356 68; surplus, $268,353 77 ; dividends, two of 4 per cent. each, and U. S. tax, $349,104 10.

Income account, showing the receipts and expenditures in full :

Receipts.-Profit and loss, April 1, 1868, $718,233 53 ; railroad receipts, $1,067,232 99; mails, $31,319 50; interest, discount and premium account, $17,451 51; dividends on stocks, $81,993 58; and rent account, $1,266 66.

Disbursements.-Road expenses and expenditures for road, $882,090 10; incidental expenses and salaries, $13,113 36; interest on bonds, $29,633 58 ; U. S. tax on dividends Nos. 49 and 50, $15,395 80 ; State taxes, $1,161 52; profit and loss, March 31, 1869, $976,103 42...

Total, $1,917,497 78 General Balances.-Condensed statement of Balance Sheet:


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Financial condition and results of operations for ten years:

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* In 1866-67 and 1867–68 the operations of the Macon and Augusta Railroad, between Warrington and Mayfield, eleven miles, are included. The accounts of that road are now given separately.

Directors (elected April 11, 1869).—Elijah E. Jones, Benj. H. Warren, John Jones Edward R. Ware, Samuel Barnett, Antoine Pouillaine, James W. Davies, Lodowick M. Hill, Richard Peters, Stevens Thomas, James S. Hamilton, George T. Jackson, M. P. Stovall, Thomas T. Burney, David E. Butler and Green Moore. JOHN P. KING-President....

. Augusta, Ga. Treasurer-J. Milligan..

Augusta, Ga. Asst. Superintendent-S. K. Johnson. Atlanta, Ga. Gen. Ticket Agt.-S. A. Robert.

Master Mechanic-Wm. Hardman. Union Point," Gen. Superintendent-E. W. Cole....

Master Car Repairs-James Frost.

Augusta, Ga.



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